types of chastity cages

Types of Chastity Cages

There are almost endless different types of chastity cages, and to make sure you pick the best chastity cage, you definitely need to dive into this guide.

I will take you through a grand tour of both all the mest well-known chastity cage types, as well as the hidden gems.

First, let’s establish some ground rules. Different sizes, colours, materials I will cover at the very end. So, if this is of any interest, scroll down to the very bottom.

Now, let’s go through the most well-known types. But let me share a fun piece of discovery, if you are not sure why all of a sudden, there are so many different variants to choose from.

Chastity cages have gotten extremely popular in the recent decade, and a lot more manufactures (and brands, that I will also cover later) have started making new and exciting types of chastity cages.

So, you see, you are not the only one looking for the newest, most exciting type of chastity cage.

Let’s begin.

I’ll go through the most popular chastity cage types

Let’s start out nice and easy with some of the most well-known and popular chastity cage types.

You are likely familiar with these already.

If these, don’t catch your interest, then a little further down I reveal some of the hidden gems you are looking for!

“Normal” ones

chastity cage cock cage

Well, fuck this heading. The average chastity cage also varies by a ton. But that is mainly with regards to materials, size, and color – and I’ll cover this at the very end.

Normal cock cages are typically made with:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Rubber

There are other materials, but then I would classify it as a very different chastity type, then a “normal” one.

For sizes a normal chastity cage should fit snugly, therefore you don’t want one that is to small, so that you feel discomfort.

But you actually also do not want one, that fits to loosely, as you will then easilier get aroused, the the point where the chastity cage does not stop your bodily reaction in time.

Put another way: Buying a normal chastity cage, that in your flaccid size fits you perfectly will prevent you from getting aroused so much, that you end up in discomfort.

For women (Chastity Belt)

Women can play too chastity games, and no, you don’t have to be a transgender (MTF) and wear a cock cage to call it a female chastity belt.

There are options out there for vagina owners.

Introducing the female chastity belt. Similar in functionality as the chastity cage – unfortunately, the different types of female chastity belts are limited.

If you are looking for one, you should most definitely have a look at our round-up of the best female chastity belts in test.

BDSM Chastity Cages – Extreme Chastity

Looking for something to get your extreme chastity game to the next level. Then let’s enter the world of BDSM chastity cages together.

Take me by the hand, and let me walk your through all the different types of extreme chastity cages out there.

Spiked or with rivets

If you want to go super extreme with your chastity cage, then there are ones available out there in metal with spikes on the inside.

I haven’t been able to find ones in either rubber, silicone or any other softer materials with spikes.

So the only lighter option that I can recommend it chastity cages with rivets.

A good thing to think about, is if you want less pain, then pick the spiked chastity with the most spikes. It can seem counterintuitive. But the same way, you can lay on a bed of nails, because the pressure is evened out, you will also feel less pain the more spikes are on the inside of your chastity cage.

With Dilator / Catheter / Urethra (or Open Urethral)

In a sweet sweet combination of a silicone sound and a chastity cage you get a very intense stimulation of your urethra as well as that locked feeling.

If you want to increase the stimulation even more you could also try out a urethra vibrator in combination with your chastity cage.

There are also chastity cages that include functionality to get an open urethral access.

Be aware, that the dilator on the toy depicted is so long that it could almost resemble a catheter, and some people also call it that, but the medical term would need it to go all the way into your bladder then.

Electro chastity cages

So, you think electro sex toys are fun?

And you’re a chastity cage fanatic looking for that next exciting thing?

Well, let me give you the whole grail of your sex life.

Electric chastity cages.

There are some absolutely great electro chastity cages out there, one of my favorites is this one from ElectroShock.

Let’s go back to some non-BDSM type chastity cages:

App-enabled (the famous CellMate)

I must assume, that you have heard about, or at least wondered if, the app-enabled chastity cage from Cellmate.

And, if you have heard about it, I also believe that you must have read the story on how their cage (or to be more specific, their app) was hacked, so that could have gotten permanently locked in their cages.

It’s important to say, that the story was mostly blown-up by popular media, because it’s fun and different. Not really a true danger, as CellMate also provides the opportunity for manual overrides. And it’s not like a hacker can log onto the app and make the cage squish your cock.

Permanent, long term and inescapable chastity cages

Most chastity cages are not necessarily built for long term wear, while most actually use them as so.

Finding the best chastity cage is a freaking jungle. And then add on top, that you want one for long term wear. Then you are almost in for an impossible mission.

Soft or hard?

So a question that people will typically pose is, if they should choose a soft chastity cage, or a hard chastity cage.

If they should go for silicone or rubber versus metal and plastic cages.

There is (and fuck me for saying this) no real answer to the question if you should go for something that is soft or hard.

But what you should go for is choosing the right size for your chastity cage!

If you choose something that is too small you will restrict blood flow (like when wearing a cock ring), and this can cause damage to your penis.

IUf you choose something that is to large, you will actually typically experience more discomfort, as the cage will alow your penis to much blood flow when you are getting aroused. Instead of preventing it, from reaching a point in the erection where it is not possible to hold back.

My advice:

Choose a comfortable chastity cage, that fits snugly

A comfortable chastity cage isn’t really a type, more that “the best vibrator for you” is a type of vibrator. And the only way of finding out is by trial and error.

You should feel, that your chastity cage feels snug and if you are starting to get aroused it should immediately get tight.

So in complete flaccid condition, your penis should at best touch the inner walls of the cage.

The ring and the base of your penis, should preferably never restrict blood flow.

Cock sleeve and cock ring chastity imitations

A lot of different chastity cages are available, and some actually use different types of cock sleeve contraptions and cock rings can be used as a sex toy in chastity play.

Some cock ring contraptions have been called gates of hell, and is made of multiple cock rings attached to a leather base, that runs along the top of your penis shaft, with the rings around your penis.

That way blood flow is restricted, and it makes it harder and painful to masturbate.

Bird cage

Imitating a bird’s cage, the chastity cages that are most of the time made out of steel will make your penis look like a trapped bird.

It is basically just a pattern style of the penis cage enclosement, where you do not have full coverage, but rather somewhat square wholes between metal bars.

In essense, just micro version of a bird cage – for your penis.

Similar to the one on the image, which you can purchase here.

Other types:

  • Sissy chastity cage – typically small and humiliating for the wearer on purpose.
  • Vibrating chastity cage – self-explanatory, but I have not been able to find a single good chastity cage with integrated vibrators in them. So you might have to improvise a makeshift chastity cage with a vibrator here.
  • Harness chsatity cage with straps – Some might want the chastity cage closer to the body for a snugger fit, a harness can help with that.
  • With or without key locks – a lot of chastity cages will come with the option for a lock, so that your femdom or lover can hold the key while you are locked in.
  • Training chastity kits and sets – if you for example want to train to wear a smaller chsatity cage, then buying a kit with multiple sizes and shapes will be super benificial.
  • Nub chastity cage – an extremely small chastity cage, that will typically only be a small “nub”, and therefore compress your penis in a very confined space.
  • Cute chastity cage – albeit somewhat subjective, it typically refers to pink or purple chastity cages of smaller sizes.
  • Discrete chastity cage – For public wear, it is preferable with a discreet chsatity cage, that doesn’t show as a very visible bulb in your pants. For one, because you don’t want anyone to notice. And if they don’t figure out it is a cock cage, then secondly because it defeats the purpose of a cage (assuming that is your thing), that other people with notice your bulb, and find it attractive.
  • Cruel chastity cages – very much in the BDSM category, several cages here could go under the type of “cruel”. In essense you want to induce more pain, and electricity, spikes or really restrictive chastity cages can achieve that.
  • With butt plugs – I have seen a few examples of this, where the cock cage has an integrated butt plug. You can also just wear a butt plug on the side, but with it attached to the cage it looks more like a monster you are forced to wear, and it might even stay in place better.
  • Adjustable – they are not really. Unless you cheat and buy something along the lines of a chastity cage imitation.
  • Curved – Most cock cages, that come in larger sizes will have downward curve so that it follows the curve of your penis.
  • Fully enclosed – if you really want to feel trapped you can go for a chastity cage that is fulle enclosed. Most will have a “pee” hole, so that you can still releive yourself, which additionally takes care of preventing any moisture build up.

Homemade chastity cage, custom, 3-d printed or makeshift

There are plenty shops available that will either make a custom chsatity cage to your specifications or even 3-d print it to your exact dimensions.

You also have the option of making your very own makeshift chastity cage.

We will provide a blog post later with exact step-by-step details, but for now – you have to think of your own ideas. It could include a full body harness, that is locked with a lock and key and wears like a female chastity belt.

Chastity cage materials

We have been over quite a few of the materials, but here is a full list:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Metal (stainless steel typically)
  • Rubber
  • Resin (lightweight)
  • Leather
  • Latex


  • Micro – typically even inverted chastity cages
  • Tiny – just a small nudge, either for very small penises or people who prefer a very tight fit
  • Medium – well, just your size.
  • Large – for those big boys
  • Extra large (XL) – if your an extremely big boy or prefer the pain assosiated with getting half-way of a hard on, that really presses agains’t the inner walls of the chastity cage.
  • Flat – no real size can be attached to this, as this will jsut be a flat wall that your penis presses agains’t.
  • Tight – the micro, tiny and small chsatity cages will do this for you. But think about the width rather than the length of the cage.
  • Wide – Room to grow in diameter, but not in length, this will put more pressure on your penis head than your penis shaft.


  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue
  • See-through
  • Steel


  • CB – they will call their chastity cages numbers, so e.g. CB-6000, CB-3000 etc.
  • Cellmate – the App-enabled chastity cage with the hacking problem I wrote about before.
  • DOMINIX – A brand from the well-known Lovehoney, cheap and relaible.
  • Birdlocked
  • Mystim – electro chsatity cages
  • Oxballs – typically not “real” cock cages, but rather silicone full coverage sleeves for both penis and balls.
  • Man cage – they have some GREAT reviews, we have also reviewed one of their toys, the Man Cage Model 19

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