The 7 Best Vegan Sex Toys to Please Your Body and Soul

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Womanizer Eco Smart Clitoral Stimulator

 Womanizer Eco Smart

  • Want contact-free stimulation
  • Favor clitoral stimulation
  • Prefer rechargeable toys

Womanizer Eco Smart

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Prefer vaginal stimulation
  • Need a waterproof toy

First on this list of vegan sex toys is the Womanizer Eco Smart Clitoral Stimulator. If you love clitoral stimulation then this luxury vegan toy is definitely an option you’ll want to consider! The toy is made of a biodegradable material called Biolene, which helps prevent environmental waste and can be easily recycled. Offering Pleasure Air technology, these toys stimulate your clit using airwaves, which eliminates the need for physical contact while improving the overall cleanliness of the toy. With 12 intensity levels to choose from, a “Smart Silence” mode for worry-free travel, and an exchangeable battery for down the road, the Womanizer Eco Smart Clitoral Stimulator is a great pick for anyone who wants intense clitoral stimulation that’s also eco-friendly!

  • 12 intensity levels
  • Works with hybrid lubes
  • One tree planted for each toy sold
  • Biodegradable

  • Only offered in one color
  • Not fully waterproof
Womanizer Eco Smart
Length6.25 inches
Diameter1.98 inches
Clitoral suction12 patterns modes
Battery Life240 minutes
RechargeableYes (USB)
Storage Bag IncludedCotton storage pouch
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

There are many great vegan sex toys, but I ended up choosing the Womanizer Eco Smart Clitoral Stimulator as my “Test Winner”. It’s not a great option if you prefer vaginal stimulation, but if—like many people—you absolutely love clitoral stimulation then this is definitely a toy you’re sure to fall in love with. In terms of being eco-friendly, the toy is made from Biolene, a sustainable and environmentally friendly material that mainly consists of renewables. It uses a rechargeable battery to eliminate the need for constantly buying batteries, and the included battery can even be exchanged down the road to help prevent unnecessary waste. This Womanizer gives you 12 intensity levels to choose from, which I think is great(as having precise control over your stimulation is always appreciated!). Really, the only downsides of this toy are the price and the lack of complete waterproofing. The toy is splashproof, but you’ll want to avoid completely submerging it if you want it to last. All in all, I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a strong clit-stimulating toy who wants to be eco-friendly while shopping for sex toys!

2 Cheapest

Gaia Eco Biodegradable Bullet By Blush

 Blush Gaia Eco

  • Need something portable
  • Enjoy having multiple vibe options
  • Have a smaller budget

Blush Gaia Eco

  • Prefer vaginal stimulation
  • Need a waterproof toy
  • Want a larger toy

Another great option worth considering is the Gaia Eco Biodegradable Bullet. This tiny toy is excellent for people on the go who are looking to add to their current collection of vegan sex toys. These sustainable sex toys are made from an eco friendly material called BioFeel, which is non-porous, free of phthalates, and biodegradable. The toy itself is controlled by a twistable bottom. Unlike your average vibrator, this toy has plenty of vibration modes to go around, with a grand total of 10 options to choose from. Eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and perfect for users of all levels, the Gaia Eco Biodegradable Bullet might be worth picking up if you’re looking for a brand-new travel toy!


  • Less than $30
  • Made of BioFeel
  • USB rechargeable
  • Portable

  • Not completely waterproof
  • Could be quieter
Blush Gaia Eco
MaterialsBioFeel Bioplastic
Length2.75 inches
Diameter0.7 inches
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns5
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time60 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableAqua, Coral, and Lilac

Seeing as the Gaia Eco Biodegradable Bullet costs less than $30 (and you can often find it for less than $20), it easily earned the title of “Cheapest” on this list of vegan sex toys. Still, don’t let the low price point fool you, as I feel this eco friendly vibrator offers a pretty good value for your money. The toy switches through vibration settings as you twist the base, giving you instant access to ten vibration modes. The compact design of the Gaia Eco Bullet makes it amazing at clitoral stimulation since you’re able to apply the vibrations exactly where you want them. I really liked how this toy was rechargeable, but—like many similar vegan toys—it’s not completely waterproof. That said, it is splash-proof, which should be good enough in most situations. Taking everything into account, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quality, environmentally-friendly bullet vibrator (especially those who love to travel).

3 Beginner

Je Joue Mimi Luxury Clitoral VIbrator

 Je Joue Mimi

  • Love silicone sex toys
  • Need a waterproof toy
  • Prefer simple controls

Je Joue Mimi

  • Want vaginal stimulation
  • Need a silent toy
  • Have a smaller budget

The Je Joue Mimi Luxury Clitoral is a small, portable vibrator that might be a great option for you if you’re looking for vegan sex toys that pack a punch! Rechargeable, waterproof, and soft to the touch, this high-quality toy is designed to provide years of pleasure without fail. Turning this device on will give you instant access to five speeds and six patterns of vibrations. Aside from clitoral stimulation, the Je Joue Mimi can also be used for intimate massages, nipple play, or other types of external stimulation on yourself (or a partner). Easy to use and designed from premium materials, the Je Joue Mimi Luxury Clitoral Vibrator is an amazing option if you’re looking for external satisfaction!


  • Made of silicone
  • Completely submersible
  • Rechargeable
  • 5 speeds / 6 patterns

  • Could be quieter
  • Pricey
Je Joue Mimi
Length3.5 inches
Insertable length1.5 inches
Diameter1.59 inches
Vibration speeds5
Vibration patterns6
RechargeableYes (USB)
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo

I chose the Je Joue Mimi Luxury Clitoral Vibrator as my “Beginner” pick for a few different reasons, but its small size definitely played into my decision. Measuring a mere 3.5 inches long, this pebble-shaped toy is small enough to not appear intimidating but large enough to provide plenty of satisfaction during use. The lack of color options is disappointing, seeing as your only options are purple and black. The lack of remote controls is also a downer, as—for the price—I think it’s fair to expect a bit more for your money. Still, the Je Joue Mimi Luxury Clitoral Vibrator is a fairly high-quality item. Made of premium silicone, rechargeable, and offering a wide variety of vibrational functions, the beauty is really in the eye of the beholder when it comes to this toy. Overall, I would recommend this toy to basically anyone who enjoys clitoral stimulation. While the lower settings will surely be enough to satisfy newcomers, the highest settings will keep more experienced users coming back for more!

4 Wand Vibrator

Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand

 X Love Not War Koi

  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Want something quiet
  • Need a waterproof toy

X Love Not War Koi

  • Prefer larger wands
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Want passthrough charging

So far, I’ve shown you mostly smaller vegan sex toys, but what if you’re looking for something a bit bigger? Well, if that’s the case, then perhaps you’d be interested in my next pick: the Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand! Made from a combination of silicone and recycled aluminum, this waterproof wand offers up to an hour of powerful vibrations with each charge. The device itself has four speeds and six patterns, giving you plenty of options when it comes time to “enjoy yourself”. The toy even comes with an eco-friendly storage bag, ensuring your toy will be safe and protected when you need to put it away for later. Reasonably priced (but a great deal if you can find it on sale), the Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand is the perfect wand vibrator for eco-friendly vegans!


  • 4 speeds / 6 patterns
  • Made of recycled aluminum & silicone
  • Travel lock
  • Includes storage bag

  • Expensive
  • Short runtime
X Love Not War Koi
MaterialsRecycled aluminum, Silicone
Length5.5 inches
Diameter0.39 inches
Vibration speeds4
Vibration patterns6
Battery Life60 minutes
RechargeableYes (USB)
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

There are good things and bad things to know when it comes to this wand. Good points include the fact that it’s made from recycled materials, offers a decent variety of vibration functions, has a travel lock, and is completely submersible for self-pleasure anywhere. However, things take a turn when you look at the actual runtime of the device. It’s only 60 minutes! This sort of limits your sessions, and might make the Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand less attractive to some potential customers. Still, it does meet the requirements for this vegan sex toys list, and it is an eco friendly vibrator: two factors which definitely work in its favor. Appearance-wise, it looks quite premium, and in terms of performance, most customers seem to be more than happy with the results. Personally, I’d say that they could sell even more of these toys if they made a larger, more powerful version, but unfortunately, this is the only version of the toy currently offered right now. That said, I think that most potential users will be happy with the toy as ii. If you’re looking for vegan toys and specifically want a wand vibrator then I’d say that the Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand is an option worth considering!

5 Dildo

Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo

 Lovehoney Beaded Glass

  • Enjoy temperature play
  • Love the bulbed shaft
  • Want to use non-water-based lubes

Lovehoney Beaded Glass

  • Prefer flexible toys
  • Want lots of color options
  • Prefer clitoral stimulation

Alright, so far I’ve shown you plenty of vegan sex toys that vibrate, but what are your options when it comes to pure penetrative power? Well, one promising option is the Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo! Being made of borosilicate glass, this toy easily fits in the category of vegan dildos. Cruelty, latex, and phthalate-free, this curved and bulbed toy is designed for smooth penetration and maximum stimulation. Offering seven inches of insertable length, a rigid, bulbed shaft, and the ability to experiment with temperature play, the Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo is an excellent toy for temperature play lovers, first-time users, and fans of silicone lubes alike!

  • Offered in two colors
  • Affordably priced
  • Bulbed design
  • Can be used with any lubricant

  • Only offered in one size
  • Not harness compatible
  • Tip is a bit pointy
Lovehoney Beaded Glass
Length9 inches
Insertable length7 inches
DiameterApproximately 1.35 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

Despite being sustainable, organic, or renewable, many vegan sex toys still manage to incorporate electronics into their design. That’s not the case with the Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo, but I think the overall simplicity works great for this toy. Being curved, this shaft has the perfect angle for G-spot targeting. The tapered tip makes insertion easy, and the bulbs along the shaft add more stimulation as you push the toy deeper inside. The fact that it’s made of impact-resistant glass is also a major bonus, as this material is great for temperature play. The Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo can heat up to your body temperature just fine, but it can also be heated or cooled as desired for a little extra flair. Really, it’s the lack of options that I found the most disappointing with this toy. It’s only offered in a 7-inch variant, which might be too large for some (or too small for others). Beyond that, clear and black are the only two color options you get, which doesn’t exactly give you a lot of options. Still, these complaints are minor ones, and the toy shines overall. If you love vaginal stimulation, enjoy temperature play, or simply want to see what glass sex toys are all about then I’d highly recommend picking up the Lovehoney Beaded Glass Dildo and seeing for yourself!

6 Butt Plug

njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug

 njoy Pure Butt Plug

  • Are new to anal play
  • Love temperature play
  • Want a plug you can use with a chain

njoy Pure Butt Plug

  • Prefer soft butt plugs
  • Want a rounded base
  • Prefer more ornate designs

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about anal vegan sex toys. In fact, that’s exactly what the next toy is. Introducing the njoy Pure Stainless Steel Butt Plug! Being made of stainless steel, this toy is one of the many eco friendly and sustainable sex toys on the market today. However, what separates it from the competition is the high level of build quality put into each plug. Smooth, curved, and featuring a looped base on the bottom of the plug, the nJoy Pure Plug makes it very easy to add a bit of extra stimulation to vaginal penetration. If this size isn’t enough for you, there are even larger versions of the Pure Plug available, ensuring that literally anyone who enjoys anal play can enjoy their very own Pure Plug!

  • Convenient removal loop
  • Made of 316 stainless steel
  • Weighs 140 grams
  • Offered in larger sizes

  • Pricey
  • No color options
njoy Pure Butt Plug
MaterialsStainless Steel
Length3 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter0.95 inches
Weight0.3 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes (storage box)

Price-wise, the nJoy Pure Plug is a bit more expensive than many other vegan toys. At around $100 for the smallest plug, it’s definitely not a cheap option, but you do get what you pay for with this toy. These vegan sex toys are made from 316 medical-grade stainless steel, allowing you to enjoy using this plug without any worries. The surface is smooth, the plug is curved, and the handle ensures that the toy will never get “lost” inside you. Being made of metal, these vegan toys are completely waterproof, temperature responsive, and can even be used with any type of lubricant. This is great news for a lot of people, as many other types of toys really limit your lubricant options. Each plug comes with its own storage box, which is a nice touch, although I don’t really think it really increased the value of the toy enough to justify the asking price. All things considered, I would say that the nJoy Pure Plug is an amazing anal plug offered at a somewhat inflated cost. I would personally suggest buying a Pure Plug once you’ve “settled” at a size, rather than when you’re still in the process of anal training, as this will help you save money in the long run!

7 Plant Dildo

SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo

 SelfDelve Curved Cucumber

  • Prefer curved dildos
  • Enjoy semi-flexible toys
  • Like the quirky design

SelfDelve Curved Cucumber

  • Prefer stiff dildos
  • Need an anal-safe toy
  • Prefer oil-based lubes

Last but not least on this list of vegan sex toys is the SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo, a plant dildo that has more to offer than just looks. The exterior of this toy is designed to look exactly like a cucumber. However, this warm green exterior is temperature-sensitive! When exposed to body temperature, the cucumber dildo will fade to a pale greenish-yellow color, mimicking the look of a peeled cucumber. Many vegan dildos only meet the manufacturing specifications to be considered “vegan”, but the SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo takes things to a whole new level by literally looking like a vegetable. If you want something quirky, curved, and highly satisfying then the SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo might just be the unique toy you’ve been yearning for!

  • Made of silicone
  • Changes color with temperature
  • Realistic exterior
  • Works with hybrid & water-based lubes

  • Expensive
  • Not anal-safe
SelfDelve Curved Cucumber
Length10.6 inches
Insertable length9 inches
Diameter(Smallest) 0.9 inches, (Largest) 1.6 inches

I’ll admit, the design of the SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo won’t appeal to everyone. Still, I think the fact that it looks exactly like a real cucumber does count as a selling point, even if it’s a bit different from most other toy options out there! Because of its shape, this toy isn’t anal-safe, so you’ll need to consider other vegan sex toys if anal play is what you’re after. However, it is non-porous, smooth, flexible, and phthalate-free, giving you a completely body-safe experience. The SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo measures 10.6 inches in total, but only 9 inches are insertable. This should be long enough for most potential customers, but the maximum diameter is only 1.6”, which seems small in comparison. This was my main complaint with this toy. Overall, I would recommend this toy if you like the unique design, prefer length over diameter, and don’t mind paying a bit extra for a premium silicone blend.

Do You Prefer Organic Sex Toys Materials?

Eco friendly and sustainable sex toys, but what if you want to take things to the next level by option for organic sex toys instead? Well, if that sounds like something you’d want to do then these next few toys will definitely be worth checking out!

Slim Heart Rose Quartz Crystal By Chakrubs

Slim Heart Rose Quartz Crystal By Chakrubs - Do You Prefer Organic Sex Toys Materials?
Measuring seven inches long, smooth to the touch, and made from 100% natural rose quartz crystal, this dildo is one of the prettiest organic sex toys around! Easy to use and beautiful to look at, this dildo will surely stand out in any toy collection.

Chakrubs Natural Amethyst Crystal Kegel Exerciser

Chakrubs Natural Amethyst Crystal Kegel Exerciser - Do You Prefer Organic Sex Toys Materials?
Want to give kegel training a try, but hoping to do it with a “natural” touch? If so, then this Amethyst Yoni Egg is just what you need! Made of 100% natural Nephrite Jade, smooth, and easy to use, this 2-ounce-toy will help strengthen your pelvic floor and relieve muscular tension at the same time!

Best Organic Lubricants

Whether you’ve picked out an eco friendly vibrator, a vegan dildo, or one of the other many vegan toys I’ve shown you, your setup simply won’t be complete without an organic lube to match! Here are a few promising options.

AH! YES Organic Water-Based Lubricant

AH! YES Organic Water-Based Lubricant - Best Organic Lubricants
Travel-sized, condom-safe, and free from any unnecessary additives, this simple water-based lubricant is all you need to enjoy virtually any type of sexual encounter!

Coconu Coconut Oil-Based Organic Personal Lubricant

Coconu Coconut Oil-Based Organic Personal Lubricant - Best Organic Lubricants
Looking for a little bit of flavoring? Then you’re sure to love this next lubricant! Edible, 100% cruelty-free, and doubling as a massage oil, this lube is perfect for those who use polyurethane condoms.

Does not work with latex condoms!

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant - Best Organic Lubricants
Affordable, vegan, and safe for use with any type of sex toy material, the Good Clean Love lubricant is an excellent all-around lube that’s made using a 95% organic blend.

Vegan Sex Toy Summary

Alright, so we’ve gone over all of the vegan sex toy options I have for you today. Some are organic, some are sustainable, but all of them meet the requirements to be considered vegan. Trouble is, can you remember them all? Well, for most people, the honest answer would be no… which is why I’ve written this quick highlights version below! The Womanizer Premium Eco ended up being my “Test Winner”. Offering 12 intensities of Pleasure Air stimulation, this recyclable unit is hard to beat when it comes to vegan clitoral stimulation. For those on a tight budget, the Gaia Eco Bullet is undoubtedly the best option. Costing less than $25, completely biodegradable, and offering ten vibration modes, this toy makes it easy to enjoy eco-friendly stimulation on a budget. Anal lovers should check out the nJoy Pure Plug, while those in search of a wand will want the Lovehoney X Love Not War Koi Wand. Lastly, the SelfDelve Curved Cucumber Dildo is an interesting toy that’s not only vegan but is shaped like a vegetable itself!

Best Sustainable Sex Toy Brands

There are many great sustainable sex toy brands for you to consider buying from. Below, I’ve listed a few options you might want to check out!
  • Womanizer
  • The Natural Love Company
  • Lovehoney
  • The Stockroom
  • nJoy
  • SelfDelve
  • je Joue

How to Use Vegan Sex Toys

Since there are many different types of vegan sex toys, there really isn’t any one process that can completely cover the different methods required to properly use all of these toys. Still, I can at least give you the general outline of how to use a sex toy, so simply adjust the instructions as needed to fit your particular toy!

Inspect Your Toy

Inspect Your Toy

You always want to make sure your toy is in good condition and ready to use. For some toys, this simply means not being damaged. For others, this could mean being damage-free and fully charged. Check and confirm your toy is ready before grabbing a bottle of lube and moving on.

Apply Lubricant

Apply Lubricant

The vast majority of sex toys require lubricant. Generally, you’ll want to apply lube to both yourself—or, more specifically, the area where you plan on using the toy—and to the toy itself. Apply lube liberally, but try to avoid getting it onto the handle of the toy, as this can make it hard to hang on to the toy.

Place Your Toy

Place Your Toy

Once the toy is all lubed up, it’s time to get it into place. This could mean simply placing the toy against your body, inserting it inside of yourself, or inserting yourself inside of the toy. Regardless, position the toy appropriately, and feel free to add more lube if needed. Once it’s in place, turn the toy on (if applicable), experiment, and enjoy your new toy!

How to Clean Vegan Sex Toys

The easiest way to clean vegan toys is by using warm water and antibacterial soap. Silicone, metal, and glass toys can all be sterilized by dropping the toy into a pot of boiling water for five minutes (provided the toys themselves don’t contain any internal electrical components). However, only non-porous toys can be sterilized, whereas any vegan sex toy can be cleaned! Use the soap and water to clean the toy, then wash away any leftover soap using water only. From there, pat the toy down using a towel and leave it out to completely dry before storing it away. You should never put a toy away while it’s still wet or damp, as bacteria can actually grow in the leftover moisture. No good!


Thanks to the wide variety of vegan sex toys available, literally anyone can use vegan sex toys! These toys come in all different sizes, designs, and styles, meaning your only real limitation is the toys you find.

For a toy to be considered vegan, it must not be tested on animals or be made from animals/animal byproducts.

It depends on what the specific toy is made of. For that reason, I generally suggest going with water-based lubes, as these lubes can be safely used with any type of sex toy material.

Sometimes, but not always. Ultimately, it really depends on what your toy is made from, and how much the production costs increase/decrease.

For rigid materials, stainless steel or glass is best. For soft materials, silicone is key, as the material is non-porous and vegan.

What are Vegan Sex Toys?

Vegan sex toys are simply sex toys that meet the definition of “vegan”. This means that vegan sex toys are never tested on animals. It also means that the sex toys aren’t made from animals or animal by-products, as doing so would make the products not vegan by definition. Although “vegan sex toys” sounds very exclusive, in truth, many sex toys already meet this definition!

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