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How to get Wet For Her free shipping and learn about their shipping choices, delivery accuracy and more.

Getting Wet For Her free shipping is as easy as putting in an order for $65 or more. But did you know you can get free expedited shipping too?

Yes, you can!

I am here to show you the many ways to get Wet For Her free shipping as well as discussing their shipping options, and whether or not their delivery time is accurate.

Wet For Her Free Shipping Quickie

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  • Wet For Her is a website that caters to the LGBTQ+ community and began as a site made for Lesbians, by Lesbians.
  • You get free shipping with any order totaling $65 or more, as well as discounted shipping options in the USA and internationally.
  • Additional delivery options are available in the US and internationally with estimated delivery times of 1-20 days.
  • You can also get free expedited shipping and ground shipping for a full year by joining the Wet For Her loyalty program and earn enough points to become a “Rainbow Warrior.”
  • You can also find free shipping offers, discount codes and more by following Wet For Her on social media and signing up for their newsletter.
  • According to customer reviews, Wet For Her delivery is accurate and prompt.

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How to Get Wet For Her Free Shipping

Shopping at Wet For Her is a special experience, as the site was created for Lesbians by Lesbians. However, they now cater to the entire Queer community, as well as welcoming all genders.

At Wet For Her, you can find the best Lesbian sex toys, strap-on kits, Trans feminine and Trans masculine merchandise, and so much more. Best yet, if you spend $65 or more, before taxes and after discounts, you get free shipping.

And that’s every day, no code required.

But I learned that you can get expedited Wet For Her free shipping for an entire year! Want to know how? Read on!

How to Get Expedited Wet For Her Free Shipping

Yes, you can get Wet For Her free expedited shipping for a year simply by joining their loyalty program. So, I gathered all of the information you need to get enrolled and start working toward that free shipping.

About the Loyalty Program and Orgasm Points

Wet For Her free shipping with loyalty program

The Wet For Her loyalty program rewards “orgasm points” for completing activities and shopping on their website. You’re also privy to special sales events, discount codes and more.

For instance, you immediately get $5 in orgasm points as soon as you sign up, $10 for each friend you refer and more points for sharing your birthday, following Wet For Her on social media and more.

There are 3 tiers in the loyalty program, however, it’s the top tier or “Rainbow Warrior”, that you want to shoot for. That’s because you’ll get these rewards:

  • You can use your orgasm rewards on ALL products.
  • You’ll receive promo codes throughout the year.
  • Enjoy private sales.
  • Participate in the Wet For Her yearly raffle to win a $500 gift.
  • Receive 1 year free Wet For Her ground shipping with no minimum order.
  • Get 1 year free expedited shipping with no minimum order.

Therefore, if you already shop at Wet For Her, be sure and join their loyalty program and earn free expedited shipping!

The Wet For Her Newsletter

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Another way to get Wet for Her free shipping is by signing up for their newsletter. By doing so, you’ll get regular emails featuring new products, blog posts, special promotions, sales and coupon codes.

You can sign up for the Wet For Her newsletter by filling in your email on the newsletter pop up on their website. Or, go to the Wet For Her home page, scroll to the bottom and fill in your email address.

The form looks like this:

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Grab Those Social Media Specials

Sometimes businesses have specials geared toward their social media followers. And yes, that could very well include a Wet For Her free shipping event.

So, follow Wet For Her on each social media platform and be sure to turn those notifications on. That way, you will never miss free shipping offers, discount codes, sales and special events.

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Here are those social media links:

Wet For Her Free Shipping and Other Delivery Options

Wet For Her not only has free shipping, but other delivery options as well. That way, you can cater your delivery choice to how quickly you want your products.

Plus, if you happen to hit that $65 mark to receive free shipping, some expedited delivery options are discounted.

USA Delivery Costs and Estimated Delivery Times

Wet For Her free shipping

Here are the delivery options, costs and estimated delivery times. Keep in mind that Wet For Her ships Monday through Thursday and your order will go out the next day.

But if you order on Friday, your items will ship on Monday.

Economy Shipping

Delivers via UPS, USPS, or DHL for free (with $65 or over spent) or for $5.95, under that amount. Delivery estimate is 3-8 business days.

Economy w/Signature

Delivers via UPS, USPS, or DHL for $9.95 or only $3.95 for orders over $65 that qualify for Wet For Her free shipping. Arrives in an estimated 3-8 business days.

Expedited Shipping with No Signature

Cost for shipping is $9.95 and arrives in 3-5 business days.

Expedited Shipping with Signature

Ships to you for $12.95 and is delivered in 3-5 business days.

UPS, USPS, FedEx 2nd Day Saver Shipping

This super fast shipping option is $39.95 and gets to you in 2 business days.

Overnight Saver Shipping

This option is for orders placed after 3pm EST and costs $49.95. But with this option, you receive your order in 1 business day.

International Delivery Fees and Estimated Delivery Times

Wet For Her offers worldwide shipping, which is fantastic news for sex toy shoppers outside the United States. Again, all Wet For Her merchandise ships Monday-Thursday.

North America

All orders ship for $19.95. However, if you order $65 or more in Wet For Her goodies, you only pay $15.95. Your order will then arrive in 5-15 business days.

South America-Asia-Oceania

These orders ship for $29.95, but only $21.95 for orders $65 and over. This shipping option delivers to you in 5-20 business days.

How Accurate is Wet For Her Delivery Times?

Wet For Her estimates their delivery time to be anywhere from 1 business day to 20 business days internationally. However, how accurate is Wet For Her delivery times?

Ordinarily, I would have a review to which to refer you. However, Wet For Her isn’t an affiliate I have ordered from or reviewed, as of yet.

Therefore, I don’t have a personal experience to share. But if customer reviews are any indication, I would say Wet For Her delivery times are accurate.

Customer Comments on Accurate Wet For Her Delivery

As mentioned above, according to the customer reviews I have read, it seems that Wet For Her free shipping and other delivery choices are accurate. In fact, I couldn’t find a single negative review on this website.

So, here are just a few of the positive Wet For Her reviews that mention shipping and delivery specifically.

Wet For Her shipping reviews
customer review
Customer shipping review

Shopping At Wet For Her with Free Shipping

Shopping at Wet For Her is an incredible experience for anyone, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. Furthermore, getting Wet For Her free shipping with any order above $65 just adds to the overall appeal of the site.

Therefore, make a wish list, and pay Wet For Her a visit! You’ll probably get free shipping and, according to reviews, their delivery is accurate and your sensual, bedroom goodies will arrive right on schedule.

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