What are sex dolls?

What Are Sex Dolls? We Answer All of Your Basic Sex Doll Questions

Exactly, what are sex dolls?

If you are new to the adult pleasure product scene or simply expanding your sex toy horizons, you may be asking that question.

You may want to know, “How do sex dolls work?”, “What are sex dolls made of?” as well as questions about sex doll genitals or even how to find human-like dolls.

Therefore, I am about to school you on the sex doll basics while answering those burning love doll questions.

What Are Sex Dolls?

What are sex dolls? Sex dolls, in a nut shell, are human-like dolls created specifically for sexual pleasure. Unlike other sex toys – like a Fleshlight – a Pocket pussy made molded after pornstars, masturbation sleeves and the like – sex dolls give you the masturbation experience that is the closest thing to actual sex with another human being.

In addition, sex doll genitals are extremely realistic, making your sexual experiences feel even more like the real thing.

Sex dolls are designed and manufactured by sex toy companies as well as sex doll specific companies.

Human-like dolls have hand-sculpted faces along with bodies that are so realistic sex dolls, most people cannot tell the difference between a love doll and a human in photographs.

Finally, sex doll genitals are crafted to look just a real as they feel and some bits even come in different sizes to fulfill the specific desires of sex doll buyers.

Let’s go over the different types of sex dolls that are available so we can truly show the broadness of the category while fully answering the questions, “What are sex dolls?”

Types of Sex Dolls

What are sex dolls? Blonde sex doll

The types of sex dolls available on the market today, cover a broad spectrum of pleasure products. Plus, they range from affordable to luxury when it comes to price.

And, as with any sex toy, you get what you pay for.

So, if you start with an inflatable sex doll, you will have a completely different sexual experience than you would had you invested in one of the thousands of human-like dolls available.

Inflatable Sex Dolls

Usually, the first thing to pop into a person’s mind is the inflatable sex doll, with the plastic face, open mouth and limbs that stick out in all directions.

And inflatable sex dolls do still exist and are purchased on a regular basis.

Created from vinyl, inflatable sex dolls are filled with air and have vinyl openings in the mouth, vagina and anus.

Furthermore, inflatable sex dolls are the most inexpensive love dolls to purchase.

Fortunately, that has nudged sex toy manufacturers into creating more lifelike inflatable dolls with more comfortable openings.

Inflatable sex doll genitals are now created with TPE and sometimes silicone, while the breasts are also made from a more realistic-feeling material.

Human-Like Dolls, Full-Sized Sex Dolls

This is what immediately pops into my mind when someone asks me, “What are sex dolls?” , as I have done a great deal of writing for sex doll websites.

Human-like, life-size sex dolls are the most realistic sex dolls on the market today. Like RealDoll. You can purchase basic, human-like dolls from the vast majority of sex toy retailers online. However, these dolls are very basic and each looks identical to the next.

Fortunately, sex doll manufacturers realized the demand for human-like dolls that you can customize from the skin tone all the way to the sex doll genitals. But more on that later.

Human-like dolls are absolutely stunning and are available in male, female and trans sex dolls and are also available in many styles. For instance, if you fantasize about having an Asian lover, you can purchase a beautiful sex doll with those features. Additionally, human-like dolls come on all colors and nationalities, curvy, athletic build, pregnant and even in fantasy models with elf ears and blue skin.

Finally, human-like sex dolls feel real to the touch, weigh almost as much as a real human being and can be posed in various sexual positions. Plus, the human-like sex doll’s genitals are created to mimic the feel of a human orifice – whether it’s a vagina, anus or penis.

AI and Robotic Sex Dolls

When asking, “What are sex dolls?” you probably would never guess that human-like sex dolls are not only realistic looking and feeling, some use artificial intelligence and robotics. This allows the love doll to carry on an intelligent conversation with their human lover while blinking, smiling and moving their heads. The most popular AI sex doll available today is created by Real Doll.

From the Real Doll website:

“Realdollx is an AI driven robotic doll system powered by the technology developed over the past several years. It features a modular head system with multiple points of actuation, which enables the doll to form expressions, move its head, and speak to you. The eyes can also move and blink, creating an experience never before possible with any doll.”

“It is designed to run with customizable AI software “X-Mode”, which allows you to create unique personalities and control the voice of your robot. With your Realdollx purchase you will receive the AI software and one year subscription to X-Mode, which is managed and distributed by RealDoll.”

“The Sensex is an electronic insert designed to pair via Bluetooth to our X-Mode App. It can detect touch, movement, and transitions from mild arousal to orgasm.”

More on the Real Doll Sex Doll

What are sex dolls? AI Real Doll

What is a sex doll? In this case, a realistic doll that not only looks human but develops conversation patterns specific to its lover. Not only that, with a special, electronic insert, these human-like sex dolls will sigh, moan, groan and even orgasm simply by way of her partner’s touch. Unfortunately, Real Doll has yet to complete Henry, the male AI sex doll. Some of us are still waiting….. *taps toes.*

As you can probably guess, a Real Doll will cost you a premium. Starting at $5,999, you can create your perfect Real Doll from their face and hair style all the way down to the sex doll genitals and what color her finger and toenails are painted.

Here’s a video about the Real Doll and how they are created at the Real Doll facility.

Partial Body Sex Dolls

When asking “What are sex dolls?”, you may not realize that a sex doll doesn’t always have to be a full-body doll at all. Many sex toy websites as well as sex doll manufacturers, call partial-body sex toys, sex dolls. For example, you can purchase a sex doll torso from a sex doll website – also referred to as a mini sex doll or portable sex doll. These human-like sex dolls have all of the body parts except for the legs.

However, sex toy websites sell torso sex dolls that consist of just the torso with the realistic sex doll genitals. In addition, you can also find sex dolls that are only the bottom half – typically called ass sex dolls. Therefore, you get the sex doll genitals and a pair of sexy legs to go with them. Finally, sex doll torsos come as male sex dolls as well as female and make the perfect beginner sex doll for buyers on a budget.

What are sex dolls? Toros

What Are Sex Dolls Made of?

With all of the human-like dolls available, it may make one ask, “What are sex dolls made of?” After all, most premium sex dolls not only look real, but feel like actual human skin. However, the materials used to manufacture sex dolls depend entirely on the type of sex doll it is. So, let’s go over the materials used in creating the different types of love dolls.


What are sex dolls made of? If you are interested in an inflatable sex doll, most all of them are made from vinyl. However, the upgraded versions of blow-up dolls may have sex doll genitals made from TPE or silicone. Furthermore, they may have hair, upgraded mouths lined with silicone or TPE and breasts that feel more realistic to the touch.

Silicone sex doll

If you are considering investing in one of the custom, human-like dolls, you will definitely need to ask, “What are sex dolls made of?”  because of the difference in price.

Only the most luxurious sex dolls are created using silicone. However, although expensive, silicone looks like real skin, feels amazing to the touch and is non porous, thus doesn’t collect dirt and oils in the way TPE does.

Additionally, you may find some human-like dolls that have bodies made from TPE and lifelike heads, genitals and breasts made from silicone.

Therefore, if you desire a sex doll that is going to be more durable and last a lifetime, you’ll definitely want to invest in a silicone sex doll.

TPE sex doll

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer and is from the rubber family. Its texture and silky-smooth feel make it the perfect material from which to make sex dolls. Therefore, the majority of full-sized love dolls are made from TPE. Unfortunately, TPE does have its negatives. First, TPE is porous and will absorb oils from your skin as well as dirt, dust and even viruses and bacteria.

Secondly, TPE creases, wrinkles and tears easily. So, you have to treat your TPE sex doll as you would a human. Finally, TPE can easily absorb colors from fabrics and other items it may come in contact with. Another reason why you have to treat any sex doll made from TPE, very carefully.

Fortunately, sex doll manufacturers usually make the heads and sex doll genitals from silicone, making them easy to clean and far less likely to pass along bacteria and viruses.

Are Sex Doll Genitals Realistic?

What are sex dolls made of?

Now that I have answered the question, “What is a sex doll?” as well as “What are sex dolls made of?” let’s talk about naughty bits. So, are sex doll genitals realistic? Yes, they are. As a matter of fact, some blow-up love dolls now have realistic genitals, even if the body is still vinyl.

Sex Doll Vaginas

Sex doll vaginas are as unique and beautiful as the human-like doll itself. Each sex doll has a meticulously crafted vagina, complete with labia, clitoris, vaginal opening and yes, even pubic hair, if you prefer. The interior of the vagina is textured, just as a real vagina is, and feels very much like the real thing. Plus, when it comes to a custom sex doll, you can choose from two different types of vaginas.

Removable Vagina

The removable vagina slides into an open area of the sex doll. Although it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as a permanent vagina, it makes cleaning up after sex much easier. You simply slide the vagina out of the sex doll, wash it in the sink, dry it and replace it. Most of all, a removable vagina keeps you from having to lift and bathe a sex doll that can weigh over 100 lbs.

Permanent Vagina

When it comes to sex doll genitals, the permanent vagina, by far, is more aesthetically pleasing as there are no visible creases or holes. However, the built-in sex doll genitals are much more difficult to clean. And when using a sex doll, you want to keep her as clean as possible to avoid degradation of the materials. Therefore, if you have your heart sex on a beautiful, fixed vagina, be prepared for meticulous cleaning rituals.


Sex Doll Penises

Sex doll genitals, male sex doll

Male sex dolls are just as striking and realistic as their female counterparts, right down to their penises.

Sex doll penises are removable for cleaning as well as upgrading to a bigger penis size or adding a non-erect penis to make dressing easier.

Each sex doll penis looks like the real thing with prominent veins, smooth glans and testicles that can be felt through the scrotum.

Sex Doll Anuses

When it comes to sex doll naughty bits, sometimes the anus is just as important as the penis and vagina.

Each anus is created to feel lifelike with interesting textures, a tight sphincter and even puckered skin detail.

However, as with a sex doll’s vagina, cleaning the ass masturbator and rectum can be time consuming and difficult.

But, the work to keep a sex doll clean and fresh is well worth it as they can last a lifetime.


Can I Buy Custom Sex Dolls?

In answering the question, “What are sex dolls?”, it’s just as important to go over the types of sex dolls available. Moreover, can I buy customized sex dolls? After all, if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a full-sized, human-like doll, you’d absolutely want your love doll to match the physical attributes that turn you on.

Most sex doll websites like Silicon Wives and Sex Doll Genie, sell premade, human-like dolls. However, each style of love doll can be customized to your exact specifications. Here is a list of things you can customize on your sex doll. Just remember, these customizations will vary from brand to brand and some may cost additional fees. You can also buy semi-customizable ones from Tantaly.

  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Hair color and style
  • Realistic mouth (tongue, teeth, penetrable)
  • Body shape
  • Breast size and type, areola color
  • Sex doll genitals
  • Moveable shoulders
  • Feet (standing feet or regular)
  • Pubic hair, with or without, thickness
  • Finger and toenail colors

Specialty Sex Dolls

Some love doll companies take it a few steps further and offer even more detailed upgrades.

These unique customizations can include freckles, facial and chest hair on male dolls, hand-placed, human-like hair rather than wigs, heads with AI capabilities and more.

Each of these will be on the sex doll customization page.

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

How do sex dolls work?
Depicted is a BBW sex doll

Answering, “How do sex dolls work?” is just as crucial as answering, “What are sex dolls?” and “What are sex dolls made of?”

After all, it’s important to know exactly how a sex doll works before investing in one.

Sure, it’s a given that you have sex with them.

However, is it that simple? Yes and no, as sex dolls are much different than your average sex toy.

The Sex Doll Skeleton

First of all, sex dolls have either a steel or titanium frame, or skeleton, inside. The skeleton features joints that flex and move. This allows for the love doll to be posed in different positions and withstand the weight of a human in some of those positions. Further, the skeleton is what makes the sex doll’s body look lifelike.

So, how do sex dolls work? They work by being posable, allowing for actual intercourse, anal sex and oral penetration rather than simple masturbation, which is how ordinary sex toys are used. However, since a sex doll can’t say, “Ouch!”, you must keep in mind that those smaller joints in the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles cannot take the same weight and pressure as a human. They can bend and break.

How to Use the Sex Doll Genitals

How do sex dolls work when it comes to the genitals? Sex doll genitals are extremely realistic in look and feel. Plus, they work just as making-love to a human works. But the biggest difference is that you have to clean and maintain the genitals. So, you must bathe and wash your sex doll each time you have sexy time with him/her/them. Fortunately, most sex doll genitals are removable for easy cleaning.

However, if you choose to have the fixed vagina on a female sex doll, cleaning the sex doll genitals is a complicated ordeal. For example, if you choose not to bathe or shower then entire doll, you must use a vaginal irrigator and warm, soapy water in order to rinse the vaginal cavity out and keep it from growing mold, mildew and bacteria.

How to Use a Sex Doll’s Mouth

How do sex dolls work when it comes to oral sex? The mouth of a sex doll can be a plain, soft opening in which you can place your penis. However, if you choose to customize your sex doll, you can add a tongue and even teeth! So, not only will you have one of the most human-like dolls, the mouth will even feel more lifelike. However, if you choose an AI sex doll, you can not penetrate her mouth due to the sophisticated electronics and robotics inside the doll’s head.

Again, once you have used your sex doll’s mouth for penetration, you will need to wash, rinse and dry it well.

Don’t Forget Other Ways to Use Your Sex Doll

How does a sex doll work? In more ways than you may realize! Aside from the sex doll genitals and mouth, you can get creative and a bit freaky with your sex doll! Got a foot fetish? Explore it with your sex doll! Take their bendable hands and fingers and wrap them around your tool. And don’t forget the breasts on a female doll. Just squeeze them together and thrust till your heart’s content.

Are Sex Dolls Heavy?

How do sex dolls work?

While we are answering, “What is a sex doll?” and “How does a sex doll work?”, it’s also important to know the weight of a sex doll. After all, you will be moving it from room to room, posing it in different positions and bathing it in the bathtub. So, before you make that purchase, take note of a sex doll’s weight.

For example, the curvy Dominique is 5’4” tall and weighs 107 lbs. However, if you decide on bigger breasts, the weight can change. Even a petite sex doll like Raven, who is 5.5” tall, weighs in at 73 lbs. is difficult to move around. Also, keep in mind, this is dead weight. Unlike a human, who can bend and shift their weight, a sex doll cannot help you move him/her. But all is not lost! There are easy ways you can move a sex doll around.

Tips for Moving a Sex Doll

Since sex dolls can weigh well over 100 lbs., it’s important to know safe ways to move it around without damaging the sex doll’s skin or worse, dropping it and bending or breaking the skeleton. So, rather than giving up your dream of owning a sex doll, here are some tips for moving a sex doll:

  1. Hand Truck: A hand truck or appliance dolly are perfect tools for moving a sex doll from room to room. Simply wrap your sex doll in a blanket and use rope or bungee cords to secure the doll and keep it from falling off.
  2. Office Chair: Office chairs with wheels are the best way to move a sex doll around your home. Just pose your doll in a seated position and wheel them around to wherever you want them to go! Just be careful not to bump knees or elbows into walls or furniture as it can damage the sex doll’s skin.
  3. Wagon: Using a child’s wagon or even a heavy-duty yard wagon makes moving your sex doll easy. Just be sure and place pillows and blankets in the wagon so the doll won’t fall out.
  4. Carrying: You can also move your doll around by carrying it like a baby or placing your doll on your back in a piggy-back position. Be sure and put them in a seated position first and lift with your legs.

Do Sex Dolls Stand Up?

How do sex dolls work? Another key thing people ask, in that regard, is whether or not sex dolls can stand. Yes, they can stand. However, you must choose a doll with the standing feet option. The standing feet option adds a reinforced lower body to the sex doll that allows it to bear its own weight while wearing shoes. Other sex dolls can only stand if propped against something. However, the ankles and knees can wear out quickly if it’s not built specifically for standing.

Why Buy a Sex Doll?

Human-like dolls

Now that we’ve answered “What is a sex doll?”, “How does a sex doll work?” and “What are sex dolls made of?”, why buy a sex doll? First off, a sex doll will give you the nearest thing to actual sex. The human-like dolls are soft, flexible and the sex doll genitals are as realistic as they come. Plus, a sex doll never says no, doesn’t need to be fed and will never nag you about not texting back!

Secondly, sex dolls can fulfill the need for human connection. If you want someone to cuddle with in bed, or someone to chill with and watch television, a sex doll can be your perfect companion. Additionally, you can try an AI sex doll and not only have physical companionship, but someone to talk to!

Finally, sex dolls are the perfect companion for people with intellectual disabilities. Not only does a sex doll provide a sexual outlet, it allows the person to explore sexuality with dignity and safety. Plus, sex dolls can be dressed, be made-up with cosmetics and even have their hair and nails done, further increasing the caring bond between human and doll.

You can find a broad selection of different kinds of sex dolls here.

If You Can’t Afford a Sex Doll Right Now

Yes, sex dolls are quite expensive and what I consider an investment sex toy. But what do you do if you can’t afford a sex doll right now? First, consider buying a torso sex doll or even a larger masturbator. They will give you the feel of lifelike genitals and cost far less than a full-sized love doll. However, if you want to save every penny for your sex doll fund, maybe try to build your own DIY sex doll! You can make a basic doll or add realistic body parts including hands and feet. Either way, you’ll save some money while having the opportunity to try a sex doll.

Sex Dolls Are the Ultimate Sex Toy!

What are sex dolls? Sex dolls are the ultimate sex toy, a companion and a lifelong lover! Whether you choose one of the thousands of human-like dolls or a sex doll torso, you will experience the most realistic and lifelike sex without the complications of a relationship. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases when using a sex doll. Sex dolls really are the ultimate sex toy!

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