what does a buttplug feel like

What Does a Buttplug Feel Like?

Have you ever just been sitting around the house and found yourself wondering “what does a buttplug feel like?” If so, you’re not alone: many people are curious about this type of anal play! While many people wonder, not as many curious individuals actually take the plunge. This is a shame because they’re missing out on a truly unique experience!

Butt plugs provide the perfect introduction to butt play, giving you a “full” sensation with little effort. Whether you’re just curious about butt plugs specifically or plan on trying anal sex in the future, we’re sure this article will be of some use during your anal adventures!

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What It’s Like to Insert a Butt Plug

Your typical butt plug can be divided into four different sections: the tip, the bulb, the neck, and the base. To give you a better idea of how each of these parts will feel against your body, we’ll provide a brief description of each below.


This is the part that goes into your anus first. Nearly all butt plugs feature tapered tips for easy insertion. Some plugs have a gentle taper, whereas others may take a more aggressive approach. The taper of a tip will have a noticeable effect on how easy (or challenging) a plug is to insert.


The bulb is the thickest part of a plug. This will provide internal pressure against your anus. The larger a bulb is, the more your backside will feel “full”! However, the thickness (girth) of the bulb will also affect how easy the plug is to insert. The thicker the plug, the more your anus will need to stretch to insert it. Thinner plugs may be a mere inch or less in diameter, whereas more advanced models can exceed two inches in width!


The neck is the extended thin section that sits between the bulb and the base of your plug. When inserted, your rectum will wrap securely around the neck. As such, you’ll get more stimulation from a plug with a thicker neck!


Most plugs have either a flared base or a T-bar base. Having a “flared base” simply means that the base of the plug is thicker than the neck. Flared base plugs are best for masturbation and intercourse, but they’re not ideal for long-term wear. T-bar base plugs, on the other hand, are perfect for public/extended use! The design of the base means the T-bar base will sit securely between your butt cheeks, making long-term use more comfortable. 

The Insertion Process

It’s time to stop wondering what does a buttplug feel like, and find out for yourself! After you’ve grabbed your choice of plug, some lube, and a towel (if you want to be extra careful!), you can prepare to insert your plug. Unlike the vagina, your anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so having lots of lubrication is a must! You’ll begin the insertion process by applying lube to both your anus and the plug itself.

Unfortunately, the lube will likely feel pretty cold against your skin, which can be unpleasant. To avoid this, you can warm up the lube beforehand. Simply heat up some water and place the lubricant bottle in the water for twenty minutes before using it!

Muscle tension will be your biggest enemy when trying to insert your plug, especially if it’s your first time (if so, take a look at our butt plug recommendations for beginners)! You can relax your sphincter muscles by rubbing around your anus, working up to inserting a finger. Once you’re sufficiently relaxed, it’s time to try the plug!

Press the tip of the plug against your anus and apply pressure slowly but consistently. If you tense up, relax and try again. Don’t worry if this seems challenging at first. It will get easier with practice! As you push the plug further in, you’ll feel your anus stretching more and more. What does a buttplug feel like? Well, it certainly shouldn’t feel like pain! If this feels odd, that’s fine, but stop if things begin to hurt. You don’t want to rip anything!

If you can’t insert the entire plug the first time you use it, don’t fret. It might take you a few tries (or even separate sessions) to get the entire plug inserted. The key to anal play is taking things slow: rushing will almost always lead to injuries! It might be tempting to “cheat” using desensitizing lube, but we highly recommend avoiding that tactic. If you can’t feel anything back there, you won’t be able to tell if you’ve torn the skin! This is where an anal training kit might come in handy.

You’ll know once you’ve fully inserted the plug. Right after you cross the thickest part of the bulb, the insertion process will get considerably easier. Eventually, the plug will just “pop” in there! Adjust as necessary.

Wearing the Plug

Congratulations: you’ve fully inserted the plug! So, what now? Well, the sensations you’ll experience will vary depending on what you’re doing. While you’ll feel the sense of “fullness” no matter what you do, the amount of pressure can vary. In general, “fullness” feels similar to having to poo, though not exactly identical. This may feel uncomfortable or odd at first, but you’ll get used to it as you use your plug more frequently. Eventually, you’ll barely be able to tell it’s in there!

Wearing a Butt Plug & Sitting Down

Depending on the surface you’re sitting on, this experience could be quite uncomfortable! If it’s a soft surface then there will only be a slight increase in pressure. However, if it’s a hard surface, then you’ll notice a considerable increase in pressure. The exact way the pressure is applied depends on the shape of your plug and how it contacts the surface below. If you’re wearing a flared butt plug then the sides of the base may also dig into your skin. This is why we recommend wearable plugs for everyday use.

Walking with a Butt Plug

When you try this for the first time, it may be tempting to spread your legs a bit while walking. Don’t do this (it makes it obvious what you’re up to!). We’d recommend walking around your home a bit before attempting to venture out into public.

So, what does a buttplug feel like when you’re wearing it while walking? Surprisingly, not as bad as you’d think: you’ll notice that you don’t actually need to spread your stance! The main issue you’ll run into is the friction between the plug’s base and your butt cheeks. This will be a more prominent issue with flared base plugs than with T-bar base plugs. 

The Mental Appeal

What does a buttplug feel like when you’re wearing it out in public? Well, physically it feels the same, but simply wearing a butt plug can help make you “feel” sexier!

For some people, the idea of discreet public anal play is a huge turn-on; others feel naughty simply by wearing the plug, regardless of the location. Either way, wearing a butt plug can provide positive mental stimulation. It may also be an easy way to tease your partner!

The Potential for Prostate Stimulation

If you were born a male then you have a prostate. The prostate is a lesser talked-about gland that can provide a unique orgasmic experience! You can stimulate this gland either internally or externally. Butt plugs can be especially helpful for this purpose, as they can provide both types of stimulation simultaneously!

But, you might want to consider a stimulator specifically for the prostate. If your plug is large/long enough to reach your prostate then this will provide internal stimulation. If your plug has a T-bar base then it may also provide exterior pressure against your perineum.

What Does a Buttplug Feel Like During Intercourse?

Both men and women can benefit from wearing a butt plug during intercourse. Of course, because of anatomical differences, the benefits will differ, but both are enjoyable! For both, the presence of a butt plug can greatly enhance orgasms because of the additional internal pressure. Many people increase this pressure further by removing the plug right at the point of orgasm.

For women specifically, the plug will provide pressure from the anus to the vagina. This will make their vagina feel “tighter”, making penetration more stimulating. Of course, their partner can benefit from this increased tightness as well. You can also consider a vibrating remote controlled butt plug for that extra spice.

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Butt Plug Removal

Just like with insertion, you don’t want to rush when removing your butt plug. It may be worthwhile to re-lube your anus before attempting to remove the plug. When you’re ready to take it out, grab the base of the plug and pull firmly but slowly. What does a buttplug feel like when you try to take it out? Well, you’ll feel the pressure against your sphincter begin to increase as you pull. Like before, stop if it begins to feel painful: you’ll need more lubricant in this case! 

Some people may find it helpful to “push” (similar to taking a bowel movement) when trying to remove a plug. Once you pass the thickest part of the bulb, the plug will practically pop right out! After it’s been removed, you’ll want to clean up your bum and check the plug for feces. Don’t be surprised if there’s a little stuck to the plug: this is to be expected, though not guaranteed. 

If you do see feces, it’s a good idea to check for blood as well. If there’s a little bit, this is a sign you may need to be gentler next time and use more lube. You should give your butt a few days to rest before resuming your backdoor adventures. However, if you notice a lot of blood (or there’s blood leaking from your anus) then it’s time to seek medical attention immediately. 

Cleaning Your Butt Plug

Just like with any other type of sex toy, cleaning your butt plug is a vital part of the process. Fortunately, butt plugs are extremely easy to clean! You can clean it using antibacterial soap and warm water. Wash it first using both soap and water, then again using only water to remove any residue. 

If your plug is made from silicone, glass, or metal then you can also sterilize it with boiling water. However, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t contain any electronic components first. If it does, don’t boil it! You should also avoid boiling a plug if it has a “jewel” on the end, as the heat will likely undo the glue securing the “jewel”.

How to Sterilize Your Butt Plug In Three Steps

  1. Heat a pot of water to boiling temperature.
  2. Submerge your butt plug in the boiling water for a minimum of three minutes.
  3. Remove the plug from the water, dry it off with a paper towel, and leave it out to air dry before storing it away.

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