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What Is a Fleshlight Masturbator? A Guide to the World’s Best-Selling Penis Toy

If you’re new to the sex toy scene, you may have heard of a product called the Fleshlight.

But what is a Fleshlight masturbator? What are Fleshlights made of? And are there different types of Fleshlights?

To answer your questions, I am putting together a Fleshlight guide to answer all of your basic Fleshlight questions as well as some others that are interesting, important and helpful.

So, read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Fleshlight masturbator!

What Is a Fleshlight Masturbator?

Fleshlight masturbator selection

How would one define Fleshlight? A Fleshlight is a the most popular penis masturbation toy in the world. A Fleshlight masturbator is a masturbation sleeve, styled as either a mouth, a “lady” (a vagina) or a butt.

The soft, flesh-like sleeve is contained in a plastic case shaped like an old-school flashlight that includes a screw-on cap which disguises the sex toy completely.

What Is the Fleshlight Meaning?

Is Fleshlight just a name? If not, what is the Fleshlight meaning?

The meaning of the word Fleshlight is a play on the word flashlight.

Since the outer case of the Fleshlight is designed to look like an older model flashlight, the inventor of this best-selling penis toy used flesh, rather than flash in order to create a memorable and clever name for the Fleshlight masturbator.

I have to agree!

Who Invented the Fleshlight?

Steven Shubin is the gentleman who created the Fleshlight. This former Los Angeles County police officer is the epitome of the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Both in their 40s, Stubin and his tennis-star wife decided to try for one more child. They hit the fertility jackpot when they learned the Missus was pregnant with twins.

Unfortunately, the doctor warned the Shubins that sex was a big no-no in order to keep the pregnancy safe. Steven Shubin had this to say in a Thrillist interview:

“The doctor said no intercourse because we were 40 years old at the time. This is considered high risk at 40, so we have to be very, very careful so we don’t lose the pregnancy. And the doctor, who became a friend of mine, he said, “Look, no intercourse. You can’t do anything with her because you don’t want to jeopardize the pregnancy.” So, I said, “Oh great, here I go back to jerking off.”

The next day, my wife Kathy asks, “What are you thinking?” I said, “Look, would you think I’m a total pervert if I told you that in your sexual absence, if I would use something to replace you? Would you think I was a total pervert?”

According to a 2014 Vice interview, the first creation by Shubin was a mannequin, bent over in the doggy style position with the perfect body and a removable vagina. Unfortunately, zero of these mannequins sold, even after a cool, $250K investment.

Concerned about Shubin’s sex toy fail, a friend and businessman requested one of the products. However, this friend said to just send the vagina and not the whole body because “he had children.” That’s when Shubin realized that his brainchild needed to be small, portable and preferably encased in something that guys liked. Then, the Fleshlight was born.

The Fleshlight reached 1 billion dollars in sales as of 2017 and continues to be the most popular and best-selling men’s masturbation toy in the world.

When Was the Fleshlight Invented?

So, just how long has the Fleshlight been around? When was the Fleshlight invented? The answer: The Fleshlight masturbator made its debut in 1994 and received US Patent number 5,782,818 in July, 1998, making its distinct flashlight-like case as the containment for a skin-like masturbation sleeve, something no one could copy.

However, Shubin has been to court several times, suing other sex toy companies for stealing his patented design.

How Is a Fleshlight Made?

How Fleshlight masturbators are made

It’s sex toy magic!

Seriously, to answer the question, “How is a Fleshlight made?” you can take a peek at this Men’s Health 2014 factory tour video or read while I give you the basics of how a Fleshlight is made.

The Fleshlight cases are molded with plastic, using different colors, depending on the product. Then, the masturbation sleeves are molded using “a top-secret recipe”.

Next, custom steel rods, placed on the inside, are utilized to create the unique, internal textures for each type of sleeve. The sleeves then go to the powdering room where they are covered in cornstarch, which gives then the silky, skin-like feel.

The Fleshlight sleeves are then stored on metal racks, separated by style, waiting to be purchased. At that time, the Fleshlight case and sleeve meet, are assembled and packaged for shipment.

What Are Fleshlights Made of?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of touching the fleshy goodness of a Fleshlight, the first thing you may want to know is, “What are Fleshlights made of?” Then again, you may have felt it, got aroused and immediately had sexy time with your fantastic, new Fleshlight masturbator.

Either way, the outer case of the Fleshlight is created with hard plastic.

However, the soft, squishy, fleshy, textured and deliciously arousing inside of the Fleshlight is a different story. This part of the Fleshlight is made of Super-Skin. But what the heck is Super-Skin?

What is a Fleshlight? Inside the Fleshlight

According to everything I have read about the Fleshlight, which includes roughly 1,428,541 blog posts, articles, interviews and websites, the inside of this infamous masturbation toy is made from Super-Skin, of which the ingredients are a super-secret.

But my investigative skills weren’t a complete waste of time as I found a fantastic interview during which Steve Shubin gave us a hint at his secret formula.

According to Shubin, he began working with mineral oil, which is safe for human consumption, thus body-safe. He also used medical grade plastics, (TPE thermoplastic elastomers), which are also safe for human use.

So, no worries, Fleshlight aficionados, your junk won’t fall off nor will you risk your fertility. However, there are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to Fleshlight safety.

Are Fleshlights Safe?

Is Fleshlights safe? As mentioned above, the Fleshlight masturbator is created using medical grade plastics and mineral oil, so the actual ingredients won’t render you penis-less or unable to have children. However, there is one downfall to Super-skin that can and will harm you, if you don’t take certain steps when using a Fleshlight.

Super-skin is a porous material. What this means is that the sleeve portion of the Fleshlight masturbator has microscopic holes.

These holes can harbor dirt, bacteria and viruses as well as growing mold if it is not properly cared for. Therefore, to save yourself from painful rashes, penile lesions and possibly urinary tract infections, you must wash and dry your Fleshlight masturbator after each and every use.

Yes, each and every use. So, no tossing it aside and washing it tomorrow, after your love juice, mixed with lube, has soaked thoroughly into the Fleshlight sleeve and left a crusty residue behind.

Wash it, you filthy animal! (Hee, hee)

The Different Types of Fleshlight Masturbators

The Fleshsack

The Fleshlight masturbator has exploded from a single unit, “The Pink Lady” to dozens of styles and different types of Fleshlights. Therefore, you can find all sorts of styles and Fleshlight sleeve textures to change-up the feel of your masturbation experience. Here is a list of the (current as of 4-2022) different types of Fleshlights available to you.

  • Fleshjack: The Fleshlight Fleshjack series is for those who like a tight, male bottom and texture beyond belief.
  • Fleshjack Boys: Now you can enjoy the back door of your favorite, gay, adult film actors. Molded from their butts, each Fleshjack Boys product has its own, unique texture.
  • The Fleshlight Pro: Brand new to the Fleshlight family, the Fleshlight Pro is a custom-created Fleshlight molded from the labia of whomever decides to create and sell one! Have a favorite web actress? Look for her Fleshlight Pro link on her account. And if she doesn’t have one, ask her to create one and promote it to score some extra cash.

The Fleshlight Sleeve

Fleshlight masturbator sleeves

The best part of the Fleshlight masturbator is the interior goodness; the Fleshlight sleeve. Each, individual sleeve is different, including unique bumps, twists and textures. This way, you can purchase a single Fleshlight and several sleeves, then change them out. Therefore, each time you try a different Fleshlight sleeve, you experience a different masturbation experience. And there are sleeves of many types!

Here is a current list of available Fleshlight sleeve types as of April 2022:

  • Fleshlight Originals: These include the popular Pink Lady, Wonder Wave and more.
  • Fleshlight Girls Sleeves: For every Fleshlight Girl masturbator is a sleeve or two from the most popular adult film actresses.

You can find the Fleshlight Original Sleeves under the sleeves tab on their website. However, finding the Fleshlight Girls sleeves is a bit more tricky.

How to Find Fleshlight Girls Sleeves:

The Abella Danger Fleshlight

When searching for the Fleshlight Girls sleeves on the Fleshlight official site, here is a tip on how to find them. On the upper navigation bar, click Fleshlight Girls. Once you’ve landed on that page, look at the left sidebar. Next, scroll down until you see the link named “Orgy”. Click that link and you’ll be taken to the Fleshlight Girls that have sleeves.

You can also go to the page of your favorite Fleshlight Girl and in the order area, look for the button that is titled “Shop Sleeve Only”. If your favorite girl has available sleeves, they will appear and you can shop from there.

A Custom Fleshlight

Believe it or not, there are two ways to make a custom Fleshlight. The first custom Fleshlight is the Fleshlight Pro option, which I described above. And you don’t have to be an internet adult star to have a custom Fleshlight Pro! You can make one with your spouse or favorite f*ck-buddy!

The second way to create a custom Fleshlight is to navigate to the “Build Your Own” tab. Next, you’ll be presented with a choice of a Black or Blue Fleshlight case. Then, you choose from either a “Lady” (vagina) or a butt entrance. Finally, you have the choice of 5 uniquely, textured sleeves. As a bonus, you can add on various accessories for an extra fee.

Fleshlight Accessories

The Fleshlight company has come a long way since the first Fleshlight masturbator hit the shelves in 1995. They now have a complete line of accessories to make your experience better as well as assisting you in caring for your Fleshlight. Here are the custom accessories you can choose from:

  • Fleshlube: A water-based lubricant made specifically for Super-skin products.
  • Sleeve Warmers: This product allows you to warm your sleeve to a cozy and realistic temperature before taking the plunge. Available in the full-sized model and a smaller version for the Quick Shot masturbator.
  • Product Care: Fleshlight has everything you need to care for your Fleshlight masturbator so it lasts a lifetime. The varieties include Fleshwash and renewal powder.
  • Fleshlight Air: This programmable, electric Fleshlight sleeve dryer dries all sizes of Fleshlights.
  • The Quick Shot Launch: This tech wonder allows the user to snap in a Quick Shot Masturbator and enjoy an automatic stroking session. Choose from stroke speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute, 3 stroking zones (base, shaft and tip), a smart phone mount for watching your favorite porn. Plus, it’s rechargeable or can be used while plugged in.
  • The Universal Launch: The same features as the Quick Shot Launch but sized for all other styles of Fleshlights.
  • Shower Mount: Experience a hands-free, wet and wild shower solo session by sticking this accessory to your shower wall. You can also find an adapter for the Flight and Quick Shot models.
  • Liberator Wedges: Enjoy more hands-free masturbation fun with two Fleshlight exclusive sex wedges. Try the Liberator Top Dog wedge or the On a Mission wedge.
  • Fleshpump: Fleshlight now has its own style of penis pump! With the classic Super-skin entrance and a pump to get your harder and help you last longer, this accessory is the perfect sex toy to add to your collection.
  • Fleshlight Cases: Got too many sleeves and not enough cases? You can purchase those separately too!
  • Bundle Packs: Most of the Fleshlight accessories have bundle pack options! These special packages include things like lubricant, Fleshwash, vibrating bullets and more.

Fleshlight Membership Perks

Did you know that with every Fleshlight purchase you can become part of the VIP program? Yes! And it’s free. With a VIP membership, you have access to Flesh Cams, live performers that are there fore your pleasure. Additionally, you can earn Fleshbucks toward your next purchase. You do this by creating an account, leaving a product review and following Fleshlight on social media.

What is a Fleshlight and Does a Fleshlight Work?

I think we have been successful at answering, “What is a Fleshlight?”. However, does a Fleshlight work? Although I don’t have a penis, I have had my hands on a Fleshlight and a Quick Shot. Both of these products made me wish I had a penis. In addition, I have done several posts about the Fleshlight which included hours upon hours of research.

As a result, I learned that there are Fleshlight collectors that love the products so much, as well as the realistic feeling experiences they give, that they own more than a few. You can also read real quotes from Fleshlight lovers from all over the web in my article “What Does a Fleshlight Feel Like?” According to these guys, Fleshlights work and they work well!

Where to Buy a Fleshlight

Fleshlights, of course, are available on the Fleshlight Official website. There, you will get access to the VIP Program as well as the Flesh Cams. However, you can also find Fleshlight products at your favorite adult online retailer like Adam and Eve, the Lovehoney website as well as places like Too Timid. Shopping around can save you money by watching for sales and special offers.

How to Use a Fleshlight

If you’ve yet to try this unique and amazing Fleshlight masturbator, you may be asking how to use a Fleshlight. Using a Fleshlight is relatively simple; you put water-based lube inside the Fleshlight sleeve and around the opening. Then you lube up your penis and slide it inside. Here are some more tips on how to use a Fleshlight.

Using a Fleshlight for Solo O’s

Using a Fleshlight for solo masturbation is how most buyers do it. But did you know that you can adjust the suction on a Fleshlight masturbator? Yes! The bottom cap on the Fleshlight case twists and loosens to adjust the amount of suction you feel. Once you learn your preferred level of suction, you can use your Fleshlight in other ways.

Using a Fleshlight for Stamina

Another way to use a Fleshlight is by masturbating regularly to build stamina and staying power. Basically, you masturbate by using the edging technique. What this does is builds your endurance, allowing you to last longer in bed. It also helps with premature ejaculation and some forms of erectile dysfunction.

How to Use a Fleshlight with a Partner

Who says the Fleshlight is only for solo play? Using a Fleshlight with a partner is no different that using a vibrator or cock ring. Have your partner use the Fleshlight on you. You can use the sleeve of the Quick Shot to make blow jobs more comfortable and ease depth of penetration. That is, if you happen to be a well-endowed penis owner.

I have also written a great article on how to use a Fleshlight that includes photos of positions, both solo and with a partner! It also gives tips on how to use your Fleshlight hands-free without having to purchase a wedge.

How to Clean a Fleshlight Masturbator

Cleaning a Fleshlight

As I mentioned above, cleaning a Fleshlight masturbator is extremely important as the Super-skin material is porous and can harbor dirt, bacteria, viruses and grow mold. So, knowing how to clean a Fleshlight is more important that knowing how to use a Fleshlight! For the first step, remove the Fleshlight sleeve from the case.

Next, run the sleeve under warm water, making sure you flush the canal well. Now, add any liquid soap and create good suds by rubbing and massaging the sleeve. Finally, rinse the Fleshlight sleeve well until the water runs clear and there isn’t any more soap. Remember, you must do this each and every time you use the Fleshlight to prevent illness and injury to your penis and to keep your Fleshlight masturbator in tip-top condition.

How to Dry a Fleshlight

Knowing how to dry a Fleshlight is another important step in caring for your sex toy. One was to dry a Fleshlight is to gently turn the sleeve inside out and pat it dry with a soft towel. Or, better yet, you can buy a few types of Fleshlight dryers. The electric Fleshlight Air works by clicking your Fleshlight case onto the base and setting it to the appropriate time, depending on which model you are using.

Fleshlight also has two different styles of sleeve dryers, one that is a stand and two types of hanging dryers. Either way you decide how to dry a Fleshlight, know that you are avoiding mold and mildew build-up inside the nooks and crannies of you Fleshlight sleeve. Plus, you’ll avoid rashes and infections that can result from that mold and mildew exposure.

What is a Fleshlight Masturbator? Only the Best Penis Toy Ever!

The Fleshlight masturbator is the best penis sex toy on the market today. Not only do they feel realistic in recreating the feel of vaginal and anal intercourse as well as a blow job, they come in a masculine case that’s great for hiding your masturbator while keeping it clean. Plus, Fleshlights come in such a wide variety of styles, you are bound to find the perfect Fleshlight masturbator for you.

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