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What Is A Sex Machine? And Why Should You Try One?

The world of sex toys does not only include small handheld devices. Imagine large and powerful automated machines designed to mimic the actual movements, full force, and feel of partnered sex!

Sex machines are basically the result of challenging technology to help us achieve new realms of pleasure and possibilities without having to lift a finger!

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In this post, I will take you through the basics of what a sex machine actually is, what different types there are, and why you should consider trying one.

What Makes a Sex Machine a Sex Machine?

What makes a sex machine a sex machine?

Sex machines are basically mechanical devices created to simulate the sensation of interactive sex. They are typically powered by a motor that creates very strong vibrations or a rotational force. Basically, it can move a dildo in and out to mimic the sensations of penetrative sex but at turbo speed and with powerful vibrations (if you want).

Different kinds of machines aim to mimic different sensations. Whether they are mechanical or fully automated, they are all designed to help the user experience the kind of  sexual stimulation that might not otherwise be achievable during solo-play.

Types of Sex Machines

There are several different types of these devices. They each have unique features that stimulate different body parts with different motions. Let me walk you through them!

hismith app controlled sex machine


One of the most popular kinds sex machines are the trusty thrusters. These are also often the physically largest devices. They take up quite a bit of space – but with great dimensions comes also great pleasure

A powerful thruster, like this HiSMith app-controlled orgasm machine, is usually used for robust vaginal or anal penetration.

Find another example of a thruster sex machine here.

Motorbunny Buck - Thrusting Sex Machine - Test and Review


Another popular type is the saddle. Saddles are (obviously) meant to be mounted and taken for a ride! The motor powers ripples of impressive vibrations throughout the “seat”. Saddles often come with different attachments so you can stimulate yourself clitorally, vaginally, and anally while riding the vibrations. The Motorbunny is perfect for that!

Here are our recommendations for some of the best vibrating sex machines and sex saddles!

Cloud 9 F-Slider Chair 1


Another category is the manual machine. “Gliders” are designed let you be in charge of your own stimulation. It uses your own body’s movements and gliding motion to create a lovely customized penetrative motion! This Cloud 9 Slider sex chair is a great option to try out this mechanism!

kiiroo keon


Another option is the “stroker” or “masturbator”. Often handheld (or hands-free!) devices that are compatible with some kind of penis sleeve or Fleshlight. The motor powers movements meant to simulate strokes or suction in various patterns and rhythms.

The Kiiroo Keon Stroker is a powerful automatic
masturbator that can reach a wild 230 strokes per second!

A World to Explore

If we’ve piqued your interest on sex machines but this seems like an unapproachable market to dive into, we’ve already created an overview of where to buy these machines

Whether you’re into the thrusters or the saddles, the machines have a very wide price range. Don’t worry! We can help you figure out which of the best ones are the cheapest and which of the cheapest ones are the best!

Here’s an overview of the best luxury sex machines and our selection of best affordable sex machines on the market. 

If you’re looking to upgrade the penetrative sex machine experience, we have also listed the 4 best DP (double penetration) machines to double down on the pleasure.

What Can a Sex Machine Do For Your Sex Life?

It might seem daunting to think of trying out one of these babies if you’re completely new to the concept. And although it does seem capable of simulating a different brand of brute force than other pleasure devices, one might wonder if that’s all there is to it.

But I can assure you, there are many benefits to playing around with these mechanical behemoths!

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Benefits of Using a Sex Machine!

  • Sexual exploration! Use the machine to explore your own pleasure. Get to know your own body better – its limits and sweet spots! The machine’s force will allow you do to this in a very different way from the usual manual approach. This is also a great tool to explore which positions and angles feel great for you. 
  • Practice. This contraption can help you practice specific movements or positions. It might even help build up your stamina! Use the machine to prepare you better for “the real thing”.
  • Control. Sex machines are often used in BDSM settings because they are ideal tools for controlling someone else’s sexual experience. Easy to adjust and position properly. Easy to control the settings. And they’re just hands-down super convenient for hands-free sessions!
  • Variety! They’re are a great way to spice up your sexual routines. You can be in charge of exploring all of the settings without having to do all the heavy lifting!
  • Maintaining intimacy. Sex machines are great for long-distance couples who want to stay intimately connected. Let your partner dictate the settings on your machine or combine the sex machine experience with some form of virtual interaction!

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