What is a sex swing?

If you ever had any questions about sex swings, Bedbible has now got your back. Here is the one and only Sex Swing Q&A you will ever need in your life.

For you who already know about sex swings, both the basics and the more juicy stuff, we have guides for where to buy a sex swing and what are the costs to consider when buying a sex swing.

We´re hoping that after you read this, will be full of excitement and ready to order your first sex swing, and try the swing of your life. 

How do sex swings work?

A sex swing is attached to either the ceiling, the door, or a stand. It´s like a floating harness that you can lift yourself up in. When you sit in the sex swing you will feel lightweight and even if you had non-existing acrobat skills before, it will now feel like you have. You will be able to sit and lay down in positions you didn’t think were possible and your partner will be able to swing you around like he/she/them never do anything else.

Making some sex positions much easier and some sex positions that haven´t been possible before will now be. However, do also have in mind that sex swings are not only used for intercourse, it is a great way to step up the oral game play too. Depending on the sex swing´s design different possibilities appear.

What does a sex swing look like?

When a sex swing is fully assembled it can look different depending on what type you have. It can be suspended on the roof, to a stance, the wall or the door. Then the person that wants to use the sex swing sits in it, in some sex swings it´s possible to use bondage toys to fasten the person to the swing.

As we just mentioned, there are different sex swing designs, basically, it´s a massive harness that makes you floatable and to use while having sex. Let us give a few examples of the most common sex swing types.

Different types of sex swings:

Traditional Sex swings

Traditional sex swings usually are used with a ceiling hook and most commonly they have straps for both legs, one seat strap and some might have for the arms.

How to use a traditional sex swing?

Using a sex swing like this creates endless possibilities, it´s possible to use it for all kinds of sex positions, in fact, this is the sex swing that has the most possibilities for variation.

Door sex swings

A door sex swing is an easy way to get the floatable feel without having to drill holes or use a lot of space. It has a more simple design than the traditional sex swings, some have a strap only for the bum and some have a strap for the legs too.

How to use a door sex swing?

A door sex swing is attached to a door and allows you to use it both from behind and in sex positions similar to standing missionary.

Sex slings

Sex slings are more similar to the look of a hammock than an actual swing. This means it´s more comfortable to lay in but also limits the use of different positions. Sex Slings are popular to use for BDSM, combining it with other spanking tools or other sex toys.

How to use a sex sling?

Lay down on either your back or your stomach and let your partner do the rest. It is also a great replacement for a spanking bench.

Body Sex Swings

A body sex swing is a bit more hardcore and might require more strength from both the one wearing it and the one using it.

It´s like a wearable harness attached to both and might feel more intimate than other swings.

How to use a body sex swing?

A body sex swing is a sex swing you wear and attach to the other person. It requires no extra equipment which makes it perfect to travel with.

The beginner

Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing

For you who are a complete beginner to sex swings, it’s a good idea to start off with one that doesn’t require much set up. This door swing will allow you to test and see if it’s something for you.

The cheap one

Wild Side Sex Swing review
Wild Side Sex Swing

If you are looking for a cheap sex swing this should be your go-to. It’s comfortable to use, easy to set up, padded straps, and is machine washable. The Wild Side Sex Swing is a great option if you want bang for the buck. 

For experienced

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling

If you are a more experienced sex swing user this is a great option, especially if you’re into BDSM. A leather sex swing that has a lot of possibilities for attachments thanks to the D-Rings. 

Single hook VS Dual Hook

  • Comfort – A dual hook offers more comfort as it can be installed with the hooks further apart. A single hook is dependent on the spreader bar’s width. This means that the closer the hooks are, the less flat seating is offered and it will be tighter for you to sit. This might be something to especially have in mind if you want as much comfort as possible and/or if you have a bigger-sized body.
  • Set up – A dual hook, as you probably understood already, is set up with two hooks which means the weight will be divided between two spots in the ceiling. This can be a deal breaker regarding safety, how much does your ceiling hold, and what would be the best option for you? Although, a dual hook means you need more drilling.

Sex swing stand

If you don’t have the possibility to drill a hole in your ceiling a sex swing stand might be the best option. What this requires is space, a lot of space. This means that not everyone is possible to have a sex swing stand. They are also way more expensive than hooks and not all stands are compatible with all swings, so make sure you buy the correct one for your sex swing.

Do you have to be into bondage to like a sex swing?

No, not at all. Sex swings are truly for everyone who wants to open up their sex life for more possibilities. It can also be good for the elderly that doesn´t have the strength to have sex in more classic positions.

If you are sore after a workout or injured after an accident, then sex swings are a great way to have sex without putting too much pressure on your body.

How to use a sex swing during bondage?

Some sex swings are better to use for bondage than others because they have different loops and eye hooks that enable the ease of using attachments. It´s perfect to use for power play and a great replacement for a spanking bench. I mean, we do not all live in a big house with plenty of space for our BDSM dungeon.

How to feel safe while using a sex swing?

In order to feel safe while using a sex swing, it´s very important that you follow the instructions on how to set up your specific sex swing.

You need to make sure you use the right hook for your ceiling. Make sure you have enough space so you can live out your acrobatic sex dreams without hurting yourself, someone else or something. Also, go through the swing before so it feels well made and sturdy enough to sit in.

Read about our testers’ experience with setting up and using a sex swing here and here.

What is the point of a sex swing?

Let´s sum it up with a few points on why you should buy a sex swing asap.

  • Easy way to try out new sex positions
  • Explore new angels whilst having sex
  • If you have an injury that limit yourself in bed it might work in a sex swing
  • Good for bondage
  • You don´t need to be an acrobat to feel flexible in a sex swing
  • A fun way to explore
Wild Side Sex Swing review

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