What is a Tenga Sex Toy?

No doubt you’ve heard of the sex toy brand Tenga. From making prototypes with bits and bobs from the 100 yen store to a world-famous sex toy brand that’s sold in 69 countries around the world, Tenga has really taken the sex toy world by storm. But what are Tenga sex toys and do they live up the hype?

What is Tenga Adult Concept, and Where Did it All Start?

Tenga New Adult Concept is the full name of what we know and love as Tenga. It all started in 2005 with Founder Koichi Matsumoto who wanted to create a credible, pleasurable sex toy that destigmatized masturbation.

The word Tenga itself means correct and elegant in Japanese and that really embodies Tenga’s view on masturbation and what a good sex toy should be. They believe that masturbation is a healthy part of life and are dedicated to designing products that enhance pleasure for everyone! That’s definitely something we can get on board with!

Who Are Tenga Sex Toys For?

Although Tenga started out with disposable products that were good for just a couple of use, they now also have a selection of reusable toys, as well as some with vibrations for even more orgasmic power!

Tenga are best known for their penis pleasing toys based on the Japanese sex toys, onaholes, but instead of the more common realistic pussy designs, Tenga opted for a more abstract design. This gives their products a more elegant feel and makes them much more discreet! Now you can have your own piece of abstract art to slide your penis inside and enjoy as the intricate designs take you on a journey of pure pleasure!

And, it’s not only penis owners who get to enjoy Tenga’s products. The Iroha vibrators for vulva owners are so beautiful you’ll want to have them on show for the world to see! That’s not all, they even have an award winning couple’s toy!

We’ll take a look at some of Tenga’s main ranges and pick out a few faves that we think you will love!

Tenga’s Single Use Toys

The Original Masturbation Cups

The original Tenga range was a series of five disposable masturbation cups, lined with tantalizing textures. Now, the line now comes in three different strengths — gentle, regular and strong because they fully understand the concept ‘different strokes for folks!’ They also released a premium range of the cups for the ultimate posh wank!

Our Favorite Onacup

TENGA Original Vacuum Deep Throat Onacup

Who doesn’t dream of deep throat on demand! Well, Tenga’s Deep Throat Onacup makes that dream a reality! This deliciously textured masturbation that cup engulfs your whole penis and teases it from top to bottom. On top of that, the internal valves help recreate the toe curling pleasure of deep throat suction.

Choose between the original model, a gentler version for a slow and sensual experience, and a strong one for those who crave intense stimulation!

Tenga Egg

As well as their original cup series, Tenga are best-known for their innovative masturbation eggs.

Maybe you’ve caught word of these mystical Japanese sex eggs, but what is a Tenga Egg exactly?

Cleverly disguised, these discreet egg masturbators pack a whole lot of stimulation into a small package. Inside each egg is a stretchy sleeve that is smooth on the outside and textured on the inside. Lube it up and slip inside to explore the different textures and enjoy as the egg elevates your solo or partner hand jobs to dizzying heights! Treat yourself to a half a dozen eggs, and you’ve got six new ways to up your masturbation game!

Tenga eggs make the perfect gift for the penis owner in your life, you can even pop them inside a real egg carton and watch their confusion transform into excitement! They are also a great first time sex toy as they are an inexpensive way to discover exactly what gets you going!

Here’s what we love about Tenga’s disposable sex toys

  • Loads of different textures to explore
  • Very affordable
  • Super discreet
  • Great for travelling and fun on the go
  • Different intensities to suit different tastes
  • Tasteful, elegant designs

You’ll have a cracking good time with these Tenga Eggs!

TENGA Egg Lovers

For the romantics out there, the Lovers Egg has rows of tiny hearts to shower your shaft with love!


Go with the flow with the Tenga Egg Wavy, with waves the ripple over your shaft with each stroke.

Tenga Hard Boiled Eggs

The only six pack we care about! The Hard Boiled selection pack has 6 different textures to egg-splore!

Tenga’s Reusable Sex Toys

If you’ve had a taste of Tenga and want something you can enjoy again and again, they also have a great range of reusable masturbators. Keeping with their signature elegant designs, there’s not a fake vulva in sight. Instead, you expect Japanese minimalism and products that look too good to stash away in a draw!

The Flip Series

The flip masturbators have some of the most intricate inner textures you can find with chambers full of twists, nubs, ripples and more —it’s a true adventure in stimulation!

Traditional masturbators, like the ones from Fleshlight, are a real pain to clean, especially if they are heavily textured. Tenga tackled this problem with their Flip masturbators that hinge open for easy cleaning! Simple and effective!

There are three different Flip masturbators to choose from, each with a different texture and design. And if manual isn’t your style, there’s also the Flip Zero also comes in a vibrating version for even more intense stimulation!

Flip Zero

TENGA Flip Zero

The Flip Zero features a one way valve for intense suction power and thrilling texture chambers. You can also squeeze the pressure pads for an added boost of tightness!

Flip Hole

As well as intricate, asymmetrical textures inside the masturbator, the Flip Hole has three squeezable buttons on either side so you can increase the pressure exactly where you want it.

Flip Orb

If you love a deep massage, the Flip Orb is the one for you! Behind the soft knobbly textures lies rebounding pleasure orbs that provide a strong, rippling massage.

Tenga Spinner Series

There are six reusable masturbator sleeves in the Spinner series each with a different texture that spirals around the inside of the sleeve. This spiral pattern twists around your shaft, creating a delicious stimulation with every stroke.

Each Spinner stroker has a different level of intensity, firmness and internal canal size, so you can find your perfect match or enjoy the whole range of sensations.

The Brick (pictured) has the most intense stimulation of the six spinners so be prepared for some powerful pleasure!

Tenga Aero

If you crave the feeling of suction and want to have that blow job feeling on demand, the Aero is a great option! Tenga knows that different days call for different things, which is why the Aero is fully adjustable! Simply twist the case to adjust the suction power and tightness. From sensual to seriously strong, the Aero delivers what you desire!

Tenga Geo Series

The Geo series have to be the most aesthetically pleasing strokers on the market! The outside is a smooth, flat white orb, but flip it inside out to reveal the intricate, geometric textures, each one inspired by the textures of nature.

And they don’t only look great! The deliciously soft and squishy orbs are like pillowy clouds of pleasure that engulf your whole shaft!

Don’t just take our word for it, the Geo products won the Red Dot: Best of the Best award in 2021!

Choose between Coral (pictured), Aqua, Glacier.

How to Use a Tenga Sex Toy

All of Tenga’s masturbators are easy to use and you can be enjoying yours in just a few seconds!

  1. Squeeze a generous amount of Tenga’s hole lotion or another water-based lubrication inside your toy and some around the opening.
  2. Insert your penis and stroke the toy up and down.
  3. Enjoy the different sensations bringing you closer and closer to the big O.
  4. If you have a reusable masturbator be sure to clean the inside thoroughly, let it dry completely, and store it safely until next time!

It Takes Two to Tenga — The Tenga SVR Couples Toy

Another Red Dot award winner, the Tenga Smart Vibe Ring is their innovative vibrating cock ring. The short horizontal vibrators you get on most rings often miss the mark, or should I say miss the clit! Once again, the problem solvers at Tenga made a simple adjustment by adding a longer, vertical vibrator that can actually reach the clitoris!

The SVR sits snugly around your penis, helping keep you harder for longer and provides powerful vibrations for your partner!

Tenga Iroha — Vibrators for Vulva Owners

Tenga have also branched out to create Iroha, a stunning range of vibrators and grinding toys for vulva owners that are soft, sensual, and sexy. Their designs are inspired by Japanese culture and the smooth curves found in nature and each and every one just calls out to be touched!

As well as their unique and inviting shapes, Iroha sex toys feature a range of different textures — something that sets them apart from many other vibrator brands. The Iroha vibrations tend to be on the softer, more sensual side, making them great for beginners and people with more sensitive clitorises. Here are some of our favorite vibrators from Iroha.

Iroha+ Series

These have to be some of the cutest vibrators I have ever seen! The Iroha+ range makes the perfect night stand accessory in terms of both form and function! While they are all vibrator, each one has a different shape and texture, giving a unique experience. Also, each one has a range of different shaped edges, so you can enjoy broad and pinpoint stimulation all in one toy!

Iroha Zen Series

These deliciously soft vibrators look good enough to eat! The shape is inspired by a traditional matcha whisk, giving the vibrator a rippling texture that adds a little extra to the vibrations!

The Zen vibrators come in different tea themed colors — Matcha, Hanacha, and Yuzucha (pictured).

Tenga Does More Than Just Make Sex Toys!

Aside from making some of the most pleasing looking sex toys on the market, Tenga is truly invested in bringing pleasure to more people. They have conducted huge surveys into people’s sex and masturbation habits around the world. Not only has this opened our eyes to trends in attitudes towards sex and sex toys, but it also reminds us that masturbation and sexual pleasure is a healthy part of life!

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