The 6 Best Wolf Tail Butt Plugs for Exploring Your Wild Side

   Josh Gill
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Tailz Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail and Matching Ears

 Grey Wolf Tail and Ears

  • Want a large and bushy wolf tail
  • Are looking for additional wolf ears
  • Love a good silicone butt plug

Grey Wolf Tail and Ears

  • Prefer harder butt plugs
  • Don't need the ears included
  • Would rather get a cheaper tail

You will both be howling in pleasure when you get wild with the Tailz Black Silicone Anal Plug With Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail & Matching Ears. Transform into a sexy beast for your partner with this flirtatious set of ears and a tail plug. The ultra soft and fluffy faux fur is so irresistible that your lover will not be able to keep their hands off of you. The tapered plug is smooth and narrow for an easy and comfortable insertion. Made of premium silicone, it is non-porous and phthalate free, but not compatible with silicone lubricants.

  • Includes tail and ears
  • Silicone butt plug
  • Easy to use

  • A little overly expensive
  • Not compatible with silicone lube
Grey Wolf Tail and Ears
MaterialsSilicone and faux fur
Length23.5 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Width1.75 inches

Let me start by saying that I think the Tailz Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail and Matching Ears is great. Not only do you get a nice long tail, but it is attached to a well-sized butt plug that is made of silicone. That means there is some flex to it, as well as it feeling natural and lifelike. It’s great that the set of ears was included too. It was definitely not necessary, but it adds to the fun and allows you to continue living out your wolf-like fantasies. The fur all feels fantastic and softly realistic, so there are no issues there. The only downside I can see with the Tailz Grey Wolf Faux Fur Tail and Matching Ears is that it is not compatible with silicone lube, and the silicone plug may be too soft and flexible for some. But really, those aren’t major issues, and they can definitely be overlooked.

2 Cheapest

Dominix Deluxe Glass Animal Tail Butt Plug

 Glass Animal Butt Plug

  • Want a sleek dark wolf tail butt plug
  • Enjoy the feel of solid glass in your ass
  • Are an intermediate anal toy user

Glass Animal Butt Plug

  • Are looking for a more colorful butt plug
  • Are only a beginner to anal toys
  • Want something a little more premium

Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at. And where it’s at, is your butt! A tail with a very happy ending indeed, this glass butt plug boasts a super-soft, fluffy faux fur tail that’s perfect for cat role play. With a tapered shape and smooth design, this beginner-friendly glass butt plug offers easy insertion and paw-some internal pleasure, while the 17 inch faux fur tail swishes and tickles the back of your legs to leave you feline fine through and through.

  • Sleek dark design
  • Well sized
  • High quality glass

  • Low quality faux fur
  • Plug may be too hard for some
Glass Animal Butt Plug
MaterialsGlass and faux fur
Length21 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Width1.34 inches

Glass is one of those materials that feels fantastic when used as a butt plug, and that’s where the Dominix Deluxe Glass Animal Tail Butt Plug excels. It’s perfect for temperature play, and the sleek, smooth design makes it easy to insert and remove. Of course, the fluffy tail looks and feels fantastic, and the sleek black design certainly gives it a classy, dark edge that many of the other wolf tail butt plugs don’t have. I will admit that the quality of the faux fur on the Dominix Deluxe Glass Animal Tail Butt Plug isn’t the highest ever, but that’s balanced out by the high quality of the butt plug. It’s swings and roundabouts. All you have to decide is whether you want to play or not!

3 Metal

Dominix Deluxe Stainless Steel Animal Tail Butt Plug

 Stainless Steel Animal Plug

  • Like how metal butt plugs look and feel
  • Want a thick, bushy tail
  • Enjoy a hard and solid anal toy

Stainless Steel Animal Plug

  • Prefer silicone butt plugs
  • Want a less fluffy butt plug
  • Don't like things swishing between your legs

Release the beast within with your very own animal tail. Sway it coyly between your legs, swish it seductively from side to side, or trail it lingeringly over your lover’s skin. The steel butt plug ensures perfect positioning and passionate pleasure. Cool and weighty steel slips in easily, before the flared bulb and slim neck keeps it independently in place. Warm or cool the metal before use for extra-stimulating sensations.

  • High quality steel
  • Very bushy tail
  • Easy to use

  • Steel is very hard
  • Tail may seem overly bushy
  • Not the largest butt plug
Stainless Steel Animal Plug
MaterialsStainless steel and faux fur
Length14.5 inches
Insertable length2.75 inches
Width1.11 inches

Much in the same way that glass is a fantastic butt plug material, stainless steel is another material that really feels and looks great. That’s why I think that so many people enjoy using the Dominix Deluxe Stainless Steel Animal Tail Butt Plug. It might not be the largest plug ever, but the chunky and heavy steel makes up for it, filling you up and providing a weighted, pulled on sensation that really does feel unique and sexy. The big bushy tail will stroke and tickle you, which once again heightens the sensations, and gives you a whole mix of feelings that you’ll enjoy.  For me this is a really great wolf tail butt plug, if you can handle the hard stainless steel.

4 Glass

Crystal Delights Grey Wolf Minx Tail Plug

 Grey Wolf Minx Tail

  • Love the sensation of glass
  • Want to experiment with temperature play
  • Enjoy a realistically colored wolf tail

Grey Wolf Minx Tail

  • Are looking for a soft and flexible plug
  • Need something a lot more affordable
  • Want your butt plug to be bigger

Unique and handcrafted, each Crystal Delights erotic object has been designed for both intimate and aesthetic enjoyment. With no two toys exactly the same, every piece is an adult art sculpture with a special purpose in mind – with toys like the original plug described wryly as “boudoir booty bling”. Designed for the perfect passionate interlude, whether alone or with a partner, the slender stem glides down to a flared base, ensuring the plug is comfortable once inserted and is safe to use. The flared base keeps the toy safely outside of the body, enabling it to be retrieved, guided, and removed anytime you wish.

  • Solid glass
  • Great realistic tail
  • Premium toy

  • Very expensive
  • Quite small plug
Grey Wolf Minx Tail
MaterialsGlass and faux fur
Length21 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Width1.35 inches

Jumping back over glass butt plugs, the Crystal Delights Grey Wolf Minx Tail Plug is a super premium, high-quality plug that is made of solid, crystal-like glass. It is unforgiving inside your ass, while the brown bushy tail hangs from the back of it, looking as real and lifelike as you could ever hope for in a wolf tail butt plug! This is not the biggest plug ever, but it does the job well. Some may find it to be a little small, but that’s just personal taste, and it’s great for beginners. The big and most glaring issue with the Crystal Delights Grey Wolf Minx Tail Plug is not a physical thing at all – it is the price! If you want to use this bad boy, you’re going to be paying through the nose for it! While I can sit here and tell you that yes, it feels great, and yes, it looks fantastic, at the end of the day it’s down to you to decide whether it’s worth the price!

5 Vibrating

Gray Remote Control Vibrating Fox Tail Anal Plug

 Vibrating Fox Tail Plug

  • Want to feel vibrations in your ass
  • Like remote controlled vibrators
  • Enjoy the feel of silicone butt plugs

Vibrating Fox Tail Plug

  • Don't need it to be able to vibrate
  • Are looking for a harder butt plug

Are you a wild animal or a well-trained pup? Transform into a wolf, howling in pleasure as you discover 3 speeds and 7 functions of buzzing booty bliss! The remote control makes this plug super easy to use when playing solo, but super fun to use when you hand the power over to a partner. The ultra soft and fluffy faux fur is so irresistible that your lover will not be able to keep their hands off of you while the plug hums in your hole. The tapered tip and silky smooth material make this plug comfortable to insert. This premium silicone is non-porous and phthalate free, but not compatible with silicone lubricants.


  • Great vibrations
  • Remote controlled
  • Quality materials

  • Tail may be too long
  • Not everyone likes vibrations
Vibrating Fox Tail Plug
MaterialsSilicone and faux fur
Length22.5 inches
Insertable length3.8 inches
Width1.6 inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns
RechargeableYes: via USB
Remote ControlsYes

The Gray Remote Control Vibrating Fox Tail Anal Plug is a fantastically fun vibrator. The materials that it is made up of all feel and look fantastic, and the best part is that this is a very versatile vibrator. It has many different speed and pattern functions that can all be controlled by the handy remote control. That means that you can even give it to a partner to let them be in charge! The only downside that I can see is that not everyone will love how long the Gray Remote Control Vibrating Fox Tail Anal Plug actually is, finding it may get in the way. Also, not everyone wants their wolf tail butt plug to vibrate, so if that’s the case, then this might not be the one for you. Overall, though, I cannot complain about this wolf tail butt plug! It’s certainly worth its price!

6 Set

Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set

 Interchangeable Tails Set

  • Want a wolf tail butt plug set
  • Are looking for high quality materials
  • Want a butt plug that vibrates

Interchangeable Tails Set

  • Are looking for a singular wolf tail butt plug
  • Don't need a vibrating anal toy

As if a super silky, completely classic vibe with ten modes of vibration weren’t enough, the Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set lets you – or you and your partner – easily attach one of three included (and also some not-included) Tailz tail accessories. Feeling foxy? There’s a tail for that. Wanna go classic with a poufy bunny tail? There’s a tail for that, too! Penetrating super-smoothly, the Vibe’s classic silicone shape penetrates with just enough simulating stretch. Past a tapered tip, it widens gradually toward the bottom, where a nice sleek neck helps hold everything in place.


  • Interchangeable toys
  • Easy to switch
  • Great feeling silicone

  • Not the hardest plug
  • No extra functions
Interchangeable Tails Set
MaterialsSilicone and faux fur
Length(plug) 4.75 inches
Insertable length3.4 inches
Width1.25 inches

Who doesn’t love options?! The Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set allows you to choose between three super fun tails, from a long and swishy wolf-like tail, to a more slender version, all the way down to a tiny ball-like rabbit tail. They can be easily interchanged, and all of them look and feel fantastic. The plug itself is made of silicone, meaning that the quality is undeniably high. And on top of that, it vibrates, too! This just adds another level of stimulation that edges the Tailz Snap-On Anal Vibe and 3 Interchangeable Tails Set above many of the other wolf tail butt plugs I’ve reviewed. Sure, the three interchangeable tails are kind of gimmicky, but it’s a fun option to have, and for me at least, this is something worth picking up if you want to have some fun!

Accessories to Elevate Your Wolfy Theme

Want to take your wolf play to the next level? You do?! I can’t blame you for that! Here are a few extra accessories that will help make that happen!

The Realm Lycan Werewolf Dildo

The Realm Lycan Werewolf Dildo - Accessories to Elevate Your Wolfy Theme
It’s not just folklore, with The Realm your beastly fantasies come to life! The Realm Lycan Silicone Lock On & Harness Compatible Werewolf Dildo is made of soft, flexible, hand-poured, platinum-cured silicone. This girthy creature, with its dense, matte texture and multiple coronal ridges will please those who love a slow, powerful stroke with ample friction. This monster will have you howling at the moon!

K9 Muzzle with Removable Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle with Removable Ball Gag - Accessories to Elevate Your Wolfy Theme
The K9 Muzzle with Removable Silicone Ball is made for those who want to experience animal role-play outside the restrictive confines of our puppy hoods. This muzzle allows for more facial expression by the wearer, while the removable leather strap and silicone ball gag make sure your pup stays silent when necessary. All straps are secured with adjustable non-locking buckles for a firm but comfortable fit. The back of the muzzle features a D-ring for easy leash attachment.

Leather Puppy Paw Fist Mitts

Leather Puppy Paw Fist Mitts - Accessories to Elevate Your Wolfy Theme
These mitts are ideal for crawling on all fours like a puppy dog! The Puppy Fist Mitts consist of Padded Fist Mitts on the inside with a heavy Latigo leather puppy paw shell. The bottoms of the mitts have sturdy leather paw prints for traction. A wrist cuff with a D-ring and a lockable buckle is riveted to each mitt. The buckle fits small locks such as Baby Nickel Padlock, sold separately. The mitts are heavily padded so the wearer can remain on all fours for an extended period of time.

Other Wild Alternatives: Fox Tail Butt Plugs

If wolf tails aren’t your thing, then there are other tails that allow you to release your foxy side…!

Dominix Deluxe Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug

Dominix Deluxe Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug - Other Wild Alternatives: Fox Tail Butt Plugs
Get your foxy rocks off with this swish faux fur tail from DOMINIX. Steel yourself for the sensation of cool metal as the tapered plug slips in, before enjoying hands-free fox role play adventures. Boom boom! Warm or cool the metal plug in water before use to drive sensation to the sky-high wilds, then prowl and pounce to your heart’s content in your new persona of Fantastic Mr – or Mrs – Fox. Compact proportions make the plug ideal for intermediates.

Dominix Deluxe Faux Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug

Dominix Deluxe Faux Silver Fox Tail Butt Plug - Other Wild Alternatives: Fox Tail Butt Plugs
Feeling foxy? Invite your inner vixen out to play with this soft, fluffy faux fur silver fox tail butt plug. It’s 4.25 inches around and 3 inches long for a fulfilling sensation inside you, and weighs 4.7 oz for a satisfying swish you’ll really feel. Steel yourself for cool internal satisfaction as the temperature-responsive plug slips inside to thrill you. Its flared base and slim neck keep it firmly and comfortably in place while you play.

How to use wolf tail butt plugs

Wolf tail butt plugs are kind of weird things, and you might look at them and find yourself wondering how exactly you use them. Well, it’s your lucky day, because I’m going to talk you through a few of the basics!

Choose the right wolf tail butt plug for you!

Choose the right wolf tail butt plug for you!

I totally get how you can get a little overwhelmed when trying to choose the perfect wolf tail anal plug for you. There are so many different options out there, so many different shapes and sizes of tails and butt plugs, and then that’s before you even consider the materials of them and how they work and if they vibrate etc etc etc. My best advice would be to enjoy the shopping process and don’t just buy the first thing you see. Choose a wolf tail butt plug that really meets your needs!

Use plenty of lubrication!

Use plenty of lubrication!

First things first, you’re going to want to use a good water-based lube to get yourself nice and slippery and ready to go. If you want things as friction free as possible you’re going to want to make sure that both your butt and the butt plug section of your wolf tail butt plugs are covered in the good stuff! You won’t regret it!

Slowly slide it inside!

Slowly slide it inside!

I’m sure by now you’re gagging to get going, but there’s another step! You should warm up your anus! Use your fingers or smaller butt plugs to get your butt used to the sensation of penetration and dilation. When you’re finally ready, grab your wolf tail butt plug and take it slow as you slide it inside. Savor the sexy sensations and enjoy the feeling of the fail as it dangles and brushes in between your legs as you fill your ass up with the plug!

How to clean wolf tail butt plugs

You're going to want to ensure that your wolf tail butt plugs are as clean and hygienic as can be if you want to keep using them time after time. Many of the actual tails can be disconnected from the plugs, making them easier to clean. But here's a handy resource that will help you keep them as spotless as possible, so you can enjoy your wolf tail butt plugs time after time.


My recommendation would always be water-based lubrication. It is body safe, it won't damage your toys, and best of all it won't leave any mess that needs to be cleaned up! Triple threat!

Sensation wise, the tail makes very little difference. It's more of a visual thing. You can pull on the fail slightly though, and it enhances the feelings in your butt, so in a way it sort of does affect how it feels in your ass, too. So that was a long-winded way of saying 'kind of'!

Anyone! If they have an ass, then go for it! Man or woman, straight or gay, wolf tail butt plugs can be used by everyone!

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What are wolf tail butt plugs?

Wolf tail butt plugs are a kind of anal toy that are designed to look just like the tail of a wolf. Some people love to walk on the wild side and let out their inner animal, and wolf tail butt plugs really allow them to explore that particular kink!

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