Autoblow AI Ultra — Test & Review

   Kevin Foley
Nov 27, 2023

Kevin Foley
: 27
: Intermediate
: Male
: Straight
: Lelo F1S v2

  • Are tired of using your hand
  • Want something you can reposition
  • Enjoy watching pornography
  • Need an easy-to-clean toy
  • Are tired of dead batteries

  • Have thin walls
  • Don't care about video syncing
  • Want vibrations
  • Prefer battery-powered toys

Just when you thought the original design couldn't get any better, Autoblow has done it again, releasing the new and upgraded Autoblow Ultra AI! Complete with voice control, downloadable blowjobs, video sync, and more, this brand-new toy makes it easy to enjoy blowjobs on demand!

Autoblow AI Ultra -

Initial Impressions

I received a testing version of the Autoblow AI Ultra, which meant I didn’t really have an “unboxing”. Since there wasn’t any special packaging to look at, I just look the toy out of the box and had a look at it. The toy is fairly large, although it’s still easy enough to hold for extended periods of time and fits fairly easily into two hands. I like how the covers keep anything from getting on the sleeves, as this is my main complaint with most of the toys I test out: they get too dirty!

Testing It Out

Getting the Autoblow AI Ultra setup was fairly easy. First, I wanted to give the offline features a try so I just plugged the thing in, turned it on, and tested out the various modes. This toy requires a lot of lube, which is really the first downside I noticed. I ended up having to add more lube twice while using it initially, as the old lube simply dried up. The built-in modes give you plenty of options to chose from, including the “AI” mode (number ten). This basically just randomizes the patterns, which is fine but also makes it hard to get the perfect positioning. Speaking of, positioning is very important! I found that the experience could be made much more enjoyable simply by angling the toy slightly to perfectly pair with the depth of the strokes.

Experimenting with the Web Features

The offline functions are good, and should be more than enough for most people, especially if you’re upgrading from a simple stroker toy! That said, I think the web features are really where this toy shines the most. I didn’t get a lot of use out the “remote control” feature, as this essentially offers the same experience as using the buttons. However, I really like the “Freestyle” mode, as this gave me a bit more precision to manipulate the toy how I wanted. My favorite feature was definitely the “Video Sync Library”, which gives you a library of videos to enjoy while the Autoblow AI Ultra mimics the actions of the actors in the videos.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

This toy is a bit bulky, but I think that Autoblow has made it as small as practical. It doesn't work great in one hand, but it can be done (although I preferred using it with two hands). The mixture of blue, white, and silver looks good, and the LEDs on the front of the toy make it easy to control. Button placement is great, with all of the buttons being clearly labeled and accessible. I also appreciated the covers on either end of the sleeve mount, as this makes it easy to protect the sleeve when not in use.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

With clearly labeled buttons and an LED display, you can literally just grab this and go. You'll figure out the basic functions within the first minute or so, making this a great option for people who want a high-tech experience (but who aren't very tech savvy themselves). Online setup is a bit more complex, but it's easy enough if you follow the online videos. As long as you can hold something in your lap, you should be able to enjoy this toy, even if your grip is a bit weak.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

Although simplistic in presentation, this toy still manages to make it very obvious that it's a high-quality item. The plastics are smooth, the sleeves are soft, the buttons are large, and the display LEDs are bright. The only real issue you might run into is when the sleeve rubs up against the inside of the toy. This can cause a bit of a mess, as lube and bits of silicone are smeared inside of the toy. It's also worth noting that this toy is fairly loud during use (which is to be expected).

Autoblow AI Ultra - <

All things considered, I'd say the Autoblow AI Ultra is worth the price. At least, it is if you'll use it more than once! The asking price isn't cheap, but considering it's a toy that will likely last you for many years to come, I'd argue it's worth it. There's also value in being able to sync the toy to your own content. Eventually, you'll inevitably have to replace the sleeve. These are a bit pricier than I'd like to see, but you should get a lot of use out of your current sleeve before it's time to replace it.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

The big headliner of the Autoblow toys is the "AI" they offer. This is technically accurate from a machine learning perspective, but you shouldn't be expecting this toy to be sentient! Still, I'd say it's a success overall. The motor didn't die or slow down very much, which can be an issue with automatic toys. It did get a bit hot (50° C internally), but the exterior stayed cool enough for comfort. Being automatic, this toy can get quite loud. That's definitely something to keep in mind, as the noise stands out quite a bit.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

Seeing as I received a pre-sale model that didn't come with any real packaging, I don't have any opinions or impressions of the current Autoblow packaging. Instead, I'll comment on their marketing claims. Thankfully, they're accurate! The company claims you will be pleasantly surprised with "full-shaft gripping" and "video sync technology". The toy delivered on these promising, and it was even "simple and intuitive to use" as promised. The packaging on the website and the website itself are fairly modest in their claims, which is a nice change from products that set unrealistic expectations from the get-go.

Autoblow AI Ultra -

The majority of the Autoblow AI Ultra is made of plastic, making the exterior easy to clean. Of course, being mains powered, the body of the toy isn't waterproof, but you can easily clean it with wipes. The sleeve(s) are made of silicone, which is waterproof and super easy to clean. I found that using a high-powered faucet and a bit of soap did the job quite well. Fortunately, these sleeves hold their shape, helping the inside of the sleeves dry out quicker than alternative options.

MaterialsABS plastic, silicone
RechargeableNo (mains powered)
Thrust Modes10 by default (access more via wifi)
AdjustableNo (sleeves can be switched out)
Remote ControlsYes (via web interface)

Autoblow AI Ultra -

The Autoblow AI Ultra offers the same online functions as previous models, with the much-appreciated addition of the “Video Sync Library”. Essentially, this feature gives you a library of erotic videos, providing a mixture of content for you to enjoy alongside the toy. The video selection is a bit smaller than I’d like, but having synced videos is great. Most of the scenes focus on blowjobs or intercourse, although there are a few videos that provide a bit of variety. This library is where the Autoblow AI Ultra shines, as it can be synced to the movements in the video, giving you a more realistic experience beyond simply watching the videos. If the movements feel a bit off, click the “Sync” button will usually fix this or manually adjust the latency. Fortunately, the app seems to do a pretty good job at this already, so I only had to use this feature once or twice. You can also use”Local Video” mode for a similar immersive experience if you happen to have MP4 videos with Funscripts attached. Most people won’t, but if you do, this is a great way to enjoy your current collection!

  • Offers complete control via web interface
  • Can download additional blowjobs
  • Can be used offline & online
  • Sleeves can be easily switched
  • Not limited by battery constraints

  • Requires wall outlet
  • Can only save nine modes
  • Limited sleeve options
  • Loud

All things considered, the Autoblow AI Ultra really exceeded my expectations. Generally speaking, I'm not really a huge fan of stroker toys, so my expectations were fairly low going into this. Thankfully, this toy actually performed as advertised and could complete the job without needing "assistance". If you're not as picking as I am, I'm sure you'll love this toy even more! As long as you don't mind the relatively loud noise of the toy—invest in noise-cancelling earbuds—then I think you'll definitely want to add the Autoblow AI Ultra to your current collection.

The Autoblow AI Ultra is quite a capable toy! Fortunately, while it has plenty of features for you to try out,  learning how to use them really isn’t that hard.  Still, there’s a bit too much to cover in this article, so just click here to learn how to get the most out of your Autoblow AI Ultra!

You'll want to stick with water-based lubes. Avoid silicone or oil-based lubes, as these can damage the Autoblow AI Ultra's silicone sleeve. Buy extra if possible, as this toy takes quite a bit of lube!

I found a decent amount of videos while poking around the website. The current selection might not be enough for some, but I anticipate that Autoblow will be adding more in the future.

The main part of the toy isn't waterproof, and you'll definitely want to keep it away from water. However, the sleeve can be completely removed, and the sleeve itself is waterproof.

Yes, you can! There are currently three different sleeve styles available for sale on the Autoblow website (vaginal, oral, and anal). You also have two skin tones to choose from.

Well, that depends a lot on you (and how much you plan on using the thing). If you use anticipate using it weekly or even daily then I would definitely say it's worth the money!