Why Do Vibrators feel good

Why Do Vibrators Feel Good?

Vibrators are truly one of the MVPs of the sex toy world, but why is that? Here’s the expert lowdown on just why vibrators feel good!

How to use bondage rope

How to Use Bondage Rope

A beginner-friendly guide on how to use bondage rope, including four video tutorials and safety instructions!

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29 Turn-Ons for Women

You complete guide to turn-ons for women! Discover how to lay the foundations for arousal and get them hot and bothered!

How to Use a Vibrator on Your Wife: My Product Guide

How to Use a Vibrator on Your Wife: My Product Guide

As a companion article to “How to Use a Vibrator on Your Wife” (girlfriend, her, significant other), I thought it would be good to give you a product guide to get you started. After all, knowing what to do and how to do it is useless if you don’t have the right tools. Therefore, I put together a list of products you can use as a guide when you’re shopping for the perfect sex toy for her.

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The Best Online Sexual Classes

Discover the best online sexual classes to help you unlock new levels of pleasure and intimacy alone or with a partner!

The Best Sex Swing Accessories

A low down of all the best sex swing accessories out there to level up your sex swing game! From hardware to bondage, we’ve got it all!

Deepthroat Spray: Is it Safe?

Is deepthroat spray a miracle for your gag reflex, or just dangerous and ineffective? A sex expert answers all your questions and concerns.

What Should Be In Your Blowjob Kit?

Whether you’re looking for a ready-made blowjob kit or want to create your own, here’s all the tingly, wet and wild accessories you need!

Butt Plug Safety 101

Butt plugs have a whole lot of pleasure to offer, but before you dive in, brush up on your butt plug safety to keep you and your tush safe!

Your Guide to Anal Masturbation for Men

Jerking off is so last year, now we’re all about sexual exploration and anal masturbation! Here’s our expert guide to why it feels great, and how to do it.

Japanese Sex Toys

Japanese sex toys have been setting trends for decades! Find out which ones we love and why!

Shower Enema Attachment

Your complete guide to using a shower enema attachment, including some safer alternatives for anal cleaning.

Best Anal Sex Positions

Get your anal adventure under way with the best anal sex positions, plus tips for a great first time!

Should You Buy a Used Sex Machine?

Sex machines cost a pretty penny, read on to find out if there’s a cheaper way to get your hands on one that doesn’t compromise your safety!

We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch

These mini yet mighty vibrators are about to go head-to-head! We’ve tested both, we’ve got the answers to the We-Vibe Tango X vs We-Vibe Touch debate!

Are Cock Rings Safe?

Are cock rings safe? They absolutely can be! Read on to find out how to enhance your erection safely.