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6 Amazing Methods to Warm Up Fleshlight Sleeves!

It’s important to know how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves if you want to take your solo sessions to the next level. Sure, masturbating using only your hand will get the job done, but if you’ve ever used a Fleshlight before, then we’re sure you’ll agree that the experience is superior. However, Fleshlights do have one disadvantage compared to your trusty right—or left—hand: they don’t have any heat!

While not the worst thing in the world, the internal temperature of a Fleshlight sleeve will match the ambient temperature of the room you’re in. This can feel a bit chilly the first time you insert yourself, and definitely can’t compare to the feel of a real vagina, which can take away from the fantasy of spending your time with Asa Akira, Eva Lovia, Alexis Texas, or another favorite Fleshlight girl star. A warm tight hug wrapped all around your penis? Nope—more like a slick, cold tunnel that you’re plowing into. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for a less-than-satisfactory Fleshlight session: here’s an easy-to-implement guide on how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves!

The Most Common Method

Exact temperatures vary, but the average vagina temperature is around the average human body temperature of 98.6° F (37°C). Using water at this exact temperature would eventually get your Fleshlight up to the desired temperature, but it would take a while to get there. Fortunately, you don’t need to be this exact: you can just use warm water!

This method is commonly referred to as the “bathtub method”, but you don’t actually need to use the bathtub. Any container (such as a bucket) that can hold warm water will do. You want the water to be warm (or hot), but never boiling, as boiling water is too hot and could damage your Fleshlight! Once you’ve found the perfect container and filled it with warm water, simply place your Fleshlight in the water and wait.

After ten to fifteen minutes, your Fleshlight should be heated up to the proper temperature. All that’s left to do is to take it out, lube it up, and enjoy your pre-heated pleasures!

Doesn’t require any special itemsTime-consuming
Easy to doCan be messy if spilled
Can heat multiple sleeves at onceHard to hide what you’re doing

Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer: A Company Solution

If you asked the folks at Fleshlight how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves, they’d most likely send you over to their website and tell you to look up their sleeve warmer! The Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer™ is a $30 heating stick that looks somewhat like a thin dildo with legs. Powered via the included USB cord and a USB outlet, the Sleeve Warmer claims to help you mimic the “feel of a real-life sexual experience”.

Reaching a peak temperature of 105°F (40°C) in around five minutes, this device is compatible with all your favorite Fleshlight toys, is fairly affordable, and even has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent it from continually running after you’re done using it. Really want the Sleeve Warmer but you’re short on cash? Using Klarna (a pay-in-four service) you can finance this accessory for less than $4/week!

Minimal equipment requiredRequires purchasing a Sleeve Warmer
Achieves consistent temperaturesCan only heat one sleeve at a time
Affordable & effectiveRequires USB outlet

How to Warm Up Fleshlight Lubricant

We’ve already given you two methods on how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves, but what about the Fleshlight lube itself? Unfortunately, even though your sleeve might be warm, the lubricant will still be room-temperature, likely resulting in the “cool” feel we’re trying to avoid! Thankfully, you can warm the lubricant as well, giving you the most realistic penetrative experience possible when using your Fleshlight (you can also warm up the lube by itself without warming the sleeve).

Similar to the “bathtub method”, you’ll need some warm or hot—but not boiling—water and a container to place your bottle of lube into. Since the bottle is much smaller than the average Fleshlight, you might be able to use a thermos for your warm water (rather than something larger like a bucket). Lubricant doesn’t warm up quite as fast as SuperSkin does though, so plan to leave your lubricant inside of the water for at least 20 minutes before taking it out.

Fleshlube Fire

There is also a special type of warming lubricant called Fleshlube Fire that provides a warming sensation. You may consider using this alongside your pre-warmed sleeve instead of physically heating up the lubricant! However, this type of lubricant is not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Doesn’t require a large containerDoesn’t warm the actual sleeve
Easy to doStill has potential to make a mess
Can be used with multiple FleshlightsTime-consuming

Using An Electric Blanket

If you don’t want to spend the $30 on a Sleeve Warmer but already own an electric blanket, you can simply use that to warm your Fleshlight instead! This method on how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves is fairly straightforward and won’t make a mess, although it might require a bit more time than other methods. The amount of time required will ultimately depend on the heat level you set your electric blanket to, but we’d recommend using “Low” or “Medium” to reduce the risk of damaging your Fleshlight.

To begin, simply grab your Fleshlight of choice, wrap it up in your electric blanket, turn the blanket on, and wait. The process can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes, but the wait will be worth it!

Easy to doTime-consuming
Won’t make a messRequires an electric blanket
Can warm multiple Fleshlights at onceConspicuous

Alternative Methods

Besides the four methods listed above, there are a few ways people have gotten creative when trying to figure out how to warm up Fleshlight sleeves. Unfortunately, not all methods are equally effective and some can even damage your Fleshlight! Thinking about using a microwave? Think again: this method can permanently damage and disfigure your Fleshlight!

Using a hair dryer is another commonly attempted method. While this won’t necessarily damage your Fleshlight, it’s still a possibility. Furthermore, you’ll struggle to evenly distribute the heat throughout your Fleshlight sleeve, so we don’t advocate for the hair dryer method either.


We hope we’ve answered all your questions on how to warm up fleshlight sleeves! While there are undoubtedly other methods you could use to warm your Fleshlight, the ones we’ve listed are tried and true (that’s why we’ve recommended them!). Sure, you don’t really need to pre-warm your Fleshlight sleeve before using it, but if you want the most realistic experience possible (or just a more enjoyable experience overall) then it certainly helps. Regardless of which method you decide to use, we’re sure you’ll appreciate your Fleshlight a bit more once it’s warmed up. Have fun out there, gentlemen!

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