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Rodeo-Worthy Ride-on Sex Toys

Yee-haw cowgirls and cowguys, it’s time to mount up and ride…some sex toys, that is!

If you are looking for the ultimate ‘look mum no hands’ masturbation or a no-strings-attached extra to fulfill your threesome fantasies, a ride-on sex toy could be just what you are looking for.

But before we get to the toys, here are a few reasons why riding feels so darn good!

  • Research has shown that rocking the trunk and pelvis back and forth is associated with more frequent orgasms, and a 2021 study found that around 76% of their participants used a rocking motion to enhance penetrative sex.
  • As well as internal stimulation, riding also stimulates your clitoris and perineum as you grind against your partner or toy, making for a trifector of toe-curling pleasure.
  • Hands-free riding means more fun for you! Put those hands to good work with some nipple or clit stimulation or use them on a partner.

So we know it feels just fantastic, but what options are out there for ride-on sex toys, and which one should you choose?

We’ll take a look at everything, from sex machines that could register on the Richter scale to ridable pillows and sex torsos, so there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Ride-on Sex Machines

Ride-on sex machines

While the first sex machines, produced by Sybian in the 80s, were designed for people with vaginas, sex machines can work their magic on all genitals. Nowadays, as well as a dazzling array of attachments for vaginal and anal penetration, ride-on sex machines now have a whole host of external attachments for you to bump and grind until your heart’s content!

Sex machines offer the ultimate in recreating ride-on partner sex, albeit with a little more voltage, impeccable rhythm, and never-ending stamina. All you need to do is hop aboard your bucking bronco, take the reins, I mean controls, and let the machine do its thing.

Ride-on sex machines are known for three things: having more power than Thor’s hammer, inducing exorcism-style orgasms, and costing a pretty penny. If you are thinking of treating yourself to one of these orgasm powerhouses, take a look at these top models. There’s also a person-powered sex machine for anyone who prefers thrusting fun.

The Sybian

Classic Black Sybian Package

The OG of ride-on sex machines, Sybian has become synonymous with ride-on sex toys – as Hoover did to vacuums, although A LOT sexier! The Sybian was invented by Dave Lambert, a pioneer who fought against repressive systems to produce a sex machine that would empower women, and its popularity continues to this day.

As well as the legendary machine itself, the Sybian package comes with a choice of 3 attachment packages, a stool, and a selection of lube sachets.

Vital stats

Measurements: 10″ H, 13.25″ W, and 12.5″ L

Weight: ≈ 22 lbs

Vibration power: 0 to 6500 rpm

Attachment materials: C-Flex TPE’s (latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, silicone rubber, phthalates or polyurethane) or medical-grade silicone

Price at the time of writing: $1,245.00

Sybian pros

  • Rotate and vibrate functions
  • Available in 4 colors — black, pink, red, purple
  • Free shipping
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 45-day trial on Sybians bought from Sybian.com — if the Sybian isn’t for you, you can return it within 45 days for a refund (minus a return fee)

The Motorbunny


The Motorbunny has a cheaper starting point than the Sybian for the standard package but comes with plenty of upgrade options to pimp your ride. With the addition of a link control, you can transform the Motorbunny into an entertainment paradise with the ability to play Fappy Bunny, the integrated mobile game, or sync your machine to music. The Link control is app-enabled, making the Motorbunny a good option for long-distance loving.

The Motorbunny standard package includes four attachments, with four other package options available with additional attachments and accessories.

DISCOUNT: Get $40 dollars off your Motorbunny when you use the code bedbible at checkout! 

You can read our review of the Motorbunny Buck here.

Vital stats

Measurements: 10″ H x 13.24″ W x 12.49″ L

Weight: 17.8 lbs

Vibration power: 0.08 HP – 7000 Vibrations Per Minute

Attachment materials:  TPE (standard package) plus premium silicone available

Price at the time of writing: $899 (standard package)

Motorbunny Pros

  • Rotate and vibrate functions
  • Free shipping
  • 5-year warranty 
  • 4 eyelets for restraints
  • The link controller (purchased separately) allows remote control via an app, music syncing, routine combinations, and integrated mobile gaming
  • Cheaper starting price 

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine is the new kid on the block. Brought to us by Alicia Sinclair, the sex expert, and CEO behind We-Vibe and Le Wand. This luxury ride is app-enabled as standard, making it controllable from up to 30 feet away and all of the attachments are made from silicone. It boasts premium quality materials and a hand-crafted, padded seat for the ultimate riding experience. With a non-slip silicone base, handles, and smooth glide cords, the Cowgirl delivers both pleasure and practicality.

The Cowgirl comes with 2 silicone attachments as standard.

Vital stats

Measurements: 16.7″ L x 13.4″ W x 10.9″ H

Weight: 11.1 kg (12.9 kg with accessories)

Vibration power: 1200 rpm

Attachment materials: Silicone

Price at the time of writing: $1,295.00

Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine Pros:

  • Control with corded LED remote or app
  • 6 Vibration patterns and 360 swivel rotation with adjustable speed
  • Smooth glide plugs to prevent tangling
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free shipping

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On Sex Chair

If high-power vibrations aren’t your thing but you love to ride and rock, the manual Cloud 9 F-slider could be your next ride. This thrusting throne uses your body movements to power the 7-inch dildo as you rock back and forth. And don’t worry, your favorite dildo won’t be left out of the fun, you can strap it on using the included Vac-U-Lock adaptor or universal dildo adaptor. The Cloud 9 F-slider is perfect for anyone who prefers thrusting over vibrating and rotating and likes to be in control of the movements.

Ride-on Pillows and Sex Toy Mounts

While ride-on sex machines certainly harness a lot of orgasmic power, they aren’t for everyone. If you love riding but don’t want to break the bank or live in an apartment with paper-thin walls, a sex toy pillow or sex toy mount might be more up your street.

Almost every person with a vagina that masturbates has at some point in their life grabbed a pillow to get a little solo bump and grind going, and many a penis owner will know the fleshlight wedged between two pillows trick. While a regular pillow will do in a cinch, the invention of sex pillows has elevated pillow plowing to new heights.

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

BonBon Sex Toy Mount6

This saddle-shaped pillow from Liberator has a pocket so you can plug and play with all your favorite sex toys. The BonBon is great if you like to switch things up between dildos, vibrators, or a wand. The dense foam supports you and your weapon of choice, so you don’t have to!

As well as all the awesome solo action, the BonBon can add a lot to partner play. Slip your favorite dildo into the pillow for some double penetration, add some vibes in doggy style, or use the BonBon to get into some new and exciting positions.

Fetish Fantasy Luv Log

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Ride on Cushion with Realistic Vibrating Dildo

Just bear with me and look past the name! This inflatable pillow from Fetish Fantasy has an inbuilt 6-inch dildo with multispeed vibrations for all your riding, vibing pleasure! This is one of the more affordable ride-on sex toy options and makes a great addition to solo and partner play.

Realistic Sex Torsos

Thankfully, sex dolls and masturbator torsos like the Fuck Me Silly 2 have evolved a lot in recent years, giving them the look and feel of the real deal. While owning a full-blown realistic sex doll isn’t for everyone, masturbator’s torsos are a lot more accessible.

Due to their realism, they make fantastic thirds in your threesome fantasies. It saves you the hassle of finding an extra person and there’s no risk of jealousy or emotional involvement — it’s hard to be jealous of something that doesn’t have a head! With different ways to ride, you can enjoy solo sex, partner sex, and oral sex simulation with these limbless lovers. Two popular choices are the Fuck Me Silly masturbator torsos from Pipedream. And yes, it is impossible to say that with a straight face. Made from lifelike soft plastic, these torsos mimic the feel of real sex and feel responsive to touch.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Ride On Dude

With an 8-inch shaft, realistic balls, and an anus ribbed for your pleasure, this well-endowed torso is always ready to go. This 14 lbs torso stays firmly put, while you ride it however you like.  The sculpted body gives you the real feel you crave and never gets tired.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll

This curvy wonder comes with a vaginal and anal opening as well bouncy and bountiful breast for fondling or breast sex. Weighing in at 8.2 kg, this realistic torso is fantastic for riding positions. Find out what Edwina thought when she got to test the Fuck Me Silly 2.

So that concludes our tour of ride-on sex toys, I hope you’ve been inspired to don your cowboy hat and boots and take your new ride for a spin! Have you tried any of these ride-on sex toys or have a favorite that wasn’t mentioned?

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