What is Urethral Sounding and how does it feel

What Does Sounding Feel Like? Plus, More Exciting Questions Answered!

If you are considering entering the realm of urethral sounding, your first question is likely, what does sounding feel like?

Therefore, to answer your question and fulfill your curiosity about sounding, I have dug deep, researched the internet and come up with a great deal of information you might find helpful; for instance, how it feels, does it hurt, 10 steps of sounding and danger signs to watch out for.

So, what does sounding feel like? Read on to find out!

If you want to purchase a sounding toy we’ve written a guide to the best urethra vibrators and the best silicone sounds.

What is Urethral Sounding?

Before I reveal the answer to the question, what does urethral sounding feel like, I want to make sure you know all of the basics of sounding, starting out with what it is.

Urethral sounding is a medical procedure performed by doctors, mostly urologists, to stretch the urethra in order to allow for scope type procedures or to relieve painful issues such as urinary retention. But how did a medical procedure become a sexual thing?

Somebody, somewhere had a procedure done and found it arousing then decided to stick things into their urethra for pleasure or pain. As a result, sounding for sexual pleasure was born. Furthermore, sounding is also something practiced in BDSM play as a form of submission and dominance.

What is Plunging and Stuffing?

Plunging while sounding is when you reach deep through and past the urethra and reach the prostate for internal stimulation. However, stuffing is using larger and larger sounding rods to create a feeling of fullness in your entire urethra.

Why Do People Do Urethral Sounding?

Again, before we get to the question at hand – what does sounding feel like – let’s discuss the why’s of urethral sounding. So, why do people do urethral sounding? First of all, most people try sounding out of curiosity and to discover whether or not it feels pleasurable. Secondly, some people use sounding as a means of control over another person in BDSM play.

However, the main reason people practice urethral sounding is to experience a different type of sexual arousal and orgasm.

Urethral Sounding Thrills for Penis Owners

Penis owners practice the sensual act of urethral sounding out of a fascination of stretching and because they enjoy the pleasure vs pain aspect. The internal workings of the penis, including the urethra are teaming with sensitive nerve endings – far more than the outside of the penis – providing sensations unlike anything they’ve felt before. Therefore, sounding is a rush of indescribable feelings.

Additionally, while some penis owners may use a urethral plug to stimulate the tip of the penis and glands, others enjoy using a longer probe to fill their entire urethra and reach their prostate for external stimulation (plunging). In turn, they experience orgasms which are completely unique from anything they’ve felt before.

What Do You Use for Sounding?

Urethral sounding toys rods

What a person uses for sounding has a direct effect on how it feels; and there are many different products you can use for sounding. For example, some people use medical catheters for urethral sounding as they are created specifically to be put in the urethra; therefore, are safe for use. However, there are a selection of sex toys meant specifically for sounding.

Sex Toys for Sounding

So, what does sounding feel like? It may depend a great deal on what you decide to slide into your urethra. I previously mentioned medical catheters as one choice, however, there are several types of sex toys created specifically for sounding for sexual pleasure. Those are:

  • Smooth steel rods (sounds) in various sizes
  • Flexible, silicone tubes in various sizes
  • Textured or bumpy rods (sounds) in different sizes
  • Electrified sounding rods
  • Chastity cages with sounding tubes and plugs
  • Penis plugs in different sizes
  • Sperm stoppers

In the end, knowing the answer to what does sounding feel like will hinge on the size, shape and materials from which a sounding toy is made. Further, there are recommendations for those who are sounding beginners, of which, we will discuss later.

How Does Urethral Sounding Feel?

Finally, I am going to answer the question, what does sounding feel like! And although I do have some experiences in this area – which I will discuss later – I looked to people who have been sounding for quite a while. So, how does urethral sounding feel?

Chewie23, from Reddit, had this to say about how sounding feels:

“My first response is: it feels exactly like you would expect; like you’re being penetrated in a most unusual place.

But let me try and be more helpful. The urethra is a strange part of the body, because it’s used to some sensation, but almost always from a fluid. So the feeling is simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.

My urethra is sensitive enough that the tip of the sound ends up feeling a bit sharp – almost like a small piece of rock crystal – but in back of that is primarily fullness. It was painful, but not particularly so; maybe a 4/10?

That said, I’ve only ever used metal sounds, and I imagine that silicone sounds would feel pretty different.

That’s physical. The mental side can be intense. I don’t love the feeling of being penetrated, so this required a lot of focus and trust. It also made me feel vulnerable, because I was keenly aware that someone had me, so to speak, by the short-n-curlies.”

Considering this person had only used metal sounding rods, his experience is limited. Therefore, he only knows one way of how sounding feels. But I didn’t have to look far to find someone who could add his experience with silicone sounding toys. AKONProductions, from Reddit, has this to add:

“Chewie23 described it quite well. I just want to point out that flexible urethral toys exist. To me (a male) these are much more comfortable since the toy will conform to the body. The one I use is 12 inches and is made of conductive rubber for e-stim.

When I’m solo I prefer using it with a TENS but when I’m with my lady she can keep me on edge for ages just by twisting it and sliding it up and down the slightest amount. Like chewie said, the emotional/control aspects are extremely intense!”

So, what does sounding feel like? According to both of these men, sounding was a bit intense, may have hurt a little but overall felt good. However, is that everyone’s experience?

Let’s find out!

Does Sounding Hurt?

Urethral sound

When asking what does sounding feel like, we must cover the good and the bad. Sorry, but I don’t feel right misleading my readers! So, does sounding hurt? Alicia Vits, from Quora, has this to say:

“Now, you’re asking whether it hurts? Technically, it can, because the urethra is extremely sensitive and does not react well to stretching.”

For further elaboration on why you feel pain the first time you embark on sounding, I looked to Craig, a writer for The Chaingang. He has this to say about first-time sounding pain in his article:

“Why does first time sounding pain occur? One might think that it happens only with careless users. Some people are so eager to try urethral play that they jump at the opportunity without preparation.

 Those people might not know how to choose the appropriate urethral toys for beginners or might not use proper sounding lube. Even worse, they may rush things out or use random objects for sounding.

It is not surprising that these people encounter lots of pain and discomfort when they attempt urethral play for the first time.

However, there are people who do everything by the book and still experience first time sounding pain.

These people may take their time to choose the right urethral sound and penis plugs for beginners. They also learn everything they can about proper sounding technique and how to stay safe during urethral play.

Then they try to insert a toy into the urethra and encounter pain. Why does this happen?

It is important to understand that even if you do everything by the book, you may experience pain and discomfort the first time you attempt urethral play. First time sounding pain is normal, in a way, because this is the first time that your urethra expands to accept urethral toys. Also, this is the first time that you subject your body to such sensations. Since urethra is not made to accept things inside but to expel fluids out of the body, sounding can be an uncomfortable experience.”

Well, there you go! Sounding can be sexually pleasurable but, in the beginning, it can and most likely, will hurt a bit. In the end, the answer to the question, “What does sounding feel like?” is that it feels several ways, from slight pain and stinging to fullness and sheer, sexual pleasure.

How Do You Do Sounding?

Now that we have answered the question, what does sounding feel like, let’s discuss the important aspects of urethral sounding for sexual pleasure. Most importantly, how do you do sounding?

First of all, and most importantly, you must have the right sounding toy for you. Therefore, be sure and choose the sound that is the right size, shape and material for you. If this is your first time, be sure and start small!

Secondly, you will want to be sure to sterilize your sound. You can do so by boiling or using alcohol or another sterilization technique that works for the toy that you chose. Just be sure and rinse it well, if using any type of soap or cleanser.

Third, you must go very slowly! The slower you go, the less pain you will feel.

Finally, regular, water-based lubricant is not enough for urethral sounding. You absolutely must use a sterile lubricant. You can find individually packaged, sterile lubricant at online places like Lovehoney or check your local pharmacy or medical supply store. If you are not using sterile lube, you can end up with a painful infection.

10 Steps for Sounding

How to do urethral sounding

Now that you’ve read other people’s experience with sounding, it’s your opportunity to try sounding yourself. That way you’ll have the definitive answer to, what does sounding feel like? Be sure and follow all of the instructions carefully so that you avoid infection or injury.

Most importantly, if you lose your sounding toy, have bleeding or severe genital or pelvic pain, please report to your nearest emergency room.

  1. Prepare yourself for sounding by using a gentle, soap and warm water to carefully wash your hands and genitals.
  2. Find a comfortable position. This can be sitting, standing or lying down with your upper body propped up so you can see what you’re doing.
  3. Be sure and apply a great deal of sterile lubricant around your urethral opening as well as slathering the lubricant all over your sounding toy.
  4. If you are a vulva owner, spread your labia for easier access to your urethral opening. If you have a penis, only get partially erect. A full erection can make your urethral opening tighter and your penis too sensitive for insertion – of course, this will vary from person to person.
  5. Use one hand to gently spread the urethral opening and the other hand to guide the sounding toy in. Take your time and go slow! Don’t force the toy in, especially if you begin to feel pressure. Keep in mind, some heavier sounding toys, like steel or titanium, may slide in on their own.
  6. Next, gently shake your penis or pelvic area, if the sounding rod stops moving. This will ease the rod along the urethra. Again, do not force the toy in if you feel resistance or pressure. You may want to gently slide the rod out, add more lube to the toy and your genital area and try again. However, this may indicate that you need a smaller sounding toy. That’s why it’s always a great idea to get a set with various sizes.
  7. Once you feel comfortable with the depth of the sounding toy, gently move it in a few directions or try sliding it in and out to see what feels best and what nerve endings you can stimulate. Or, you can gently massage your genital area to add pleasure instead of moving the toy. This will take patience and practice to find out what’s most pleasurable to you and discover how sounding feels to you.
  8. After you’re finished, slowly slide the toy from your urethra. Don’t freak out if you feel resistance or discomfort. Simply stop, relax and go slower. Additionally, you may want to apply a bit more lube around your urethra to help the sounding toy glide out more smoothly.
  9. Next, go to the restroom and urinate immediately. This will remove any bacteria or lubricant left in your urethra. Don’t be alarmed if you feel stinging when you go, this is completely normal and should stop in 24-36 hours. If burning, stinging or problems urinating persist after a few days, see your doctor immediately.
  10. Finally, wash everything again – your hands and genitals. It may also feel good to soak in a warm bath. Be sure and clean and sterilize your sounding toy too and store it in a clean, dry case.

Sounding Cautions:

According to an article on Healthline, “pull the toy out and stop right away if you notice:”

  • pain
  • numbness
  • cold sensation around the genitals or throughout your body
  • unusual changes in the color of your genital area, such as becoming pale or bluish
  • unusual discharge
  • swelling
  • redness
  • bleeding

Is Sounding Safe?

You would think the most important question was, what does sounding feel like? And although that is an important thing to know, something is even more dire – knowing if sounding is safe. I really hate being the buzz kill here, but I am a mom and an always concerned with your safety. So, here is the truth. Sounding can cause serious injury among other problems!

According to Web MD:

“Doctors are having an increase in patients with urethral infections and Sexual function issues and concerning complications, they include:”

  • Penile necrosis
  • Fistulae wounds
  • Perforation (urethra and bladder)
  • UTIs

“Urethral Strictures. Inserting foreign objects in the urethra blocks the productive flow of urine. This leads to other complications like:”

  • Leaking
  • Incontinence
  • Infections of the bladder and urethra
  • Chronic renal failure

“In most cases, medical experts will investigate the penis and urethral tube and recommend surgical correction. In extreme cases, implants will be necessary to alleviate pain and pressure and return the penis to its previous abilities.”

More Sounding Dangers

Set of sounding plugs

In addition to what Web MD had to say, I was able to find a few medical studies on patients that had difficulties while practicing sounding. One example is this study, titled “Chronic Infectious Complications of Recreational Urethral Sounding with Retained Foreign Body”.

It’s about a 62-year-old male with recurring urinary tract infections and a retained foreign body causing staph infection and abscess resulting in spinal surgery and long-term, chronic back pain. That’s a great deal to go through for sexual pleasure!

Another study I discovered was a case report involving an “18-year-old male requiring endoscopic retrieval of 60 magnetic metal beads intended for the purpose of urethral sounding. The management was uncomplicated and the patient suffered no long-term complications at follow-up.

Additionally, a brief review of the literature reveals 9 reports since 2013 of magnetic beads retained within the bladder following this autoerotic practice in adults.”

And if all of that doesn’t make you want to be incredibly cautious when trying sounding, here is a frightening collection of x-rays of people with various items lost deep within their urethras and bladders.

Safety Steps for Sounding: The Don’ts

You already know that you should sterilize your sounding toys before use, wash your hands and genitals well before and after sounding as well as not forcing the toy. But what are some other things you shouldn’t do while sounding? Let’s start with not trying sounding if any of these things are present:

According to Healthline,

  • any abnormal discharge coming out of your urethra
  • an active outbreak of a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as herpes or gonorrhea
  • a history of frequent UTIs
  • a history of injury to the urethra
  • a prostate condition like prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate cancer

In addition, do not do any of the following when sounding:

  • Do not use anything but a sex toy may specifically for sounding! No wires, straws, forks, fingers.
  • Never use spit, shampoo, oils or non-sterile lubricant especially with added scents or those that warm up.
  • Vulva owners should never use male sounding toys.
  • Do not push or force a sounding rod in.
  • Never leave a sound in for long periods of time. You’re blocking your ability to urinate.


Does Sounding Stretch Out Your Urethra?

According to the medical studies above, yes, sounding can stretch out your urethra. This can happen when sounding frequently and when using larger rods and plugs. As a result, you may suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections as well as incontinence – meaning you will dribble and leak when you laugh, cough and sneeze.

Sounding for Vulva Owners, Is It Different?

Sounding for vulva owners is not nearly as popular. Because of this, there are few, if any, sounding toys created specifically for the female urethra. You see, the female urethra is much shorter than that of a male. Therefore, you should never use a sounding rod made for a penis. You will likely rupture your bladder. So, it’s best to use penis plugs as they are shorter.

As far as sounding for vulva owners goes, the urethral opening is larger when you are aroused, making it a bit easier to insert a penis plug. However, just as instructed above, you must go slow! Chaingang has published a fantastic article on vulva owner sounding. That way, you’ll have even more information before experimenting with sounding.

Does Female Sounding Feel Good?

As with the question, what does sounding feel like, knowing whether or not female sounding feels good will depend on the individual. Personally, I have been catheterized several times as well as being subjected to urodynamics testing. That involved several catheterizations as well as having a pressure monitor inside my urethra and vagina at the same time.

In my opinion, having anything placed in my urethra feels worse than childbirth and something I would never consider doing for pleasure. I’d rather walk 50 miles, barefoot, on blacktop that’s 200 degrees while someone hits me over the head with a baseball bat every 20 feet. I am not a lover of urethral pain.

However, there are plenty of vulva owners out there who love the blurred and sensual line of pleasure vs pain. And if that describes your sexual desires, then by all means, give sounding a try! Just be careful to follow all of the tips above so sounding will be safe, comfortable and pleasurable.

Is Urethral Sounding Worth Trying?

We started this conversation simply answering the question, what does sounding feel like? And although I believe we have the answer to that question, it was important to dive deeper and answer more sounding questions. So, is urethral sounding worth trying? That depends on your sexual desires. If the thought of placing a sounding rod or penis plug into your urethra turns you on, then yes! Try it!

But, if the thought of sounding makes your cross your legs in empathetic pain, then this sexual kink may not be for you. And all of that is okay! We each have our own sexual fantasies, quirks and kinks, exclusive to our unique selves. The best thing we can do is try and fulfill those needs and wants without worrying what anyone else thinks!

Have you tried sounding? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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