Penis Toys

Maude Dome — Test & Review

The Maude Dome definitely feels like a premium product. The exterior silicone is soft to the touch and smooth while the interior’s textures are inviting and pleasurable.

Perfect Fit: Fat Boy Thin 4.0 Penis Sleeve — Test & Review

The Perfect Fit Fat Boy showcases outstanding quality, offering a stellar performance. After over 20 uses, I noticed minor tears inside the sleeve, potentially due to my pubic hair or cleaning methods. Although it has held up well, it underscores the importance of diligent maintenance to preserve the product’s top-notch condition and longevity.

Tenga Flip Orb Strong — Test & Review

The Tenga flip orb is much better quality than Tenga’s disposable line of products. It has held up well to semi frequent use for over a year but is starting to show some wear. After opening the toy I was initially concerned about the hinge system which appeared fragile, but it has withstood vigorous use without breaking. Overall it has a good design and is made with reasonably nice materials.

Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit — Test & Review

The quality of the plastic is cheap, but the quality isn’t low enough to be an issue for me even though it is obvious the case is made of light and flimsy material. I generally have no deal-breaking issues with its material, although the end caps do rattle when attached due to them not being perfectly tight. The material of the sleeve itself is as good as other Fleshlight products and extremely life-like. May be loud when used due to air exiting. Others have reported the outer plastic cracking before/during/after use, I haven’t experienced this.