Ergonest Ball Stretcher — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Feb 13, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Want an excellent fitting ball stretcher
  • Like the feel of weight pulling on your balls
  • Appreciate quality products
  • Prefer ball stretchers that are easy to get on and off

  • You have a partner that objects to ball stretchers
  • Have an allergy to stainless steel
  • You prefer spikes and sharp edges over comfort
  • Rather have a keyed locking device

The Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher is a wonderfull stainless steel stretcher of a unique design that forms well to the body. It comes in your choice of heavy or light and in three different sizes. I am specifically reviewing the size B in Heavy. It features a sliding clasp to lock in your balls and a uniquely comfortable shape. The design indicates to me that it was intended for long term wear, so I tested for a solid week before posting my thoughts. Whether you or your significant other wants you to have 24/7 ball stretching, the Ergonest will accomplish that boldly yet comfortably.

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First Impressions

Right out of the box the Ergonest ball stretcher looked classy and beautifully finished. All edges were smooth and shiny, unlike far too many other products that need a bit of filing. The shape to body contour had me rushing to put it on and feel the difference. Oh the weight, yah, twice more than my old one and just right. I hurriedly put it on, and feel empty with it off. Fitment issue. Though I was a bit uncertain about the size at first, once I had things arranged where they are supposed to be, it felt great and oh so comfortable. Then I stood up and the weight along with the fit was just a perfect feeling. Pleasure aspect. I really like the feel of things swinging free and bumping or brushing against other body parts. The Ergonest helps enhance that greatly, while not causing any unwanted discomfort. Skeptical about the slide out clasp. The pictures on the Oxy Shop site left me wondering if the clasp would come free on its own. I’m happy to report that after a full week of wear during work and sleep, everything remained secure, even when I put it on backwards for scientific testing.

Final Thoughts

A most wonderful experience. The shape is a perfect cradle for my upper part. I no longer worry about an accidental bump or pressure from say carrying a heavy box. I actually feel a bit protected rather than vulnerable (of course until my wife asks me to drop drawers for inspection). Quality all around. The craftsmanship and care that went into the making of the Ergonest made me feel as if an artisan custom crafted this stretcher just for me. It feels so great to wear. For kicks I wore upside down. Out of curiosity (and sake of science) I wore the cradle side towards my sack one night to see what would happen- it was like a hug for my nuts and the next morning things were still in place! Some day I may get another of the same size and wear them back to back.

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Perfect design for all day wear. Things stay where they should and the shape is formed well to snuggle male contours. Best of all the cradle on top allows for a nesting effect rather than an annoying and sometimes painful obstruction between the bits. The securing clasp on the side is properly designed to stay in place and still easily removed in only one direction- the trick is to give it a bit of pressure to seat it in place.

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Super easy to use. The unique sizing of the clasp and the overall quality is easier to use than any other stretcher I've ever had on. It took me a minute to get used to something new but by the second off and on I was an old pro. NO tools required is a huge bonus. If I need to do a quick grooming in the shower, I just slip it off then back on when done.

OxyShop Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher  -

I've been raving about the quality of the Ergonest as I am truly impressed. I've been disappointed by other products so many times, that looking for burrs first thing is habit. I am very happy with the quality, the look, the feel. I keep mentioning the clasp, because its operation really is important and it functions so well without accidental slippage and pinching. The clasp needs only a bit of force to seat it, and its there to stay. Again to the quality of design, all sides fit and rest so well that I am truly amazed by the comfort it creates while giving just the right amount of tug and or bounce to the boys. There is even matching etch marks on the clasp and stretcher to take the guess work out of which end to insert. I say give the maker and QC guy a beer on me!

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The price of the Ergonest is on the upper end, but I say worth every penny. I wish this had been my first stretcher, as then I wouldn't have wasted money on the ones before. I am experienced now, so that’s easy to say. If you are new to this type of daily wearable, your hesitation is understandable, however other types are no where near this good. Had I started with the Ergonest light, I may very well be wearing several at a time by now.

OxyShop Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher  -

The Ergonest is a ball stretcher that does very well, what its intended for, adding weight to your balls in a super comfortable tug 24/7 or for however long it is on. Mine is the heavy, so it occupies more space between the legs, but is less noticeable between the thighs when walking, than my old donut that was half the weight. Not too tight or loose, my balls could not escape the solid steel on they’re own.

OxyShop Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher  -

The packing was especially classy. The box that the Ergonest arrived in looked like car parts but when I opened it, the inside transformed into an alluring show. I would think if the box was inside out on a store shelf I'd have been drawn to it. That they didn't waste money on fancy extra packaging that would just be thrown away, helps keep the price down. Also a bit of bubble wrap to prevent rattle was good.

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Stainless steel is washable with any soap. You could boil it or throw it in the dishwasher, but frankly I wouldn't like to wait that long. I just give mine a rinse in the shower and good to go. In my early days, a good lotion applied to the skin prevents chaffing, but as I've been a user for so long, I have no issues with that as long as I keep the hair away. If you do want to store it for a while, a nice black cloth bag was included. Of course I used the bag for my old one that I'm keeping for added weight in the future.

FasteningSlide in clasp, only fits one way.
MaterialsStainless steel
WeightLight: 0.44 lbs, Heavy: 0.66 lbs
WidthInternal: (A)1.85, (B) 1.77, (C) 1.65 inches

OxyShop Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher  -

The alignment etching for the clasp is very helpful and the opening size to slide your sack in is just right. I was concerned at first that sliding in I might get scratched or pinched, so I braced myself for pain – there were NO issues getting it on / sack tucked in and the clasp firmly in place. If sizing is a concern, the Ergonest is offered in two weights and three internal sizes. A guide on the website aids in determining the right size, but the thickness / weight is a consideration most aided by individual experience.

  • Quality Ball Stretcher
  • Very Comfortable / properly shaped for wearing
  • Heavy
  • Stainless Steal
  • Easy to put on and remove

  • Pricey for an unsure beginner
  • Steel does not stretch
  • Heavy
  • Cools to room temperature quickly when not worn

This is the ultimate ball stretcher for every day wear. Though I've been wearing stainless steel ball stretchers pretty much 24/7 for about 3 years, the “Ergonest shape to body ball stretcher” is so comfortable, when sitting, I often forget I'm wearing it! The Ergonest is so stylish and well designed, its a shame not to show it off. Other ball stretchers will do the job but not with the comfort and ease of use the Ergonest excells at.

There is no user manual available online for the OxyShop Ergonest Shape To Body Ball Stretcher, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my How To guide above for ideas.

Yes, if done correctly. If your a beginner, do your research. Cutting off the blood supply too long can do serious harm. A properly sized ball stretcher should not cut off the blood supply.

I described in my "How to" how I find pleasure and thrill. There are more ways than I listed, especially if you are into Cock and Ball Torture or your significant other likes feeling the slap of the stretcher against sensitive bits.

Like with any new toy or body modification / enhancement tool- moderation and education are very important. Begginers, start out slow, maybe a few minutes or hours at a time.

As with any Stainless Steel Ball Stretcher, there is no inherant risk if properly sized and worn. However there are always risks from external forces i.e. my previos donut stretcher made carrying boxes against my waist painfull by pressing my penis into the donut. I can't say the Ergonest completely eliminates that risk, but I carried a couple of moderate weight boxes and felt zero discomfort.

Your balls naturally try to maintain a certain temperature range. In cold weather, they move closer to the body. In my last experience, it was extremely cold outside and I was exposed for a long time. My balls did theyre best to get warm and this left them very sore. I removed the strecther for a few hours till I warmed up and there was no residual discomfort.