TENGA Flex Rocky — Test & Review

   Jonathan Madden
Apr 30, 2024

Jonathan Madden
: 31
: Intermediate
: Male
: Bisexual

  • Enjoy very intense textures and sensations!
  • Want to be able to squeeze, grip, and twist the toy to add extra pressure
  • Need something that's easy to clean and dry
  • Are looking for a discreet design

  • Prefer something with a more realistic design
  • Are looking for an automatic male masturbator for a less hands-on experience
  • Easily get overstimulated with full enclosure of the penis

The TENGA Flex Rocky is an innovative stroker with a squishy internal canal and a flexible outer casing. The spiraled design let's you apply pressure manually, and the air valve helps you control the level of suction. The lid can also be turned inside out to work as a drying stand once you're done! As opposed to the TENGA Flex Silky White, it's supposed to offer a stronger "spiraling sensation", meaning more intense winding suction and generally more intense pleasure.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

Easy Peasy Penis Squeezy

The TENGA Flex Rocky is a lot easier to handle than it looks. I was quite mesmerized with it when I unboxed it but also a bit confused. It simply didn’t look like any other masturbator I’ve tried before. Although, once I tried it out, it was quite simple and intuitive. I played around with the air valve for some added suction. I also liked adding some extra pressure by squeezing my hand around the outer casing as I went along. It felt a lot more intimate than it does with a regular fleshlight with a hard outer case. The internal texture was also really nice and varied. It made for great stroking experience even without the suction or pressure. In terms of practicality, I was very impressed by how the casing doubles as a drying stand and a storage solution. All in all, easy and pleasurable to use.

TENGA for Two

I enjoyed using it with my partner, since the casing allows you to add your own touch to the pleasure. Again, there’s a higher level of intimacy there, because it’s basically an enhanced handjob. She had a lot more control over the sensations than she would have with a regular fleshlight. The design also just helps you put on a bit of a show for them! The spiraling looks pretty cool as you stroke away.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

I am beyond impressed with the design for the TENGA Flex Rocky. It's simple yet well thought out. The outer casing is hard but not completely rigid and the spiraling motion adds a nice sensation to stroking. The only minor issue I had was that it works best at very specific angles. Because of the very unique shape, certain angles might not hit the right spot for you. Although, when you find the right spot, it does feel amazing. That's just a small thing to consider.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

Besides the issue of finding the right angles to use the TENGA Flex Rocky in, it is super simple to use. You just remove the lid, add some lube and stroke away. The air valve for controlled suction works by simply holding a finger over the hole in the bottom. Once you're done, it's also very easy to clean since everything is easy to disassemble, everything is fully waterproof, and there's a built-in drying stand.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

I think the TENGA Flex Rocky is a good quality toy. There's really nothing wrong with the quality per se. I was pretty impressed by how it both looked and felt. However, I would have loved the sleeve to be made of squishy silicone instead of TPE so it was more durable and long lasting.

TENGA Flex Rocky - <

The TENGA Flex Rocky has a pretty mid range price. It's slightly more affordable than most Fleshlight products and some of the more advanced TENGA products. Although, it is more expensive than some of TENGA's other stroker products, since it has a hard casing and a built-in storage solution. I personally think it's well worth the price, especially if you're looking for something to use with a partner once in a while, or just like the idea of a compact and practical masturbator that's easy to clean and maintain.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

I thought the TENGA Flex Rocky felt great in the right angles! The textures on the inside were really intense and very enjoyable. The suction was great and easy to control. Although, it could have been nice if the suction intensity was a bit more adjustable.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

The packaging for the TENGA Flex Rocky is fairly simple. It comes displayed in a plastic case and includes a small sachet of lube and an informational pamphlet. Is it discreet? Yes and no. It's doesn't feature any explicit sexual images or realistic-looking body parts, but it also does display the whole product and the name and information right there. I do like packaging that doesn't require too much literal unboxing and ripping of cardboard, so I very much appreciated this simple plastic cover.

TENGA Flex Rocky -

The TENGA Flex Rocky has an outer casing that is made of polypropylene (PP) and a soft inner sleeve made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Both of these materials are porous and do require careful cleaning in between uses to maintain a safe and hygienic experience. They're also both waterproof and fully submersible. So, when it comes to cleaning, simply remove the sleeve from the casing and wash both thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap. You can also turn the sleeve inside out! For drying, turn the top of the lid inside out and slide the sleeve onto the stick and leave to dry. Once it's all dry, you can simply slide the casing back onto the sleeve and the turn the lid right side up. There you go!

Length7 inches
Insertable length6.1 inches
Diameter (internal)2 inches
Weight0.68 lbs
FlexibilityFlexible case

TENGA Flex Rocky -

  • Flexible case that can be squeezed for more pressure
  • Super innovate design that attends to storage and cleaning needs
  • Soft and squishy inner sleeve with varied texture
  • Air valve at the bottom helps control the amount of suction
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • The internal textures may not be intense enough for some
  • Not as sturdy or durable as other masturbators

This masturbator has an amazing design. First of all, it doesn't look like your average sex toy, and could pass for a unique piece of decor in your living room. Secondly, it's super innovative! I love that the design helps with the cleaning process with the built-in drying stand and a super easy storage solution. The fact that the outer casing is slightly flexible means that you can customize the pressure you're feeling on the inside. However, the unique shape of the stroker makes it a bit difficult to use at different angles. You've got to find the perfect angle and then it's smooth sailing. It's easy to use, easy to clean, discreet, has a lot of impressive features, and is a lot more affordable than a regular fleshlight. I definitely recommend trying out the TENGA Flex Rocky!