Oxy Chastity Beginner’s Set – Test & Review

Evan Herczeg bedbible tester   Evan Herczeg
May 13, 2024

Evan Herczeg bedbible tester

Evan Herczeg
: 41
: Advanced
: Male
: Fluid

  • Are just beginning your chastity journey
  • Engage in short-term chastity
  • Need something metal-free

  • Wear chastity long-term
  • Prefer an open design
  • Know the size of cage you need and aren't looking for extras

The Chastity Beginners Set from Oxy comes with a bunch of items! It includes two cages, one long and one short, four different size base rings, a brass slide in lock with two keys, one clear box for locking up the keys, another lock for the box with two keys, three plastic locks and a black bag.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

After opening the Oxy Chastity Beginner’s Set, I decided to use the short cage (I like to keep it confined) and the 50mm base ring. I put the base ring on and used a little bit of lube to help slide into the cage. It was tricky getting the two pieces lined up right to get the brass lock all the way in, but after a couple tries I got it locked and my keyholder locked my keys in the clear box. I liked the feel — light-weight, no chafing. It has three openings, one in front to allow urination and two on the sides of the head. After one day of wearing the chastity cage it’s still comfortable. No discomfort. Some difficulty cleaning after urination. After three days, still comfortable but starting to have a small odor due to difficulty cleaning after urination. I removed and sanitized the cage and ring and made sure to maintain proper hygiene. I put the cage back on, but removed every 3 days to clean and sanitize.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

The Oxy Chastity Beginner's Set is a fairly basic, clear resin design. It's lightweight, but hard to keep clean. I think it's good for short-term wearing. I personally like a more open design usually found in stainless steel cages.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

It was tricky lining up the two pieces to line up to lock and it wasn't easy to keep clean after urination, so I'd only recommend for short-term use, 3-4 days, then it must be removed for cleaning and sanitizing.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

It a decent quality product with lots of options for those who are interested in trying chastity. You can find your comfortable fit and start your chastity adventure. It's great price too.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set - <

I think it's definitely worth the money, as you get plenty of items for a great price. Having different size rings makes it much easier to find the right fit and you can explore a longer and shorter cage. Beginners look here first!

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

The Oxy Chastity Beginner's Set is definitely a good set for those who want to play with chastity. It performs its job quite well. It just requires removing for cleaning every 3-4 days.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

The package was discreet. The interior was lined with provocative pictures. It has a black satin bag with the pieces bagged with other like parts. Unwrapping it was nice and easy.

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

The cage and base are made of resin and are safe for wearing. It's lightweight, barely noticeable. It does require removal for cleaning frequently. The cage can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Makes sure to let it dry completely before putting back on or storing it in the storage bag it comes with.

LengthShort cage: 1.89, Long cage: 2.36 inches
DiameterRing sizes: 1.41, 1.57, 1.77, 1.97 inches
Fastening1 x padlock, 3 x plastic locks

Oxy Chastity Beginners Set -

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple options
  • Lock box for keys
  • Can pass metal detection

  • Hard to keep clean
  • Not enough breathability

I think the Oxy Chastity Beginner's Set chastity set is a great but for those who are interested in trying chastity. It comes with plenty of size options to find your perfect fit. It even comes with a clear box for locking those keys away in plain sight. Come explore the world of chastity!

There is no instruction manual available, please read my how to use section.

It's okay to wear long term if proper hygiene can be achieved. If not it should be removed every few days to sanitize.