5 Best Automatic Male Masturbators [Our Favourite Hands-Free Strokers]

   Josh Gill
I’ve had my fair share of experience with automatic male masturbators, handheld strokers, and realistic masturbators. I know what types of materials to look for, which brands to trust, and which type of product is suitable for individual needs. So, in this review, I’ll be going over my top pick of automatic male masturbators on the market. I’ll give you the pros and cons of each product, a snippet of our in-depth reviews, and and overall verdict from your designated sex toy expert: me!
1 Test Winner

Kiiroo Keon

 Kiiroo Keon

  • Want some hands-free fun
  • Love interactive masturbators
  • Don't mind a noisier toy

Kiiroo Keon

  • Prefer manual stimulation
  • Are looking for a more affordable toy
  • Want something less bulky

  • Premium quality interactive automatic masturbator
  • Combo set with removable sleeve for handheld sessions
  • Sleeve feature a realistic vulva design
  • Can be used with other strokers from the Kiiroo Feel collection
  • Tightness, stroke speed, and suction can be adjusted separately for a fully customized experience
  • Up to 230 strokes per minute
  • Connects with a wide range of adult content (including interactive webcams and VR videos) and replicates the movements of what you’re seeing on the screen.

  • Hands-free stroking
  • Customizable features
  • Offer high-tech interactive elements

  • Quite loud
  • Expensive
Kiiroo Keon
MaterialsSoft plastic
Remote ControlsYes: app controlled
RechargeableYes: USB cable
Battery Life60 minutes

What Did Our Tester Think? I actually had the pleasure of being the tester for the Kiiroo Keon myself, so you can hear the verdict directly from the horse’s mouth! My biggest issue with this product was the bulkiness of it and the expensive price tag. It’s quite large and therefore also not the most discreet. Other than that, my experience was pretty darn good overall. It’s definitely a high quality toy! Here’s a little snippet from my in-depth review: “I can totally see why the Kiiroo Keon is so popular: it looks great, it’s effective, and it’s an all-round premium toy that gets the job done. […] The Keon itself is sturdy and sits firmly in place while it does its thing. The buttons are well positioned and easy to use and change mid-masturbation session.” Sex Expert Opinion Now, I’m going to try not to be too repetitive, since you already know what I thought of the Kiiroo Keon as a tester. As a sex toy expert, however, I’m going to highlight a few other things. First of all, I am super impressed by the overall quality of this automatic male masturbator. Not only is it a quality construction, the high tech interactive features really take this thing to the next level! Being able to watch some entertainment while you enjoy the real-time thrusts is what makes this thing stand out. A lot of online reviewers also found that the biggest cons were the bulky (and therefore not so discreet) construction and the price. It is expensive! Although, I think it’s worth saving for if you’re looking for a premium automatic masturbator experience with that added realism with interactive features.

2 Runner Up

Autoblow AI Ultra

 Autoblow AI Ultra

  • Want to sync to VR porn
  • Want a remote-control or long-distance sex toy
  • Prefer stroking to vibrations
  • Prioritise easy cleaning
  • Prefer mains powered toys

Autoblow AI Ultra

  • Need a very quiet toy
  • Want an automatic male masturbator that vibrates
  • Prefer battery-powered toys

  • Automatic male stroker designed to mimic the sensations of a blowjob
  • AI technology creates randomized stroking patterns for a unique experience every time
  • Connect to the Autoblow video sync library to synchronize your experience to adult content
  • Strokes the full length of your shaft
  • Adjustable stroke length and speed
  • New voice control and remote control feature for long-distance play

  • Sync to adult content for real-time pleasure
  • Downloadable library of blowjobs
  • Sleeves can be replaced
  • Long-distance control
  • Never runs out of battery

  • Needs to be plugged in
  • Only possible to save nine modes
  • Only three different sleeve options
  • Quite loud
Autoblow AI Ultra
MaterialsABS plastic, silicone
Length10 inches
Width5.5 inches
RechargeableNo (mains powered)
Thrust Modes10 by default (access more via wifi)
AdjustableNo (sleeves can be switched out)
Remote ControlsYes (via web interface)

What Did Our Tester Think? “All things considered, the Autoblow AI Ultra really exceeded my expectations. Generally speaking, I’m not really a huge fan of stroker toys, so my expectations were fairly low going into this. Thankfully, this toy actually performed as advertised and could complete the job without needing “assistance”.” Kevin tested the Autoblow AI Ultra was quite surprised by how much he enjoyed the experience. He did think it was very loud and definitely not the most discreet device out there. He also had to reapply lube often since it dried out quickly. Although, he was impressed by how easy it was to use out of the box, as well as the video sync library for some extra interactive fun. Sex Expert Opinion This was also a strong contender for the Test Winner of this round-up review. Even though the Kiiroo Keon has a lower overall rating, it simply offers a tad more versatility, adjustability, and overall quality. However, the Autoblow AI Ultra is a strong runner-up! I think this AI driven automatic male masturbator is a clever bit of kit! Again, the interactive elements and free access to the video sync library adds that much more pleasure to your sessions. As a bonus, you also get the new voice control feature and long-distance remote control options to play around with. I appreciate that the AI mode provides randomized patterns so you get a unique experience that never becomes monotone. I have to say it is pretty loud, so it might not be the best option if you need to be discreet, but if that’s not a problem for you, I would recommend it, especially if you are big fan of full length stroking stimulation. Price wise, it is at the higher end of most automatic male masturbators and almost matches the price point of the Kiiroo Keon. That said, it’s still a lot cheaper than the VacuGlide.

3 Beginner

The Handy

 The Handy

  • Love a life-like sleeve
  • Want an easy to clean toy
  • Like a masturbator thats simple to control

The Handy

  • Prefer a toy for the full penis
  • Want a smaller masturbator
  • Are looking for a wireless toy

  • Beginner-friendly automatic male masturbator that can be used with other types of sleeves
  • Sleeve easily straps into the machine itself with the adjustable grip mechanism
  • Fully adjustable speed settings
  • Wifi connectivity allows you to synchronize with interactive video content for a more immersive experience

  • Easy to use controls
  • Simple design with an adjustable strap
  • Can be synced to VR porn
  • Can also accommodate other types of sleeves

  • Does not offer suction or vibrations
  • Not a wireless masturbator
The Handy
Materials(Sleeve) silicone / (module) hard plastic
Length10.5 inches
Width2.75 inches
Remote ControlsYes: via internet
RechargeableYes: USB cable

What Did Our Tester Think? “The Handy is a super pleasing toy! It looks modern and stylish, it’s easy to use, and it has great results. The sleeve provided has nice textures and feels great on your cock, but if you have another TPE sleeve you prefer then you can just switch it out, secure it to The Handy, and get going!” I also had the pleasure of testing this handy little thing out for myself! Of course, it did notice a few drawbacks. First of all, the buttons, while they are intuitive, the placement is a bit awkward and I did accidentally turn it off when adjusting the stroke length a few times. It’s also quite bulky and loud compared to other types of masturbators. Sex Expert Opinion Obviously, if you’re looking for something super quiet and discreet, the Handy probably isn’t the best option here. Most automatic male masturbators won’t be great option, actually. They do have bulkiness and noise in common. That said, the Handy is probably one of the products on this list that takes up the least amount of space. While I do think the masturbator itself is a good quality product, I think the TPE sleeve itself isn’t much to write home about. It feels nice and squishy but it is also just a sleeve. It’s not even a full-sized masturbation cup (which is the case for the Kiiroo Keon and the Autoblow AI Ultra). So it’s not ideal if you also want a handheld stroker included that has more of sturdy construction. I do think the adjustable strap for the stroker is a great concept. This way you get to use any other sleeve you have with the power and movements of the Handy! This is a great option for those maybe already own a sleeve that they love at home, or just want to change it up once in a while. I think the controls are easy to use, and the length and speed of the stroke both feel great, no matter how you customize them. Yes, the cost is pretty high, but it is one of the more affordable options on this list.

4 Suction

Autoblow VacuGlide

 Autoblow VacuGlide

  • Want a blowjob simulator
  • Are looking for hands-free stimulation
  • Love high-end sex tech
  • Want something easy to clean
  • Enjoy suction stimulation
  • Want a sex toy for ED

Autoblow VacuGlide

  • Are looking for a vibrating masturbator
  • Are new to automatic male masturbators
  • Need a portable/rechargeable toy

  • Advanced blowjob simulator that delivers incredible suction
  • Both suction and stroking stimulation
  • Fully adjustable features
  • Can be used when erect and flaccid
  • Includes three different sized cylinders

  • Adjustable stroke length and suction strength
  • Includes three different size sleeves
  • Storage backpack included
  • Mains powered
  • Relatively quiet

  • Needs a lot of lube
  • Expensive
Autoblow VacuGlide
MaterialsAluminum. plastic, rubber, silicone (sleeve)
Height15.15 inches
Width(VacuGlide) 6.18 inches
Length(Tube) 96 inches
Weight11.5 lbs
AdjustableYes (physically adjustable stroke length, digitally adjustable stroke length and speeds)
RechargeableNo (powered via wall adapter)
Quick-release valveNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes (comes with dedicated backpack)
Colors AvailableGrey

What Did Our Tester Think? Kevin also tested the VacuGlide for us. He did end up preferring the Autoblow AI Ultra, but still had a great time trying out this device. For those who enjoy full shaft stimulation and a little bit more suction, he thought this would be a good match. “For people who really enjoy suction, I think the VacuGlide has potential. Penis sensitivity will play a big factor as well. Who is it most valuable to? Definitely people who struggle to get erections. As this toy can be enjoyed with or without an erection, I’d say it’s definitely an option worth considering if you fall into this category.” Sex Expert Opinion The Autoblow VacuGlide is one of the few automatic male masturbators out there that is designed to be enjoyed whether you’re erect or not. As Kevin mentioned, it’s an ideal choice for those who maybe struggle with erectile dysfunction but still want to enjoy some hands-free stroking. It also manages to create a very strong and satisfying sensation of suction in combination with some full-shaft length stroking. I’m also a big fan of the body-safe and easy to clean silicone sleeves. The fact that it comes with three different sleeve sizes to accommodate different sizes and preferences is also a big plus for me. It can take a bit of time to work out how to get a good seal but shaving your pubic hair will help you get a better seal. I can’t deny that it’s expensive but if you have the money to spare and want to invest in a pleasure powerhouse, this is as close as it gets to a real blowjob!

5 Frenulum Stimulator

Arcwave Ion

 Arcwave Ion

  • Enjoy intense frenulum stimulation
  • Like innovative sex toys
  • Are tired of regular vibrations and want to try something new
  • Want a small and discreet male masturbator

Arcwave Ion

  • Want a very quiet toy
  • Are on a tight budget
  • Prefer regular strokers
  • You're a lot bigger or smaller than average size

  • Automatic frenulum stimulation
  • Innovative electric male masturbator that uses air pulse technology to target the frenulum at the tip of the penis
  • The subtle yet powerful pulsations create an intense stimulation that feels similar to gentle air puffs or kisses
  • 100 body-safe materials: silicone and ABS plastic
  • Compact and sleek design for a discreet device that’s easy to store.


  • Intense frenulum stimulation
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Modern and sleek design

  • Pricey
  • Quite loud
  • Takes some time to get used to the air-pulse stimulation
Arcwave Ion
Vibration modes8 Intensities
Height3.2 inches
Length6 inches
Width2 inches
Diameter (internal)1.3 inches; stretches up to 1.75 inches
MaterialsMedical-Grade Silicone, ABS Plastic
Battery Life60-70 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo, But Comes With Case
Colors AvailableBlack

What Did Our Tester Think? “The Arcwave delivers a body-shivering, mind-blowing orgasm to a part of the body most people with a penis have rarely explored in depth as the Arcwave will stimulate you. Although pricey, I believe the quality and what is included in the Arcwave as well as the experiences you will have far outweigh the cost, and I strongly recommend this to intermediate individuals looking for a new experience.” As you can probably tell, our tester, Damian, really enjoyed the Arcwave Ion. At first, he actually had a hard time finding the right placement, and ended up using other toys in disappointment. After finding the perfect spot for frenulum bliss, he achieved some “mind-blowing full-body orgasms” (yes, that’s how he described it) and the Arcwave Ion has now become his favorite toy in his collection. Sex Expert Opinion The Arcwave Ion is a high-quality male masturbator that provides a very different kind of pleasure from the products we’ve reviewed so far on this list. This is the perfect automatic male masturbator for those who may be a bit bored with the promise of simple hands-free stroking. For those who are ready to enjoy the bliss of intense frenulum stimulation. That said, the air-pulse technology feels very different from regular vibrators or manual strokers, so it might take some time to get used to that! The only main drawbacks I can think of are the high price and quite noise. Keep in mind that this is a pretty loud toy that isn’t ideal to use if you aren’t home alone. Even though it is expensive, this is by far the best automatic male masturbator for frenulum pleasure that I would recommend to anyone. So, in my view, in worth saving for!

Convert Your Fleshlight Into a Hands-Free Fest

Universal Launch Stamina Lady Pack

Universal Launch Stamina Lady Pack  - Convert Your Fleshlight Into a Hands-Free Fest
The Universal Launch is a sophisticated device that will help you to automatize the fun you can have with a Fleshlight. This is great if you already have a Fleshlight and want to enjoy some hands-free pleasure. Attach and secure a stroker to this device and the powerful motor create automatic strokes. It also has a phone holder at the top so you can enjoy some entertainment on your screen during your session!

Go Hands-Free with These Fleshlight Mounts

So you’ve got a manual fleshlight, don’t want to splurge on a motorized toy, but still wants some hands-free fun? Luckily for you, there are some great fleshlgiht mounts on the market that let you transform any toy into an hands-free one!

Fleshlight Shower Mount

Fleshlight Shower Mount - Go Hands-Free with These Fleshlight Mounts
The Fleshlight Shower Mount allows you to quickly and easily use your Fleshlight hands-free when you’re in the shower. All you need to do is mount it to the wall with the strong suction cup, screw it onto the base of your Fleshlight, and adjust the angles for perfect thrusting!

Liberator Fleshlight On a Mission Mount

Liberator Fleshlight On a Mission Mount - Go Hands-Free with These Fleshlight Mounts
If you love missionary sex then this sexy bit of furniture allows you to pound away in that position! Simply slot your stroker into the snug hole, and thrust away to your heart’s content. The Liberator Fleshlight On a Mission Mount itself is soft and comfortable, and easy to clean when you’ve finished!

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Toy Mount

Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Toy Mount - Go Hands-Free with These Fleshlight Mounts
If doggy style is more your speed, then the Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog Toy Mount gives you the opportunity to enjoy your fleshlights on your knees. Slip your toy into the hole, slide your cock into the toy, and you’re away! It is perfectly shaped and at the ideal height to really replicate doggy style sex!

A Fully Automatic Masturbator Sex Machine

If you are looking for a full machine that really does all the work for you, a sex machine could be the way to go. They really are the ultimate ride! Here’s one that comes fully equipped with a masturbator sleeve ready to go!

Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith Premium Sex Machine  - A Fully Automatic Masturbator Sex Machine
Enjoy powerful and fully adjustable automatic stroking with the Hismith Premium Sex Machine. You can choose to order a masturbator as the attachment for the sex machine. You can easily adjust the height, angle, stroke length, and speed with this piece of machinery. It’s even remote controlled and app compatible!

The Most Realistic Hands-Free Male Masturbators

If you prioritize realism over automatic stimulation, these lifelike dolls and torsos might be more up your street! While they don’t have all the tech of the automatic male masturbators you’ve seen in the review so far, they do allow for some really lifelike, hands-free thrusting!

WM Doll Addison

WM Doll Addison  - The Most Realistic Hands-Free Male Masturbators
If you are a lover of big bouncy breasts, you will have a lot of fun with this amazing sex doll from WM Doll, which features impressive H-cup breasts! The internal skeleton allows for a wide range of positions and they are plenty of customisation options available.

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

Thrust Pro Elite Alana - The Most Realistic Hands-Free Male Masturbators
If you are on a budget or don’t have the space for a full sex doll, the Thrust Pro Elite Alana is a great option. This torso masturbator features two textured canals to explore and a firm, bouncy butt to play with!

How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You

If you’re in need of a little bit more guidance on which type of automatic male masturbator you should get, I have a few pointers for you here.

Body-Safe Material

Body-Safe Material - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
Look for materials like silicone or ABS plastic which are 100% safe for your body and easy to clean. Some sleeves (usually with a more realistic design) are made of TPR. TPE isn’t toxic, it’s just porous. This means that microscopic holes in the surface of the toy can easily harbor dirt and bacteria over time. These need to be cleaning thoroughly and regularly to maintain a certain level of hygiene.


Size - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
Make sure to check out the size and insertable length of the inner sleeve. This will ensure that your auto stroker won’t be too small or too wide for your penis. Some are designed to stimulate the entire penis, while others focus on the head or base. The size of the device should comfortably accommodate your penis.


Design - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
Each stroker has its own special design. Some bring stimulation to the whole shaft, while others focus only on the frenulum, so get the one that works best for your body! You can also consider if you prefer something with a realistic or neutral design.


Features - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
The best automatic masturbators offer a range of settings to customize your experience. You can choose between vibrating, pulsating, warming, and thrusting features. Some are also app-enabled or have a remote control for a more hands-free experience.

Power Source

Power Source - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
Some masturbators are rechargeable, while others require batteries. More extreme sex machines must be constantly plugged in because they are much more powerful. However, the rechargeable models are usually much more convenient if you want something easy to use.

Noise Level

Noise Level - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
If you live with roommates or family, check reviews to see the noise level. Some products are much more quiet than others!


Price - How to Choose the Best Automatic Male Masturbator For You
Automatic masturbators can vary in price. Decide on a budget before you start shopping, but remember that investing in a higher-quality device could be more beneficial in the long run. If you want a good-quality automatic masturbator, the prices vary between $150- 250.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator

If you are wondering whether upgrading your old manual stroker to a newer, automatic version is worth it, here are some reasons that might convince you it’s a good decision!

Ease of Use

Ease of Use - Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator
Masturbator machines are generally easier to use than regular strokers and require less physical effort than manual stimulation. Which can benefit people with mobility issues or chronic conditions that affect hand strength. Sure, there are some buttons or apps you will have to get used to, but they do the job for you, so you can solely focus on pleasure in the easiest way possible!

Hands-Free Experience

Hands-Free Experience - Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator
Electric masturbators are designed to provide you with a hands-free experience, which allows you to focus on your pleasure or freely choose your favorite porn (even VR)!

New Sensations

New Sensations - Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator
Automatic male masturbators often come with multiple settings, speeds, and patterns, providing a range of sensations that manual stimulation can’t match. Explore air-puls technology, thrusting, warming, realistic VR experience, and many other options.

Couple’s Play

Couple’s Play - Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator
Many electric male masturbators are app-controlled, allowing your partner to control the device anywhere in the world, adding an exciting element to long-distance relationships! They often have remote controls to add power play into the bedroom, and even some models bring vibrations to the outside so that your special someone can feel some buzz when you are close.

Stamina Training

Stamina Training - Benefits of Using an Automatic Male Masturbator
Auto strokers can also be used for stamina training, helping to increase sexual endurance and control over ejaculation.

Make Your Own Hands-Free Masturbator

You don’t NEED to buy any other products to make your fleshlight hands-free. You can get the same results by using things that you can find around your home. Here are a few options!

Using an armchair/sofa

Using an armchair/sofa - Make Your Own Hands-Free Masturbator
Put your fleshlight under the seat cushion of an armchair and kneel down to enter it in the doggy style fashion. You could do a similar thing if you have a longer sofa: simply put the fleshlight between the two seat cushions, lay on top, and pound down into it!

Using pillows/cushions

Using pillows/cushions - Make Your Own Hands-Free Masturbator
Similar to how you can use the seat cushions of armchairs or sofas, you can use pillows in the same way. However, pillows give you more options and are you can use them in more places. Put your fleshlight between two cushions or pillows, use a belt to wrap around them and secure the fleshlight in between them, and go to town on it wherever you want!

How to use automatic male masturbators

Automatic male masturbators can sometimes look kind of confusing, and understanding what to do with them can leave you scratching your head. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling this way! That’s why we’re here to talk you through using your automatic male masturbator!

Select the perfect automatic masturbator!

Select the perfect automatic masturbator!

Making sure that you have the perfect automatic male masturbator for you and your naughty needs is one of the most important tips we can give you. It’s got to fit just right, feel amazing, and have the range of motions that you desire. There are plenty of options out there, so have fun choosing!

Get things nice and lubricated!

Get things nice and lubricated!

If you want to have a smooth, slippy, and friction-free time, then you’re going to want to apply some lubrication! Grab your favorite water-based lube and cover not only your cock but the opening of your automatic male masturbator. After all, it’s like they say: the wetter, the better!

Enjoy yourself and have a good time!

Enjoy yourself and have a good time!

So you’re lubed up, you’re good to go, all that’s left to do is to slide inside your automatic male masturbator! Make sure that you savor the sensations and feelings of the textures, ribs and ridges as you slide deep inside. Turn it on and select the setting for you, before just laying back and letting it do its work. Before long we guarantee you’ll be on the brink of orgasm!

How to clean automatic male masturbators

Keeping your automatic male masturbators clean is ridiculously important. Just think about what you're doing with these toys and what kind of mess they're going to encounter...yeah, now you understand why you need to keep them sanitized and cleaned! So here are some useful resources that will help you keep things hygienic and happy!


Yes - as long as you are using them properly! If in doubt always check with the manufacturer's instructions. Automatic male masturbators are intended for good, safe fun, and when you use them properly they really will blow your mind!

It varies from toy to toy. However, generally, these toys are held in place by design, can be controlled remotely, and provide sexual stimulation directly to the genitals.

Hell yeah! There's a reason why more and more men are buying these automatic wonders! They feel great, and they really do take all the effort out of masturbation!

The main benefit of hands-free sex toys is that you don’t need to manually adjust or touch the toy during use. Some toys are designed for hands-free masturbation, whereas others may be better suited for adding a new layer of stimulation to sexual experiences with a partner.

Of course you can! While they are designed for masturbation, there are no rules that say you can't let someone else be in charge of it! Letting someone else control the speed and stroke length can be a super intimate and unpredictable kind of pleasure!

Lubrication of any kind is good, but we would always recommend water-based lubes for a few good reasons. Firstly it's body-safe and contains fewer chemicals than other types of lube meaning it won't cause you any harm, secondly it won't damage any of your toys, and thirdly it's easy to clean up when you're all done.

Some are masturbators are better than others if you have erectile dysfunction. If they have a very tight opening, they aren't the best choice. However, ones that use suction or have wider opening will be a better bet!

What are automatic male masturbators?

Automatic male masturbators are a special kind of toy that can be used on the penis to help you achieve orgasm. It can do this in a variety of ways, from vigorous vibrations, to mind-melting movements. Unlike manual masturbators (such as bog-standard fleshlights etc) automatic masturbators do a lot of the hard work for you, meaning they are much more hands free and give you the opportunity to just lay back and enjoy those stimulating sensations. Hands free sex toys are exactly what they sound like: sex toys that don’t require your hands to use! These toys come in many different designs including hands free dildos, hands free strokers, and hands free vibrator toys. Some toys will stay in place by design, whereas others may need to be clipped to the user’s clothing to work effectively.

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