The 11 Best Penis Pumps [Actual tests and reviews]

   Josh Gill
If you want to pump up the proportions of your pork sword, then you’re going to want to get your hands on a penis pump! In this review we’re going to be looking at 10 of the most amazing penis pumps out there, studying all aspects of them, and figuring out what makes each of them tick! My aim is to help you find the penis pump for you and your naughty needs, be it a manual pump or an automatic one! There’s plenty to go through and look at, so dig in and enjoy the review!
1 Test Winner

BathMate Hydromax 7 Penis Pump

 BathMate Hydromax 7

  • Want to pump up your erections
  • Prefer water pumps over air pumps
  • Have a cock between 5 and 7 inches long
  • Want a beginner-friendy penis pump
  • Want to upgrade from the Bathmate Hydro7

BathMate Hydromax 7

  • Prefer a penis pump that doesn't need to be used in the shower
  • Are looking for a lot of added stimulation
  • Aren't looking for a penis pump to use regularly

The Bathmate HYDROMAX7 is a water penis pump that will help you take things to the next level! Forget using the traditional air pump, this one employs the use of water to help bolster your boners. It has a sleek and stylish design and is super easy to use and incorporate into your daily shower routine. The slightly slanted base aligns with the contours of the body and helps create a suction seal. Once you’ve filled it up with water, and have a good seal around the base of your cock, you can pump away to your heart’s content! Pretty simple, right? And what makes this penis pump even better, is that you can even track how much your erection is growing as the side of the pump has measurements on there. The numbers don’t lie, and you can’t argue with the facts!

  • Water penis pumps are super easy to use
  • Clear design so you can watch
  • Fits most average sized cocks
  • Improved end cap design
  • Removable base (comfort pad)

  • Can be tricky to get a complete seal
  • Requires water and only really works in the bath
  • Suction control can be a bit fiddly
  • Doesn't use a hand pump
BathMate Hydromax 7
MaterialsHard plastic, soft plastic
Insertable length10 inches
Diameter2.35 inches
Diameter (internal)2.25 inches
Quick-release valveYes
AdjustableYes (manual)
Storage Bag IncludedNo
AllergiesLatex & phthalate-free

I’ve picked out the Bathmate Hydromax 7 as the Test Winner today because it seems to be an all-round crowd pleaser. Most people with average sized penises will find this device really practical and useful for an everyday pumping routine. Water penis pumps are generally super easy to use, since they only require water to work. Just grab it when you go for a shower and you will in fact have a great bath mate with you every time! I like the that the base is slightly slanted to work better with the natural shape of the body, so as to help create a better suction seal. However, our tester did find that it had a tendency to randomly loose suction at times. This could be a one-time manufacturing flaw, and wasn’t a problem for many other online reviewers. Although, it’s definitely impractical if you’re already deep in a session. You’ll find that there’s a bit of a learning curve to using this penis pump, and you might struggle to use it properly at first. It’s all about perseverance and trial and error. If you have pubic hair you might also find that creating a seal will be problematic. Still, for a water-based penis pump, it will do its job well!

2 Beginner

Size Matters Beginner Pump

 Size Matters Beginner Pump

  • Like to manually pump your penis
  • Are curious as to what penis pumps do
  • Are a beginner to the world of penis pumps

Size Matters Beginner Pump

  • Own an above average sized cock
  • Pump hose may come off too easily
  • Are a more advanced penis pump user

If you’re new to the world of penis pumps then you’re going to want something easy to use and designed specifically for beginners. That’s where the Size Matters Beginner Pump comes in. It was made with those who have never tried penis pumps out in mind. The high-quality crystal-clear acrylic cube measures 8 inches and is ideal for 95% of men! It also comes with a TPR pump sleeve that will create an airtight seal – perfect for pumping! Also, the bulb-style pump is easy to hold and squeeze, maximizing your pumping! And the cherry on the cake is the price. The Size Matters Beginner Pump might be cheap, but it’s still awesome!

  • Acrylic tube so you can watch the growth
  • Well designed and easy to use pump
  • Made of very high quality materials
  • A brilliant beginner penis pump

  • Not great if your penis has a curve
  • Parts might come loose or detatched
  • Not ideal for more advanced users
Size Matters Beginner Pump
MaterialsABS plastic and latex
Length8 inches
Width2 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches

There’s no shame in never having used a penis pump before, and if you’re wanting to give it a go then the Size Matters Beginner Pump offers a great and affordable option. The materials are great, and they feel sturdy and durable. It can handle cocks up to 7.5 inches in length, so unless you’re a porn star or generally hung like a horse, you should be absolutely fine! Downsides? Sure, there are a couple! The pump tube attached to the top of the tube might come loose or detached, and overall it’s not the most exciting penis pump for those more advanced users. BUT for the price, and for how it helps beginner penis pump users get a foot in the door, it’s an absolute no-brainer!

3 Cheapest

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance

 Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance

  • are looking for a small and sleek penis pump
  • like simple and user-friendly designs
  • are looking for a penis pump on a budget

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance

  • are looking for an automatic penis pump
  • don't like the manual pump

The Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance is a highly recommended pump for anyone looking to improve their sexual health and enhance their performance in the bedroom. This penis pump features a stretchy silicone sleeve opening, which creates a strong vacuum that can help to increase the size and girth of the penis. One of this product’s selling points is its small and sleek design, which makes this pump very discreet and easy to store. Additionally, the pump is made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to clean, making it a great investment for anyone with erectile dysfunction or those who want to make their penis bigger, stronger, and more sensitive!

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a quick-release valve

  • The silicone sleeve could be more flexible
  • Some people do not enjoy the dark exterior
Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance
Length8.5 inches
DiameterCanal: 1.25 inches

Overall, if you’re looking for an effective penis pump that will help improve your sex performance, the Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump is definitely worth considering. This penis pump is user-friendly and suitable for beginners. And with its high-quality materials, and sleek design, this pump is sure to provide you with grand results!

4 Automatic

Tracy Cox EDGE

 Tracy Cox EDGE

  • Want a rechargeable penis pump
  • Like to combine pumping and pleasure
  • Love a good amount of suction

Tracy Cox EDGE

  • Want a pump with more control
  • Prefer manual hand pumps
  • Are looking for a water penis pump

The Tracy Cox EDGE is one of the most amazing and exciting electric air penis pumps that you can get your hands on. The strong and durable skin allows you to watch as your penis gets pumped bigger and bigger, and the soft cushioned base ensures that it won’t dig into your skin – no matter how much suction there is! It’s not manual, it’s electric, and luckily for you, it’s completely rechargeable, meaning you can charge it up, and you’re good to go whenever and wherever you need it. Want an added cheeky bonus? The Tracy Cox EDGE also comes with a pleasure attachment! Nice!

  • Combines pleasure with pumping
  • No need to pump manually
  • Pretty quiet for discreet pumping

  • Could have a little more control
  • High setting might be painful for some
  • Some might not find it pleasurable
Tracy Cox EDGE
Insertable length7.5 inches
Width1.5 inches

If you want to experiment with a combination of both pleasure and pumping, the Tracy Cox EDGE is as good a place to start as any. Able to handle up to 7.5 inches of cock, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting this on. As it pumps it is designed to provide sensual jolts of pleasure through your cock, meaning that it’s more than just a pump; it’s verging on being a masturbator too! Price-wise it’s pretty mid-range, It’s not the most controllable pump ever, and some people might even find it to be painful while on the highest suction setting. So despite it purporting to be a pleasurable toy, for some people it’s really not going to be!

5 Vibrating

Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro

 Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro

  • Love a good pussy opening
  • Want a pump that sucks and vibrates
  • Enjoy using male masturbators

Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro

  • Prefer more manual control
  • Aren't a fan of vibrations or sucking sensations
  • Are looking for a more neutral opening

If you want a penis pump that is a little most sexy and exotic, then the Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro is one of the most fun and pleasurable toys you can choose! You can really step up your solo play with this buzzing, rumbling, teasing, vibrating, sucking stroker! It features 3 modes of intermittent suction to create accurate blowjob sensation sensations, and the 5 patterns of vibrations will keep your cock pleased for hours on end. All you have to do is plug it in! With a soft yet tight pussy opening, the Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro has an extendable tube that ensures that it fits perfectly every single time!


  • Great feeling vibrations
  • Nice tight pussy opening
  • Entendable length

  • No manual control
  • Not a neutral opening (for those that prefer them)
  • Not the most discreet pump ever
Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro
MaterialsABS, plastic, and silicone
Length8 inches
Width2.75 inches
RechargeableYes: via USB cable

Okay, we’ll admit it – the Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro got us a bit hot under the collar. It looks great and feels fantastic, combining the features of a penis pump with a sucking and vibrating masturbator. It extends your meat at the same time as pleasing it! It has an extendable end, meaning that no matter what length your penis is, this pump can handle it! The vagina opening is soft and fleshy, while also creating a nice seal to the pump can create that all-important vacuum. It might not be the quietest of penis pumps though, and when you want to use it, it has to be plugged into the mains power. This might make it a little awkward and unwieldy to use. Also, the vagina opening might not appeal to everyone. However, if you like the look of the Pipedream Extreme Extender Pro, you’re more than likely going to be blown (or should we say sucked) away by it!

6 Deluxe

Wide Body Ellipitical Penis Enlargement Pump Kit by LA Pump

 Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit

  • Want a complete kit
  • Love LA Pump products
  • Aren't financially limited

Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit

  • Have limited funds
  • Are new to penis pumping
  • Need something budget-friendly

The majority of products on this list have been standalone cylinders, but this offering from LA Pump is an entire kit! Alongside your penis pump cylinder (which is oval-shaped to better match the natural shape of a penis for the ideal fit), you also get an all-metal pump, complete with an integrated pressure gauge that allows you to keep track of your current pressure levels. The tube itself is completely clear, meaning you’ll be able to see the results right away (and so will your partner!). LA Pump is one of the best penis pumping brands around, so you can be confident that the upfront cost of this kit will be worth it in the long run!

  • Oval-shaped cylinder
  • Complete kit
  • Integrated pressure gauge
  • Available in multiple sizes

  • Costly
  • Limited size options
  • No storage case
Wide Penis Enlargement Pump Kit
MaterialsAcrylic, metal
Diameter1.75-2.25 inches

LA Pump makes a wide variety of penis vacuum tubes. Ironically, you only have three options to choose from with this kit: 1.75, 2, and 2.25 inches in width. Additional width options would be a good start, especially considering that the oval-shaped cylinder (which is designed to fit on your penis better) actually makes it harder to determine what size is best for you. On the plus side, you can return this kit if you find the cylinder doesn’t fit your penis. The real value of this kit actually comes from the pump itself, which has a pressure gauge to help prevent you from applying too much pressure to your penis. Is this kit worth it? For the avid penis pumping enthusiast, we would say yes. However, we’d have to give it a pass for the average user.

7 ED

Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package by LA Pump

 LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package

  • are looking for a penis pump specifically for ED
  • want a penis pump made by professionals
  • are looking for a very customisable pumping session

LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package

  • want a simple penis pump
  • are on a budget
  • are looking for sleek and discreet penis pump

The Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package by LA Pump is specifically designed for people with ED, so if you are looking for something with very effective results, the LA Pump is the one! It features a high-quality polymer cylinder designed to make your pumping session extremely comfortable and effective. The metal pressure gauge is made to help you pump to the proper specifications and to avoid overpumping which can cause long-lasting issues. As a bonus, this professional pumping kit also contains 3 erection maintenance rings for better results and prolonged erection!

  • Professional penis pump
  • Very effective with helping with ED
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 3 penis rings

  • Difficult to store
  • Expensive
LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package
MaterialsMetal, Silicone
Length9 inches
Diameter1.75 - 2.25 inches

If you are struggling with ED and you are looking for a penis pump that is made to really improve your sex life, the LA Pump Deluxe Erectile Dysfunction Package is the best choice. It’s very safe to use and based on many positive reviews it turns out to be very effective. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who just want to try penis pumping for fun or pleasure, because it’s a rather medical device rather than a fancy sex toy.

8 Large

Colt Big Man Pump System

 Colt Big Man Pump System

  • Have a larger cock that you want to pump
  • Want to be able to manually control it
  • Need a toy made of high quality materials

Colt Big Man Pump System

  • Have a penis that's on the smaller side
  • Don't seed something so big
  • Prefer to use automatic pumps

Hello there, big boy! The Colt Big Man Pump System features an easy-to-use heavy-duty tube pump that can be activated using an easy-squeeze trigger that sits comfortably in your hand. The clear tube allows you to watch as the blood rushes to your penis, expanding and engorging it to its maximum potential. It has a flexible removable silicone air hose that makes it extra easy to clean, and a quick-release air valve for when you’re ready to remove it. It might be big, but you can just look at it as a challenge: See how much of that acrylic tube you can fill with your freshly pumped penis!

  • Very large size
  • Powerful manual pump
  • Quck release air valve

  • Too big for some
  • Not all that discreet
  • Not an automatic pump
Colt Big Man Pump System
MaterialsAcrylic and silicone
Length11.75 inches
Width(outside) 4 inches, (internal) 2.5 inches
Weight0.93 lbs

They do say that bigger is better, and the Colt Big Man Pump System is a testament to that phrase! Made out of high quality materials, this will be able to fit even the largest of cocks and not break a sweat. Because it’s made of silicone you get the added erotic angle of being able to watch your cock grow and expand in real time. The manual pump is easy to use, and when you’re done pumping you can instantly release the vacuum using the quick release air valve. Is it large? Yes. Is it indiscreet? Yes. But does that matter when you’re powering up your erection to it’s highest potential? Not really! It might look like a bit of a beast, but we’d recommend giving the Colt Big Man Pump System a try – especially when it’s so affordable too!


The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump

 The Excelsior Penis Pump

  • are looking for a smart penis pump
  • want an automatic penis pump
  • are looking for a sleek and quiet pump

The Excelsior Penis Pump

  • prefer classic penis pump
  • want a cheaper option
  • are looking for an automatic penis pump with vibrations

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump is a smart automatic penis pump with an intelligent sensor that adjusts pressure according to your needs. This provides an efficient and comfortable experience that is tailor-made for you! This penis pump is made from 100% safe and body-friendly materials, it also features seven different suction modes and four pressure adjustments for a more personalized and pleasurable experience. What makes this penis pump even more attractive is the LCD display for clearer and easier pumping and a memory function that allows you to save your favorite settings to achieve your desired effect every time!

  • Strong suction
  • Quiet
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with two sleeves

  • Not waterproof
  • Very long, might be difficult to store
The Excelsior Penis Pump
Length12 inches
Insertable length8.5 inches
Width2.5 inches
MaterialsAcrylic, ABS, TPE, Silicone
Quick-release valveYes; electric air release valve

The Excelsior Smart Automatic Penis Pump is a great choice if you are looking for a smart and user-friendly device. This pup is made of high-quality materials, rechargeable, and 100% waterproof, providing a safe and effortless experience. Plus, its many suction modes, pressure adjustments, LCD screen, and memory function are major pros! However, for some users using that many smart features might be quite overwhelming if all you are looking for is a simple penis pump.




  • Need to build up your stamina in the bedroom
  • Want an automatic penis pump
  • Have a penis that needs pumping up


  • Feel more comfortable using manual control pumps
  • Have an overly sensitive penis
  • Are unconcerned about having an inflated phallus

The Fleshlight Fleshpump is an appropriately names penis pump that will bolster your boner the more you use it. It will help up your stamina, so you can last for longer in the bedroom, and leave you with a cock so inflated and hard that you’re not going to be able to believe it even belongs to you! With an insertable length of 7.5 inches, it will encapsulate most penises and leave them feeling full and satisfied. Once you’re happy with your size, all you need to do is open the quick release to break the vacuum’s seal, allow air to flow back into the penis pump, and release your meat and two vegs, so you can get down to some seriously inflated fun!

  • Easy to use manual penis pump
  • See through to watch the action
  • Great effects and easy to clean
  • Can be charged using USB cable

  • Might not be able to get a good seal
  • Kind of long and indiscreet
  • Quick release easy to accidentally catch
MaterialsHard plastic
Length13.3 inches
Width3 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
RechargeableYes: via USB cable

As far as penis pumps go, the Fleshlight Fleshpump is the most intriguingly straightforward name ever! It really will pump that flesh and help you get the bigger, harder penis of your dreams. And your partner’s dreams, for that matter! It is long enough to cover your shaft while still providing you with enough room to expand and grow once the automatic pump kicks in. You might struggle to get a proper seal around the base of your penis – especially if you have pubic hair. Also, when you do get that seal and a vacuum can be created, the quick release valve is a little too easy to accidentally catch and open up. With that being said though, the Fleshlight Fleshpump is an affordable and effective choice if you like high-quality, well-crafted automatic penis pumps.


Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision

 Pipedream Pump Worx

  • Want a sturdy penis pump that works well
  • Enjoy to use a trigger pump
  • Want a gauge to track the vacuum

Pipedream Pump Worx

  • Want a higher quality penis pump
  • Prefer something a little less fussy
  • Want a vagina opening instead

If you want to watch your penis get pumped up to some amazing proportions, then the Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision is happy to oblige! Big enough to house most average sized cocks, you can draw a vacuum using the trigger-like pump. Record the pressure on your penis with the precision pressure gauge, and use the transparent tube (complete with measurement markings) to figure out exactly how much bigger your manhood is getting with each and every pump! Also included is a stamina ring, that will squeeze at the base of your cock and keep you even harder for even longer! On top of that the pump also comes with lubricant, toy cleaner and thickening cream. Everything you’d ever need!    

  • Trigger hand pump
  • Includes pressure gauge
  • Quick and vivible results

  • It's made of PVC
  • It's kind of big and bulky
  • Base isn't too effective
Pipedream Pump Worx
Insertable length8.5 inches
Width2.25 inches

The Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision is an effective little pump that – when everything goes to plan – pumps your penis up to amazing proportions. The tube is transparent meaning you can watch the pump in action, and the trigger pump is a nice touch. It’s easy to hold and simple to draw that vacuum. If we’re going to look at the negatives though, you may find the Pipedream Pump Worx Max Precision a little too fussy for your liking. There’s the tube, a pipe, a trigger pump, a gauge, removable parts…it might get a little too much if you just want to crack on and use the penis pump! Also, it is made of PVC, which isn’t the most body safe of materials ever, meaning it could leech potentially harmful chemicals into your body!

What to Look for in a Penis Pump

When shopping for penis pumps what are the primary things you need to look for? It’s a good question, and we’re going to go through some of the most important things to keep an eye out for!

  • Quality materials – When buying a penis pump you’re going to want to ensure that the quality of the materials it is made out of is high. You don’t want a pump that is made of materials that will cause you any harm. Similarly, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re purchasing a well-put-together pump too!
  • Vacuum limiter – Your penis pump is going to create a vacuum that will draw blood into your penis. That’s the entire point of a penis pump! But there are limits, and too strong of a vacuum could cause your penis a lot of damage! So check that your pump has a vacuum limiter.
  • Correct size O-ring – In order to create a vacuum, you’ll need to create a seal at the base of your penis. The O-ring helps you do this. It’s the part that joins the pump to your body, and as such you want to be sure you’ve got one that will accommodate your girth while not being too large or too small. Just like Goldilocks, you want it to be just right!
  • Correct size cylinder – In the same way that you need an O-ring that will accommodate the girth of your cock, you need to make sure you get a cylinder that can handle your length while erect! Most penis pumps should be able to handle average-sized cocks, but it’s still worth checking before you buy!
  • Price – When it comes to penis pumps, you could easily get silly and spend a fortune. Here’s the thing though – you don’t need to! You can get affordable penis pumps that look and feel just as awesome as their more expensive counterparts. Always stick to your budgets, guys!

How Does a Penis Pump Work?

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum around your penis, which draws blood into it. This starts to make your cock harder and longer. It also helps you maintain those erections for longer! Penis pumps will also help make your penis more sensitive, meaning the naughty times are going to feel EXTRA awesome. They have fantastic short-term effects!

Four Types of Penis Pumps

If you’ve decided to give penis pumps a chance, but would like to know more about the differences between certain products, here are three main types of penis pumps. Hopefully, this tiny guide will help you choose the best pump for your penis!

Air penis pump

Air penis pump - Four Types of Penis Pumps
Air pumps use air pressure to help you get an erection by expanding the blood vessels in your penis. They’re pretty easy to use, don’t need much setup, and are on the cheaper side. Manual air pumps usually come with a handball or trigger that you pump to create vacuum pressure. The best air penis pump is the Tracey Cox EDGE Stamina Penis Pump

Water penis pump

Water penis pump - Four Types of Penis Pumps
Hydro pumps, also known as water penis pumps, utilize warm water to improve blood flow and make the penis tissue more pliable during stretching. These pumps are intended to be used in the bath or shower, where they evenly distribute suction across the entire length of the penis, from base to tip. However, it’s worth noting that hydro pumps are not as easy to use as air pumps, and you should look out for any warning signs such as pain or numbness.

Automatic penis pump

Automatic penis pump - Four Types of Penis Pumps
If you struggle with the hand strength needed to operate a manual pump or simply prefer smarter, modern solutions, automatic pumps are a great option for you. These pumps create a vacuum around the penis automatically, without the need for manual pumping. Some penis pumps feature an LCD screen that displays the current pressure of your penis, and you can set a limit for the device to ensure that you remain in a safe and comfortable range. They are usually more user-friendly, but they are also on the pricey side. The best automatic penis pump is the Tracey Cox EDGE Automatic Penis Pump

Manual penis pump

Manual penis pump - Four Types of Penis Pumps
  • Handball pumps are the most common and affordable penis pump options. They feature a squeezable ball pump, which controls the strength of the vacuum. The Handball pumps are great for beginners and those who just want to experiment with the feeling of pumping without making a huge commitment.
  • Trigger pumps offer a comfortable pumping experience and greater pressure control. They also create much more effective vacuums than handball pumps, which lead to stronger and harder erections! However, these penis pumps are not the best option for beginners; they don’t have a cap on the maximum pressure inside the pump tube, which can lead to excessive pressure. That can result in painful, unpleasant experiences and possible skin damage. So, always keep an eye on the pressure gauge to avoid these issues!

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Penis pumps create a vacuum around the penis to draw blood into it, leading to a stronger and more pleasurable erection. They are often used by men with trouble achieving or maintaining an erection naturally. They can also be used for masturbation or foreplay, as the suction created by the pump can provide pleasurable sensations.

How do they work exactly?

How do they work exactly? - What Do Penis Pumps Do?
  1. The tube is sealed at the base, creating a closed system.
  2. A pump, which can be either manual or battery-powered, is then used to remove air from the tube, creating a vacuum.
  3. This vacuum effect causes blood to be drawn into the penis due to the difference in pressure, which leads to an erection.

What a penis pump can be used for?

What a penis pump can be used for? - What Do Penis Pumps Do?
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Peyronie’s Disease
  • Size Enhancement
  • Rehabilitation after certain medical procedures
  • And last but not least: fun! And more specifically, masturbation or foreplay action!

The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a great sex toy that will improve your penis’s performance, increase sensitivity and make your sex session longer and more pleasurable. So if this sounds interesting, here are some more benefits that will make you eager to experiment with pumping!

Improved sexual function

Improved sexual function - The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
The pump creates a vacuum around your penis, which helps increase blood flow and leads to an erection. This can be especially helpful for anyone dealing with erectile dysfunctions, as it can aid in achieving and maintaining an erection.

Enhanced sensations

Enhanced sensations - The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
One potential benefit of using a penis pump is the heightened sensitivity it can provide, leading to more intense sensations during sexual contact. The increased sensitivity can make foreplay, sexual activity, and even solo play more enjoyable and pleasurable.

Longer sex

Longer sex - The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
A penis pump primarily serves the purpose of assisting penis owners in achieving and sustaining erections. This can lead to more pleasurable and longer-lasting sex for both partners.

Visual turn-on

Visual turn-on - The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
The size boost from a penis pump can make your friend look and feel bigger, which can be a visual turn-on for both partners.

Spicy power play

Spicy power play - The Benefits of Using Penis Pumps
The restrictions involved in using a penis pump can also add a fun element to a couple’s pleasure. Penis pumps can become spicy foreplay, and power-play, or you can even use them during BDSM sessions.

Key Differentiators in Penis Pumps

Choosing the right penis pump can make all the difference in your experience. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure you pick the one that’s just right for you:
  • Quality of Materials: The material makes the biggest difference between cheaper and high-quality penis pumps. Top-noch pumps are typically made from durable, medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials that are safe for body use. Cheaper models might use cheap materials that could break easily or cause allergic reactions.
  • Design and Comfort: A well-designed pump will be comfortable and easy to use. Look for a well-sized cylinder, a smooth interior, comfortable grips, and a well-functioning pressure mechanism.
  • Effective Pump Mechanism: The other important feature is the quality of the vacuum pump mechanism. Better pumps will create a strong and even vacuum for optimal results. The high-end pumps have heaven automatic control for a more customizable experience; however, the manual system can also provide great results, but it takes more time to get fully comfortable.
  • Quick Release Valve: A quality quick-release valve is critical for safety. It should respond instantly to reduce pressure and prevent injury. Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews: Reputable brands often provide better customer service, warranties, and reliable products. Reading many user reviews can provide important information about the pump’s effectiveness and quality.
  • Ease of Cleaning: The best pumps are easy to disassemble and clean. Hygiene is essential with these devices, so an easily cleanable is super important!

Penis Pumps - Safety Guide

  1. Before you use a penis pump, chat with your healthcare provider to ensure it’s right for you.
  2. Make sure you read and follow the instructions that come with your pump. They’re there for a reason!
  3. Go for a high-quality pump that is made of high-quality materials and it features a quick-release valve for extra safety!
  4. Go slow, and listen to your body! If anything feels uncomfortable, or you experience any pain, stop immediately!
  5. Don’t overpump: Spending too much time can do more harm than good.
  6. Keep it clean! Make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  7. A bit of lube can help create a good seal and stop your skin from getting pulled into the pump.

What You Should Avoid When Buying Penis Pumps

When choosing the best penis pump, here are a few things you should avoid:
  • Low-quality or potentially unsafe materials: You want your pump to be safe and durable.
  • No quick-release valve: This is the most important safety feature!
  • Wrong size: getting a pump that’s too big or small isn’t do you any good and might even cause injury.
  • False promises: if you encounter a pump promising permanent enlargement, run! That’s a 100% false advertisement or potentially a very dangerous product.
  • Shady websites: Make sure that the shop you are buying from is a trustworthy brand; for the best shopping experience, I recommend online shops like Lovehoney or TheEnhancedMale.

How Much is a Penis Pump?

A penis pump is pretty expensive, at least, if you want one of fairly good quality. But, you can find some very good offers with discounts on good quality penis pumps that makes the price of a penis pump more affordable. In the following section I will take you through a price chart of the the average penis pumps and qualities you can expect for each cost level.

The average price of a penis pump

To give you a visual representation of how much a penis pump is, in this next section I have researched and collected data for a table showing prices and quality correlations. I have categorised penis pump qualities in four levels:
  1. BAD: Pure crap – a hazard to your health and penis.
  2. NOT TO BAD: You sure you want to go there? Coinflip, might be ok, might not…
  3. GOOD: Good quality penis pump, but not impressive.
  4. SUPERB: Amazing product, does all it says, and feels good.
Quality level Price Example
BAD < $20 Size Matters Vacuum Penis Pump
NOT TOO BAD $20 – $60 Colt Big Man Penis Pump
GOOD $60 – $90 PumpWorx Max Precision Penis Pump
SUPERB > $90 Bathmate HydroMax 7
I have not included any automatic penis pumps to keep it more representable. However, some of the examples are different types of manual models with different mechanisms.
As said, I didn’t include automatic penis pumps in either the examples or as part of the research in general. The questions therefore is, how much is an automatic penis pumps?

Automatic penis pump prices

So, if you want an electric penis pump you can probably guess, that you have to pay more for it. But the real question is how much more. If both the cylinder, the air release (vacuum release) mechanism is similar, and the quality of materials is also comparable, how much more does an automatic mechanism cost? And maybe, you should also ask the question, is it worth it for me to pay this much more for a penis pump just to get the automatic version? Here is what I found:
On average an automatic penis pump of comparable quality to a manual penis pump costs +$30-$50 more.
However, there are the odd cases of the very expensive (and superb quality) Bathmate penis pumps. You simply can find that much more expensive penis pumps than theirs. And they are manual (works with water and a unique pumping system). You can also get vibrating penis pumps, that adds vibrations to the pleasure. Again, those are more expensive, as you are also paying for a vibrator.  

When is a penis pump to cheap?

So, as indicated from the pricing chart before, in my honest opinion going below $20 for a penis pump is way to cheap! I would REALLY stress that I beleive it could prove to be a hazardous for you if you buy one of these cheap penis pumps. That is, of course, if you can even get it to work and create a vacuum? So, what should you look for, if you want to go cheap, but still want a good penis pump – at a good price?  

What to look for in a vacuum penis pump

So, let me just stress, that I always look at price as the first indicator of the quality of a vacuum pump. That being said, some bullshit artists could have put a crappy penis pump online for $999 – so I will stress the word “indicator”. But other than that, I also consider the following aspects and hold it against the price:
  • Type: Is it manuel (less expensive) or automatic (more expensive)?
    • Manual: Less expensive than automatic. However, 3 different manual mechanism exists:
      1. CHEAP – Balloon pump*. Looks like a small football or balloon, and you squeeze it which then created the vacuum. CHEAP.
      2. MEDIUM PRICE – T-bar pump*. Looks like a upside down T-bar inside a quadrant framt. You stick you fingers on either site of the up-side down horisontal bar of the T and squeeze the “T” down towards the lower part of the frame.
      3. EXPENSIVE – Trigger pump*. Looks lige the trigger on a small gun, but a rather large trigger, that you squeeze with four fingers, while your thumb is wrapped around the handle.
    • Automatic: More expensive than manual. Each mechanism is slightly different, but all rely on battery powered automatic vacuum. Please make sure the is a manual release mechanism, so that you can releive the vacuum if it runs out during use.
  • Body-safe materials: Please make sure you penis pump does not use Latex, but only silicone for the base part where your penis is inserted. The plastic should also be body-safe and preferably ABC plastic.
  • Warranty: Most cheap penis pumps do not come with a warranty, avoid any that doesn’t as that is a clear sign of a cheaply made product that manufactures or resellers know will most likely break, not work, or not be safe.
  • Manual and clear instructions: Most quality penis pumps will come with a good manual and clear instructions on how to use the pump safely. If not, it is a sign that you should probably find a penis pump that costs a bit more.
  • Features: Most expensive penis pumps will come with extra features such as lubricant, extra rings for the base and additional accessories. But try and buy one without, it will often inflate the price of the product without adding anything more to the quality of the pump.

The cost of a penis pump versus penis extender

If you want to get a larger penis, a lot of talk of the town is on penis extenders. But the is a critical difference between a penis extender and a penis pump. To understand the difference, allow me to briefly explain how both works:
  • Penis pumps works by creating a vacuum, that increases blow flow to your penis. This way you gain both girth and length. And it helps with achieving an erection. Even a harder one, than you normally might be able to get.
  • Penis extenders works by simple latching on to the base and tip of your penis and pulling each way. This way it stretches your penis so that it becomes longer. You don’t actually grow in circumfrence using this method.
Overall penis extenders are typically more expensive than penis pumps. The pricing difference comes down to the fact, that there simply aren’t that many penis extenders. And additionally, it is a slightly more complicated product. To the question of how much a penis extender is, the range is around $100-$350 (for a good one). To the question of how much a penis pump is, the range is around $50-150 (for a good one).

Why Do People Use Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps can be use to help with erectile dysfunction, to enhance pleasure and stamina, or as part of BDSM play. They can be used for solo play or couple’s play and some people use them as training devices although their is only anecdotal evidence of there being any lasting gains! Here’s a little more detail about the different reasons people use them:

Erectile dysfunction

Penis pumps are often used by individuals who struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is a condition where a penis owner finds it difficult to get or keep an erection. They can help increase blood flow, facilitating getting and maintaining an erection. They’re an affordable, non-invasive treatment option that many people turn to, either as a standalone solution or in combination with other treatments. However, you should always seek medical advice if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, as there may be an underlying cause that needs treating.

Penis pumps for pleasure

They are also an exciting tool for sexual exploration and pleasure. Some people find the sensation of the vacuum pressure can be pleasurable on its own, while others enjoy the increased sensitivity when the pump is removed. Some also like to use a pump to create stronger erections or help them last longer.


Penis pumps can also be a fun addition to BDSM play, with the dominant partner using the one to tease their sub and make them extra sensitive before other types of stimulation.

Can Pumping Make Your Penis Bigger?

There’s a lot of mixed information about penis pumps and their ability to give you a bigger penis. However, while you might find anecdotal evidence, there is no real evidence that you can experience permanent growth. They can help you enjoy bigger, harder erections, but the effect is only temporary.

How to Use Penis Pumps

How to actually use your penis pumps isn’t the most obvious thing in the world. After all, they are kind of strange looking things! So let’s go through a few key points of using your penis pump!

Put it on your penis!

Put it on your penis!

It’s probably obvious by now, but penis pumps go on your penis! So when you’re ready to give it a whirl, slide it over your erect penis, taking care not to catch the sides. Make sure you’re comfortable in there!

Create a good seal!

Create a good seal!

A penis pump can only make a vacuum if it has a good seal at the base of your cock. Make sure that it’s pressed properly against you and that nothing will allow air to enter the pump while it’s doing its thing. We’d recommend shaving your pubic hair just to be sure the seal is complete!

Hold it in place and get pumping!

Hold it in place and get pumping!

Okay so now it’s on there and a seal has been created, you can start pumping. How you pump is obviously dictated by the type of pump you have: manual pumps will require you to manually squeeze the air out, whereas automatic ones will create the vacuum automatically! You can let it do its thing for around 5 to 10 mins.

Release the vacuum and take it off!

Release the vacuum and take it off!

When you’re all done and you’re happy that your dong is looking bigger and more badass, it’s time to take it off! You’ll need to release a valve that allows air back into the pump, thus unsealing that vacuum you made. Remove the penis pump, thoroughly clean it, and store it neatly and safely away until next time!

How to Clean Penis Pumps

Penis pumps go on your penis - obviously! But because of that, they need to be thoroughly cleaned after each use! Who knows what kind of bacteria or buildup could end up on your pump. And that's not us saying your junk is dirty - it's just the nature of the human body! So washing your toys after each use is essential! So here are a few resources that will help you make sure your pumps are hygienic and good to go whenever you need them!


Yes! As long as you are following the manufacturers instructions as to how to use the pumps correctly and safely! They have been designed with safety in mind, and all materials are robust and strong enough to handle the pressures of a vacuum. So we'd definitely consider penis pumps to be safe accessories!

Maybe. While many have reported positive effects, the scientific evidence is still inconclusive. It's possible that penis pumps will inflate your manhood up for a short while, though there is little to no evidence of long-term effect. On the upside, penis pumps can definitely help people suffering with erectile dysfunction!

No, generally not. All you need to do is slide your penis into the pump and form a seal at the base. There's no need for any lube there! The pumps aren't tight and won't be tricky to get into.

Just follow the links in this post! We work with some of the most trusted and well respected sex toy shops around, and we know that in shopping with them, you're going to have a fantastic experience. We only work with the best because we want the best for you!

What Are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are special kind of pumps that you can slide your cock into. They create a vacuum within them that causes blood to be 'sucked' into the penis, meaning not only are your erections firmer, but also they last longer! Depending on which penis pump you get, it might be battery powered, run on electric, or even just be pumped manually using your own hand. Penis pumps are great accessories for not only people who want to experience a mightier erection, but also those genuinely suffering with some kind of erectile dysfunction. They really can be a lifesaver in the bedroom!

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