The 9 Best Sex Doll Torso in Test

   Kevin Foley
A simple stroker can be fun, but it is nothing like a sex doll torso, especially if you want something a bit more realistic? Well, a sex doll seems like the obvious choice… until you consider the fact that full-sized, high-end sex dolls can cost thousands of dollars! Thankfully, there are more budget-friendly alternatives available. Partial sex dolls (commonly referred to as sex doll torsos) are sex dolls that have full breasts, genitals, buttocks, and end promptly on each leg, arm, and the neck. The look might take a bit of getting used to, but everything you’d need in a sex doll is there! Unlike their full-sized counterparts, a torso sex doll will only cost you hundreds, not thousands. That is what makes them easily accessible to the average person interesting in purchasing a sex doll.
1 Test Winner

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso w. Removable Vagina

 Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso

  • Have limited space
  • Want a simple cleaning process
  • Are looking for your first sex doll torso
  • Are looking for a realistic vagina and butt.
  • Enjoy variety.
  • Like the experience of a sex doll without having to store or clean a full size figure.
  • Like the option of a handheld toy with the removeable vagina inserts.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso

  • Prefer soft, jiggly breasts
  • Enjoy doggy style
  • Don’t like petite figures
  • Are looking for a doll with breasts or face.
  • Absolutely must have a simple cleaning process.
  • Are looking for an easy to maneuver toy.

Straight from the masters at Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso, the revised, updated, and improved version of the original Tantaly Mia. This life size love doll torso comes complete with a set of perky 36DD breasts, a perfectly sculpted vagina, and an easy-to-access anal cavity perfect for your next night alone! By design, both the vaginal & anal holes lead to the same tunnel, which makes cleaning up afterward easy as pie. And is sure to fulfill your every sexual desire before ever having to clean. Some users have complained that the breasts are too hard, but this firmness makes them double as excellent sources of stimulation. Ultimately, whether the breasts are a plus or a minus comes down to personal opinion.

  • Three different stimulating options
  • The jiggling reaction of Mia's butt is fun to play with and feels real.
  • Doesn’t move during use
  • Easy to clean
  • The vagina inserts are nice to choose from and easy to clean.
  • The Tantaly Mia's vagina inserts are very detailed and realistic.

  • Flat-backed design
  • Breasts are relatively firm
  • A degree of strength is required to wash and pick up this toy.
  • On the smaller side
  • Inconsistent quality control
  • Washing the Tantaly Mia's body is not a simple task.
  • Care must be taken to dry the Tantaly Mia's canals.
Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso
Length11.3 inches
Diameter35.83 inches
Insertable length5.1-6.3 inches
Weight19.2 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

Although it’s far from what we’d consider the perfect male masturbator, the Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso still has a lot to offer, especially for first-time users. The ribbed canals provide added stimulation with every thrust, the petite figure provides visual delights, and the breasts even move while you’re using the toy! That said, we do wish the breasts were a bit more realistic, as their firmness really limits the movement during sessions. While the Tantaly Mia Sex Doll Torso is unlikely to move during sex, the flat-backed design means that doggy style is out of the question. Nonetheless, this small, easy-to-use half sex doll is sure to provide you with many rounds of fun, so we’d still recommend picking one up if you have the cash.

2 Cheapest

Eve the Girl Next Door Torso Sex Doll

 Eve the Girl Next Door Torso Sex Doll

  • Love realistic textures
  • Enjoy suction sensations
  • Have a limited budget

Eve the Girl Next Door Torso Sex Doll

  • Want a life-sized toy
  • Hate cleaning afterwards
  • Are well-endowed

For sex without the drama, look no further than Eve The Girl Next Door! You call easily fulfill all of your fantasies about scoring with your neighbor using this realistic silicone sex torso, which has airbrushed details for a life-like experience. Fortunately, she’s not just a looker—she performs amazingly too! Realistically textured tunnels provide unique experiences, combining with a suction-cup sensation for a more fulfilling orgasm. While Eve is definitely a great option for solo ventures, you can also use her in naughty partner play. Weighing in at a little over 11 pounds, this half sex doll can be easily adjusted during use, but still weighs enough to prevent constant slippage.

  • Three ways to have fun
  • Realistic interior textures
  • Works in multiple positions
  • Stimulating suction-effect

  • Anus tends to tear
  • Airbrushed details wear off over time
  • Cleaning is a process
Eve the Girl Next Door Torso Sex Doll
Weight11+ lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Length15 inches
Width7.75 inches

Priced just right, Eve The Girl Next Door will certainly give you the best bang for your buck. The amount of detail that’s been sculpted into her body is unreal, and you’re sure to get aroused simply by looking at this doll. Unfortunately, longevity seems to be Eve’s weak point. Many users have complained about her airbrushed details wearing off over time, and folks with larger penises may run into some tearing issues (specifically in the anus region). Still, at only $200, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another doll with this level of detail in both appearances and physical textures. We can’t recommend Eve if you’re looking for a “forever doll”, but if you don’t mind a bit of wear over time, this doll is definitely worth considering!

3 Large breasts

Tantaly Britney

 Tantaly Britney

  • are looking for a very realistic sex doll torso
  • love boobylicious sex dolls
  • you are a fan of a doggy-style position

Tantaly Britney

  • are on a budget
  • prefer smaller and more discreet torso

This sex doll torso is a great option if you are a big fan of big boobies! With juicy curves and soft, lifelike skin, the Tantaly Britney is sure to satisfy your desires. Her large gel-filled breasts offer a sexy-jiggly sensation that feels just like the real thing, making her a perfect doll for a hot boobjob. Britney also features textured vaginal and anal openings, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy her extra realistic pussy and super tight booty. Additionally, her stable, arched spine makes her a great option for those who enjoy the doggy-style position!

  • Big, juicy breasts
  • Available in different colours
  • Life-like design
  • Textured openings
  • Under 30 lbs

  • Hard to clean
  • Might be hard to store
Tantaly Britney
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Length19.09 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.22 inches
Weight28.6 lbs

Although Britney may not be the most inexpensive sex doll torso on the market, I believe that she is worth every penny. Her large and jiggly breasts are undeniably her most significant feature. This torso sex doll is crafted with premium materials, and its attention to detail enhances the realism of the experience. From extra realistic skin to its textured canals and even small details like dimples on the back, Britney is a one-of-a-kind sex doll!

4 Big Booty

Trust Pro Elite - Alana Ass Masturbator

 Trust Pro Elite Alana

  • prefer booties over boobies
  • love a big bouncy booty
  • are a fan of a doggy-style
  • are looking for something smaller than a sex doll torso

Trust Pro Elite Alana

  • prefer a sex doll torso with breasts
  • want to be able to change positions

Want a thick-ass masturbator that’ll give you a wild ride? Meet Alana! It’s a perfect alternative for a sex doll torso if you prefer booties over boobies. This curvy cutie is made of squishy and jiggly material that’s perfect for a bouncy doggy-style action. The Thrust Pro Elite Alana is stable and realistic thanks to her weight and size. Plus, both of her tight and textured openings will give you a deep and sensual experience that’ll have you coming back for more. Just lube up and slide between those juicy cheeks for the ultimate bliss!

  • Very realistic look and feel
  • Bouncy and jiggly material
  • Not as heavy as other sex doll torsos
  • Textured canals

  • Hard to clean
  • Not waterproof
  • Not very versatile
  • Made with very delicate material
Trust Pro Elite Alana
MaterialsSoft Plastic
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Length14 inches
Width9 inches
Insertable lengthVagina: 7.5 inches, Anus: 5.5 inches
Colors Available3

Alana is a perfect ass stroker! She is thick, squishy, and bouncy and her position is inviting for those who enjoy anal or doggy style, and the sturdy base lets you go hands-free for maximum enjoyment! Just a heads up, though – the material might not be the most durable, so be sure to take good care of her and store her properly. But even with those minor concerns, Alana is still a top pick for anyone looking for a realistic and satisfying experience!

5 Vibrating

THRUST Pro Elite Lexi Sex Torso

 THRUST Pro Elite Lexi Sex Torso

  • Want a real doll torso experience
  • Like anal sex
  • Enjoy vibrations

THRUST Pro Elite Lexi Sex Torso

  • Can’t lift 46 lbs.
  • Have a lengthy penis
  • Won’t maintain routine toy cleaning

Tired of rock-hard boobs on subpar sex doll torsos? Then you’re sure to love Lexi’s soft, supple breasts! This sex doll has realistic skin that adds to the overall experience while you’re having your way with either of Lexi’s textured openings. Her vagina is 6 inches deep and her anus is 5 inches deep, providing adequate accommodations for the majority of men. If you get tired of putting in all the effort yourself, Lexi also comes equipped with a remote-controlled double-bullet vibrator that will push you to climax in no time! Sadly, it’s not all fun and games: Lexi weighs nearly 50 lbs. which means you’ll likely be too tired to go for round two. Still, if you want a way to get in shape while getting off, this could be the perfect toy for you!


  • Realistic design
  • Douche included for easy cleanup
  • Remote-controlled vibrations
  • Lifelike breasts

  • Weighs nearly 50 lbs.
  • Weight limits sexual positions
  • Attracts hair, lint, and dirt
  • Cleaning is a workout
THRUST Pro Elite Lexi Sex Torso
Weight46.2971 lbs
MaterialsSoft Plastic
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 6 inches, (Anus) 5 inches
Vibration modes10
Vibration speeds3
Vibration speeds7
Battery Life55 minutes
Charging Time165 minutes

There’s no denying that the THRUST Pro Elite Lexi will have most men orgasming in a matter of minutes, but taking into account her considerable weight, it’s certainly not a toy that’s ideal for everyone. If you’re looking for a toy that can be used discreetly then Lexi isn’t it; you’ll need to lug her into the bathtub or lay her out on a towel to clean her after use. While this may not sound like a hard task, once you consider her weight, the practical limitations of this toy become clear. However, for men who live alone or with a partner who’s fine with sex dolls, Lexi is definitely worth the asking price (if not more!).

6 Small

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Sex Doll Torso

 PDX Plus Perfect 10 Sex Doll Torso

  • Want a compact sex doll torso
  • Need something lightweight
  • Are looking for your first torso sex toy

PDX Plus Perfect 10 Sex Doll Torso

  • Have a longer penis
  • Prefer smaller breasts
  • Need something discreet

Made of Fanta Flesh TPE, the PDX Perfect 10 Sex Doll Torso may be on the small side, but it performs just as well as its larger counterparts! This doll has all the typical features like large breasts and a plump butt, with a narrow waist that fits easily between your hands as you pump away. One thing that separates the Perfect 10 from its competitors is the inclusion of a neck, which some men may enjoy “choking” during use. At only 10.5 pounds, this toy is lightweight enough for effortless intercourse and hours of fun!

  • Lightweight
  • Jiggles like the real thing
  • Two points of entry
  • Sounds realistic when slapped

  • Small compared to the average woman
  • Only 5.5 inches of depth
  • No breast size options
PDX Plus Perfect 10 Sex Doll Torso
MaterialsFanta Flesh (TPR)
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Length17.5 inches
Width8 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 5 inches, (Anus) 5 inches

There’s no doubt about it: the PDX Perfect 10 is an amazing torso sex toy! However—and we’re nitpicking here—it would have been nice to have seen some different options since the idea of a “perfect 10” varies from person to person. The Perfect 10 is available in three different skin colors but they all have the same breast size, nipple design, and body type. If we had anything to complain about, it would be the lack of variety or customization. Nonetheless, this real doll torso is still worth your hard-earned cash if this model meets your definition of a “perfect ten”!

7 Poseable

Mistress Tiffany Life Size Torso

 Mistress Tiffany

  • Want a life-size sex doll torso
  • Prefer a flexible “partner”
  • Enjoy doggy style intercourse
  • Appreciate curvy body-types

Mistress Tiffany

  • Are on a limited budget
  • Don’t take good care of your toys
  • Don't want a heavy sex toy

The Mistress Tiffany is a beautiful sex doll’s torso that features large jiggly breasts, juicy booty, and two realistic openings for deep life-like penetration. Her skin is made of smooth and squishy BioSkin that feels just like real delicate skin! The attention to detail on Misstress Tiffanny is incredible, but what makes this torso special is that is very flexible and you can her legs to explore all kinds of sex positions. And as a bonus for an even more life-like experience, the Mistress Tifanny comes with a warming wand and a bullet vibrator for more sensual pleasure!

  • Flexible for multiple positions
  • Realistic anatomy
  • Life-sized
  • Super life-like design
  • Realistic skin texture
  • Comes with a warming wand and a bullet vibrator

  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Takes a while to dry out for storage
Mistress Tiffany
Weight65.4 lbs
MaterialsBioSkin TPE
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.5 inches, (Anus) 7.5 inches
Length34 inches
TextureRealistic skin, textured tunnels

Everything about Tiffany is hot! Her curves and skin texture are amazing, so if you want a luxurious sex doll torso in your collection, this luscious girl is a must-have. She’s a great choice for spicing up your alone time or threesome fantasies. Yeah, she’s a bit pricey, but you also get a warming wand and bullet vibrator for a more pleasurable experience!

8 Male

Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Torso Sex Doll

 Pipedream Extreme Male Torso Sex Doll

  • Hate complicated cleaning processes
  • Enjoy large penises
  • Want something to enjoy with a partner

Pipedream Extreme Male Torso Sex Doll

  • Prefer small or average penises
  • Want a vibrating member
  • Need a lightweight torso sex toy

Just in case the plethora of 5-star user ratings haven’t delivered the message properly, we’ll tell you anyway: this sex doll torso is one of the best male models available on the market today! Designed to be placed on any surface and ridden, this model comes well-equipped with a meaty 8-inch penis that’s always hard & ready to fill your holes with waves of pleasure. If you prefer to penetrate rather than be penetrated, you’ll have an 8-inch anal canal to mess around in. Compared to female models, this toy is a bit less detailed than most, but that doesn’t affect its performance whatsoever.

  • 8-inch penis length
  • 8 inches of insertable length
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully waterproof

  • Hard to store discreetly
  • Can’t be used from behind
  • No skin tone variety
  • Heavy
Pipedream Extreme Male Torso Sex Doll
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Weight14.99 lbs
MaterialsSoft Plastic
Insertable length8 inches

Like many sex doll torsos, the Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll uses Fanta Flesh to provide a realistic feeling both inside & out. The permanent 8-inch erection is perfect for any DP fantasies that couples might want to play out, and the 8-inch anal cavity means that the penetration can go both ways! While you can definitely enjoy this toy on your own, we’d actually suggest it more for couples who can enjoy all that this toy has to offer (while also pleasuring each other!). As male sex dolls go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better toy than this one. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, stop thinking about it: just do it!


THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

 THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Love grabbing breasts
  • Need a waterproof sex doll torso
  • Have an average or short penis

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Have a larger penis
  • Want a life-sized sex doll torso
  • Need a discreet toy

If you prefer your women to be petite with big breasts, then this THRUST doll is for you! Some users have complained that the doll is too small, but if you’re looking for something light enough to easily bounce up & down in your lap, then the size of this sex doll torso is just right! Alicia has two openings (each with separate tunnels) at five inches in length, which should be fine for anyone with an average-or-under-length penis. Flip the doll over & you’ll find her anus ready to be penetrated; simply grab on to her slim waist and give her the ride she’s been waiting for!

  • Unique textures for each entrance
  • Great value for the price
  • Small & easy to manipulate
  • Realistic interior textures

  • Smaller than most adult women
  • Cleaning may pose a challenge
  • Only five inches of insertable length
THRUST Pro Elite Alicia
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free
Weight16.5 lbs
MaterialsSoft Plastic
OpeningsVagina, Anus
Insertable length(Vagina) 5 inches, (Anus) 5 inches

Alicia is a high-quality sex doll torso but that doesn’t mean she’s right for everyone. Her size is comparable to that of a small child, so if you’re planning on dressing her up then that’s something to keep in mind. That said, she does have a giant, perky rack which will keep your eyes entertained while you’re busy pumping away at one of her two holes below. Cleanup seems to be an issue for many users with this sex doll (check out our tips below for help with this issue!). Sadly, the coloring has a tendency to fade over time, which means you’ll need to take good care of Alicia if you want to keep her in tip-top shape. Despite these few shortcomings, this sex doll torso would be a good investment for both first-time buyers and experienced users alike.

Don't Have the Space For a Whole Sex Doll Torso?

Sex doll torsos are designed to provide the satisfying experience of a full-sized sex doll without taking up all the space of one. Still, for guys who don’t have their own place, keeping your sex toys away from prying eyes and your fellow co-inhabitants can be a battle. Sometimes, it might be one that’s not worth fighting, but that doesn’t mean you need to go back to manual masturbation. If space is an issue, check out these smaller sex toys instead!

Fleshlight Go STU

Fleshlight Go STU - Don't Have the Space For a Whole Sex Doll Torso?
Easy to hide & always ready to go, the Fleshlight Go STU is the perfect fleshlight for taking your self-pleasuring sessions to the next level (without making it too obvious!). With an inner length of 6.5 inches, most guys will fit and find pleasure in the ribbed embrace of this portable pocket pussy.

THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

THRUST Pro Elite Sophia - Don't Have the Space For a Whole Sex Doll Torso?
Sometimes, smaller is better! THRUST Pro Elite Sophia is a compact masturbator with two holes & the ability to easily hide in a box under your bed. Although it doesn’t have any breasts, Sophia is the next best thing to a sex doll torso (and at a fraction of the cost!).

PDX Plus Perfect Pussy Double Stroker

PDX Plus Perfect Pussy Double Stroker - Don't Have the Space For a Whole Sex Doll Torso?
At less than 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, the PDX Plus Perfect Pussy Double Stroker gives you two holes to choose from while only taking up the size of one! Ideal for those with roommates, this unique stroker can be easily concealed until the time is right.

Transform your Fleshlight into a Torso Sex Doll

A Fleshlight is designed to enhance your masturbation sessions. While this definitely feels amazing, it’s not quite like having sex with a partner since the positioning is entirely different. Fortunately, if you want to have a more “traditional” experience with your beloved Fleshlight, Liberator has got the perfect accessory for you!

Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission Toy Mount

Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission Toy Mount - Transform your Fleshlight into a Torso Sex Doll
“Tawney Talks” refers to this device as sex furniture, and we think that’s a pretty accurate description. This toy mount allows you to use your Fleshlight (or similarly sized sex toys) in the missionary position, supporting your weight while allowing you to go to town!

If You Want a Sexy Torso With a Pretty Face

If you are looking for a sex doll torso that’s more than just a body, and you like a pretty face to look at (or mouth to use), here are some top choices!

M-Cup Sex Doll Torso

M-Cup Sex Doll Torso - If You Want a Sexy Torso With a Pretty Face
If you are looking for a beautiful doll with a curvy body and long shiny hair, this torso is a great choice! Fall in love with these huge boobies and juicy bootie. And thanks to her arms you can explore more sex positions than with regular torsos. And remember to add as many customizable features as you want to create a perfect romantic experience

Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll - Torso Version

Biggest Tits Ever Sex Doll - Torso Version - If You Want a Sexy Torso With a Pretty Face
If you are looking for a stunning black sex doll torso, this doll will make your dreams come true! It features very large breasts for amazing juicy boobjobs, smooth realistic skin, and tight penetrative holes for an amazing blissful time! What makes this sex doll’s torso special is her longer legs which make her more posable, so you can enjoy many different sex positions!

Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll Torso?

Some might wonder, why would I need a sex doll torso? Here is the answer: These sex toys can be a huge upgrade from a regular fleshlight, or a great threesome partner when you are a couple. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to give it a shot with a life-size sex doll, they are an easier-to-use and way cheaper alternative. But that’s not all, here are more reasons why you should buy a sex doll torso.

Realism and Versatility

Realism and Versatility - Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll Torso?
Fleshlights and strokers are awesome, but sometimes you want to experience something more life-like. Sex doll torsos have many opening holes, so you can switch from vaginal to anal sex whenever you want, plus breasts and booties make everything better!

A great threesome partner

A great threesome partner  - Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll Torso?
If you and your partner dream about a threesome, but you are not sure whether you want to invite another person to your bedroom, a sex doll torso is a great alternative! No more dating apps or awkward dates, just find the perfect torso that you and your partner both like and enjoy a third party whenever you please.

More affordable than a full-size sex doll

More affordable than a full-size sex doll  - Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll Torso?
Sex dolls can cost thousands of dollars, the more realistic you want your doll to be, the more money you have to spend. That’s why torsos are a great option for everyone who wants to experience having a doll without spending millions. They are smaller, lightweight, and so much easier to store and clean, but most importantly, they cost more than half the price of a full-size sex doll!

Easy storage and maintenance

Easy storage and maintenance - Why Should I Buy a Sex Doll Torso?
Many people dream about a sex doll, but storing a full-size sex doll isn’t possible for some, that’s why torsos are a great alternative! They are smaller, lighter, easier to move around, and so much easier to clean. With a sex doll torso, you get all the key features in a smaller size and in a more affordable price!

Sex Doll Torso alternatives

There are some pretty awesome alternatives readily available for you. Here is a list of my favorites

Full Size Sex Doll

Full Size Sex Doll - Sex Doll Torso alternatives
When only a torso doesn’t quite cut it, you can upgrade to a full-size super realistic sex doll. It will rip your budget in half, but what the heck, you will be sent to masturbation heaven anyways! Of course, buying a premium sex doll torso might do the same anyways! Typically a torso won’t have a face, so it won’t be the most realistic sex doll. And buying a full size sex doll will give you the option for Oral sex in some cases.

Pocket pussy

Pocket pussy - Sex Doll Torso alternatives
A pocket pussy is a way smaller masturbation device compared to a full torso. Of course, you can get hand-size torso. But then both realism and the whole idea evaporates. What can provide with a lot more fun and realism is a mold of a real vagina. Introducing, the pocket pussy! However, this typically won’t provide you with the option for both vaginal and anal sex. Or the option to squeeze sexy breasts.

Ass Masturbator

Ass Masturbator - Sex Doll Torso alternatives
Yeah, you will miss out on the fantastic aspect of being able to get a boob job, but with an Ass Masturbator you can save some money, and still get a super realistic torso-like toy.

How to Use a Sex Torso Doll

Most people can figure out how to use a sex doll torso on their own, but we decided to give you a brief overview anyway. Grab a bottle of your favorite lube then use these overviews as a starting point on the journey to fulfilling all of your sexual fantasies with your new torso sex toy!

Using the Vagina

Using the Vagina

Just like with a real vagina, the easiest way to enjoy this tunnel is by sticking your penis inside of it. Each doll is different so experiment to find the best position(s) for your new partner. Of course, you can also lick it, finger it, or even just look at it if you wish!

Using the Anus

Using the Anus

Since they are based on real anatomy, the anus of your new doll will likely be a bit tighter than its vagina. Remember to use a lot of lube when trying butt sex with your doll for the first time, as some models tend to rip if you push too hard!

Using the Breasts

Using the Breasts

If your real doll torso has large breasts, you should be able to push them together. Holding them in this position, place your penis in-between the breasts and pump yourself to completion!

Using the Penis

Using the Penis

Much like a dildo, the penis on your sex doll torso is made to be ridden! Choose your favorite position (or try out a few personal favorites) and enjoy the ride!

How to Clean Your Sex Doll Torso

Once you’ve “finished”, it’s time to clean your doll! You’ll want to clean out all the orifices you used during the session. Fortunately, most dolls can be cleaned simply by using water and soap! We recommend washing each orifice at least twice before drying your toy. However, you should always refer to your owner’s manual as some dolls may require special cleaning techniques. Without the proper maintenance, your half sex doll will have a short life. Basic maintenance starts with ensuring your doll has had time to dry out before storage. While you’ll be able to remove the majority of moisture using a towel, it’s important to let your doll sit out & air dry before putting it away. We also recommend routinely treating your doll with renewal powder for longevity. If you’re only planning on storing your doll for a short period of time then you don’t need to worry about positioning. However, if you’re planning on storing it for a while then you should make sure that it’s placed in its “natural” position. Ideally, you should store your doll in a storage bag (to protect it from dust) and out of sunlight.


There actually isn’t a definitive answer for this. High-quality sex dolls are capable of lasting through years of use (silicone itself is capable of lasting for decades), but the biggest determining factor of longevity is maintenance. If you take good care of your doll then you can reasonably expect at least a few years of use!

It’s a matter of personal preference. While a full-sized sex doll will provide a more realistic experience, they also take up more space & require more maintenance. Half-sex dolls don’t look as realistic but still provide much-needed stimulation in all the right places.

Most sex dolls use water-based lube, but you should always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a new type of lube with your torso sex toy.

Nope! While the mailman might be able to guess that something’s up (due to the fact that the package he’s carrying is extremely heavy), no one will know for sure thanks to the discreet packaging offered by the majority of sex stores. As long as you remember to shut your blinds, your neighbors will never know!

You certainly can! Exactly how you plan to do so is up to you & your partner, but with a little bit of creativity, you can easily have a threesome with your partner & your toy!

What is a Sex Doll Torso?

If you crave realism in your masturbation sessions but don't want a full-blown sex doll taking up space, a love doll torso could be just the sex toy for you! As well as giving you lifelike visuals, sex doll torsos are great if you enjoy thrusting over stroking! Sex doll torsos are a type of sex doll that is modeled after either a male or female torso. Most "male" dolls have a penis, an anus, and a chiseled chest. Female dolls generally have breasts, a vagina, and an anus. These sex doll torsos begin at the neck and end just below the groin. Not only for solo play, but sex doll torsos can also be a great way to explore threesome fantasies with a partner.

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