Tantaly Britney 2.0 Review

   Kevin Foley
Nov 29, 2023

Kevin Foley
: 27
: Intermediate
: Male
: Straight
: Lelo F1S v2

  • Are upgrading from a handheld stroker
  • Enjoy trying multiple positions
  • Love bouncy breasts
  • Already own the original model
  • Want something you can dress up

  • Want a life-sized doll
  • Hate extended cleaning processes
  • Need something lightweight & portable

Improving upon the design of the already-great Britney sex doll, the Tantaly Britney 2.0 is a top-tier sex doll that brings a whole new level of realism to the table! With more accurate placement of the vagina & anus, a lifelike skin surface, bouncier breasts, and the ability to "entertain" in all of your favorite positions, this doll could be exactly what you've been missing. Tired of your hand but not quite ready for a partner? No worries - the Tantaly Britney 2.0 has you covered!

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

Initial Impression

When this doll first showed up, it was in a large, unlabeled cardboard box. After opening this up, I was greeted with a suitcase-like zip-up bag. This was a pleasant surprise, as the previous version of this doll didn’t give you much in terms of a storage solution, so we were already off to a great start! I unboxed everything. The doll was protected by a plastic bag and Styrofoam molding, giving you reliable and reusable storage. Alongside the doll, I also got a full-color catalog of the various Tantaly products and a drying rod.

Testing the Toy Out

I had actually run out of lube right before I received this doll, so I went on Amazon and picked up a small bottle of KY Jelly. This worked fine and I was able to slide into the doll without issue. I tried using the vagina first, which is what I usually do with these types of dolls. The doll had a bit of suction: not too much, not too little. The orifice seemed tight at first, but this loosened up after a little bit, which was appreciated. Eventually, I gave the anus a try. Generally, I prefer this as the anus tends to be tighter. This was also the case for this doll, although I didn’t find the anus to be much more stimulating than the vagina. Ultimately, I tried out a number of different positions with this toy. I enjoyed switching back and forth between the two holes—which you shouldn’t do in real life—with the occasional repositioning. One thing that really stuck out on the doll was its breasts. Personally, I think they jiggle a bit much for my taste, but this actually does serve a purpose! Since they jiggle a lot, you can use the motion of the breasts to “assist” you, provided you get a steady pumping pattern going. Of course, they’re also fun to play with if you’re into that. It’s not really a “feature” per se, but I especially appreciate the dimples in the back of the doll. They’re in the perfect position when you’re holding the doll, as your thumbs can slide perfectly into the slight indentations, which helps you keep a good grip on the doll.

Pet Peeves

“Intercourse” with this doll was as good as I expected. Tantaly never disappoints, and the additional momentum from the bouncy breasts made using this doll a much more enjoyable experience than its predecessor. That said, cleaning was just as annoying as I had expected. I can’t really fault the doll for this, though, as it ultimately comes down to TPE in general. The TPE used in this doll is much less sticky than the previous version, which is a major bonus. Even still, despite my best efforts, the doll still picked up hair, dirt, and dust. As someone who prefers to keep their doll in pristine condition, this was rather irritating.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

The design of this doll is excellent. Whereas the original doll lacked color variation, this doll has it all. Both the nipples and the labia have color to them, helping them look much more lifelike. As mentioned, the breasts are much more bouncy. What I liked, though, was how much softer they are! This is actually true for the entire doll, as everything from the labia to the butt cheeks is soft to the touch. Comparing the dolls side by side, it's also worth noting that the breast and the butt cheek spacings are more accurate as well.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

This doll is extremely easy to use, despite being somewhat heavy. You can pretty much enjoy whatever position you'd like, meaning the only limitation is your imagination. The holes are a bit tight the first time you insert yourself, but they become much more accommodating after a few pumps. The doll warms up quickly, which is a major plus. There is the tiniest learning curve when trying to figure out how to match your thrusts with the bounces of the breasts, but this is fairly easy to pick up.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

This doll is definitely a high-quality item. The TPE, while somewhat sticky, is significantly less sticky than the TPE used in the original version. It's also much softer, which is a major plus as you'll feel the doll up against you the entire time. The skin texture has been improved, the anus looks pretty realistic, and the labia minora protrudes farther out than on the original. Whether you're smacking the doll or simply moving it around, motion passes through it quite easily, so you'll have plenty of fun watching it jiggle as you go.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 - <

The Tantaly Britney 2.0 definitely isn't cheap, but I think it's a worthwhile investment if you anticipate on using it a lot. The quality is there, the item is quite versatile, and the extras you get definitely help add to its overall value. While some companies try to charge you an arm and a leg for simple things like a storage bag or a drying rod, Tantaly throws these in with no extra cost to you! I can definitely see this lasting for a few years or more despite constant use with the proper maintenance and upkeep.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

Overall, this toy lived up to my expectations. The only real disappointment was how it picked up a lot of dirt/dust, which is a huge PITA. Still, that's what you get with TPE toys, and you can overcome this by paying close attention to where you're using the doll. The textures were just as stimulating as the original version, and the increased anal tightness was definitely noticeable. I really liked how much softer the doll was overall, and the coloring added a lot of realism to the experience.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

The packaging of this doll is nearly perfect, and I only say "nearly" because of two small issues. The doll is hidden inside of a black zip-up bag that looks a lot like a suitcase. This bag isn't super durable, but it will get the job done. That said, mine did get a small rip in it, but that might have been my fault due to where I put it (not 100% sure). Inside, there's molded Styrofoam and a plastic bag. The Styrofoam could be a bit thicker around the edges to prevent impact damage.

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

Being made of TPE, the Britney 2.0 is a porous sex doll. This shouldn't be an issue as long as you clean it after every use, but it's still something to keep in mind. The material tends to attract dust and dirt, meaning you'll be cleaning it a lot anyway. Fortunately, the doll is completely waterproof and comes with a storage bag, so that's something you'll definitely want to hold on to. It comes with a single drying rod. However, if you plan on switching holes mid-use, I would pick up an extra one so you can dry the insides more efficiently.

Height(Overall) 19.09 inches, (seated) 17.72 inches
Width(Upper bust) 9.072 inches, (waist) 6.054 inches, (hips) 9.524 inches
Length(Leg) 1.18 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6.22 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.6 inches, (anus) 0.2 inches
Weight29.76 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes (zip-up case with protective styrofoam molding)
Condom safeYes

Tantaly Britney 2.0 -

  • Realistic vagina & anus positioning
  • Less sticky surface than the previous version
  • Bouncier breasts
  • Softer to the touch
  • Tighter anal entrance

  • Slight chemical smell
  • Get dirty easily
  • Time-consuming to clean & dry

I think it's important to point out that I prefer more compact toys, rather than dolls. Even so, I have to give this one a 4.8 out of 5. It's not overly heavy, it's extremely easy to clean, and the only faults that is has are shared by literally every other sex doll out there. These downsides just come with these types of larger toys. In terms of immersion, though, this doll definitely delivers. It looks realistic, easily accommodates multiple positions, and even comes with a storage solution. Definitely top-tier when it comes to sex doll torsos, so I'd definitely recommend it to people who prefer mid-sized sex toys!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a User Guide for the Tantaly Britney 2.0 despite searching around online. Don’t despair though, as the short walk-through above tells you everything you need to know when it comes to the basic process of using this toy. Need positioning ideas? Check out the “position guidance” section on this page.

Definitely in the shower. This will make cleaning the skin of the doll so much easier, and you can clean the inside of the doll quite easily as well if you have a jet function shower head.

You can simply store the doll inside of the zip-up case and Styrofoam molding that it comes with. Make sure that you leave the doll with its breasts facing upwards, as this reduces the likelihood of the doll deforming from its own weight over time.

Keeping the skin clean will pose the biggest issue. Aside from that, everything is great, but you'll have a lot of work cut out for you if you plan on keeping the doll 100% clean. For this reason, I suggest keeping the plastic bag that comes with the doll (the original packaging). Put the doll into the bag before placing it in the molded Styrofoam to help protect it from accumulating dust or dirt during storage.

Yes and no. While the doll does come with a bag that looks a lot like a suitcase, it's not the most durable bag. If traveling with this, I would put the doll's bag inside of a larger suitcase to reduce risk of your doll falling out of the bag. That said, do bear in mind that the doll isn't exactly lightweight, and plan accordingly.

I would say it is! The new model has various improvements over the original, including improved anatomical accuracy, softer skin, bouncier breasts, and an actual storage solution.