Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina — Test & Review

   James Anderson
Jul 11, 2023

James Anderson
: 29
: Intermediate
: Male
: Pansexual
: Fleshlight Flight Pilot — Test & Review

  • Are looking for a realistic vagina and butt.
  • Enjoy variety.
  • Like the experience of a sex doll without having to store or clean a full size figure.
  • Like the option of a handheld toy with the removeable vagina inserts.

  • Are looking for a doll with breasts or face.
  • Absolutely must have a simple cleaning process.
  • Are looking for an easy to maneuver toy.

If you're looking for something new and a step up from a Fleshlight, the Tantaly Mia is for you! Mia from Tantaly is an innovative partial sex doll which includes three interchangeable vagina inserts of different texture. Though there are full size sex dolls out there which have removable vaginas, there are very few (if any) partial sex dolls which have them; not to mention three different included textures to choose from. According to the Tantaly Mia's product page, Tantaly spent months developing a soft butt technology which makes for a very nice experience; the jiggle from Mia's butt makes it feel as though she is moving back during use. This was a great sex toy to test!

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

Initial Thoughts

The Tantaly Mia was very well packaged in a discreet box and when taking Mia out of the packaging, I could immediately tell that it was a high quality toy. Even with a light touch, the skin sort of bounced and reacted almost as though the material was real skin. I knew from the product page that the Tantaly Mia was 19.2 pounds but the weight when picking up this partial sex doll was still surprising. Mia arrived with one vagina insert already installed. In other small boxes within the package, two other vagina inserts were carefully wrapped and marked: Beginner, Regular, and Super Stimulating (already installed). Before opening the Tantaly Mia, I read the included instruction booklet and the product page on Tantaly’s website and in doing so, I was slightly discouraged. Both the instructions and product page were written in poor English. Tantaly’s website is otherwise extremely well done and I recommend that they provide better instructions and product descriptions for those reading in English. The lack of well written information made me second guess the quality of the product but after use, the toy exceeded my expectations.

First Use

Before using the Tantaly Mia, I washed the sex doll in a bathtub along with the three included vagina canals. The instructions indicated that it may be a good idea to do so in order to wash away any dust from the factory. To begin, I tried the ‘Beginner’ vagina insert. The coloring and texturing on the outside were incredibly detailed as was the interior feeling. They were not marked in any way according to texture (Beginner, Regular, and Super Stimulating), but I found that I could compare the shape of them to the photos on the boxes they came in to identify them later. The experience was perfect; similar to that of a Fleshlight. However, the realistic jiggle and texture of the butt greatly enhanced everything owing to how it bounced back against me during use.
Subsequent Uses
This toy had multiple components to it so I spent more time testing to get the full experience needed for this review. The ‘Regular’ and ‘Super Stimulating’ vagina inserts were tested as well as the non-removable anus. Overall, I was happy with the options and I feel that they make the Tantaly Mia worth it in terms of cost. If one insert happened to tear or break, I liked knowing that I would have more to use. Though there were clear differences in the interior canal texture of the inserts, I felt that there could be more of a variety in terms of tightness.  The non-removable anus was also very nice, not being too tight or too loose in my opinion.
Ways to Play
There are drawings on the Tantaly Mia product page, detailing various ways to play with this toy, but I found a few to be easiest. One position was with the Tantaly Mia laying flat with butt facing up and another was with Mia’s stomach facing up. I also tried placing the Tantaly Mia on the edge of a bed and I thought that these three positions were the best ways to use the sex toy. I did try using the Tantaly Mia as if in the cowgirl position as depicted on the product page but was concerned about hurting myself–Mia’s ‘skin’, combined with it’s jiggle and water based lube, can become very slippery. The instruction booklet that came with the Tantaly Mia noted that the vagina inserts can be used on their own. So, I tried using them as described in a similar way to a Fleshlight and the experience was nice as well.
After Use
The worst part of using this sex doll was cleaning it. If you do use the Tantaly Mia for anal sex, the anal canal is not removable so you must wash the entire toy. It was difficult to get water into the anus to adequately rinse it and the Tantaly Mia can become extremely slippery when using soap. I even dropped Mia when washing due to being slippery and not paying enough attention. This caused a very small inconsequential tear in the material and that encouraged me to be more careful in the future. I was impressed by the resilience of the sex doll and how it wasn’t really damaged. The removable vagina inserts were very easy to clean if that is what you use the toy for. When only using a vagina insert in the Tantaly Mia, all I had to do was remove the insert, wash it, and then wipe any water based lube that may have gotten onto the doll.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

The Tantaly Mia felt and looked very realistic and I could tell that care went into her design with details such as dimples above her butt, texture around the anus, and a belly button. I was extremely impressed by the texture and 'bounce back' of her skin during use. Tantaly notes on their product page that the Tantaly Mia's soft skin texture is the result of months of development and it definitely shows. The design of the removable vagina inserts was such that they stayed in place once inserted and were not too difficult to remove or replace.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

I placed a moderately high rating of 80 for Tantaly Mia's ease of use due to the fact that being difficult to maneuver is usually inherent in sex dolls. Adding to the higher ease of use rating is the ability to swap out vagina inserts to clean. It does require some strength to pick the Tantaly Mia up especially because it gets slippery with soap or lube.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

Immediately upon opening the Tantaly Mia from the package, I could tell that the toy was of high quality due to it's weight and lifelike feeling of Mia's skin. The softness and recoil effect of the butt were appealing as well as the coloring detail of the vagina inserts. Overall, my thoughts are that the Tantaly Mia doll is of very high quality.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina - <

Tantaly sells other lower half sex dolls and they are of similar price to the Tantaly Mia (300 dollar range) but they don't have removable vagina inserts. A cursory search of other partial sex dolls left me believing that the Tantaly Mia is a perfect choice if you are looking for a lower half sex doll due to either a higher price or how realistic they looked. Overall, my deciding factor for value versus price was that the Tantaly Mia comes with three vagina inserts which makes it easy to clean, can be used on their own without Mia, and provide a source of variety when changing them out.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

Before opening the Tantaly Mia's interior packaging, I read the included instruction booklet and knew what I was expecting in terms of the weight of the toy, cleaning procedure, and the three interchangeable vagina inserts feature. I did not encounter any big surprises during use and the bounciness of Mia was better than I had anticipated. I did not anticipate how slippery the doll would get with lube or with soap.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

Inside a plain, discreet shipping box was an attractive Tantaly box which included Styrofoam to keep the Tantaly Mia in place. On top of the Styrofoam was an instruction booklet as well as a catalogue of other Tantaly products. In small pockets cut out of the Styrofoam were places for two vagina inserts, packaged carefully in boxes (the third vagina insert was already inside of Mia). Also included was a drying stick. Both the doll and the vagina inserts were wrapped in soft plastic which I felt helped retain the powder applied to her skin, keeping her soft during shipping.

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

The surface of the toy was soft and bounced back during use which was perfect. It is also made of TPE which is waterproof but porous. Unfortunately, this means that the sex doll will not last forever, and Tantaly lists on their website that their dolls usually last one to two years. Like many sex dolls, it is difficult to clean due to it's weight and how slippery it gets using soap. If you plan to purchase this toy, I would recommend purchasing Tantaly's care kit which includes various items to clean, dry, and store the Tantaly Mia.

Length11.3 inches
Diameter35.83 inches
Insertable length5.1-6.3 inches
Weight19.2 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

Tantaly Mia Sex Doll W. Removable Vagina -

Tantaly touts this doll as one of their special offerings due to the interchangeable vagina feature. I thought that the vagina inserts were fun to try and made for a very positive experience. They also made the toy easy to clean.

  • The vagina inserts are nice to choose from and easy to clean.
  • The jiggling reaction of Mia's butt is fun to play with and feels real.
  • The Tantaly Mia's vagina inserts are very detailed and realistic.

  • A degree of strength is required to wash and pick up this toy.
  • Washing the Tantaly Mia's body is not a simple task.
  • Care must be taken to dry the Tantaly Mia's canals.

In conclusion, the Tantaly Mia was a very impressive toy to test. I enjoyed trying the three different vagina inserts and if I were to buy a toy like this, that variety would be what would make me choose this toy over others. In addition, the jiggle of the butt as a result of Tantaly's development was very nice. After testing this toy, I would not want to purchase any other lower half sex dolls without that feature. The Tantaly Mia is certainly difficult to clean but if you are looking for a sex doll, most dolls are cleaned in a similar way and Mia's removable vaginas simplify that process a bit. If you are new to using sex toys and looking for a toy for a penis owner, I'd recommend purchasing something like a Fleshlight. If you've tried a handheld toy such as the Fleshlight, I believe the Tantaly Mia is the perfect next step.

There is not a specific user manual on the Tantaly website for this doll. However, there is plenty of helpful information and a guide for how to position the Tantaly Mia here on their product page. For more information, check out my How To guide above for ideas as well.

No, it does not.

The Tantaly Mia is a partial sex doll which includes part of a stomach/back and butt without legs.

I believe the Tantaly Mia partial sex doll is a perfect first purchase if you are interested in sex dolls. Mia has three vagina inserts to choose from and it is a great way to decide if you like this type of toy without spending over $1,000 for a full size doll.

Yes, the inserts can be used just like a Fleshlight or similar type toy.

It is certainly a process but it definitely is worth it, especially since the Tantaly Mia is made of TPE which is porous. Taking the time to clean Mia properly will help you to enjoy this toy for awhile.