17 Best Sex Dolls + Trusted Vendors (AVOID these Scammers!)

   Kevin Foley
In this top list, I have ranked the best sex dolls, both the cheap and the more expensive ones. I will also cover the brands to look for, shops to avoid, and manufacturers of sex dolls that are outright scammers. In short, the best-rated sex doll, when compared to all the rest is the WM Doll Megan, and the safest and most trustworthy vendors are Lovehoney, JoyLoveDolls, Rosemarydoll, or SexyRealSexdolls. With those, you’re 100% safe when buying. If you choose another sex doll vendor, please read my guidelines on how to avoid scammers.
1 Test Winner

WM Dolls Megan TPE Sex Doll


  • Crave a realistic experience
  • Love red hair
  • Want a mid-range full-size doll
  • Enjoy a more petite body


  • Crave a curvy model with bigger boobs
  • Want a waterproof doll for wet play

Treat yourself to the ultimate realistic experience with the fiery redhead, Megan. She is my favorite, and simply the best sex doll comparing to all the others we’ve tested. Her slim body a functional mouth, vagina, anus for you to explore! Megan measures 5 feet 2 inches tall and 62lbs and I love her B-cup boobs that feels very realistic. When you buy Megan, there are plenty of ways to customise Megan to make your perfect doll, including skin tone, breast size, standing feet and even a heating system!

  • Great quality for mid-range price
  • Functional mouth, anus, vagina
  • Plenty of customisation options
  • Beautiful flowing red hair

  • Boobs not big enough for breast sex
  • Not suitable for playing in the bath or shower
Weight63 lbs
FlexibilityHuman-like skeleton
Height5 foot 2 inches
Insertable lengthVagina: 6.7 inches, Anus: 6.7 inches, Mouth: 5.1 inches

I put Megan as this lists test winner, as the doll combines great quality with a more affordable price tag in comparison to the other dolls. As well as looking great, you can explore anal, vaginal and oral sex in a wide range of positions, meaning you’re never going to get bored with Megan! This is a great doll for anyone who loves a more petite body or is looking for a redhead sex doll,. If you are looking for more curves on your sex doll, I would instead go with Tori, or the Latina Filipa.

2 Cheapest

Tantaly Britney 2.0

 Tantaly Britney

  • Are new to sex dolls
  • Don't have the budget for a full size doll
  • Want something easy to store
  • Love big breasts
  • Can't lift a full-size sex doll
  • Want intensely textured vagina and anus

Tantaly Britney

  • Can't lift 30lbs
  • Prefer silicone

Britney’s perfect body features wonderfully jiggly breasts, made from Tantaly’s gel formula that you will love to jiggle and slide your shaft between! She also has a deliciously texture vagina and slightly tighter anus for you to dive deep into! Comparing to the other toys, this is definitely the cheapest overall. However, you don’t get “as much” sex doll for the price. With that being said, the quality of the materials is exceptional when compared to the other dolls on the list. I wish Tantaly would make full-size dolls. A cool feature I found is that the Britney has an internal skeleton which ensures stability in different positions.

  • Cheaper than a full sex doll
  • Easy to store
  • Textured vagina and anus
  • Jiggly gel breasts
  • Weighted enough for thrusting

  • Difficult to clean and dry
  • Attracts a lot of lint and dust
Tantaly Britney
Height(Overall) 19.09 inches, (seated) 17.72 inches
Width(Upper bust) 9.072 inches, (waist) 6.054 inches, (hips) 9.524 inches
Length(Leg) 1.18 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7 inches, (anus) 6.22 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.6 inches, (anus) 0.2 inches
Weight29.76 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes (zip-up case with protective styrofoam molding)
Condom safeYes

I would say that Britney makes a fantastic sex doll for those on a budget or who don’t have the space for some of the other full-size dolls on my list. Sex doll torsos are a great way for beginners to test the waters before splashing out on a more expensive doll. In my opinion the gel breasts have to be one of her main attractions — they really are wonderfully jiggly and great to play with however you please! I found both the vagina and anus to have some pleasing textures and the vulva has a great realistic look!

3 Beginner

THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll

 THRUST Pro Elite Natalia

  • Want a doll you can dress up
  • Want to explore multiple positions
  • Want a standing sex doll

THRUST Pro Elite Natalia

  • Want ultra realism
  • Are on a budget

I really liked the Natalia full-sized TPE doll! This is a premium sex doll that stands 5’2” tall. I found that this is one of the dolls that has the most realistic hair, skin-feel and realistic looking face. Another feature I liked when comparing to the other dolls is that it is posable and with standing feet. This means you can explore a wide range of positions with Natalia! Plus, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to dressing her up, adding a new level of fun to your solo adventures. As you’d expect, her mouth, vagina, and anus are all fully functional, easy to lube, and ready to use. Each canal has its own unique texture, blurring the line between what’s “real” and what’s only “fantasy”.

  • Posable
  • Full size sex doll
  • Blonde hair
  • Includes renewal powder & douche
  • 34 DD breasts & erect nipples

  • Can be tricky to assemble without instructions
  • No skin or hair color options
  • Cleaning in an in-depth process
  • Face is not as realistic as some other premium dolls
THRUST Pro Elite Natalia
Height62 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 6.5 inches, (Anus) 5.5 inches, (Mouth) 4.5 inches
Weight99.18 lbs
OpeningsVagina, anus, mouth

I would say that Natalia is a super high quality sex doll that can be used in a wide range of positions. If you don’t want to use her lying down? Natalia can even be posed using the screws in her feet, opening up the entire Kama Sutra for your entertainment! The lack of customisations is the main drawback compared to a lot of the other dolls. But that’s one good reason why this doll is a great beginners option! Natalia is ready to go as is, making it a much easier buying process!

4 Realistic

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll


  • Want a super realistic sex doll
  • Want a sex doll with a full figure and realistic proportions
  • Don't mind the high maintenance
  • Want a lot of customisation options
  • Want the option of a vaginal, anal, and oral orifice


  • Cannot comfortably carry 40 kg
  • Prefer a very petite build and lightweight sex doll
  • You can be bothered with the high maintenance and care

If realism is a priority to you and you’re looking for sex doll that both looks and feels as much as the real deal as possible, I’m obliged to introduce you to Wayne. Wayne Windstead, that is, as her official name on the website goes! The Starpery Wayne Sex Doll is absolutely gorgeous. She has a fuller figure compared to other petite sex dolls, with slightly wider hips and thighs that actually seem to match the large boobs and bubble butt. Her proportions are definitely a lot more realistic than some of the other options on this list! Unlike many of the other lifelike sex dolls on this list, Wayne is fully customizable, allowing you to pick her height, skin tone, hair, eye color, and much much more. She also comes with a bunch of accessories and a few different outfits. Best of all, she comes with two different heads. They have different looks, one of them is more firm and made of silicone, and the other is made of soft TPE and has an oral opening. Forget imagining your ideal sex doll: you can actually make one with Wayne! Offering everything from an internal skeleton to a built-in heating system for added realism, Wayne is a great choice for guys who want a partner they can buy!

  • Wide variety of customizations available
  • Incredibly lifelike
  • Body heat option available
  • Textured canals in the mouth, vagina, and anus
  • Standing feet available
  • Gel breasts are super satisfying to grab and squeeze

  • Expensive
  • Customization options may be overwhelming
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • The weight makes it difficult to move around and manoeuvre
Height(5ft 5) 64.9 inches
Weight(43.5 kg) 95.5 lbs
MaterialsTPE body
Storage Bag IncludedNo
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable lengthVagina: 7.5, Anus: 6.7, Mouth: 5.1 inches
Colors AvailableWheat, light tan, tan, dark tan

I personally think Wayne is absolutely stunning. She just offers a more lifelike experience because of the slightly fuller figure. Even though you can tell that she’s carved by the gods in terms of aesthetics, her proportions are not unbelievable. I think this is a great options for anyone who finds a lot of other sex toys to look “too perfect”. Proportions aside, the detailing and texture on certain features are uncanny. The subtle veins on the skin, the shape of the knees, the eyebrow hair, freckles, and textured lips, all this comes together to create an incredibly realistic experience. In terms of price, this realistic doll is making a serious investment in your pleasure. While there are other models that are more expensive, Wayne is not cheap. However, the doll is available at a pretty average price compared to the other models in this review. The only remotely “negative” thing I have to say about Wayne is of course that TPE is easily damaged and you need to be careful not to be too rough with the skin. This may be more easily said than done because she is a heavy woman! The fuller figure means more pounds to log around. Be aware that you have to be able to move around 40 kg of dead weight when adjusting her position, moving her around, and especially during the cleaning process (which is extensive as with all sex dolls).

5 Curvy

WM Dolls Tori Curvy TPE Sex Doll

 WM Dolls Tori

  • Love a curvy body
  • Want to explore breast play
  • Crave a big butt

WM Dolls Tori

  • Aren't able to lift 48.5 kg
  • Want to change positions a lot

If you crave curves in all the right places, Tori will drive you wild! This beauty has busty H-cup boobs that call out to be squeezed and can be used for tit wanks whenever you like! Plus she has a beautifully curvy booty! She is definitely the most curvy of all the dolls on the list. You can enjoy anal, vaginal, and oral orifice and pose her body however you want with the adjustable steel skeleton. This WM Doll is made from high-quality TPE, and comes with custom options so you can make your dream doll!

  • Seductive curvy body
  • Breasts can be used for tit wanks
  • Usable mouth, vagina, anus
  • Customisable
  • Option for free standing feet

  • Very heavy
  • Difficult to change positions due to weight
  • Not suitable for taking in the bath or shower
WM Dolls Tori
Insertable lengthVagina: 6.7, Anus: 6.7, Mouth, 5.1 inches
Height64 inches
Weight107 lbs
OpeningsVagina, mouth, anus
AdjustablePosable with steel skeleton

Tori really is one beautiful busty babe with a booty to match! This is definitely the one for anyone looking for the ultimate curvy sex doll! However, all those curves do add some extra weight to the doll, making it more difficult to move her or change positions mid session. If you are looking for an easy to move doll, I would either choose a torso like the cheapest option, or simply a smaller full-size one like Megan the test winner. Tori is super cheap considering the level of detail and realism, plus the three functional openings. Oh, and I also love that her boobs are big enough to slip and slide between! Overall, a really great curvy sex doll but just be prepared for the weight!

6 Russian

Anastasia Premium TPE Sex Doll

 Anastasia TPE Sex Doll

  • Want a realistic sex doll
  • Have the space for a toy like this
  • Love poseable sex dolls

Anastasia TPE Sex Doll

  • Are looking for something cheaper
  • Prefer more discreet sex dolls
  • Are on a budget

If you’re on the hunt for a lifelike sex doll that has all the intimate details of a real person, then the Anastasia Premium TPE Sex Doll is what you’re looking for. It features a steel, fully poseable skeleton, covered in a hyperreal-looking and feeling TPE flesh and featuring H2O Cyberskin in all the fun parts. It features a self-lubricating vagina and butt, all you need to do is add a few drops of water. You even have the option of being able to upgrade your TPE sex doll by adding a heating system, sounds, and even simulated breathing. She is lifelike, she is gorgeous, and she’s ready to please you!

  • Features H2O Cyberskin
  • Poseable steel skeleton
  • Self-lubricating vagina/butt

  • Fairly steep cost
  • Not at all small or discreet
Anastasia TPE Sex Doll
MaterialsTPE and H2O Cyberskin
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight73 lbs
Insertable lengthVagina: 6.7, Anus: 6.7, Mouth: 5.1 inches

The Anastasia Premium TPE Sex Doll is perfect if you want a ridiculously realistic sex doll. It can be posed, meaning you can have fun with the H2O Cyberskin vagina and butt in whichever position you want. It can be fairly easily cleaned and can be upgraded if you want to take it one step further! She is a big toy though, so you’re going to need to be sure you have room for her! It’s essentially a human sized toy, after all! Price wise she is expensive (though not as expensive as the silicone alternatives), and you’re going to need to be sure this is the type of toy you want before making your purchase. That’s not to say she’s not awesome, though!

7 Latina

YL Doll Felipina


  • Desire a curvy body
  • Are looking a big booty doll
  • Want to use your doll for tit wank


  • Aren't able to lift 54.5kgs
  • Prefer a slimmer body
  • Want a waterproof sex doll

Get lost in Felipina’s voluptuous curves and striking beauty! Enjoy playing with her realistic N-cup breast, burying your head between her beautiful thick thighs, or exploring the delights of her mouth, vagina, and anus! With plenty of customisation on offer, you can tweak Felipina to match your desires! Some options are even free!

  • Incredible curves
  • N-cup breasts
  • Usable mouth, vagina, anus
  • Beautiful, realistic face
  • Great for breast play

  • Standing feet cost extra
  • Not waterproof
Insertable lengthMouth: 5.91, Vagina: 6.69, Anus: 6.69 inches
Weight120.15 lbs
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

This lovely Latin sex doll is going to be a winner for those who crave serious curves! She has a beautifully realistic face, that combined with the real feel TPE gives a wonderfully realistic feeling! All those curves do take the weight up unfortunately, so you have to be prepared to lift 54.5kgs of sex doll! Being a TPE sex doll, Felipina comes in the mid price range but that does mean she can’t go in the bath or shower.

8 Black

WM Dolls Saya TPE Sex Doll

 WM Dolls Saya

  • Crave a big booty sex dolls
  • Love long, black flowing hair
  • Prefer a TPE doll
  • Love extra big breast

WM Dolls Saya

  • Prefer a slimmer body
  • Want a silicone sex doll

Enjoy Saya’s beautiful curvaceous body whenever the mood takes you! From her realistic hair and black flowing hair to the tips of her toes, Saya has incredible attention to detail. The ultimate hourglass figure features M-cup breasts, wide hips and extra thick thighs! Made from TPE, with a sensually soft mouth, vagina, and anus, you will have endless fun with Saya.  

  • Beautiful big booty
  • Long, black, curly hair
  • Functional mouth, vagina, and ass
  • Lots of customisation options
  • Free optional standing feet

  • Not waterproof
  • Difficult to manoeuvre
WM Dolls Saya
Insertable lengthMouth: 4.7, Vagina: 7.5, and Anus: 6.7 inches
Weight97 lbs
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

Saya is without a doubt one of the best Black sex dolls you can get! While she looks incredible just as she is, you can also customise many of the details to suit your tastes. I also love that you can choose to add standing feet for free! The TPE feels incredible to touch and once lubed up her three opens offer some incredible sensations. Plus, using TPE keeps the cost down, making it a much more budget-friendly alternative to silicone. That does however mean you have to be more careful with Saya and it’s not recommended to get her wet.

9 Asian

IronTech Vina Asian Porn star Sex Doll

 IronTech Vina

  • Prefer more durable silicone
  • Want a sex doll with big breasts
  • Prefer realistic gel breasts

IronTech Vina

  • Want to have oral sex
  • Can't lift 41kg

Nuzzle your face between Vina’s incredible ultra-realistic gel breasts and enjoy the sensual textures of her vagina and anus! Made from medical grade silicone, Vina is more durable than TPE dolls, meaning you will be able to enjoy her for much longer. Plus, she’s waterproof for easier cleaning and fun in the bath!    

  • Great price for a silicone sex doll
  • Can be washed in the shower
  • Breast are big enough for all kinds of play
  • Incredible details

  • Standing feet cost extra
  • Not suitable for oral sex
  • Heavy
IronTech Vina
Insertable lengthVagina: 7, Anus: 6.3 inches
MaterialsMedical-grade silicone
Weight90 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus

Vina is a beautiful Asian sex doll, especially if you desire bigger breasts! She is great for vaginal and anal sex but, unfortunately blow job lovers are flat out of luck here, as her mouth is not usable, so keep that in mind when deciding if Vina is the one for you! Vina has some incredibly realistic details — the intricate veining and lifelike hands make for a super realistic finish. I love that she’s made of silicone as it will last much longer than TPE and you can get her wet, which makes cleaning easier and means you can enjoy wet play!  

10 Inflatable

Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz

 Shy Camilla

  • Are on a budget
  • Want a large doll but have limited space
  • Don’t require a hyper-realistic doll
  • Enjoy vibrations

Shy Camilla

  • Want a premium sex doll
  • Need a high level of realism
  • Don’t want to deal with inflation/deflation

This blow up sex doll is far superior to the inflatable sex doll of the past. While you obviously won’t get a super realistic-looking doll that’s inflatable, Shy Camilla is about as realistic as you can get for an inflatable! Standing 5.7 feet tall when fully inflated, Camilla has long blonde hair, large breasts, and enamoring eyes. She has a textured vagina and anus and both can be removed for easy cleaning. Not sold yet? Camilla also comes with a removable multispeed vibrator that you can use for even more stimulation! If you’re intrigued by blow up sex dolls and want a premium product, you can’t go wrong with this one!


  • Textured vagina and anus
  • Easy to store
  • 5’ 7” when inflated
  • Wig for added realism
  • Includes removable bullet vibrator
  • Pump included

  • Made of PVC
  • Vagina is hard to insert/remove
  • Easily damaged
  • Not very realistic
  • Limited positions/uses
Shy Camilla
Height67 inches
Vibration speedsMultiple
OpeningsVagina, Anus

Being an inflatable sex doll, Shy Camilla is a fairly delicate lady. You’ll need to be relatively gentle when using her, especially when it comes to inserting or removing her vagina. It’s also vital to keep her away from any pointy objects, as it’s sure to kill the mood when your doll suddenly starts deflating halfway through “fun time”. Of course, these are fairly standard limitations for this type of doll, and the PVC used in Camilla does a good job for what it is. Considering she is a blow up doll, she actually offers more realism than you might expect, although it’s still pretty apparent that she’s not a real person. Nonetheless, if you’re more about the “experience” as opposed to the visual appeal, Shy Camilla might be just what your life has been missing!

11 Ass

THRUST Pro Elite Alana Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator

 THRUST Pro Elite Alana

  • Love butts
  • Want a sex doll you can put panties on
  • Need a toy that can be used hands-free

THRUST Pro Elite Alana

  • Want a toy with breasts
  • Lack storage space
  • Don’t mind extensive cleaning

Calling all booty lovers: the THRUST Pro Elite Alana Masturbator is calling your name! Available in light and dark skin tones, this giant vagina & ass masturbator weighs in at over 15 pounds of jiggly potential. It might take a bit more effort to move than your average stroker, but the ability to use this toy hands-free is certainly worth it! Offering separate vaginal and anal canals with an insertable length of 5.5 and 7.5 inches respectively, this real sex doll is ribbed and textured to please. Prefer a more hands-on approach? There’s more than enough to grab onto while you take full advantage of your new toy!

  • Two skin tones available
  • Can be “dressed”
  • Realistic jiggling movement
  • Weight prevents movement during use
  • Separate vaginal and anal canals

  • Cleaning is time-consuming
  • Flimsy provided plastic container
  • Splashproof, not waterproof
THRUST Pro Elite Alana
MaterialsSoft plastic
Length14 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 7.5 inches, (Anus) 5.5 inches
Width14 inches
Diameter (internal)(Vagina) 0.5 inches, (Anus) 0.1 inches
Weight15.43 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus

Alana is much larger than your average real sex doll, yet so much smaller than a full-sized sex doll. Storage under the bed might be a challenge, but storing her in a closet shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Overall, Alana is extremely fun to use! Her individual canals offer unique insertion experiences and the TPE material used not only feels real to the touch but looks real as well! Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse once the “good times” are over: cleaning Alana is a challenge! She’s not fully waterproof which means you’ll need to minimize the water usage, and the lack of a drainage plug means that a combination of gravity and water absorption sticks will be needed to completely dry her out. For casual users, this might not be worth the effort, but butt lovers will likely find the task worthwhile.

12 Petite

Phoebe Premium Female Sex Doll

 Phoebe Premium Female Sex Doll

  • Enjoy a more petite build
  • Like smaller breasts on your realistic sex doll
  • Want a very realistic face
  • Also want the option to customize her proportions and features

Phoebe Premium Female Sex Doll

  • Prefer a much fuller figure
  • Want to be able to have breast sex

Introducing Phoebe, a premium realistic sex doll. Sculpted from top-tier TPE for a lifelike feel, Phoebe stands 5’2″, weighs 73lbs, and sports firm A-cup breasts. Thanks to her internal metal skeleton with movable joints, Phoebe’s flexibility is top-notch, ready for all your favorite positions. Explore her realistic and detailed mouth, vagina, and anus for a variety of sensual experiences. Best of all, Phoebe is customizable – eye colors, hair types, foot options, and even a built-in heating system, or ” breathing” function. Experience Phoebe’s charm and indulge in an unmatched sensual journey with this high-quality sex doll.

  • Fully customizable
  • Petite body frame
  • Hyper realistic features

  • May be too realistic for some
  • Proportions may not be fulfilling for some fantasies
Phoebe Premium Female Sex Doll
Height5 feet 2 inches
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus
AdjustablePosable with internal metal skeleton

Considering the balance between cost and quality, Phoebe is undoubtedly a top contender. She may not be as budget-friendly as some options, like Tantaly Britney, but she stands out with her realistic features, premium TPE material, and full customization options. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, Phoebe provides an enhanced level of detail and versatility that can really enrich your intimate moments. All in all, she’s a worthy investment for those ready to take their experiences to the next level, beyond what a basic sex doll torso can offer.

13 Large

Kasandra: Big Ass Sex Doll

 Kasandra Sex Doll

  • Love big boobs
  • Want a customizable doll
  • Want a realistic looking doll with very large features

Kasandra Sex Doll

  • Want a lightweight realistic sex doll
  • Want a large realistic sex doll that's more budget friendly

Have you ever met Kasandra? You should. She’s got ample breasts that you’re bound to love. She’s also got a nice butt and a warm, satisfying vagina. Do you think you have what it takes to handle Kasandra? If so, pick her up today. Experience a captivating level of realism with our voluptuous TPE sex doll, designed for maximum pleasure. Her generously proportioned bust and wide hips are balanced by a petite waist, creating a figure that truly stands out. Standing 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 87 lbs, she’s perfectly proportioned and ready to captivate you. The doll features a robust steel skeleton, complete with movable joints, allowing you to position her in countless ways to match your desires. She provides three intimate orifices for your pleasure. Both her vaginal and anal cavities reach a depth of 6.7 inches, while her oral cavity is 5.1 inches deep. Experience the sensual delight of this curvaceous doll and explore a range of sexual possibilities like never before.

  • Enormous breasts
  • Wide butt
  • Realistic facial details
  • Body warming feature

  • Proportions are not very realistic
  • Expensive
  • Heavy
Kasandra Sex Doll
Height5 feet 3 inches
OpeningsMouth, anus, vagina
Weight87 lbs
Insertable length6.7 inches

If you’re looking for a busty and realistic sex doll, you’re not going to do any better than Kasandra: The Big Ass Sex Doll, from Silicon Wives. Kasandra is certainly expensive, but her high price is reasonable when you look at all of the quality and detail that comes with her. Like a few of the other sex dolls on this list, Kasandra is highly customizable. You can choose her hair color, eye color, and skin tone. You can also customize her vagina, pubes, and feet. You can choose between solid, hollow, and soft & natural breasts. The only thing you’re really “stuck” with is her massively big boobs. There are also other options and features that can make Kasandra feel even more realistic. You can add body heating, an enhanced mouth, shrugging shoulders, moaning sounds, and jiggling breasts. Despite the impressive options for customization and the realistic appearance of Kasandra, she still doesn’t exactly *feel* realistic when you are inside of her. This is one of the only things about Kasandra that could be improved. If you are into people with big boobs, Kasandra is the doll for you. She is great for masturbation or for couples who want to have a threesome without finding an additional person.

14 Realistic Blow Up

Horny Quella Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll

 Horny Quella

  • Are fine with using an inflatable sex doll
  • Want a very budget friendly sex doll
  • Don't care too much about the realism
  • Want a portable sex doll

Horny Quella

  • Want a hyper realistic sex doll
  • Want a fully customizable sex doll
  • Don't want to use lube

Horny Quella is the personal trainer that you need to improve your sex life. This inflatable sex doll is ready and waiting for you. She has a detailed head, body, hands, and feet. Her nipples are hard and she’s always smiling. She has a removable vagina and anus for easier cleaning. She also comes with an insertable bullet vibrator that can add a little buzz to your masturbatory adventures! The bullet can also be used independently, when Honry Quella is put away for the night. Of course, this is not a super realistic sex doll like most of the others in this review, but as an affordable (and portable) alternative, this lady is definitely one of the more realistic inflatable sex dolls out there!

  • Inflatable
  • Cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to store

  • Less customizable than other sex dolls
  • Prone to bursting
  • Vagina is difficult to remove and re-insert for cleaning
  • Hips aren't flexible
Horny Quella
Height5 feet 7 inches
Insertable length5 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt
Vibration modesMultiple, unspecified

If you are looking for a good inflatable sex doll, Horny Quella is your best option. She is a little expensive for an inflatable sex doll, but this is largely because of her vibration features. She stands out from other sex dolls on this list because she is inflatable, while still feeling realistic. The texture inside of her vagina and anus feel like the real thing, and the vibration feature cums as an extra bonus. The simplicity of Horny Quella’s design is a great perk and she is easy to deflate and store. Horny Quella could be improved by improving the design of her vagina. While it feels realistic when you put your penis into her, it is difficult to take her vagina out for cleaning purposes. The doll is prone to ripping and tearing when you do this, which is obviously problematic. Horny Quella is a fine product for anyone who is looking for an inflatable and/or realistic-feeling sex doll on a budget. She can be used for solo masturbation, or to simulate a threesome with your partner.

15 Torso

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia Realistic Vagina, Ass and Tits Masturbator

 THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Want an affordable alternative to a full size sex doll
  • Don't have room to store a full size sex doll
  • Enjoy the idea of a sex doll torso

THRUST Pro Elite Alicia

  • Want a full body sex doll
  • Want a customizable sex doll

The THRUST Pro Elite Alicia is one of the best treats that you can give your penis. She has a slim waist and realistic torso and perky breasts that feel like real life. Her vagina and butt are both wonderfully textured. Obviously, she can’t provide you a lifesized experience, but this sex doll torso brings you just as much pleasure as it does practical storage and easy cleaning. She’s much easier to lug around than one of the full sized sex dolls I’ve reviewed so far! Alicia is made from high quality material to accurately simulate the texture of flesh. She comes with two openings you can penetrate, her vagina and her butt. Make sure you use plenty of water based lubricant.

  • Tight openings
  • Quiet
  • Budget friendly
  • Feels good

  • Small size
  • Hard to clean
  • A bit too bendy
  • Doesn't warm up easily
THRUST Pro Elite Alicia
Diameter.25 inches
Insertable length5 inches
OpeningsVagina and butt
Length19 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

Alicia, from the THRUST Pro Elite line, is one of the cheapest realistic sex doll you can find. Alicia is a very basic sex doll, just a torso with breasts, vagina, and butt. For the price, she’s got everything you need. Alicia stands out from other sex dolls because of her simplicity and her low price point. She still has realistic skin tones and textures. When you insert yourself into her, you’ll still feel like you’re inside a real person. A downside to Alicia is that she is harder to clean than many other dolls. Alicia could be improved by making her easier to clean and adding a feature that warms her up to your body. This is a great product for people who are lonely and want a budget friendly doll to cuddle and have sex with.


Thrust Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Sex Doll

 Thrust Pro Elite Roxy

  • Want a posable sex doll
  • Need a doll that can stand
  • Want to enjoy oral, anal and vaginal sex

Thrust Pro Elite Roxy

  • Want to customise your doll
  • Crave ultra realism

Explore whichever positions take your fancy with Roxy! You can even enjoy standing positions as she comes ready equipped with standing feet! Enjoy the her lovely soft skin and perky 30DD breasts that just call out to be squeezed and stroked. Plus, you get to enjoy the pleasures of realistic oral, anal, and vaginal sex, so there’s plenty of ways for you to play with Roxy!

  • Squishy 30DD breasts
  • Vagina, mouth and anus
  • Posable
  • Standing feet
  • Renewing powder and douche included

  • Not the most realistic face
  • No possibility for customisations
Thrust Pro Elite Roxy
Insertable lengthMouth: 4.5, vagina: 6.5, anus: 5.5 inches
Weight99.18 lbs
OpeningsMouth, vagina, anus

Roxy is a versatile sex doll that you can use in a wide range of positions from doggy to standing and everything in between! Users report that her holes feel incredibly realistic and make for some really lifelike experiences. Unfortunately, while her facial features are pretty, they aren’t the most realistic. This is a great option for anyone who just wants to buy a sex doll as is with the complications of customisations. However, if you want to customise your doll, you are going to be better off with one of the other options in this review.


Lara: Fit Sex Doll

 Lara: Fit Sex Doll

  • Want the most realistic doll possible
  • Enjoy customizing your dolls
  • Want a super realistic face
  • Prefer the athletic look

Lara: Fit Sex Doll

  • Want a budget-friendly toy
  • Don’t care about realism
  • Lack the required storage space
  • Prefer a curvy model

If you love the fit, athletic look,  Lara is the girl for you! With a toned body and perky C-cup boobs, Lara is always ready for action! Plus, she’s customizable, letting you choose her hair color, eye color, skin tone, and pubic hair styling, to name a few. D epending on your budget, you can also get Lara with extra features like extra jiggly breasts, articulated hands, or even moaning on-demand! Anyone who sees her will swear she’s a real girl, and once she shows up in a box at your house, you probably will too.

  • Plenty of customization options
  • Realistic-looking face
  • Optional storage case
  • Over five feet tall
  • Enjoy vaginal, anal, and oral sex
  • C-Cup breasts

  • Costs ≥ $2,000
  • Weighs 73 pounds
  • Wig may slide off if not secured properly
Lara: Fit Sex Doll
Height65 inches
Insertable length(Vagina) 6.7 inches, (Anus) 6.7 inches, (Mouth) 5.1 inches
Weight73 lbs
OpeningsVagina, Anus, Mouth

Short of a RealDoll, Lara is about as realistic as you’re going to get. Many dolls succeed in achieving realism in the body but fail once you get to the face: this isn’t a problem for Lara! She has a backstory (which you can read on the product page if you’re into that), can be easily dressed up in your favorite outfits, and offers a wide variety of customization options that truly make her feel like “your” doll, rather than a mass-produced sex doll. Unfortunately, precision craftsmanship like this requires a delicate hand, so you’ll need to be especially careful when handling her, particularly her head, as this area can be damaged easily. Unless you have previous experience with high-end sex dolls, we don’t recommend Lara.

The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry

The sex doll industry is huge. That also means, it is a jungle to figure out which sex doll shops are discreet and reliable. Finding a sex doll seller that you can buy a sex doll from without worrying about packaging or billing being discreet is a must. And to make things worse, there are a lot of shady and scamming sex doll resellers out there. In our research of the industry we have however pinpointed the most reliable shops that also ship in a discreet way. All have been listed below, so that you can buy a sex doll with ease of mind.

Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls - The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry
joylovedolls.com is by far one of the sex doll webshops with the biggest selection. On their site you will be able to find both standard and custom sex dolls. Prices are fair, but not super cheap compared to others. A nice choice for anyone who wants to have a wide selection to choose between.

SiliconWives - SW for short

SiliconWives - SW for short - The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry
A super interesting niche sex doll reseller. Nice prices and a good selection of different dolls. They also carry a good selection of other male masturbators and sex toys. A definite win if you want to support a newly founded bussiness.

Sexy Real Sex dolls

Sexy Real Sex dolls - The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry
Another good example of a niche sex doll site. On Sexy Real Sex Doll it is easy to purchase in a safe and secure way. Nice selection of realistic love dolls. All around another fantastic shop. Definitely worth a quick look.


Tantaly - The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry
Tantaly.com is an incredible sex doll shop. They are really leading the industry forward by making sex dolls molded after famous people and porn stars – like Fleshlight. A fantastic company, who we would any day recommend buying your love doll from! super discreet shipping and billing. Nothing like Tantaly out there.


SexDollTech - The Best Shops in the Sex Doll Industry
SexDollTech have a huge selection of high-quality silicone and TPE sex dolls. You can choose between ready to buy dolls or create a custom doll to suit your desires. They also have a big range of sex doll accessories and outfits so it truly is a one-stop shop for all things sex doll!

Not Enough Room for a Full Sex Doll?

Full sized sex dolls are not only a commitment financially, but also space wise too! They take up a lot of room! So let’s look at a few small options that you can enjoy.

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

Thrust Pro Elite Alana - Not Enough Room for a Full Sex Doll?
When it boils down to it, a lot of people want a sex doll so they can use the vagina and the butt. So what the Thrust Pro Elite Alana does is it provides you with just that! This weighty and stable toy features a life-size realistic vagina and ass masturbator – perfect to partake in some doggy style fun!

Thrust Pro Elite Sophia

Thrust Pro Elite Sophia - Not Enough Room for a Full Sex Doll?
If you prefer to get down and dirty in the old tried-and-tested missionary style, then the Thrust Pro Elite Sophia is sure to please! She’s laid spreadeagled and ready for you to do whatever you want to her vagina or butt – the choice is yours! Whichever hole you choose, a thrilling and tightly textured canal awaits you!

Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally

Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally - Not Enough Room for a Full Sex Doll?
Another spread eagle babe is waiting for you! With the Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally you can have all the fun you want as you plunge your cock inside either of the tempting holes. Perfectly sized for discreet thrusting, you can place your hands on her hips and have your way with her. Flip her over for doggy style – she won’t mind!

Prefer a Silicone Sex Doll?

If silicone sex dolls are more your jam then worry not – there are silicone alternatives out there. While they may be a little more pricey, the quality is one step higher than the already amazing TPE!

Mary Premium Silicone Sex Doll

Mary Premium Silicone Sex Doll - Prefer a Silicone Sex Doll?
The Mary Premium Silicone Sex Doll is a lifelike silicone sex doll that has an unbelievably detailed and sexy body from head to toe. You really can have a sexual experience like no other! Standing at an impressive 64.5 inches tall (164cm), you’ll be shocked, surprised, and more than a little turned on at how real the Mary Premium Silicone Sex Doll is!

Anna: Realistic Silicone Head Sex Doll

Anna: Realistic Silicone Head Sex Doll - Prefer a Silicone Sex Doll?
Well hello there, beautiful! Meet Anna: the Realistic Silicone Head Sex Doll. This sex doll stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall (168cm) and boasts an ultra-realistic silicone head. Let’s look at some of her features: she has E-cup breasts – perfect for playing with however you want, and two realistic holes that are ready and waiting to be pleasured.

Sex doll materials

You have some awesome options as to the type of material that your sex doll is made out of! What we’re going to do though is have a look at the two main contenders: Silicone and TPE!


Silicone - Sex doll materials
Sex dolls made of silicone are super popular for a wide range of reasons. Silicone is body safe, it feels fantastic, and it’s simple to clean as it is non-porous. It is also durable, stretchy and very flexible. Just remember that silicone-based or oil-based lubricants can cause damage to a silicone sex doll, so you’re best off going for water-based lubes!


TPE - Sex doll materials
Also known as ThermoPlastic elastomers, TPE is a wonderful feeling material for sex dolls that boasts a lot of the same qualities as silicone. One downside though is that it is a highly porous material, meaning dirt and bacteria can get into it. If you go with a TPE sex doll make sure you limit contact with water and keep it thoroughly cleaned after each and every use!

What is TPE?

TPE (or thermoplastic elastomer, if you want it’s full Christian name) is a kind of rubber material that combines the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability of plastics. That means it feels great and has some amazing looking qualities to it, it has a lot of the properties of silicone, AND it can be recycled when you’re all done! It is flexible and has a flesh-like feel which makes it ideal for sex toys, or in the case of this review, sex dolls! TPE is a porous material, which means it can harbor bacteria and germs when used, but with a little care and extra cleaning it will last you for years and years!

TPE vs silicone

If we’re going to talk about two materials that are very alike in a lot of different ways, we’re going to have to look at TPE and silicone. They’re essentially brothers, for all intents and purposes! They both look fantastic and have a realistic feel to them, they move, jiggle, wobble, and bend just like real flesh, and you could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. But they’re not completely the same! One of the main differences is that TPE is porous and silicone isn’t. That means that TPE is more likely to harbor bacteria and germs, which could lead to your toys being damaged and becoming unhygienic, which could in turn harm you! Luckily TPE just needs a little extra care and attention during the cleaning process! Treat it well, and it – just like silicone – will feel amazing for years to come!

What makes a great sex doll?

Now here’s a great question! Greatness is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some amazing features on sex dolls that you really should look out for. Because you never know – it might be just the thing to tip the sex doll from good to great!

Removable orifices

Removable orifices - What makes a great sex doll?
Having a removable orifice is super important when it comes to sex dolls! It makes them much easier to keep clean, as opposed to washing the ENTIRE doll, which can be tricky and time-consuming. If you have an orifice you can simply whip out and clean, it makes for a much more streamlined and pleasurable experience!

Realistic sex dolls

Realistic sex dolls - What makes a great sex doll?
How lifelike a sex doll is really mattered to some people, that’s why dolls have started being manufactured with some super-realistic features. Not only does the skin feel incredibly life-like, but some sex dolls come complete with natural-feeling hair and even fingernails! It is small details like this that really sells how realistic a sex doll is!

From a reliable shop

From a reliable shop - What makes a great sex doll?
When shopping for a sex doll you want to be sure you’re getting the best. After all, you’re spending your own hard-earned cash! So you want to be sure the store you’re buying from is reputable and reliable. We try our very best to provide you with the greatest shops ever in our reviews, so you can rest assured that if you follow the links we provide, you’re being directed to a website that we (and many other people) trust!

Why buy a sex doll?

If you still aren’t sure if a sex doll is right for you, here are my top reasons for investing one.


Realism  - Why buy a sex doll?
Sex dolls allow you to have sex in (almost) exactly the same way you would another person. You get to thrust into them, play with their breasts, and explore different positions. Some even have heating features to give the warmth of a real body or moaning sounds!


Companionship - Why buy a sex doll?
As well as enjoying sex with your sex doll, many people enjoy cuddling and sleeping next to their doll as they find it comforting and relaxing!


Variety - Why buy a sex doll?
Most sex dolls have a functional vagina and anus, giving you at least two ways to have sex but many also have mouths that can be used for oral sex and breast big enough for a tit wank.

Exploring fantasies

Exploring fantasies - Why buy a sex doll?
Sex dolls are a great way to explore fantasies that you don’t want to or can’t share with a partner. They can also be a great way to explore group sex with a partner without the emotional involvement of another person.

Safe sex

Safe sex - Why buy a sex doll?
As long as you are the only person using your sex doll, there’s no risk of STDs or unwanted pregnancy! Be sure to clean your doll after every use to prevent any other infections.

Always ready for sex

Always ready for sex - Why buy a sex doll?
A sex doll is always ready for sex and you don’t have to wait until your partner is in the mood!

Is it worth it?

You might have realised by now that sex dolls are quite the investment and no doubt you are wondering is it really worth it? Sex dolls can provide the most realistic experience you can get without being with a partner. They are great for solo exploration and can allow you to act out your fantasies or they can be a great third person in a threesome! But they are expensive and they require a lot of space and maintenance. Ultimately, the answer depends on what type of experience you are looking for and what space and budget constraints you have. Here are some things to think about when deciding if buying a sex doll is worth it for you.


 Feeling - Is it worth it?
If you crave the feeling of realistic sex at home whenever you want it, then a sex doll is a great choice. Unlike a masturbator sleeve, you can simulate real sex in different positions with a sex doll.


Size - Is it worth it?
There’s no way around it, sex dolls are big and usually pretty heavy. That’s one of the trade offs for having such a realistic experience. So before committing to a sex doll, think if you are able to lift and carry the weight and if you have sufficient space to store it. There are also some smaller, lighter options, like sex doll torsos that can be a happy medium between a Fleshlight and full sex doll.


Realism  - Is it worth it?
Sex dolls take realism to the next level by recreating the feeling of different types of sex — oral, anal, vaginal and even breast sex (tit wanks). Not only do they have textured inner canals but the visual feedback of the doll and having a realistic body to grab onto creates a much more realistic experience! Within the broad category of sex dolls, there are of course more and less realistic options. Generally, the more realistic the sex doll, the higher the price, but not always!


Price - Is it worth it?
Another trade off for the ultimate realism of sex dolls is the price. They are expensive, there’s no way around it! They range in price from around $500 for a sex doll torso up to $5000 and up for ultra realistic silicone dolls. Consider your budget and make a list of things you want from a sex doll and see what you can find within your budget. The more you want to customise your sex doll, the more expensive it will get.

Sex Doll Types

Sex dolls come in a variaty of sizes, shapes, races and materials. Some of the more popular are listed below. Together with a link to our specific round-up review of that doll type. You could be forgiven if you thought there was only 1 type of sex doll out there. We can see how, if you’ve never delved into the world of sex dolls before, you could form that opinion. But the truth is there are plenty of different kinds of sex dolls available to you! Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular!
  • Full body – If you want a sex doll that doesn’t just have all the fun bits but also arms, legs, head, everything, then a full body sex doll is just the thing for you! It might be kind of big and bulky, but you can live out each and every fantasy with this premium sex doll as if you were with a real-life person!
  • Torso/partial – If you want something a little more discreet than a full-body sex doll, a torso might be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s smaller as it omits some of the more unneeded bits and pieces, like arms, legs, and often even head! Luckily though you still get all the best bits to enjoy! Just as premium quality as a full body doll, the torsos are just a little more wallet-friendly!
  • Curvy – If you’re a man that truly appreciates the gorgeous curves of a lady, you can get curvy sex dolls that highlight and emphasize those features. The boobs are a little bigger and rounder, the hips are more dipped, and the booty is perfectly sized for maximum pleasure. A real treat for the curve lovers out there!
  • Fantasy – If you love to let your imagination run wild and enjoy getting lost in a captivating fantasy world, then the fantasy sex doll is a great option. Featuring some of the most extreme and interesting design choices out there, fantasy sex dolls not only fill a sexy niche, but also can’t wait to be filled If you know what we mean!
  • Inflatable – An absolute staple of stag and hen nights, the blow-up sex doll is an affordable yet fun sex doll! While the quality might not be as high as other kinds of sex dolls, it’s still a pleasing and exciting option if you want to experience something like this. You could see it as a ‘gateway sex doll’ that opens the door to the more premium toys! Pump it up and pump away.

Asian Sex Dolls

Asian Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
One of the most popular love doll types are Asian sex dolls. And for good reasons, they are typically petite, and the lifelike size is therefore easy to manoeuvre with. Another reason, why so many manufactures are incredibly good at making asian sex dolls realistic is because the factories are based out of Asia, for 95% of factories at least.

Silicone sex dolls

Silicone sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Some of the most premium dolls are made out of silicone. This also means, that if you decide to buy a silicone sex doll, you should be prepared to blow your budget up.

BBW sex dolls

BBW sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Who doesn’t want a Big Beautiful Woman in their house? When buying a BBW sex doll get ready to find a large closet or other storage room. Large sex dolls like this are perfect companions if you like something to grab onto and fuck the brains out off.

Life Size Sex Dolls

Life Size Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
Most of the sex dolls on this list are actual lifesize ones, or sometimes just attempts to do so. If you are truly looking for something that is a real sex doll, then go for a truly lifesize sex doll. They can be a partner for life, or just a fun fling. You decide.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
TPE is a material on the lower tier right after silicone. Still a fantastic material, that feels almost like the real human skin. The features that are possible to create in face, orifice, feet and hands are close to those of silicone. The big advantage of a TPE sex doll is the price. You can get very realistic and high quality love dolls for cheap when buying one made out of TPE.

Trans sex dolls

Trans sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
If you have a thing for transsexual sex dolls, or you just prefer your woman-like doll to have a penis then there is trans sex dolls. You can actually also get a trans sex doll with an attachable penis, meaning you can change the gender with a quick swap. If you want to create your own quick transsexual transformation for your doll at home you can also use a strapless strap on and insert the bulb in the vagina opening of your doll.

Pregnant sex dolls

Pregnant sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Fulfil your pregnancy fetish with a pregnant sex doll. These dolls allow you to appreciate the beauty of the pregnant female form.

Elf sex doll

Elf sex doll  - Sex Doll Types
Explore new realms with an Elf Sex Doll. These delicate, pretty dolls are ideal for anyone who loves fantasy role play or is looking for a sexy side quest!

Alien sex dolls

Alien sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Dive into cosmic climaxes with an alien sex doll! Whether you dream of conquering an alien planet and it’s local inhabitants or you dream of being abducted, there are plenty of otherworldly alien sex dolls to choose from.

Redhead Sex Dolls

Redhead Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
Do you love looking at the long, flowing, fiery red hair? Then you should take a look at redhead sex dolls!

Latina Sex Dolls

Latina Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
These lovely Latina sex dolls highlight Latin beauty in all it’s forms!

Fantasy sex dolls

Fantasy sex dolls  - Sex Doll Types
Whether you want to spend the night with Jessica Rabbit or sleep with a sexy cat lady, there’s a fantasy sex doll to satisfy all tastes!

Big Boob Sex Dolls

Big Boob Sex Dolls - Sex Doll Types
If you are a real boob lover, a big boob sex doll is a must! Not only do they look amazing, but the larger size means you can easily slip between them and let their breasts massage you to climax.

Big Butt Sex Doll

Big Butt Sex Doll  - Sex Doll Types
But if you’re more of butt person, we’ve got you covered there too! Big butt sex dolls feature big juicy booties that are just waiting to be played with!

Custom sex dolls

Custom sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Custom sex dolls allow to create your dream doll so you can bring all of your fantasies to life! Choose the body type, breast size, facial features, hair, and much, much more!

Robot sex doll

Robot sex doll  - Sex Doll Types
If you want an even more realistic experience, with a doll that can move by itself and even have a conversation, you should consider a robot sex doll! You’ll be amazed at what they can do!

Japanese sex dolls

Japanese sex dolls  - Sex Doll Types
Appreciate the beautiful of these amazingly realistic Japanese sex dolls!

Sex doll torsos

Sex doll torsos  - Sex Doll Types
Sex doll torsos are a great budget-friendly alternative to a full size sex doll. As well as being cheaper, they are easier to store and move around!

Small sex dolls

Small sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Small sex dolls are another way to enjoy the realistic sensations of a sex doll without the financial and space commitments. Small sex dolls come in many different forms, including torsos and butts.

Rubber sex dolls

Rubber sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Rubber sex dolls are actually usually made from TPE or silicone. They come in full size options or torsos.

Ass sex dolls

Ass sex dolls  - Sex Doll Types
All about that ass? Then be sure to check out ass sex dolls! Rather than being full sized sex dolls, these dolls are just the butt. They usually have vaginal and anal canals so you still get to enjoy some variety!

Male sex dolls

Male sex dolls - Sex Doll Types
Prefer to be penetrated or want a chiselled male body, get yourself a male sex doll!

Blow-up sex dolls

Blow-up sex dolls  - Sex Doll Types
If you want a full-size doll on a budget that you can easily store away, an blow-up sex doll could be an option. They also make a great gag gift or extra guest at a party!

Cheap sex doll

Cheap sex doll - Sex Doll Types
Not all sex dolls have to cost an arm and a leg! There are plenty options for cheap sex dolls that still serve up sexy realism!

MILF sex dolls

MILF sex dolls  - Sex Doll Types
Love the idea of being with a sexy, experienced woman, then a MILF sex doll could be the perfect partner for you!

Anime sex dolls

Bring your anime fantasies to life with a sweet and sexy anime sex doll! Characterised by big beautiful eyes and cartoon cuteness these dolls are a lot of fun!

Customisation options

Many sex doll companies allow you to design your dream doll with many different customisation options available. Some options are free to choose while others come at a price. Here are some of the common options you will be given.

Hair or wig type

Choose your favorite hair style and color for your doll. Many websites will have different wigs for you to choose from. You can also buy your own wig to use on your doll.


When it comes to the face there are a number of options:
  • eye color
  • face shape
  • make-up
  • mouth suitable for oral sex
  • tongue & teeth options

Body shape

As well as having different body shapes to choose from, some services offer:
  • Different sized breasts
  • Gel implants for breasts and butt

Genital design

You can also customise the genitals to match your requirements:
  • look of the vulva
  • removable or non-removable canals — a removable vaginal canal is easier to clean and can be replaced but a built-in one is more realistic
  • pubic hair or no pubic hair


Most sex dolls have some internal skeleton to keep them study but there are different options when it comes to the range of movements it can perform. You should also consider if you want the doll to have posable hands

Standing feet

If you want your doll to be able to stand-up, you need to make sure it has standing feet. Some companies offer this as a free extra.

Internal heating

Adding an internal heating system that heats to body temperature can add to the realism of the experience.


If you love hearing a partner moan with pleasure, you can add a moaning device to your sex doll.


If you want to explore transgender sex or want to use your female sex doll for penetration, you can buy a penis insert that sits in the vaginal canal.

Size Guide

Choosing the right size sex doll for you also depends on a number of different factors. Generally the more lifelike sizes are better for different positions and realism but they are more expensive and heavier!


Height - Size Guide
One of the main things to consider when deciding what height it appropriate for you is what sex positions you want to explore. A shorter doll will limit what sex positions you can enjoy. Of course a taller doll will be heavier but you will be able to enjoy a lot more positions, especially standing ones.


Weight - Size Guide
Most sex dolls are pretty heavy, so you have to be prepared to lift a considerable amount of weight when buying a sex doll. If you are not able to lift a large weight, you can go for a smaller sex doll or a sex doll torso. Curvy or very tall sex dolls are going to be heavier, so keep that in mind and always check the weight before you buy. If you love changing positions or location a lot, you could be better of with a lighter doll that’s easier to move around.

Breast size

Breast size - Size Guide
As I mentioned before, curvy dolls with bigger breasts are going to weigh more than dolls with smaller breasts. However, keep in mind that if you want to use your dolls breasts for sex, they need to be big enough to surround your penis.

DIY Sex Doll

The easiest way to accomplish this task is by choosing a body for your doll (such as an actual doll, a stuffed animal, etc.) and inserting a stroker into it. You will need to find a way to secure the casing of the stroker to the body. Check out this full tutorial for how to make a sex doll. Just bear in mind that a homemade sex doll will not be as safe or satisfying as a purpose made one! You’d be much better off just purchasing a cheap sex doll torso instead, as these are ready to use and will give a much more satisfying experience overall.

 - DIY Sex Doll
We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

Maintenance tips

As well as making sure to clean your sex doll after every use, there are some things you can do to keep your doll in great condition for longer! Here are my top tips:

Be careful when moving your sex doll

Be careful when moving your sex doll - Maintenance tips
Pay close attention to where the joints are and move them with caution. When moving your doll from one place to another be sure to protect yourself and your doll. Here are some suggestions for how to carry your doll:
  • The bridal carry
  • Over your shoulder
  • Piggy back
  • Using an office chair on wheels or wheelchair
Be sure to protect your doll from any bumps or scratches when moving it about.

Keep it away from sharp or hard objects

Keep it away from sharp or hard objects - Maintenance tips
While silicone is less easily damaged, both can be damaged by sharp objects or bashing against things. Remove your watch and keep your nails short when using your sex doll.

Don't submerge TPE dolls in water

Don't submerge TPE dolls in water - Maintenance tips
TPE is porous, meaning it has microscopic holes that can harbor germs or bacteria over time. Instead of submerging TPE dolls, simply clean the canals and spot clean the rest of the doll.

Use renewal powder

Use renewal powder - Maintenance tips
Use renewal powder to prevent your TPE doll from becoming tacky.

Be extra careful with delicate body parts

Be extra careful with delicate body parts - Maintenance tips
Fingers and toes, especially articulated ones are more prone to damage so be extra careful with them. You should also be gentle with any pubic hair or eyelashes.

Consider condoms

Consider condoms - Maintenance tips
If you want your sex doll to last longer or you don’t want to deal with the clean-up, consider using condoms (male or female) with your doll.

Store your doll properly

Store your doll properly - Maintenance tips
Only store your doll when it’s completely dry and then keep it in a dark, dry area with something to protect it from getting dusty and dirty. Hanging systems are a great way to store your doll as there is no pressure on the body.

Different Brands

Here are some of our favorite sex doll brands that make high quality dolls and torsos to suit all tastes and budgets.

IronTech Dolls

IronTech Dolls - Different Brands
IronTech Dolls makes both silicone and TPR dolls. Their designs are guided by real-life beauty to bring you some of the most gorgeous and realistic dolls out there! They also have a range of sex doll robots that grind and thrust, amongst other things!

WM Sex Dolls

WM Sex Dolls  - Different Brands
Another super popular brand, WM Dolls make top quality silicone and TPR sex dolls with a range of exciting features, including ultra-realistic mouths for the best oral sex to breathing that really brings the doll life.


Thrust - Different Brands
Thrust is a range of masturbators, torsos and sex dolls from Lovehoney. These quality options offer realistic sensations at an affordable price.


Tantaly  - Different Brands
Tantaly’s motto is ‘Do real, be real’ and you can certainly see that in their amazingly realistic sex doll torsos. And they have torsos to suit all tastes, including big boobs, big booty, male, trans, and more!

RealDoll Sex Dolls

RealDoll Sex Dolls - Different Brands
RealDoll sex dolls are some of the most realistic dolls on the market. They are so close to the real thing, you’ll have to do a double take! They also come with a lot of customisation options to help you create your perfect partner!


Price is, of course, a big consideration when buying a sex doll! Here’s an overview of the price range for different sex doll brands.  
Sex Doll Brand Shop Price range
IronTech Doll  JoyLoveDolls ≈ $1400 – $3,600
WM Dolls JoyLoveDolls ≈ $1,300 – $3,600
Tantaly Tantaly ≈ $1oo – $950
RealDoll ≈ $4500 – $8000+
YLDolls SexDollGenie ≈ $1500 – $2200
Silicone Wives Exclusive Sililcone Wives  ≈ $250 – $2000
RealDoll is by far the most expensive dolls out there, while Tantaly is the cheapest (but they also only offer torsos). In the medium price range with the best relationship between quality and price I find the WM Dolls to be the best choice. However, if you looking for a cheap full size sex doll I would go with one of the dolls from YLDolls or Silicone Wives.


How to Use a Sex Doll

The possibilities of using your sex doll are endless, but there are a few steps you’ll need to take before using it. Here’s what to do!

Check Your Lubricant

Check Your Lubricant

Using the wrong type of lubricant can damage your sex doll! To avoid this, always use water-based lubricant or refer to your user manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Apply Lubricant

Apply Lubricant

Without the proper lubricant, you will struggle to insert yourself into the doll (or vice versa). Apply lube liberally to both the doll’s hole or penis & your penis or vagina/anus before attempting insertion.



Depending on the design of your doll, exactly how you can enjoy your doll will vary. Still, we’re pretty sure you can figure this step out: use your imagination & enjoy!

How to Clean a Sex Doll

Cleaning your sex doll is an important part of owning a sex doll. Although silicone can be sterilized using boiling water, it’s generally not recommended for sex dolls (as opposed to smaller toys). Instead, we recommend using hot water and antibacterial soap to clean your doll. *If possible, remove their vagina for easier cleaning* Using tools like a vagina douche or even a showerhead can help you get your sex doll as clean as possible. Of course, drying your sex doll out is also important. Your best option will be to use a water absorption stick, which will remove any moisture left inside of your toy. You should always make sure your sex doll is completely dry before storage to eliminate the chance of bacterial buildup. It’s also recommended to treat your sex doll’s skin with renewal powder (corn starch), which helps remove additional moisture and keep your doll in tip-top shape!


Beauty (and value) is in the eye of the beholder. If you think you’ll use the doll enough to justify the price tag, then yes, a full-size sex doll could be worth it!

We would always recommend using a good water-based lubrication. It's body-safe, won't damage your sex dolls, and is easy to clean. If you want to use a specific lube it is better to check if it's compatible due to the materials of your small sex doll.

Yes! A “water absorption stick” is a tool that can be inserted into your doll’s vagina or anus, removing any leftover moisture from the orifice.

Silicone is the best non-porous material; TPE is the best porous material. If you buy sex dolls made out of these materials you are certain to get something that feels super realistic. Most real sex dolls are made of TPE, which is cheaper compared to silicone.

Six months to ten years, depending on the material(s) used, how well you maintain it, where you store it, how roughly you use it, the cleaning agents you use, and luck!

Yes, of course they are, providing you use them properly and follow the manufacturers instructions. They're designed to please you - not hurt you! As these dolls are made from TPE (a porous material), be sure to give them a thorough cleaning to avoid any nastiness building up!

Ideally, you should store realistic sex dolls upright, naked (to avoid long-term staining from dyes), at a cool temperature, and out of direct sunlight. Use a case (or at least a cover) when possible! Make sure, that you have dried your love dolls completely before storing.

The amount of material used in sex dolls is the number one reason they cost so much! The type of material that is used also plays a large part in the cost of a sex doll: silicone = more premium material = more expensive. Whereas, say, TPE = budget-friendly material = less expensive!

Yes and no. It all depends on what you want from your sex dolls and how much you want to pay etc. Both are fantastic materials with a lot of shared qualities, but whereas silicone is more premium, TPE is more affordable and wallet friendly!

We would always recommend a good water-based lube, as it is easy to clean and material friendly. Not only that, but it is body-safe, meaning it will cause you no harm!

Well that all depends on how well you look after it! If you don't over use it, and make sure that it's properly cleaned and dried before being stored away, there's no reason it won't last you for a very long time indeed!

Silicone is a great material for sex dolls (and many other types of sex toy) because it has many positive features! For example, it is non-porous, so it won't harbor any dirt, germs, or bacteria. Therefore, it's super easy to clean. Also, it looks and feels like real flesh, which is a definite added bonus!

Anyone and everyone, really! As long as you have a cock! They make amazing masturbation aids, and we suppose if your partner is open to the idea, they could definitely be incorporated into couple's play, too!

What is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are about as realistic as it gets when it comes to sex toys, aside from sex doll robots of course! If realism is your top priority when it comes to masturbation, then you should definitely consider upgrading your sex toy collection with a sex doll. As well as giving you realistic visuals, sex dolls are much more versatile in their uses than regular masturbators. Most female sex dolls will have a vagina and anus opening and some even have a functional mouth! Not to mention, if you love boob sex, most dolls come with bouncing breasts perfect for all kinds of fun! Male sex dolls come with just one orifice, an anus, and a well-endowed penis for realistic riding! The other great thing about sex dolls is that higher-end ones can be customized to meet your exact desires!

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