Starpery 165 cm G-cup Wayne Sex Doll — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Mar 14, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Prioritise realism in your sex doll
  • Love a curvy body
  • Are looking for a TPE doll
  • Want to explore realistic vaginal, anal, and oral sex
  • Like the choice of having two heads
  • Are able to manoeuvre 40 kgs

  • Prefer a silicone doll (this option is available)
  • Aren't able to move/store such a large doll
  • Aren't prepared to maintain it

The Stapery Wayne Sex Doll is stunning TPE sex doll that features a realistic, curvy body and squeezable gel breasts. It comes with standing feet and a fully posable skeleton, allowing you to explore different positions. It also has a realistically textured vagina and anus, and a choice of two heads, one of which has an open mouth design for oral sex.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

Wayne’s World

I was ridiculously excited for Waynes arrival! It got off to a rock start when the courier delivered her to the wrong place, resulting in a scavenger hunt to find a 40kg body sized box. Luckily, I found the same courier the next day and he redelivered it to the correct place. The next challenge was getting the sex doll out! And yes, Wayne is the official name on the website, Wayne Winstead to be official! I couldn’t think of a more perfect name for such a beauty!

A Two-Faced Beauty

Getting real life sex doll out of the box was quite the workout and it took a few of us to heave her out and get her sat on chair, thus far still without a head. Taking the rest of the items out of the box, I was really happy to see that the doll had arrived with two different heads, both a soft one, and a hard one. I have to say, I was shocked and quite amazed by how beautiful and realistic-looking the heads were. Considering the vast range of quality of sex dolls out there, this Starpery Doll is definitely on the higher end! The soft head has more sweet and sexy look with amazing dewy skin with light freckles, glossy lips and mouth that you can open. The hard head has a more sultry kink of look, with fair skin and dark brown eyes and a fixed mouth. You can even reposition the eye balls! You can see both in the images below. The soft mouth is definitely my favorite out of the two, but I was pretty amazed by just how beautiful they are and super impressed with the attention to detail. Did I have a little crush on Wayne? Quite possibly!

Cute and Curvy

I love the realistic curves of this sex doll! The bigger breasts, wide hips and thicker thighs create a very sensual look and make it look more like a realistic woman than a doll. Some sites list her as a MILF sex doll, and I would say it does have a more mature look to it, which I really like. The TPE body feels fairly realistic, and I was happy that the whole body, including the hands and feet are adjustable. That being said, adjusting the position wasn’t easy. As well as being 40 kg of dead weight, it can be a bit tricky to adjust the skeleton. Put it this way, if I was going to use the doll on a regular basis, I wouldn’t need my CrossFit membership anymore anyway! Her fingers and toes have much thinner wires, and are therefore, prone to bending and looking a bit mangled so make sure to be extra careful with those. That being said, the attention to detail on the hands and toes is also pretty amazing, and they even have little stuck on finger and toe nails!

G-Cup Gel Breasts

Wayne is a busty sex doll and comes with free upgraded G-cup gel breasts. The gel breasts feel wonderfully squishy, although I hoping they would have a little more bounce to them. They attach quite low down so don’t jiggle around much. They also aren’t close enough together to use for masturbating between. I will say, however, they are lovely to squeeze and stroke! This alone could keep my quite amused for sometime. Not to mention, they make great pillows! I was also super impressed by the light, faint veining that looked like it was showing through the skin in the most natural way and the detailing in the nipples. It was very skilfully done!

Vagina, Anus & Mouth

She has a realistic looking vulva and anus and a fixed vagina and anus, meaning you can’t take them out for cleaning. I think they have done a fairly good job with how it looks. I feel both openings could use a little more finesse, but they are definitely on the more realistic end of the spectrum. Inside, both the vagina and anus have a realistic, slightly bumpy texture but the anus feels tighter. I would say the vaginal opening is a little further back than it would be normally. The butt is nice and curvy. It isn’t super bouncy but it does give a slight jiggle when you spank it. While I don’t have the intended appendage to try Wayne out, from my transferable knowledge, I think both the vagina and anus would feel pretty great! Especially, when used with the included heating stick and some water-based lube for the most realistic experience. The mouth, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. First of all, it’s a pretty tight entrance, and second of all, you have to go in at very specific angle, pointing upwards. Otherwise, you will hit the hard, inner part of the head.  

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

Overall, I was very impressed by how the doll looks and feels. Having thought I might find it a little too uncanny valley, The body is beautifully curvy and looks like an actual woman, I was surprised by just how attractive it looks. I was also pleasantly surprised that the doll actually looked like the pictures on the website, as this often isn't the case. The heads are both very beautiful and have such great attention to detail, from freckles to little beauty spots and realistic skin texture. The nipples also have an impressive amount of detail to them, as does the body with the realistic veining. I would like the vulva and anus to have a little more realism and detail to them but aside from that there's not a lot to fault. I love that the doll came with two heads with different looks so you can switch it up as well! It also came with two outfits, a pink robe and skimpy underwear and some sexy Santa lingerie. Both outfits are a little cheap looking but as she is a full-size doll, you can dress her in any women's clothes in her size.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

I'm not that small, and I like to think I am fairly strong, so I thought I would be pretty good at wrangling a sex doll into various positions, but boy was I wrong. I'm pretty sure I strained my groin man-handling this doll for the photos in this review. This Starpery Doll weighs a small tonne (approx 40 kgs) and is quite difficult to get a hold off, making moving and positioning this TPE beauty quite the project! I would find it very hard to do it by myself, anyway. The doll comes with a human-like skeleton with 'joints' in similar places, allowing it to hold positions similar to a human. The manual has detailed diagrams showing all the ways the doll can move and it's range of motion, so you don't overstretch or damage the doll. I found some positions worked better than others. Bent over a table or sofa or lying down were the most stable. Although the doll has standing feet, I haven't had any luck in getting the doll to stand. That could be due to my sex doll inexperience though! I would recommend having things to prop her up on when possible.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

The TPE feels very good quality and has a very realistic finish to it. However, as with all TPE dolls, Wayne is a little fragile (aren't we all, babes), so you have to be fairly careful with her! The TPE can tear much easier than silicone, so you'll want to be extra careful to avoid too much friction when moving her around. This can be pretty tough, considering it's not the easiest to move. I have noticed a few small marks and tears after moving the doll a little carelessly or vigorously. Aside from that, which is a common problem to TPE sex dolls in general, at not just dear old Wayne here, I'm very pleased with the quality of the doll. Some of the accessories that come with the doll aren't the highest quality but you can easily buy new wigs or outfits.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll - <

Any sex doll is going to be an investment, but I feel this Starpery sex doll is reasonably priced for what you get. Firstly, this is one of the most beautiful, realistic-looking sex dolls I have seen. Secondly, it comes with a lot of different accessories and upgrades for free: a soft head (with open mouth), a hard head, a basic cleaning kit, 2 outfits, USB warming stick, 3 wigs, a hook set for hanging the body and head, and foot covers. I would highly recommend this sex doll to anyone looking for a full-size TPE sex doll.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

As I mentioned before, this Starpery Sex Doll has three functioning orifices to enjoy. Her vulva looks and feels fairly realistic. Her vagina has a wonderfully realistic texture and feels fairly tight and soft. Her anus has a pleasant, realistic texture and is a little tighter. The TPE feels very good quality, although you have to keep on top of cleaning and maintenance as it is porous and can therefore harbor mold and bacteria. I think the mouth in the soft head would be a little more challenging to use comfortably.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

The Starpery Wayne Sex Doll came safely packaged in a completely discreet, reinforced cardboard box with foam spray insulation pieces that had been moulded to the body to keep it safe on it's long journey! There was no inner box but the foam concealed the doll completely, should anything have happened to the outer box. Under the foam inserts, the body was wrapped in a pink cloth. And yes, if you were thinking a realistic, headless body wrapped in a cloth in a box might look a little creepy, you would absolutely correct! The heads come stored in cloth bags with little plastic guards and nets to keep them from being damaged.

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

The Starpery Wayne Sex Doll has a fitted vagina and anus, which makes it a little more difficult to clean but more realistic to use. To make it easier to flush out the vagina and anus after use, it does come with a little cleaning system that allows you to pump water inside the openings to clean them out after use. The head is made of silicone and the body is made of TPE, which can be spot cleaned with a wet cloth and fragrance free, non-acidic soap and then wiped clean with a clean, wet cloth and left to dry thoroughly. To fully clean the body, the manufacturer recommends removing the head, placing the doll in a sitting position in the shower and then spraying down with the shower head without spraying the water into any of the holes (vagina/neck). Again, you should only use non-acidic soap. The doll should then be laid flat and left to dry completely before storing. It comes with a hook that attaches to the neck when you take the head off and allows you to hang the doll up between uses. However, the manufacturers only recommend you keep the doll in any one position, including hanging up, for a maximum of 7 days. After that, it should be stored lying down to prolong the quality of the materials and prevent and cracking or damage to the TPE skin. You should also avoid leaving any dark or abrasive materials on the doll as this can stain or damage the materials.

Height(5ft 5) 64.9 inches
Weight(43.5 kg) 95.5 lbs
MaterialsTPE body
Storage Bag IncludedNo
OpeningsVagina, anus, and mouth
Insertable lengthVagina: 7.5, Anus: 6.7, Mouth: 5.1 inches
Colors AvailableWheat, light tan, tan, dark tan

Starpery Wayne Sex Doll -

The Starpery Wayne Sex Doll came with a free extra head, so you can choose between using the hard head or the soft head, which has an open-mouth design. You can see in the picture that they have two different designs giving you some variation when using the doll! If you want to upgrade, there’s also the option of adding a tongue and teeth to make it even more realistic!

  • Beautiful design
  • Amazingly realistic look and feel
  • Squeezable G-Cup Gel breasts
  • Textured vagina and anus
  • Two different heads
  • Standing feet

  • TPE can tear easily
  • Heavy and difficult to manoeuvre
  • Involved cleaning process

I think the Starpery Wayne Sex Doll is one of the most realistic-looking sex dolls I've seen! The attention to detail in the skin and face especially is amazing. It has a beautiful body with inviting curves that feels wonderful to play with. Aside from the usual drawbacks of TPE sex dolls, which are easy to damage, I think this is a top quality sex doll that's worth the investment. The only thing to keep in mind is that this doll weighs around 40 kg so requires a fair bit of strength to move!

You can find advice and instructions on how to use your Stapery Doll here.

The customisations and free upgrade options can vary between shops but here are some of the customisation options available: silicone or TPE body, skin tone, choice of a different head, eye color, eyes with veins, custom face and/or body make up for added realism, solid or gel breasts, fixed or removable vagina, standing or non-standing feet, moaning function, heating function, and pubic hair.

A removable vagina can be taken out the doll, making it easier to clean, while a fixed vagina is more realistic.

The doll does come with standing feet, but I found it very difficult to get it to stand due to the weight of the doll.

The doll comes with a USB heating stick but it doesn't get particularly warm. There is an optional heating upgrade that costs around $200 extra.

No, the doll doesn't come with a case. You can purchase one at an additional cost though.