WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 — Test & Review

   Edie Billhimer
Oct 12, 2023

Edie Billhimer
: 56-65
: Expert
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Satisfyer Pro 3+

  • are seeking the perfect sexual partner and companion.
  • desire a sex partner with whom you can share every kink without judgement.
  • crave the most realistic sex you can have without a human counterpart.
  • are willing to put in the work needed to care for a companion doll.
  • have always dreamed of having a sex doll.

  • cannot commit to a strict cleaning regimen.
  • have difficulty lifting weight.
  • don't have the desire to care for a life-size toy.
  • aren't prepared with storage space, a closet or bench.

This WM 153 cm, B-cup with #162 head sex doll is stunning! And depending on where you buy her, you'll see her named Auburn, Rebecca, Megan, Ella, Annabelle or Marlene.....but I named her Athena. She is a petite, TPE sex doll with tanned body, red hair and beautiful, hazel eyes. Not only that, her skin is silky soft from head to toe, her perfect B-cup breasts are jiggly and realistic, and her bottom is perfectly peachy and wiggles just enough when you give it a smack. Her tight little vagina feels like the real thing and her bottom is even tighter! Athena features an EVO skeleton and is posable, much like a human companion, and she has standing feet, as not to limit your positions. Finally, only weighing 63 pounds, she's easy for most people to move around, dress and get a little freaky with. WM has created a gorgeous, lifelike doll!

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

Athena, my WM sex doll, 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head, arrived with much anticipation and excitement, as I have wanted to get my hands on a real, sex doll for YEARS. And it was so far from what I expected it to be!

Unboxing Athena

I was amazed at how well this doll was packaged! The box was lined with wood, then a custom, foam cut out for her body, heads and accessories. Plus, the box was lined with a furry material, and the doll was covered in plastic and wrapped in a blanket. I mean, I’d be shocked if anyone ever received a WM sex doll damaged. The attention and care that they showed my doll was impeccable! To top it off, Athena’s feet were protected by ankle socks and a cute pair of slip-on, canvas sneakers. Unboxing the doll was quite the chore, as I had to remove the foam blocks, accessories, heads, blanket and then….the doll. Now, you’d think 63 pounds isn’t a lot. That is, until you realize it’s 100% dead weight. Therefore, it took myself and my daughter to gently ease the doll’s body from the box. But once she was out, I was in absolute awe!

Perfect from Head to Toe!

We gently unwrapped each hand, as they were protected with foam sleeves and bubble wrap. Her hands were delicate and beautiful, with perfectly manicured nails. However, I expected the nails to be more firmly in place. But because of the TPE skin and the fact that there are only tiny wires inside the fingers, the nails moved around with the skin. So, this is one thing about the doll that an owner should be cautious with. Next, we gently removed her shoes and socks to be surprised by the fact that WM gifted us standing feet! They must have had one of their incredible specials, as this is usually an additional cost, up to $150 or more. Next, we could feel the joints in the ankle and her big toes, making them moveable and poseable. However, her other toes were filppy-floppy and jiggly and would move into strange positions, depending on how her feet were angled. And again, the beautifully manicured toenails were the same…so we had to be extremely careful as not to tear them off. Additionally, I was surprised at how stiff the skeleton felt, when trying to move, bend and pose the doll. Yes, it got easier, the more I moved her around. However, in order for her to hold poses, it is best that the skeleton is tight. So, know you will be using some muscle just moving her legs around! Another learning curve I had to accomplish was figuring out how to roll certain joints….the ankle, knees, hips, wrists, elbows and shoulders. But once I got the hang of it, it was eerie how human-like she looked when I posed her.

Butt and Boobs

The WM 157 cm B-cup doll with #162 head is built to be super petite and easy to handle. Her body is absolutely exquisite, with lifelike skin, arched back, sculpted collar bone and the cutest breasts and bottom. To elaborate, when I ordered the doll, it said she came with standard, air-filled breasts….instead of gel. All I can say is her breasts felt exactly as mine did when I was barely legal! They feel that real! They are perky, bouncy, squeezable and her nipples look and feel like the real thing! As for her bottom….I’d have given anything to have such a perfectly sculpted butt! I mean, from the back, Athena’s back and rear look amazing. Her cheeks are firm, yet bouncy and feel so much like the real thing!  

The Fun Parts

Companion dolls aren’t just built for the company, they are built for sex. So, I am sure you’re wondering about Athena’s private parts! Well, I was shocked when I parted her legs, as her labia looked insanely real! Even without the extra coloring (which you can choose when making customizations) her labia is beautiful and feels like a real vulva. Even the sculpting of the clitoris is spot on! Plus, the texture inside, felt just like my own….so I know anyone putting their penis inside would just melt into her. And for those of you who want a little back-door action, Athena’s rear entry is placed perfectly where it should be, detailed with realistic skin puckers and internal texture that is different than a smoother, human rectum, but pleasurable nonetheless.

Dressed to Kill

I knew all WM sex dolls came with a “lingerie outfit”, but was thrilled beyond belief when I opened her gorgeous slip dress, trimmed in soft lace, along with matching thong and robe. I would purchase something like this for myself, it’s THAT nice. And to be honest, I was always under the impression that sex dolls came with a cheap, minimal outfit. But no, this was a quality set! So, WM…..chef’s kiss! Now, if one would want to dress the WM 157 cm B-cup doll with #162 head, she would definitely be in the XXS to XS, petite range. My B-cup bras fit her in the cup, but around? She’s definitely the smallest band size you can find! However, I was able to slip her in a small, petite jumpsuit I had (with the back pinned) and she looked incredible! Plus, some of my size small leggings and athletic tops fit her perfectly.

Two Heads Are Better!

One of the perks of hitting a fantastic WM sale is the getting free extras. And among the doll upgrades I received, was a free extra head. In this case, I received the same head, but one is silicone with rooted hair, and the other is TPE with a wig. Now, both heads are stunning and realistic. However, the silicone, while looking better, does not have a usable mouth. That being said, the silicone head is more solid, the nose feels real and I didn’t have to worry about the wig slipping off while posing or changing clothing. However, the TPE head is suitable for applying makeup and using the mouth for oral sex. Best yet, the mouth opening is small, tight and creates out-of-this-world suction! To be honest, I was blown-away!

Just Do It!

As I said in the beginning, I have wanted to get my hands on a sex doll for several years now. And the WM 157 cm, B-Cup with #162 head surpassed what I thought a doll could be! Seriously, WM makes such realistic companion dolls that feel and look so real, it’s amazing. And sure, it takes a little learning to understand how the joints work, as well as watching those fingers and toes, but it’s worth it. So, if you’ve ever considered investing in a companion doll, check out our reviews of sex doll sites and find one with the best sales and JUST DO IT! Plus, with most sites offering financing options and layaway plans, nearly everyone who wants a doll can get one. They really, truly are fantastic pieces of art that will bring you joy and companionship for years to come!

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

The WM sex doll 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head isn't just stunningly beautiful, but shockingly realistic from her head to her cute little toes. WM spared nothing when it came to designing this doll. Her figure is petite, yet curvy, with long, slender legs, perky, full breasts and a bottom to die for. Even her perfectly sculpted labia looks as real as any human one. Then, with a top-of-the-line skeleton that moves, twists and bends in humanlike fashion, the realism is almost eerie. The TPE is the softest I have ever felt, and didn't get sticky at all, even after handling her for 3 days. But what blew me away the most was the fact that there were zero seams from being molded! I am impressed!

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

The WM sex doll 157 cm B-cup with #162 head is pretty easy to use, that is, once you grow accustomed to her weight and exactly how the skeleton bends and twists. Now, Athena is on the smaller end of WM sex dolls, so she would be pretty easy for most men and stronger women to handle. Even in my weakened state, I was able to move her around and pose her, with only a little struggle. Otherwise, once she's in the position of your choice, she's easily bangable and holds her position because of the tight skeleton and joints. However, you have to be careful of her fingers, as her hands get smashed easily as you move her around. In the end, there's a wee bit of a learning curve and a mindfulness you must keep.

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

WM is one of the top brands in the sex doll world, and now I know why. The TPE is the highest quality that I have EVER handled, as it didn't get sticky at all after handling her for 3 days. On top of that, there were no seams from being molded, nor any skin tags. And again, I cannot express enough how gorgeous this doll is, and how realistic she looks and feels. Her breasts FEEL real, her body jiggles like a living human and her bottom is firm, yet squeezable, like a tight, petite, athletic woman. This doll far surpassed any photos I've seen and was worlds better than I thought she would be.

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 - <

As I have mentioned, WM is one of the top companion doll brands in the world. However, when comparing their prices with that of other sex doll makers, they are right in line, if not a bit less expensive. That's especially true if you happen to purchase your doll during a WM sale - which I did. Athena, or WM sex doll 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head, was on sale, plus there was a WM fall special going on. Because of that, I received an extra head, with rooted hair, a premium lingerie set, hanging kit, electronic orifice cleaner (along with a bulb irrigator and drying sticks), orifice heating wand and the usual brush, socks, shoes, instruction manual and head dust covers. I received hundreds, if not a thousand dollars in free extras. So, even if Athena wasn't on sale, the doll is 100% worth the cost, and then some. WM sex dolls are incredible!

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

Ah, performance. Considering the WM sex doll 157 cm B-cup #162 head doesn't do anything on her own, it solely relies on me. That being said, I was a little taken aback by the overall weight of the doll. Even knowing, in advance, she was 63 lbs, didn't prepare me for the fact that it was dead weight. That aside, the skeleton was stiffer than I expected. However, that's a good thing, as it allows the doll to maintain the positions in which you place her. Additionally, the breasts and usable orifices were well done and brilliantly lifelike! I just cannot say enough about how beautiful and realistic this doll is.

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

This sex doll, as all others, don't come with packaging. Instead, there's a large, human-sized shipping box that is lined with custom-cut foam to keep the doll from moving during shipment. And considering the shipping box has nothing identifiable on the outside, it's the perfect storage box if you don't have an area in which you can hang the doll. Plus, the box is reinforced with thin wood to keep it from collapsing on the doll. So, if you can't afford a flight case or storage bench right now, you will have a place to store your doll, in the meantime.

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

Athena; the WM 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head is made from body-safe TPE. And while this TPE is the absolute cream of the crop, and the best I have ever experienced, it's still porous. As a result, it will stain very easily, so you must be careful with clothing you place on her, blankets and sheets or anything she may come in contact with. Additionally, the entire body it will absorb oils from your body. So, she needs to be washed regularly and powdered using renewer powder (or baby powder, if you choose) to keep her feeling silky. Most of all, this means you must wash and rinse any orifice you use sexually, immediately. If you don't, it will cause mold and mildew to grow, which will spread and infect the entire doll's body. In the end, sex dolls are time consuming and tedious to clean using soap, water and a gentle cloth for dying. However, considering the investment you make, it's completely worth it! Finally, you can store your doll using a hanging kit or by reusing the shipping box, Just be sure and store in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. That's because the TPE can and will grow mildew.

Weight63 lbs
FlexibilityHuman-like skeleton
Height5 foot 2 inches
Insertable lengthVagina: 6.7 inches, Anus: 6.7 inches, Mouth: 5.1 inches

WM Sex Doll 157 cm B-Cup #162 -

The WM 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head sex doll came with 2 identical looking heads. However, one was silicone and the other, TPE. Therefore, you could use either head, depending on the circumstances. In this case, the TPE head is created for oral sex. And what surprised me about the TPE head (aka, the special feature) is that the mouth orifice created intense suction. Couple that with the incredibly realistic feel of the supple TPE lips, and you have a blowjob that will, well, blow your mind. Plus, for those of you doll-dreaming, know you can purchase realistic tongues and teeth to add to your doll, as well as customizing the mouth when you order! So, if you enjoy the feel of oral stimulation, I highly recommend getting the TPE head.

  • Remarkable realism
  • Sturdy skeleton that moves like a human's
  • Absolutely beautiful from head to toe
  • Realistic genitals with lifelike texture
  • Usable mouth that creates suction
  • Silky, smooth, skin you'll want to caress.

  • Heavy, dead weight, so may be difficult for some to move.
  • The hair wasn't curly as in photos
  • Joints are stiff and take some getting used to
  • Caring for TPE can be tedious.
  • Skin and sex openings must be cleaned regularly.
  • Can be difficult to store.

Athena exceeded my expectations of what a sex doll is. The realism is spectacular and the quality and craftsmanship that went into creating this doll is beyond amazing. Yes, I was a little taken aback by the actual dead-weight. But, I got through that learning curve quickly and had no issues moving or posing the doll. I was thrilled she came with everything I needed to care for her, for the most part. And here is where I removed a tenth of a star; I wish there had been at least a small container or renewer powder included so the doll could be used and properly cleaned right away, without a trip to the store. I was also disappointed that the hair wasn't curly, as shown in the photos. And to top things off, there were no wig instructions included, nor could I find what the wig was made of, anywhere online. Thus, I had no clue as to how to try and style the wig to make it look like the photos. In summary, I feel now, more than ever, if you are considering buying a sex doll, you should 100% do it! They are absolutely the most incredible sex toy on the market today and always will be.

It took a lot of searching, but I found the WM sex doll guide that came with Athena! I found this extremely helpful in knowing how to move and pose the doll, as well as how to avoid tearing her skin.

According to WM, their TPE sex dolls are waterproof and can be placed in water, below the head. However, you must be sure and dry the doll well, after bathing, to avoid mold or mildew. Furthermore, do not get the doll's head wet. That's because they are filled with a fiber-fill stuffing that holds moisture.

WM now offers an internal heating option with many of their dolls. However, if you can't afford that option, you can cover a sex doll with a heated blanket, set on low, for 20-30 minutes. Then, she will feel warm to the touch and super cuddly.

The WM 157 cm, B-cup with #162 head sex doll has an advanced skeleton with a maximum weight of 400 lbs. That being said, never pose the doll with her weight on her hands and wrists. That's because those joints aren't made to hold much weight and will break.

In regard to this model, WM 157 cm, B-cup #162 sex doll, you can put makeup on the TPE head. You cannot put makeup on the silicone head as it will smear around. Further, when using makeup on a TPE doll, use only powder-type blush and eye shadow, as liquids will absorb into the TPE pores and stain. You can also use lipstick, on her lips, if you desire.

Yes, you can! And it's extremely easy! To repair lost lashes, simply apply lash glue to the lashes. Then, once it's gummy, gently press them back onto the doll's eye lid. If you need to repair a finger or toenail that fell off, use a couple of small drops of nail glue to the nail itself, press onto the finger or toe and hold for about 30 seconds. Allow to dry about an hour.