How to Use a Sex Doll: 10 Tips for Sex, Care, Cleaning

Knowing how to use a sex doll seems as if it would be pretty intuitive.

However, it’s a bit more involved that you may think.

Therefore, before you invest in the ultimate, adult plaything, read my guide on how to use a sex doll.

I’ll provide you with tips for care and cleaning as well as the best sexual positions.

Plus, I give the same bits of advice on how to use a blow-up sex doll.

Already got the preparation and cleaning parts down? Go directly to the section on how to have sex with a doll here.

even for Specific types of sexual activities like how to have oral sex with a doll or how to have anal sex with a doll.

We’ve even got some inspiration for sex doll sex positions here.

How to Use a Sex Doll

This is your go-to guide for every aspect of using a sex doll – from unpacking to cleaning after play and everything in between – this is the one and only guide you’ll ever need.

In addition, I am adding the same tips on how to use a blow-up sex doll, because, you have to start somewhere! And blow-up love dolls are usually the first step before investing in a lifelike doll.

Read on for our 10 helpful tips on care, cleaning, and how to pose a love doll in different sexual positions.

#1 Unpacking a Sex Doll

Unboxing a love doll

Life-sized, TPE or silicone sex dolls are usually shipped in a large wooden crate or a custom, thick cardboard box. And unlike other packages, unpacking a sex doll requires patients and care.

First, do not use a large knife or scissors to remove the tape on the packaging, you may damage the doll. Instead, use a small blade box-cutter or rounded-tip, safety scissors.

Next, locate the instructions for unpacking your sex doll, attaching the head and care instructions. Then, set them aside.

Finally, remove any accessories from the box, for instance, extra clothing, the vaginal and anal irrigator and the blanket with which some companies cover their dolls during shipping.

Most importantly, if white, cotton gloves are included, you will need them right away.

Inspecting the Love Doll

One of the most crucial things to know when it comes to using a love doll is the post-shipment inspection.

Most all sex doll companies only give you a small window of time to report any flaws or damage to the doll.

Therefore, you must check it from head to toe for any abrasions, creases or other damage, including missing or torn finger and toenails, missing lashes and damage to the major and minor joints.

If you do discover damage, immediately take photographs and contact the company from which you purchased, in order to find out how to have the doll repaired or returned. However, if your sex doll is perfect, you can move on to the next step of our guide.

Attaching the Head

Quality sex dolls are always shipped with the head separate from the body. And there are two types of attachment styles; screw-on and snap-on. So, the first step in unboxing and assembly is to put on the white gloves included with your doll. This prevents any damage to the doll’s face during the head attachment process.

Next remove the head from the box, take off the wig and set it aside. With the doll in a seated position, look at the bolt coming out of the neck. If it has lines on it, the head will screw on. If the bolt is smooth, the head will snap on.

Follow the instructions carefully. But in the unfortunate event that those instructions aren’t in the box, here is a great video that will show you, step-by-step, how to attach a screw-on, sex doll head. And although the person in the video isn’t wearing gloves (shame on her!), please wear yours!

Or, if your doll features a snap-on head, here is a video showing how to install that type of head.

Once your love doll is complete, you can move on to the next steps.

Save the Box

If, by chance, you didn’t order a storage crate or hanging storage rack for your sex doll, be sure and hold on to the shipping box.

That way, you have a box that fits your doll precisely and will keep it out of sunlight as well as protecting it from dust and dirt. I will go over more storage options after we talk further about using a sex doll.

Unpacking a Blow-Up Sex Doll

How to use a blow-up sex doll: unboxing

The first step of how to use a blow-up sex doll also includes unpacking. Fortunately, inflatable dolls are much easier to unbox and prepare for use. Be carefull when unpacking as you have most likely bought a cheap sex doll, when buying an inflatable one.

First, as with any love doll packaging, remove the tape by hand or by using rounded-tip scissors. This protects the blow-up sex doll from accidental damage.

Next, carefully unfold the doll, paying close attention to all of the seams, making sure they are closed and there are no holes or cracks.

Next, locate all of the inflation valves and make sure they are firmly attached and are free from cracks or holes. Leave the doll in a flat position for an hour or so, especially if it’s been outside or in the mailbox in either extremely hot or cold conditions.

Once that time has passed, you are ready for the next step!

#2 Preparing a Sex Doll for Sex

Easy there, cowboys and cowgirls! I am confident that you know how to use a sex doll, but let’s not jump on that doll as soon as it’s out of the box!

There are a couple more things you need to do, then can do (if you desire) before getting intimate with your new plaything.

First off, check your doll for excess powder. You’ll primarily find this on dolls made from TPE and some made from silicone. This restoration powder is what keeps the TPE and silicone from being sticky and keeps the doll feeling silky smooth and more lifelike.

Using a dry, soft cloth, gently wipe any excess restoration powder from the sex doll.

Check the vagina as well, because you don’t want too much powder inside before you use the her.

Once you’re finished inspecting the doll, attaching the head and wiping him/her down, you can move along to the next step in the guide.

Preparing an Inflatable Sex Doll for Sex

Inflatable doll

Preparing an inflatable doll for sex is much easier than a silicone or TPE sex doll. Nonetheless, it’s an important step.

After checking all of the seams and inflation stems for cracks or holes, take a damp wash cloth and give the blow-up sex doll a thorough wiping down. That is because it may have chemical residue from the manufacturing process, restoration powder, if there’s any silicone or TPE on the doll, as well as having been handled by countless hands.

Also, wipe down the inflation stems, especially if you’re going to be inflating your blow-up doll by mouth. Next, take a soft cloth and pat the doll dry.

Finally, inflate your doll by either using your mouth, a hand or foot air pump, or a low power air compressor.

Be sure not to over-inflate the doll as your weight can cause the seams to burst.

#3 How to Dress a Sex Doll from Casual to Fantasy

Dressing a love doll

Another subject we want to touch on is dressing a sex doll in clothing that is attractive to you and fuels your fantasies. For example, if you love lacy lingerie, bras and panties, either go shopping online or go to a lingerie shop to choose some items in which to dress your doll. Remember, you’re only limited by your imagination! So, if you want to go for a full-on fantasy look, search for cosplay costumes. If you like club wear, search for curve-hugging, body con dresses.

However, before you go shopping for sexy clothing for your sex doll, you must learn his/her sizes. No worries, it’s not that difficult, I promise! You can do so by getting your doll’s measurements. Compare those with online sizing charts or, if you are shopping in person, carry the measurements with you and tell the sales associate you are shopping for your girlfriend.

If you have bought either a sex doll torso, a partial sex doll

How to Measure a Sex Doll

Some sex doll websites include the doll’s measurements on the order and customization page. However, depending on how you customized your doll, those numbers have likely changed. So, if you don’t want to go back to the website, search and hope that the measurements are precise, you can easily do it yourself.

Measuring a love doll for clothing is no different that measuring a human. You’ll need a flexible measuring tape to properly measure the chest, waist and hips, as well as the inseam, if you are wanting to dress your doll in pants. Here is a helpful chart showing you how to easily measure your doll. Be aware if you have a BBW sex doll, that this might require finding specialized clothing. You can also purchase fun clothing to enhance the silicone cock on either Trans sex dolls or male sex dolls.

How to use a sex doll: measuring for clothing

Be Careful of Zippers and Other Metal Objects

There are a few things you must be aware of when choosing clothing for your doll. First, and most importantly, be aware of zippers, chains, grommets and other metal accessories that could damage the sex doll’s skin. You’ll want to be sure the clothing isn’t too tight and does have some stretch to it. So, a great tip is to look for clothing with Lycra and Spandex combinations.

Clothing that buttons and zips is easiest to put on, along with lingerie, bras and panties. Leggings, elastic waist skirts, stretchy jeans and pants also slide on with little effort. And, if you want to accessorize the doll’s look with jewelry, take the same precautions as you would with clothing, making sure the jewelry isn’t too tight, too heavy or has any sharp pendants that could pierce the doll’s skin.

Wash Before Wearing

When dressing your sex doll, there is one step you absolutely cannot overlook. TPE sex dolls, in particular, can absorb dyes from blankets, sheets and clothing. Therefore, it’s crucial that any clothing you purchase for the doll is washed thoroughly before being put on. Otherwise, you will end up with stained areas of skin that are difficult to remove.

If the Shoe Fits

Whether you have a sex doll with the standing feet or regular feet, putting shoes on the doll will help it to maintain certain positions and poses. But how do you know what size shoe the love doll wears? Here’s how to measure a sex doll’s foot and get his/her shoe size. First, grab a piece of paper and a pencil.

Next, put the doll’s foot flat onto the piece of paper and trace around it. Then, take the measuring tape you used to get the proper body measurements and measure the footprint from heel to the longest point of the toes. Finally, use those measurements to compare to this chart.

Foot measurement chart

Remember, to size up ½ to a full size in shoes and boots. That way, when your doll is wearing the shoes, the toes and feet won’t smash and become creased or damaged. This is especially urgent when it comes to high heels of any kind.

How to Dress a Blow-Up Sex Doll

Just because you have a blow-up sex doll doesn’t mean you can’t dress him/her too! Clothing can be a turn-on for many people! Unfortunately, a blow-up doll isn’t as solid as a lifelike love doll. Thus, you’ll have to stick to lightweight fabrics, like nighties and other lingerie, blouses and skirts. And, skip the shoes altogether as they simply won’t stay on a blow-up doll.

As with lifelike sex dolls, you must be careful of zippers, grommets or anything sharp that may puncture your blow-up sex doll. Although, you can use a patch kit to repair your inflatable doll, when repairing the skin of a silicone or TPE doll is much more difficult and time consuming. Therefore, you should always have a patch kit on hand for quick repairs.

#4 How to Make a Sex Doll Look Even Sexier

love doll makeup

As beautiful as sex dolls are, can you imagine them being even sexier? It is possible! Although some doll owners leave their playmates as-is, others like to tweak their dolls to look even better. So, if you want to learn how to make your sex doll look sexier, read on for some great tips and advice.


Sex dolls come with permanent make-up on their faces. However, it’s usually light and natural looking. So, if you want to glam-up your doll, you can add eye shadow, powdered blush, lipstick and fuller lashes. But if you’re not well versed in applying cosmetics, there are several YouTube video tutorials that show you how to apply beautiful make-up to a love doll.

Fingers and Toes

Sex doll manicures and pedicures

Since you know the basics of how to use a sex doll, you may not know that you can paint the doll’s finger and toenails! In addition, you can use any nail kits found in drug and department stores as well as nail stickers and jewels. So, if you love the way pretty nails look on hands and feet, feel free to doll up your love doll with a new manicure or pedicure.

Safe Scents for Sex Dolls

Sometimes scent is just as arousing as a gorgeous outfit or sexy lingerie. But, it’s not wise to use any perfumes or body sprays directly on your TPE or silicone doll. Perfumes include extremely harsh ingredients, including alcohol, that can stain and harm the skin of a sex doll. Therefore, if you want your doll to smell incredibly wonderful, apply any perfumes or body sprays to their clothing and allowing it to dry before dressing.

Piercings and Tattoos

Even sex dolls can have piercings and tattoos! But first, before piercing a doll’s ears, nipples or naughty bits, know that this is a permanent thing. The holes won’t grow over and those holes can stretch out and tear easily. Therefore, if you would like to add piercings to a love doll, be sure you are 100% committed to it and that you are careful to not snag or pull the jewelry and cause a rip to the doll’s skin.

Temporary tattoos can also add some flair, boldness, color and sexiness to a sex doll. They are easy to apply with a warm wash cloth and come off with a bit of baby oil.

#5 Using Lubricants with a Sex Doll

The fifth tip is the importance of using lubricants while having sex. Even if a sex doll is made with TPE, the vagina, anus and penis are likely made from high-quality silicone. That is why you should only use a water-based lubricant. Water-based lubricants are silicone safe and won’t dry out or damage a doll’s most delicate parts.

Furthermore, using water-based lubricants with a love doll makes sex feel even more realistic. Another great tip is to warm your bottle of lube in a sink of hot water before applying it to the doll. That way, the lube feels natural and sex is slippery, warm and wonderful.

How to Use a Blow-Up Sex Doll with Lubricants

A blow-up sex doll will either have holes made from vinyl, TPE or silicone. So, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant, just to be safe. Water-based lubricants are safe for most all materials and make sex much more realistic and comfortable. You can also warm your lube, prior to sex, so the holes feel more lifelike.

#6 How to Use a Sex Doll for Oral Sex

How to use a lifelike doll for oral sex

Using a sex doll for oral sex is almost self-explanatory.

First, apply warmed, water-based lubricant to yourself and the mouth of the doll. Many lifelike love dolls include tongues and even teeth to add to the realism.

However, if you have a Real Doll AI love doll, you cannot use the mouth for pleasure.

Real Dolls have sophisticated electronics placed within the head that allow her to blink, move her head, smile and talk. And even be a moaning sex doll.

Therefore, if oral sex is an important aspect of sex for you, you may want to consider purchasing a non-AI sex doll instead.

Sex Doll Oral Sex Positions

When it comes to oral sex positions with a sex doll, you can use much the same positions that you would with a human. You can place a lifelike doll on her knees, you can prop her up on the bed and you can even position yourself and the doll in the 69 position. The more you use a sex doll the more you will learn how to use a sex doll in various positions for oral sex.

And don’t forget that you can give your love doll oral pleasure too!

On the other hand, using a blow-up love doll in oral sex positions is a little more tricky as they can’t be posed in the same manner as a lifelike doll. And unfortunately, they are extremely light weight. However, it’s much easier to grab a blo

w-up doll by the head and place him/her wherever you like without worrying about damage.

#7 How to Use a Sex Doll for Anal Sex

How to use a love doll for anal sex

Our seventh tip is the best ways to have anal sex with a sex doll. Most realistic sex dolls can be posed in hundreds of positions, from doggy style and cowgirl to his/her legs over their heads. You just need to be patient and gentle while posing your doll while remembering not to put your full weight on their smaller joints (wrists, hands, knees and ankles).

Be sure and put lube on yourself and inside your love doll’s anus before attempting anal sex. The reason for this is that a lifelike doll’s anus is extremely realistic, tight and will be very sticky without the use of a good, water-based lubricant.

Using a blow-up love doll for anal sex is much easier as you don’t have to worry about bending or breaking a skeleton or joint. Unfortunately, you sacrifice realism while using an inflatable doll. But you can move an inflatable sex doll around easily and find all sorts of ways to position it for exciting, anal sex.

And, just as you would with a silicone or TPE love doll, you must use lube inside the blow-up sex doll’s anus as well as on yourself. That way anal intercourse feels more comfortable and realistic.

#8 How to Use a Sex Doll for Intercourse

Unless you are a virgin, never having experienced sex, you already can figure out how to have intercourse with a sex doll. Earlier, I described how to use lubricant with a lifelike doll and how important it is to use only water-based lubricants. The same goes for when you have vaginal intercourse with a doll. Warm up the lubricant and place it on your penis or vagina as well as applying to the doll’s genitals.

Feel like cuddling up to a warm body while having intercourse? Place a sex doll under a heated blanket, set on high, for about 30 minutes prior to sex. As a result, the doll’s skin will warm up and feel much more human-like. Furthermore, if you have a doll with a removeable vagina, you can warm it in a sink of hot water for approximately 10 minutes before applying lube and having amazing, warm, squishy sex.

Sex Doll Intercourse Positions

Sex positions with a sex doll

Sometimes the best part of sex are the exciting positions you can get into! And a lifelike sex doll, made from TPE or silicone, can be posed in nearly every position a human can achieve.

So, use your imagination, the furniture in your home or even sex wedges and sex furniture to find the positions that you like best. In addition, sex swings are a great way to position a doll for intercourse.

You can try any of these some of these sex positions.

When it comes to knowing how to use a blow-up doll for intercourse positions, it’s pretty much wherever you want to put the doll.

You can try the missionary position, place the doll on top of you or even hold the doll behind you for some rear entry pleasure.

#9 How to Use a Sex Doll in Other Sexy Ways

Learning how to use a sex doll in other sexy ways takes a little bit of creativity. For instance, if you have an affinity for pretty feet, use your love doll’s feet for pleasure. Also, you can lube-up your doll’s breasts, squeeze them together and slide your penis in between. And the best thing about lifelike sex dolls is that their hands are poseable! That way you can wrap his/her hands around your penis for a sex doll hand job!

Unfortunately, blow-up dolls aren’t poseable. So, using it for foot or hand play isn’t pleasurable at all, unless, that is, it’s a blow-up doll with lifelike hands. Fortunately, inflatable sex dolls do have large breasts that can be used for breast sex. Just be sure and use lots of lubricant while not putting too much pressure and force on the breasts – they can burst.

How to use a sex doll in other sexy ways

#10 Cleaning and Storing Your Sex Doll

How to clean and store a lifelike doll

The final step in our guide on using a lifelike love doll and how to use a blow-up sex doll is about cleaning and storage. These are two very important things to know if you want your doll to last. And although cleaning a lifelike TPE or silicone doll is time consuming, it’s worth it as you are protecting an investment in your pleasure.

Cleaning and Storing a Blow-Up Sex Doll

Cleaning and storing a blow-up sex doll are much easier than doing the same with a TPE or silicone doll. Considering most blow-up love dolls are made of vinyl, cleaning the body of the doll is easy. Simply use a damp washcloth and soapy water or a gentle wipe.

You simply wipe the inflatable doll down and dry. Be sure and irrigate the vagina, anus and mouth with warm, soapy water followed by a thorough rinsing and patting dry with a soft towel.

You can store a blow-up sex doll by letting the air out, folding or rolling it gently and storing it in the box in which it came. You can also wrap the doll in a soft cloth and store it in the closet, a drawer or storage chest.

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your love doll inflated, simply prop her up in the closet or wrap him/her in a blanket and slide it under the bed. Just be sure and keep the doll away from any sharp objects, direct sunlight and extremely hot or cold conditions.

How to Bathe a Sex Doll

Bathing a lifelike adult play doll

After you have had sex with your sex doll, it’s important to keep it clean. And there are several ways to do that. The first way to clean a love doll is by bathing it in the bathtub. As long as you can easily lift the doll, the bathtub is the easiest and fastest way to clean a love doll. First, run a bath of warm water. You can use bubble bath, as long as it is clear and contains no dyes or heavy perfumes.

And yes, you can join your doll in the tub!

Next, lift the doll into the bathtub with his/her back against the back of the tub. Be sure that no water can reach the neck, where the head attaches. If so, dry the area immediately, by removing the doll’s head and drying the neck bolt and connector inside the head. Now, using a soft sponge or washcloth, gently wash the love doll and rinse well with clean water. Do the same for the doll’s face but use the cloth or sponge only, taking care not to saturate the face (which will run down into the neck crack).

Then, rinse the washcloth and dab the doll’s face to remove any soap or residue left behind. Be sure you are using a mild soap with no dyes or harsh additives for the entire bath as well as the doll’s face. Baby soaps, shampoos and washes are ideal.

Finally, remember not to use force when washing a TPE, silicone or rubber sex doll. You can damage the skin, causing a rip or tear that you’ll have to repair.

Sex Doll Sponge Bath

A love doll sponge bath is much easier to handle if you have difficulty carrying a doll and lifting it into the bathtub. To begin, lay down towels or absorbent pads on any flat surface on which you wish to use to clean your doll. Usually, a bed is easiest, especially if the doll has a fixed vagina or you have used the anus of a male or female doll. Next, fill a bucket with warm water, and gather a washcloth and a gentle bar soap or body wash.

Starting with the face, wash the love doll gently, rinsing each body part as you go along. Don’t forget to get the joints, underarms, between fingers and toes and underneath the breasts. Once you have washed the front side of the sex doll, roll it over and do the same on its backside, paying close attention to the buttocks, backs of the knees and the feet. Read on to learn how to clean your doll’s vagina and anus.

How to Shower a Sex Doll

What are sex dolls made of?

Showering a sex doll can be quite difficult, but can be done. First, be sure your doll has standing feet so he/she can be stood upright. If not, it’s best to place the doll on a small table, stool or shower stool. For regular shower heads, adjust the water stream so it hits your doll below the collar bone to avoid getting water into the neck.

If you have a handheld shower head, just keep the spray well below the neckline of the doll.

Be sure the water is warm, not hot, and use a sponge or washcloth along with a mild bar soap or shower gel. Gently wash the doll’s face first and rinse by gently dabbing with a clean, damp washcloth. For the rest of the love doll’s body, gently wash, paying close attention to joints, under the breasts, between the legs and fingers, toes, hands and feet. You’d be surprised how dirty a sex doll can get, especially if it’s a sex doll made from TPE.

Again, if you have a handheld shower head, rinsing the doll, including a fixed vagina and anus, is a piece of cake! Just be sure and get soapy water in there first, with a washcloth or your fingers, so the orifices are squeaky clean.

With both the shower and bath, use caution when handling a wet sex doll as they can get very slippery. A hard fall in the tub or shower could damage the doll’s skin which will need repaired. It can also bend or break the doll’s frame. As a result, your doll will need professional maintenance to repair the injury.

How to Clean a Sex Doll Vagina and Anus

Cleaning a sex doll’s fixed vagina and anus is crucial to avoid mold, mildew and bacteria growth. This should be done after each use and during the recommended every 7–12-day bath or shower. There are two ways this can be done, during a sponge bath and while bathing or showering.

Cleaning the Anus and Vagina During a Sponge Bath

Cleaning a fixed love doll vagina

Pull your sex doll to the edge of the bed with his/her legs spread, knees bent and the feet firmly on the edge of the bed. Next, slide a towel under the doll’s bottom, allowing it to hang over the side of the bed. Then, go gather the following items:

  • A bucket
  • Soft washcloth or sponge
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Mild soap or body wash
  • A soft towel

Fill the bucket with warm water. Dip your sponge or washcloth into the water and add soap. Thoroughly wash the exterior of the doll’s vagina, paying close attention to the labia folds. Next, roll the washcloth so that it can slide inside the vagina and/or anus. You can also use a sponge-tipped bottle brush for this task. Add more water, if necessary, to get a nice, sudsy lather. Then, clean the inside of the orifice well.

Next, using the vaginal irrigator, fill it with water from your bucket and flush out both the vagina and anus. Do this several times, until the water runs clear and no more soap is visible. Because of the position of the doll, the water should run straight down and into the bucket, keeping your bed clean and dry. If you have a BBW sex doll be aware to get in all creavises, and if you have a black sex doll be aware to find all non-clean spots.

How to Clean a Male or Transgender Sex Doll’s Penis

Cleaning a sex doll’s penis is as easy as cleaning a sex toy. Simply remove the penis from the sex doll and bring it to the sink. Next, using warm water and a mild soap, thoroughly was the penis. Rinse until there is no soap residue remaining. Finally, pat the penis dry, using a soft towel, before placing it back on the sex doll.

In addition, make sure the sex doll’s groin has been cleaned well before reattaching the penis.

How to Dry a Sex Doll’s Fixed Vagina and Anus

You definitely want to be sure that the fixed vagina and anus are dry as it’s a crucial part of knowing how to use a sex doll. There are a few ways you can do this:

  1. Use a desk top fan, pointed directly at the doll’s genitals.
  2. Using a blow dryer, set on low, focus the air into the holes.
  3. Place tampons inside both the vagina and anus to absorb any excess water. Allow to air dry after an hour.
  4. Once dry, sprinkle or apply restoration powder to keep the delicate skin soft, supple and feeling realistic.

Washing Sex Doll Hair

Most sex dolls come with wigs, although a few models have implanted hair. Either way, you will want to purchase wig shampoo and conditioner. If the hair is removeable, simply wash the wig in a sink of warm water, rinse then add conditioner and rinse thoroughly. Pat the wig dry, with an absorbent towel. Then, using a wig comb or brush, detangle the hair. Allow to air dry on a wig stand or any rounded item which will keep the hair up and off of surfaces.

If the hair is attached, remove the sex doll’s head and wash the hair over the sink, using caution with the neck opening. Rinse and condition, as above, pat the hair dry with an absorbent towel and comb through, as above. You can leave the doll’s head out until the hair dries.

How to Dry a Sex Doll After a Bath or Shower

Once you have bathed or showered your sex doll, now it’s time to dry him/her. Spread thick, absorbent towels onto the floor. Gently remove your sex doll from the tub or shower and lay it down on the towels. Gently pat dry. Do not rub the skin vigorously as that can cause damage.

Please follow the drying instructions above for drying a fixed vagina and anus.

If your sex doll is made from TPE (and some silicones), you will want to sprinkle some restoration powder on the doll or apply by using a large, soft, makeup brush. Pay close attention to cracks and crevices like behind the knees, between fingers and toes, the butt crack and in between the legs. This keeps the skin from sticking together.

And if you don’t happen to have any restoration powder available, corn starch or baby powder will do in a pinch.

Storing Your Sex Doll

Love doll storage

Once your sex doll is clean and dry, the final step in our guide is storing your sex doll. If you saved the shipping box, as I suggested above, wrap the sex doll in a colorfast, soft blanket with arms at the doll’s side, legs down and together, and feet in a natural position. Lay the doll in the box, return the lid and store the box flat, under a bed or on the closet floor.

Never stand the box upright as this will cause stress on the sex dolls frame and creases to form at the ankles and feet.

You can also store your sex doll in a closet with a sex doll hanging kit. This is the way that the professionals store sex dolls during the manufacturing process. Thus, it’s the preferred way to store a sex doll at home. It puts no stress on the limbs or skeleton and keeps the skin free of creases. Finally, if you didn’t keep the shipping box, you can purchase sex doll storage chests as well as flight chests with wheels. Or, if you prefer, you can store your sex doll by using a sex doll dust bag with handles.

However, if you use a storage bag, be sure the sex doll is wrapped in a soft blanket and isn’t stored against anything hard or with sharp edges. This keeps the skin from denting or becoming damaged.

How to Use a Sex Doll for Lifetime Fun

Using a lifelike or blow-up sex doll includes much more than simply having sexy time. Caring for and using a sex doll requires using the proper lubricants, cleaning, drying, proper care and storage to avoid ruining your sex doll. However, for each and every act of loving maintenance you perform, you are prolonging the life of your sex doll and ensuring you will have a lifetime of fun!

Plus, if you started with a blow-up sex doll, you’ll learn very quickly if you are ready to save up for the life-sized, silicone sex doll or TPE sex doll of your dreams. Not ready to splurge on either? You can actually create a DIY sex doll with things around the house and even add some realistic parts for a few extra bucks here and there! Either way, having a sex doll is the ultimate sex toy and the closest thing you’ll find to real sex.

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