How to Use a Fleshlight: 10 Easy Tips, DIYs and Positions

You would think knowing how to use a Fleshlight would come as second nature. I mean, you stick tab A into slot B, you move it around a bit, and bingo; you get off. However, there are all sorts of tips, DIYs, and positions you can learn to make jerking off with a Fleshlight more enjoyable and satisfying.

Therefore, I have pulled together a few tips, a couple of clever Fleshlight DIY‘s and some positions to make your solo sessions more exciting. So, grab your Fleshlight – or Fleshjack – and follow along.

The following tips can be used for any can-container male masturbator, or Pocket pussy.

1. Stroking to Live Porn or Chat

How to use a Fleshlight while watching porn.

The first tip on how to use a Fleshlight is one many of you already know how to do; stroking during live porn or chat. Different from watching pre-recorded content, live porn or private chats happen in real time. Therefore, having your Fleshlight below camera level allows you to pleasure yourself without over-sharing with others in the chat.

However, some live chats can be one-on-one and, if your performer agrees, you may be able to share your handywork. If not, it’s best to relax in a chair – pulled at an angle to the desk or table – which allows you to stroke yourself with the Fleshlight. And, if you’re curious about performers, live porn and private chats, skip to the tips below for more on Fleshlight Cams.

2. Wet and Wild in the Shower

Knowing how to use a Fleshlight in different ways keeps masturbation interesting and adds dimension to the stroker itself. One way to use a Fleshlight allows you to get wet and wild in the shower. Using your Fleshlight in the shower not only creates a relaxing atmosphere but adds water into the mix; creating more suction and squish.

In addition, Fleshlight offers a handy shower mount that suctions to the shower wall and gives you a hands-free, wet and wild experience.

Bonus points that this how-to-use-a-Fleshlight tip makes cleaning your sleeve easier too.

How to use a Fleshlight in the shower for wet and wild fun.

3. DIY Pillow Stroker

My 1:12 scale belted pillow stroker

Most guys want to know how to use a Fleshlight without having to hold it themselves; in other words, a hands-free way of masturbating. Overall, using a hands-free position better mimics intercourse, oral or anal sex. So, men have been coming up with some creative ways to achieve a hands-free experience, one of which I call a DIY pillow stroker.

All you need to create your own pillow stroker is:

  • 2 pillows, bed pillows work best
  • 2 belts

Place your pillows side-by-side on a flat surface. Next, slide one belt under the top 1/3 of the pillows and the second belt under the bottom 1/3.

Then, adjust the belts tightly, around both pillows – you may need to make additional holes on the belts so you can adjust them to a smaller size.

Finally, slide your Fleshlight in between the pillows and you have a hands-free DIY pillow stroker!

How you use a Fleshlight with your pillow stroker is entirely up to you! Lay it flat on the bed, in the corner of a chair or against your headboard.

Hold the pillow stroker upward for a doggy-style Fleshlight position.

Lay the Fleshlight pillow stroker down, flat on the bed, for missionary style positions.

Prop your Fleshlight pillow stroker in the corner of a sofa.

4. Sofa Cushion Slide

Place your Fleshlight between the center cushions of your sofa.

The number 4 tip on our list of how to use a Fleshlight is the hands-free, sofa cushion slide. Depending on the weight of your couch cushions and the thickness, you can do the sofa cushion slide 2 ways; under the cushion and between the cushions.

If you have thick couch cushions, slip your Fleshlight between them in an upright position.

5. The Fleshlight Wedge

Using a Top Dog or On a Mission wedge for the Fleshlight offers stability and a great hands-off masturbation experience.

The Fleshlight has become such a phenomenon in the sex toy industry that they have come up with several accessories to compliment their strokers and make them easier and more exciting to use. One of those Fleshlight accessories is the Liberator Top Dog mount. This Fleshlight wedge pillow holds the stroker tight, enabling you to get into more natural sexual positions.

In addition, Liberator has created a second wedge, called On a Mission, for those of you who prefer the missionary positions. To illustrate, I created a miniature Fleshlight wedge for Grey to show you how using one of these investment-worthy accessories could give you a better solo session.

6. The Mattress Bang

Tuck your Fleshlight between your mattress and box springs for a tight hold.

If you have room mates or kids, you’re probably trying to figure out how to use a Fleshlight in the privacy of your own bedroom. Well, aside from creating a pillow stroker or purchasing a wedge, go hands-free by tucking your Fleshlight between your mattress and box springs. Sure, you’ll have to get down on your knees, but the heavy mattress holds your stroker nice and tight.

Bang away, my friend!

7. The Sand Bagger

My 1:12 scale Fleshlight sand bagger. Follow along below to make your own DIY sand bag Fleshlight holder.

The sand bagger is another idea of how to use a Fleshlight without using your hands. But I can’t take credit for this one! I found this clever DIY trick while doing Fleshlight research for an earlier blog post. Here’s what you’ll need to make your own sand bagger:

  • 20 lb, bag of sand
  • Large, plastic freezer bag
  • Duct tape

Making Your Sand Bagger

  1. Place the bag of sand on a flat surface and trace the bottom of your Fleshlight onto the outer bag using a marker.
  2. Using an Exacto-knife or box cutter, carefully cut the circle out of the bag.
  3. Reach through the hole and pack the sand tightly, creating an opening into which your Fleshlight will fit. Be careful not to poke any holes in the bottom of the bag.
  4. Once you have the proper opening for your Fleshlight, line the hole with a large, plastic freezer bag. This keeps sand off your Fleshlight case, making it easier to clean and keeps the sand from falling out when moving the bag around.
  5. Use the duct tape to secure the freezer bag onto the sand bag.
  6. Slide your Fleshlight into the hole and get busy!
Position the sand bag on the bed for natural, missionary-style positions with your Fleshlight.

Prop the sand bag against the back of a chair and use your Fleshlight this way.

8. Fun with Furniture

Get creative using furniture. For instance, placing your Fleshlight between two nightstands.

Other tips on how to use a Fleshlight utilize furniture in creative ways. Yes, using over-stuffed furniture is a given as I’ve already shown you how to use your sofa and you’ll see how you can use a chair in the same way. However, you can jack-off hands-free using other pieces of furniture like nightstands, book shelves and even a television stand.

All you need is a little bit of vision and a roll of duct tape to hold your Fleshlight in place. And here’s a quick tip to remove any tape residue from your Fleshlight case, simply apply rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or Goo-Gone to dissolve the sticky stuff.

Using duct tape, secure your Fleshlight on the top or on a lower shelf of a book case.

Tape your Fleshlight down on the shelf of a TV stand.

9. Jealousy-Free Threesomes

It’s one thing knowing how to use a Fleshlight solo, but do you know how to use a Fleshlight with a partner? Using a sex toy with your partner often involves a vibrator of some sort. However, using a Fleshlight with a partner is almost like having a threesome, without the jealousy.

Here are some creative ways showing how to use a Fleshlight with a partner.

Try a different kind of 69 by adding a Fleshlight to your bedroom adventures.

Who says using a Fleshlight is a solo activity? Have your partner use your Fleshlight on you.

Have a sexy, jealousy-free threesome with your partner and your Fleshlight.

This seated position is a comfortable and hot way of having a jealousy-free threesome with your partner and a Fleshlight.

Try the reverse cowboy position with your partner and a Fleshjack.

10. Stuffing the Over-Stuffed Chair

Use that comfortable chair for more than napping by sliding your Fleshlight under the cushion.

The last, and certainly not least, tip on how to use a Fleshlight is stuffing the over-stuffed chair. You know the kind of chair I’m talking about; those chairs you can just sink into after a great meal. Simply tuck your Fleshlight under the cushion of your favorite chair, close your eyes and enjoy some quality solo time.

Make Jerking Off with a Fleshlight Better

Now that you have 10 tips on how to use a Fleshlight, here are 7 tips to make jerking off with a Fleshlight better.

1. Warm it Up

Nothing feels less realistic than sliding your member into a cold, lifeless Fleshlight. Therefore, my first tip is to warm it up.

Now, you can do this in two ways. First, simply fill your Fleshlight sleeve up with hot water and let it stand for a few minutes. As a result, your sleeve with feel much warmer and more lifelike.

The second way to warm up your Fleshlight is to grab yourself a Fleshlight warmer. This handy little gadget holds your sleeve and heats up, which helps in warming your Fleshlight sleeve before your next solo session.

2. Use Lots of Lube

How to use a Fleshlight 101 tells you to always use lube inside the sleeve. Seriously, if you don’t load that thing with slippery stuff, not only will you stick to the material, it can cause some pretty uncomfortable chafing. So, use plenty of water-based lubricants and, if you want a warm, squishy ride, float your bottle of lube in a sink of hot water for about 10 minutes pre-jerk-off.

3. Add Some Tingle

Another tip for getting the most of your Fleshlight experience is to add a little tingle. A quick trip down the condom aisle of most drug or big-box stores will provide you with all sorts of lubes that heat up, cool down and add a whole lot of tingle. These lubes are water-based so they are compatible with any Fleshlight style or sleeve.

4. Invest in Stroking Technology

If you are a Fleshlight connoisseur, it may be time to invest in stroking technology. The Quickshot is a smaller version of the Fleshlight. However, just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it’s any less amazing. Plus, this small masturbation device has a high-tech accessory that makes jacking-off a mind-blowing experience; the Quickshot Launch.

Just lock in your Quickshot, set your preferred action and hold on. The Quickshot launch allows you to choose the length of your strokes, the speed (up to 250 stroked per minute) and you can toggle between the base, center or tip of your penis. This automatic masturbator lasts up to 60 minutes on a single charge or can be plugged into the wall for serious, marathon jacking-off sessions.

Best yet, the Quickshot Launch has a phone mount on top so you can watch your favorite adult videos or Fleshlight performers while you get your rocks off.

5. Try Different Sleeves

Another way to make jerking off with a Fleshlight better is to swap out your sleeves. Fleshlight offers a wide variety of sleeves that snap into the traditional Fleshlight case. In addition, you can shop their selection of Fleshlight Girls sleeves, featuring some of the sexiest adult film starlets. Such as Riley Reid, Lana Rhoades, Stoya Destroya, and Ana Foxxx.

Or, if you prefer the tightness of anal sex, try Fleshjack Boys for a delectable selection of sleeves modeled after some of the hottest male bodies in gay porn.

No matter which sleeves you choose, changing up the texture on the inside of your Fleshlight gives you a different feel and experience for each design.

6. Live Porn with Fleshlight Cams

Did you know that owning a Fleshlight gives you some exclusive perks? As mentioned in our number one tip on how to use a Fleshlight, you can masturbate to live porn with your free Fleshlight Cams membership.

Dive into their search tool and find your favorite performer by age, sex, nationality or kink. For instance, if you’re turned on by BBWs, trans guys or gals, group sex, foot fetishes or grannies, you can fulfill your live porn desires. Here’s how Fleshlight Cams work, according to the Fleshlight website:

“At, you can chat with amateur performers while watching them live on camera. We have performers of every type! Search for any keyword or browse through our categories to find what you’re looking for. You can interact with performers and create a unique experience just for you.

If you see a performer you like, tap on the image to visit their profile and read more about them. If they’re online and available, you’ll see their free, live video and can start a conversation! You won’t be charged unless you join a paid chat session.

The per-minute prices for paid chats are listed in your local currency before you enter the chat. Your membership is free, and there is no monthly or recurring fee to view the site.

Purchase gold and tip your performer or participate in a Gold show. Performer posts a chat performance with the time length, activities etc along with the cost. Viewers pitch in until the goal is reached and you have exclusive access with the other gold users promoters.”

7. Play with the Suction

If you don’t know how to use a Fleshlight, you may not be aware that you can change the suction while masturbating. Yes, the Fleshlight case has a cap on the bottom that allows you to change up the amount of suction you experience with a simple twist. That way you can change up each session with different sensations.

How Do You Play with Your Fleshlight?

Now that I have shared my tips on how to use a Fleshlight, why not share yours? So, if you have an easy idea for hands-free masturbation sessions or have created your very own DIY Fleshlight holder, drop your tips below in the comment section. Or if you have a comment on my tips and tricks, you can do the same.

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