Butt Plugs VS Dildos: Are They Better Than A Prostate Massager?

Butt Plugs VS Dildos: Are They Better Than A Prostate Massager?

Butt plugs vs dildos; are they better than prostate massagers? Ah yes, the great butt toy debate! Certainly, personal preference comes into play in regard to choosing the right butt toy for you.

However, is there a difference between butt plugs, dildos and prostate massagers? Absolutely, there are differences; not only in size and shape, but materials, how they work, where they stimulate and so much more.

So, let’s get busy with the great butt toy debate and discuss the details of each of these three anal play products.

Butt Plugs VS Dildos; Are They Better Than Prostate Massagers? Nude man  staring at striped wall photographed from behind.

All About Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are considered the best beginner sex toys anal.

They come in various sizes, don’t reach too far into the rectum and are shaped to insert comfortably and stay in place.

Further, butt plugs come in a wide assortment of materials, from silicone to glass, are great for all genders and come in simple models as well as models with vibrating features.

Butt Plugs for Training

Butt Plugs VS Dildos, photo of Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit
Size Matters Magnum Ease-In Anal Dilator Kit

I believe the #1 positive aspect of butt plugs isthe fact that they are the perfect sex toy for training your bottom for anal play. Think about it; the rear is considered an exit, not an entrance. Therefore, anything going IN feels strange, at first, in addition to causing some discomfort if you just can’t seem to relax.

So, considering butt plugs are small, easy to use and the most comfortable of all of the butt toys mentioned here, they are ideal for training. You start small, grow accustomed to the feel of anal penetration then graduate to a larger model. Fortunately, many sex toy retailers sell a plethora of butt plug sizes in addition to butt plug training kits.

Butt Plugs for All Butts

Another aspect of the butt plug that makes it’s a great choice for anal play is that they are designed for all genders.

Instead of being shaped specifically to reach the prostate – like massagers and anal dildos – they are made expressly for anal stimulation. And, since everyone has sensitive, nerve endings in the area, butt plugs provide sexual stimulation for everyone.

Good Vibrations

Butt plugs are fantastic sex toys for everyone. However, you can make a good thing even better by adding a little vibration.

Several brands of butt plugs have taken them a step further and added vibrating functions, escalation and pulsation.

Better yet, many vibrating butt plugs operate by remote control so you can find the setting that curls your toes, lock it in and enjoy hands-free anal stimulation.

Try using a butt plug while masturbating or while enjoying steamy foreplay and sex with your partner.

Butt Plugs Are Wearable

Unless you’re a butt play aficionado, you probably don’t know that butt plugs are wearable.

Yes, you can slip in a silky-soft, silicone butt plug, in your choice of size and wear it around.

What this does is trains your sphincter to relax, preparing your bottom for larger anal toys and anal play. However, just be sure that your butt plug has the proper, flared base so it stays snug and in place.

Using Dildos in the Back Door

Butt Plugs VS Dildos; Are They Better Than a Prostate Massager? Photo of the Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Classic realistic dildo 6 inch
Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch

When comparing butt plugs vs dildos and prostate massagers, it’s important to know the precautions necessary for safely using dildos in the back door. You see, most dildos are designed with vaginas in mind, meaning they don’t have that fail-safe, flared base that keeps them from getting lost in the abyss of your bottom.

Yes, if a dildo slips past the anal sphincter, it can migrate far up into your rectum and colon requiring a visit to your doctor or the emergency room.

Despite that, there is an exception to the “no vagina dildos in the back door” rule; suction cup dildos! Suction cup dildos are designed to look like a real penis, have a realistic set of testicles and suction to any smooth surface. That way, you don’t have to worry about the toy slipping too far into your rectum. Plus, you have a variety of lengths, girths and colors to choose from.

But, while you’re having anal fun with your dildo, remember to use a condom for easy clean-up, especially if your dildo isn’t made of silicone. Pliable materials other than silicone – like jelly, rubber and skin-type materials – are porous and will retain bacteria, making them less-than-ideal for anal play.

Anal Dildos are Safe

Anal dildos are safe sex toys for anal play as they are designed specifically for anal insertion. Most have a flared base or suction cup to keep the toy from going past the anal sphincter. In addition, they come in all styles (some are smooth, bumpy or look like a penis) and are made from materials like silicone and glass.

So, if you are looking for more length than a butt plug, ditch the idea of using a regular dildo and search for an anal dildo. That way you get the satisfaction you desire while staying safe and avoiding an embarrassing trip to the ER. Plus, who wants to explain to their significant other how their favorite dildo got lost in your rear?!

Butt Plugs VS Dildos, photo of a pelvic x-ray showing a standard dildo lost up the patient's rectum.
Always Use an Anal Vibrator with a Flared Base

Anal Dildos Give Your More

While comparing butt plugs vs dildos, it’s important to add that anal dildos give you more. More of what, you may ask? Well, as mentioned above, anal dildos are longer than butt plugs and they come in all sorts of shapes. For instance, some anal dildos have sphere-shaped stimulators, textures to excite the prostate gland or look and feel like lifelike penises.

Furthermore, unlike butt plugs, anal dildos offer a deeper stimulation and the ability to mimic intercourse. And, when you get that deeper stimulation, you are arousing the prostate gland; leading to more intensely satisfying (and sometimes, multiple) orgasms.

That’s right, females aren’t the only ones that can experience multiple O’s! (More on that in a bit.)

Sex Toys Made Just for Boys

A majority of men believe that most sex toys are made for women and that’s true – to an extent. Yes, we may have all sorts of vibrating goodies that stimulate the clitoris, give us penetration and thrill our g-spots at the same time. And there are clitoral suckers, nipple clamps, sex machines and all sorts of tantalizing sex toys.

However, sex toys for men are an exploding market – pun fully intended. And nothing could be more exciting for men than the prostate massager. Unfortunately, some men refuse to try anything that inserts into their anus, (societal stereotypes and all that junk) so they are missing out on the most incredible orgasms of their lifetime.

Therefore, it’s up to me to educate the everyday dude on the exciting world of prostate massagers, p-spot orgasms and the fact that butt toys are perfectly acceptable for all men. Not only are they acceptable, but they are encouraged! So, read on and learn more about the magical world of prostate massagers and how they compare to butt plugs and anal dildos.

The Lowdown on Prostate Massagers

Butt Plugs VS Dildos; Are They Better Than a Prostate Massager? Photo of the Aneros Vice 2 Prostate Massager
Aneros Vice 2 Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed expressly for the male anatomy to provide direct prostate stimulation and out-of-this-world orgasms. They may look a little odd, but the design keeps them in place while giving the prostate gland pressure and stimulation with features like nubs and bumps as well as vibration, escalation and pulsation.

Additionally, many prostate massagers are designed and shaped to give you prostate stimulation on the inside as well as the outside via your perineum.

Plus, all prostate massagers are made of silicone, making them safe for anal play and easy to clean. But, the most interesting aspect of prostate massagers is the history behind them; they were developed by Aneros as sexual health products in the 1990’s. Yes, prostate massage and p-spot orgasms are good for your health!

What’s a P-Spot Orgasm?

From Reddit:

“When it hit, it fucking hit.

A wave smashed into my groin, wave after wave smashing over the rest of my body. My skin felt super receptive. I felt every hair follicle on my scalp, and I felt a pressure building again.

I had ended up groaning again, quite loudly, and shot across the room. Multiple volleys of semen flew across the room, managing to hit the opposite wall.

When it was over, I was still quivering. Gasping for air and trying not to touch my body. I grazed my nipples and nearly had a seizure. I cleaned myself off after 10 minutes trying to regain my composure. When I stood up, I couldn’t walk. My knees were quivering with exhaustion.

It was intense beyond intense. Do try it.”

I could not have described a p-spot orgasm better even if I had a penis! I have witnessed one or two in my sexual lifetime and they were quite intense, much like how a female g-spot orgasm feels. Now, why would any man NOT want to experience an orgasm like that?

The p-spot orgasm, is achieved by direct stimulation of the prostate gland. And, the most direct way to get that stimulation is through the rectum with a process sometimes referred to as prostate milking. And, much like the female g-spot orgasm, it takes practice in order to achieve that coveted big-O that not all men get to experience.

“The sensations are THAT intense. Blissful. Otherworldly. With no refractory period…(meaning) you can have multiple of those…” explains Dainis Graveris.

He has the most incredible blog tutorial on SexualAlpha.com explaining, step-by-step, How to Have a Prostate Orgasm. And while most bloggers, like myself and Mr. Graveris, are considered competition, I had to share his how-to as a public service to men everywhere. So, guys, click it, read it and go get that p-spot orgasm!

Butt Plugs VS Dildos

Butt Plugs VS Dildos, photo of 4 Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Butt Plugs
Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Butt Plugs

Now that we’ve gone over the details on butt plugs, anal dildos and prostate massagers, let pit butt plugs vs dildos against one another and see which one comes out on top for you. First off, butt plugs and dildos give you an entirely different feel as one is smaller and shorter while the other reaches further into the rectum and connects with the prostate gland.

However, even though butt plugs are shorter, they can be worn during sex as well as under your clothing as an anal training tool that’s great for beginners as well as those ready to take anal play to the next level. Finally, butt plugs and dildos both are created with body-safe materials and have vibrating models. But again, one reaches more deeply than the other.

Therefore, if you’re wanting to try anal stimulation for the first time, or prepare yourself for anal play, butt plugs are the best choice. In comparison, anal dildos are perfect if you want to create the feeling of bottom penetration with deeper, more profound stimulation.

Dildos VS Prostate Massagers

Butt Plugs VS Dildos; Are They Better Than a Prostate Massager? Photo of the Lelo Loki Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager
Lelo Loki Luxury Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

While comparing butt plugs vs dildos, there is a marked different between the two. However, when comparing dildos to prostate massagers, things are a bit more similar. For example, both anal dildos and prostate massagers reach and stimulate the prostate gland and increase the chances of experiencing a p-spot orgasm.

Nevertheless, the differences are unique in each sex toy. So, while prostate massagers are designed to stay in place and work hands-free, anal dildos are meant to be held and can be moved in and out for stimulation. Additionally, prostate massagers give a more targeted and intense prostate stimulation while anal dildos are shaped for general internal stimulation.

Therefore, if your end goal is to grab that incredible p-spot O, then a prostate massager is definitely the right choice for you. But, if you desire the feeling of anal sex and a fuller sensation, then an anal dildo is probably the better of the two. And if you just enjoy anal play in general, I say get them both!

Butt Plugs VS Dildos VS Prostate Massagers: Which is Right for You?

Butt plugs, dildos and prostate massagers, oh my! Which to choose? As mentioned previously, if you love anal play then all three sex toys should be a part of your bedside toy box. On the other hand, if you’re in search of a specific butt play goal, let’s do a side-by-side comparison so you can visualize all of the details and choose which is right for you.

Butt PlugsXXX  X
Anal Dildos  X X 
Prostate MassagersX XX X

Final Bottom Play Tips for Safe, Back Door Fun

Whether you are just beginning to explore bottom play or you are advancing from butt plugs to anal sex, you should follow these tips for safe, exciting and healthy butt play.

Materials Matter

When choosing an anal sex toy, whether it’s a butt plug vs a dildo or a prostate stimulator, materials matter. To explain further, any sex toy that goes into your rear is exposed to all sorts of dangerous bacteria – like e-coli, salmonella and various viruses – and can cause illness if the toy isn’t cleaned properly.

Therefore, you will want to avoid any butt plug, dildo or prostate stimulator made from a porous material. For example, sex toys made of TPE, skin-like materials and jelly are porous and will hide viruses and bacteria, no matter how well you clean them. So, it is crucial that you choose an anal sex toy created from non-porous materials that can be washed properly or sterilized.

Examples of non-porous anal sex toy materials are:

Butt Plugs VS Dildos, Are Prostate Massagers Better? Photo of System JO H2O Water-Based Anal Lubricant
System JO H2O Water-Based Anal Lubricant
  • Silicone – set with a heating process, silicone toys can be washed, sterilized and even boiled and will not lose their shape.
  • Glass – glass butt plugs and anal dildos are hard set and will withstand extremely high temperatures making them ideal for boiling as a cleaning process.
  • Stainless steel – butt plugs and anal dildos made from stainless steel are also hard set, have no pores to hold bacteria and viruses and can be cleaned, sanitized and boiled.

The Proper Lube is a Must for Great Anal Play

Putting something in your rear without lubricant can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. That is why the proper lube is a must for great anal play. First, the anus and rectum don’t produce natural lubricant as does the vagina or penis. Therefore, placing a finger or a butt plug, dildo or prostate stimulator into a dry anus will cause pain, irritation and even tissue injury.

But which lubricants are right for butt play? That depends entirely on what you’re putting in your rear. For instance, if your partner is using their finger or penis, using an oil-based or silicone lubricant is ideal as they tend to be thicker and they last longer. Additionally, oil and silicone-based lubricants work well and are safe to use with anal toys made from glass and stainless steel.

In comparison, a water-based, anal lubricant is ideal for silicone sex toys and anytime your partner is penetrating your bottom while wearing a condom. Although water-based lubricants don’t seem to last as long as their oil and silicone-based counterparts, they are easily revived with a drop or two of warm water.

Keep Your Butt Toys Clean

As I mentioned above, it’s imperative that you keep your butt toys clean. Even anal toys made from non-porous materials can retain bacteria on the surface if they aren’t washed properly. So, keep antibacterial soap, a good sex toy cleanser or alcohol on hand for quick, post-sex clean-ups. You can also sanitize your anal sex toys in the dishwasher or by boiling them.

However, you can save cleaning time by simply placing a condom over your butt toys before using them. But again, if you’re using latex condoms, be sure and use a water-based lubricant, no matter what material your favorite butt toy is made from.

Be Selfish, for Your Sexual Health

When it comes to anal toys, it’s okay to be selfish, for your sexual health. Sure, when we are having sexy-time with our partners, we want to share it all. However, butt toys are something that should be yours and yours alone – so buy your partner their own anal toys. Moreover, never use any sex toy in the bottom and the vagina as the bacteria can cause painful urinary tract infections and bacterial vaginosis.

It’s just like wiping back to front, something our moms and doctors have drilled into our heads since we were old enough to wipe our own bottoms. Only, most moms never warned us about sex toys.

Final Thoughts on Butt Plugs VS Dildos and Prostate Stimulators

If you are ready to try bottom play for the first time or you’re already a back-door pro, it’s important to know one thing; craving anal stimulation has nothing whatsoever to do with your sexual orientation. It simply means that everyone has nerve endings down there and, when stimulated, can lead to mind-blowing orgasms, the likes of which you’ve never experienced before.

Furthermore, prostate stimulation not only feels good, it is good for your prostate health and can allow you to have multiple orgasms without the usual hour or more wait time in between. So, if you are curious, adventurous and desire something new and thrilling, find yourself a butt plug, anal dildo or prostate stimulator and embark on an incredible sexual experience.

Types of different dildos to try out:

Types of different butt plugs to try out:

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