15 Best Suction Cup Dildos for Hands-Free Riding

   Isabelle Uren
Keep reading if you want an in-depth review of all the best suction cup dildos on the market right now. To help you navigate through the overwhelming jungle of suction cup dildos out there, I scoured the internet to find everything you need to know to find your next best friend in the bedroom. My colleagues and I have put these dildo to the test to figure out the real pros and cons of each product to help you figure out which type of suction cup dildo would be suitable for you! There’s more. I’ve included some helpful tips for how to use your suction cup dildo, as well some good things to consider before your purchase, and a word on materials and safety.
1 Test Winner

King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo

 King Cock Ultra

  • want a dildo that can fill you out
  • love the idea of a hyper realistic suction cup dildo
  • care about the quality of materials

King Cock Ultra

  • are tight and easily hurt during penetrative sex

This supersized suction cup dildo is designed to give you supersized pleasure. With 8.5 inches of insertable length and a whopping 7 inch circumference, the King Cock will definitely fill your desires. The realistic feel and design feels just like the real thing and can be stuck to any smooth surface, giving you the freedom to get off in new and exciting positions. It can also be attached to a harness for hands free partner penetration. This colossus can be used vaginally and anally making it a great addition to your collection.

  • Extra thick girth
  • Super realistic design
  • Long insertable shaft
  • Great textural details

  • Super size too big for some users
  • Stiffness can be too intense
  • Can have a plastic smell
King Cock Ultra
Length9 inches
Insertable length8.5 inches
Diameter2.2 inches

When used with plenty of lube, the deep stimulation this king cock offers really satisfies. It’s an added bonus that your hands are completely free to stimulate other areas or even bring in other toys. Given that it can be used vaginally, anally, on a flat surface, or with a harness this multipurpose dildo is great value for money. There isn’t a lot that could be improved here, but the plastic smell might not be for those with a sensitive nose. While the size of this dildo makes it stand out from the crowd, it may take some time to work up to, especially if you are new to sex toys. Make sure you are fully aroused and take your time for the best experience. The suction cup makes this dildo a perfect shower companion either alone or with a partner. With your hands free, you can even use the stream of water on your clit or nipples for added pleasure. The best thing about it though is the fun trying out new, naughty ways of mounting it around the house!

2 Beginners

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Dildo

 Lovehoney Curved Dildo

  • want a super inexpensive suction cup dildo
  • love colors
  • need something compatible with a harness/strap on

Lovehoney Curved Dildo

  • need something flexible

This 7-inch suction cup dildo from Lovehoney is as fun to use as it is to look at. The unique, fun-loving design will get you in a playful mood and is great for those who aren’t into super realistic looking dildos. What’s more, the sleek design with soft body safe silicone finish and tapered head make for easy insertion so you can get right to the fun! This curved dildo has been specially designed to those g- and p-spot pleasure points, so whichever way you use it, you’ll be upping the stimulation. The real icing on the cake with this suction cup dildo are the beautiful colours and swirling designs, that give an added pop of colour and visual stimulation. Better than any old classic dildo.

  • Curved for g-spot and p-spot stimulation
  • Tapered for comfortable insertion
  • Sleek, fun design
  • Great value for money

  • Curve not suitable for all users
  • Not flexible enough for some
  • May be too slim for those who enjoy a bigger toys
Lovehoney Curved Dildo
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.8 inches
Diameter1.6 inches

The curve of Lovehoney’s suction cup dildo is an express highway to g-and p-spot stimulation, heightening the intensity of your orgasms. The slim shaft, tapered head and sleek feel make it more approachable than larger dildos on the market and perfect for those trying out vaginal and anal with a dildo as well as seasoned users. That being said, this may not be the best option for those looking for a more substantial shaft. One of the best things about this product has to be the bright, inviting colours. This colourful dildo would look fantastic suctioned to your bathroom tiles and screams out for play and experimentation! This multiskilled addition to your nightstand can be used suctioned to a flat surface, with a harness and even has enough space to use with a bullet vibrator, making it well worth the modest price tag.

3 Ridged

Maia Kendall Suction Cup Dildo

 Maia Kendall Dildo

  • want a cheap suction dildo
  • want something with ridged texture

Maia Kendall Dildo

  • want something of supreme quality

The Maia Kendall offers great pleasure with a sturdy suction cup base with incredible strength. Perfect for even rough vertical surfaces. Designed for textured and hands free please, this ridged dildo pays great attention to detail. It is going to feel even better than a real penis. The firm but flexible shaft is curved to make sure it hits all the right spots, resulting in maximum pleasure. The design of the Kendall is matched by its versatility with the strong suction cup opening up a world of possibilities for new positions and hands-free fun and the option to use both vaginally and anally. With so many options, this one can surely add long-lasting variation and excitement to anyone’s repertoire. Another great point, it is harness compatible.

  • Curved for g- and p-spot stimulation
  • Strong suction cup
  • Ridged texture

  • Curve can be too intense for some users
  • Can have a silicone smell
Maia Kendall Dildo
Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.75 inches

The generous length and girth of the Maia Kendall are enough to create maximum sensation and satisfaction without being intimidating, making a perfect first-time suction cup dildo. The strong suction cup can stay put, even during the steamiest of sessions making fun and easy to use, your imagination and access to any smooth surfaces are the only limits here. For all of the possible uses and the quality of design, the Kendall also offers great value for money, making it great for first-time owners wanting to get into hands-free penetration. As with all sex toys, it’s not a one size fits all situation. While some love the firmness and curve of this dildo, others may find it too intense. The pronounced head may also be more than some people would like. As always, use it fully aroused and with plenty of lube for the most enjoyable experience. The shower is a fantastic place for some steamy, hands-free fun but it doesn’t have to stop there. This suction cup dildo attaches to any smooth and hard surface, a table, a chair or even the side of a bathtub for vaginal or anal penetration, making it an extremely diverse toy.

4 Vibrator

Lifelike Lover Vibrating Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Vibrating Dildo

  • want a vibrating suction cup dildo
  • would love the option of remote control
  • want it for couples play

Lifelike Lover Vibrating Dildo

  • prefer smaller dildos

This realistic vibrating dildo from Lovehoney really takes things up a notch. With three different speeds and seven vibration patterns, there’s something for everyone and you can change it up to keep it exciting. The strong vibrations pulse through this dildo from the crafted head all the way down to the balls and can be changed at the click of a button with the easy to use remote. The remote control not only means you can easily change the settings, but you can also relinquish control, putting your pleasure at your partner’s fingertips. It serves greatly as one of your wall dildos or on any dildo mounts. Suction it to any smooth surface, think a hot session in the bathroom or a quickie in the kitchen, or strap into a harness for penetration and pegging. Also, the USB charger and discreet volume mean you can have fun wherever you go!


  • 10 vibration settings
  • USB rechargeable - up to 60 minutes of play time
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Lifelike look and feel

  • Small remote can be difficult to keep track off in the moment
  • Size might not be big enough for those who prefer bigger toys
Lifelike Lover Vibrating Dildo
Vibration modes10
Length6 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
Charging Time90 minutes
Battery Life60 minutes
MaterialsSoft plastic

This Lifelike Lover Vibrating Dildo is great for anyone craving an extra touch of sensation to their suction cup dildo adventures! Do you sometimes feel a bit bored with the regular old sensation of thrusting or grinding on a dildo and wish there was something more to make masturbation even more magical? Perhaps a touch of buzzy bliss or rumbly rushes of pleasure can help you out! With this impressive vibrating dildo, you can enjoy a nice sizeable penetration moment while you can tease and please yourself by activating the vibrations with the remote control. Perfect for any kind of partnered play, you can let your partner take control over the vibrations – or vice versa – and tease away!

5 Thrusting

Lovense Gravity Thrusting Wall Banger Dildo

 Lovense Gravity

  • Love thrusters
  • Want a hands-free toy
  • Prefer app compatibility
  • Seek to participate in long-distance play
  • Enjoy vibrators
  • Desire firm dildos

Lovense Gravity

  • Desire a quiet toy
  • Can't comfortably insert toys 1.46-inches wide
  • Don't enjoy vaginal penetration
  • Seek a toy for anal penetration
  • Require soft, flexible dildos for penetration

The Lovense Gravity is notable for its robust suction cup base, which adheres firmly to smooth surfaces, ensuring stability even under vigorous use. The suction is powerful yet easy to disengage with a gentle lift, providing both security and convenience. This feature is particularly praised for enabling diverse play scenarios while ensuring the toy stays in place, allowing for a worry-free experience.


  • Water-resistant
  • App compatability
  • Interactive functions
  • Vibes and thrusts controlled independently
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Body-safe silicone

  • Not fully waterproof
  • Vibes could be stronger
  • Loud
  • Expensive
Lovense Gravity
Thrust Modes7, plus more with app
Vibration speeds3, plus more with app
Vibration patterns4, plus more with app
Length10.2 inches
Insertable length5.12 inches
Diameter1.46 inches
WaterproofNo, water-resistant
Battery Life240 minutes
RechargeableYes, magnetic USB
Charging Time120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, through mobile app
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableRed

Having experienced the Lovense Gravity, the suction cup base is truly remarkable, offering an immovable grip on smooth surfaces which heightened my confidence during use. Its easy detachment also added a layer of convenience, making the playtime seamless. The Lovense Gravity proves to be a well-thought-out toy, meeting both the demands of stability and ease of use, contributing to an enhanced, worry-free pleasure experience. It is definetely one of the strongest suction cups of any of the dildos, making it wortwhile to consider if you’re on the lookout for something to wallbang.

6 Anal

BASICS Slimline Anal Suction Cup Dildo

 BASICS Slimline Anal Suction Cup Dildo

  • want something super inexpensive
  • love colors
  • need something compatible with a harness/strap on

BASICS Slimline Anal Suction Cup Dildo

  • need something flexible

This slimline from Lovehoney’s BASICS range is perfect for any type of hands free pleasure but stands out as a perfect companion for anal play. The slim shaft and tapered end make for comfortable insertion while still being enough to satisfy your needs. If you want to explore the pleasure of anal penetration or are thinking of moving up from a buttplug to a suction cup anal dildo, this is sure to excite you! The crafted tip can be used to tease and build up the anticipation while the long, slender flexible shaft lets you control how deep you go, with an insertable length of 6 inches. The suction cup base not only means that this is safe for anal insertion but also means you can enjoy it hands-free by sticking to whatever surface takes your fancy or combining it with a harness for partner penetration. This hands free dildo keeps it simple design-wise; the pleasing pink adds a pop of colour while the veins on the shaft up the ante with some added stimulation.

  • Slim shaft and tapered end for anal penetration
  • Soft, flexible shaft
  • Raised vein details
  • Sculpted head

  • Suction cup could be stronger
  • The ridge may be too much for some users
  • May be too soft if you prefer a firmer dildo
BASICS Slimline Anal Suction Cup Dildo
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length6.3 inches
Diameter1 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

You can’t really go wrong with this slimline anal dildo from Lovehoney. It’s easy on the eye and unintimidating, and the tapered tip eases you into the pleasure of anal stimulation. The firmer tip is perfect for warming up, letting you build arousal before insertion and the long slim shaft with added veins are sure to get you going. This dildo is great for adding some excitement to your showers and the warm, soothing environment is perfect for first-timers as it helps relax your mind and your muscles! And, importantly, don’t forget the lube! Using an anal lubricant, which is thicker than other lubes and designed to last longer, makes for a safer and more pleasurable experience. The small price tag makes this a great beginner dildo and at such a low cost, there isn’t much to critique. It could be a little stronger, but always make sure both the suction cup and surface are clean and dry for increased staying power.

7 Realistic

Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Realistic

  • want a true classic
  • love a bendable dildo
  • want a strong suction cup base

Lifelike Lover Realistic

  • feel some dildos are too intense

This realistic dildo from Lovehoney is a true classic. The attractive design and ample but modest size make it appealing to even first time users. The defined head and veins on the shaft add extra sensation when used for penetration and the realistic balls can be used to get some bonus clitoral stimulation. The bendable shaft means this flexible dildo is good to go at all angles, and the suction cup really opens the door to new possibilities. It can be used vertically, stuck to the floor or a chair or horizontally on a wall or stick to the headboard or add a harness for a strap on joyride. Whether you are looking to add some spice to your solo play or share the fun with a partner, the realistic suction cup dildo is a fun addition to your collection.

  • Lifelike design with veins and defined head
  • Soft, flexible shaft
  • Great starter dildo
  • Can be used vaginally and anally

  • Sculpted ridge may be too intense for some
  • Stiffness not suited to those who prefer something softer
Lifelike Lover Realistic
Length6 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic

If you are flirting with buying your first dildo, this timeless classic is a great place to start. It’s easy to use and the size is comfortable to use while still packing that O so satisfying pleasure you desire. The super realistic look and texture feel like the real deal, getting your imagination going and getting you in the mood. As well as the hours of pleasure, this dildo serves up good value for money and is perfect for those who don’t want to invest too much in their first toy. It’s great for trying out new positions either alone or with a partner and can be used with a harness or even combined with other toys to increase the heat. When riding this dildo hands-free, you are free to stimulate whatever takes your fancy. When using for vaginal penetration, why not add a bullet vibe to the mix for some target stimulation!

8 Multicolored

Lifelike Lover Multicolored Silicone Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Multicolored

  • prefer colorful dildos
  • don't want to be stretched to much
  • want a harness steady dildo

Lifelike Lover Multicolored

  • want a smooth surface, without a defined head

If realistic-looking dildos don’t float your boat but you still crave the sensation of the real deal, this beautiful colorful dildo from Lovehoney is the perfect combination of reality and whimsy that is always ready for a good time. With three different color combinations, it will stand out in any collection, and the bright colours just scream out for playtime. But the appeal of this hands free dildo goes far deeper than just its looks. Made from silicone, this toy feels more luxurious than those made with cheaper materials. The soft, flexible shaft with textures that tantalise is a treat for anyone that enjoys penetration. The suction cup on this dildo has some real staying power and is down for the wildest of rides. As with many suction cup dildo’s, as well as plug and play riding using the suction cup, you can also slip this into a harness and you are ready for some partner play.

  • Exciting, colourful design
  • Soft, flexible silicone
  • Pronounced veins and head
  • Strong suction cup

  • Head may be too defined for some
  • Patterns can vary from the picture
Lifelike Lover Multicolored
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter1.6 inches

The joy that radiates out of this colourful toy definitely brings out your cheeky, mischievous side. The pronounced head works wonders internally and externally with the soft, silicone finish adding a smooth, lush feeling that slides against your skin beautifully when lavished with a water-based lube. The quality of this dildo and the fact that it uses silicone, one of the safest materials for sex toys, make it well worth the money. As an added bonus, silicone is long-lasting and easy to maintain, meaning more fun for you! If you want to heighten the visual appeal, this dildo looks great when used in front of or even attached to one if you are lucky to have a mirror that is secured to the wall.

9 Large

Vixen Randy

 Vixen Randy

  • Love really thick dildos
  • Prefer girth over length
  • Are doing intense anal training
  • Prefer firm silicone over squishy silicone

Vixen Randy

  • Are not a fan of vaginal or anal stretching
  • Prefer a soft or squishy feel
  • Want a very realistic design

Don’t be frightened. It’s just Randy! He’s here to introduce you to a new realm of pleasure with the Vixen Randy Silicone Dildo! This phallic wonder is engineered for maximal satisfaction, thanks to its generous girth and shorter length. Made with VixSkin, Vixen’s proprietary silicone blend, Randy feels incredibly lifelike. Not too soft, not too hard; it’s just the right blend of firmness and flexibility. A pronounced head and subtle vein detailing add to the realistic feel, while the flat base ensures safe and secure play, even making it compatible with most strap-on harnesses. Its shorter length ensures deep, fulfilling penetration without overwhelming, making it perfect for both vaginal and anal use.

  • Extremely girthy
  • Ideal for g-spot or p-spot stimulation
  • Anal safe
  • Powerful suction
  • Pronounced head
  • High quality, hand-poured silicone

  • Definitely not suitable for all levels of experience
  • No storage bag included
Vixen Randy
Length6 inches
Insertable length5.75 inches
Diameter2.25 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo

If you’re someone who prioritizes girth over length, the Vixen Randy Silicone Dildo is a must-try. Its unique blend of silicone gives it a lifelike texture that’s difficult to differentiate from the real thing. Moreover, its shorter length makes it less intimidating for those new to sex toys, or for those who prefer a more manageable size for anal play. The flat base offers versatility, as it’s compatible with harnesses and ensures safe usage. Although some might find its price point on the higher side, it’s a solid investment for a quality product that could easily become a staple in your toy box.

10 Girthy

Lifelike Lover Extra Girthy Suction Cup Dildo

 Lifelike Lover Extra Girthy

  • want to be stretched
  • if it just can't get a dildo girthy enough

Lifelike Lover Extra Girthy

  • don't want a big dildo!

If you are a size queen or king who yearns to be full to bursting, this big boy is your perfect partner. With a whopping 9 inch circumference, the extra girthy, thick dildo from Lovehoney is sure to give you a satisfying stretch that makes your eyes roll back in your head. Aside from its knee trembling girth, which let’s face it steals the show. It has 7 inches of insertable shaft, complete with realistic veins, and with that size, they can really be felt! The realistic balls add another layer of pleasure and can be used to stimulate either the clitoris or perineum, depending on which way round you ride this whopper. Suitable for anal or vaginal play, alone or together, the only thing that’s for certain is you’ll need plenty of lube!

  • Extra girthy for full satisfaction
  • Realistic details
  • Suitable for vaginal and anal use
  • Defined head

  • Not recommended for first time users
  • May need time and preparation for comfotable insertion
Lifelike Lover Extra Girthy
Length7 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter3 inches

This eye-popping dildo will definitely give you the ache you crave. While this isn’t recommended for beginners, if you are looking to take your penetration play to the next level, this could be just what you are looking for. This extra girthy guy does exactly what it says on the box. A fully filling, versatile toy for both vaginal and anal use. While the size might blow your mind, the price, luckily, won’t blow your budget and is fair for a PVC toy of this size. While there isn’t too much to critique, be sure to check the measurements before you purchase this. You want to make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your appetite!

11 Long

Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe Suction Cup Dildo

 Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe

  • love a realistic design with lifelike detailing
  • want a toy to also use with a harness
  • are on a budget but still want a quality product

Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe

  • prefer a smaller sized shaft
  • prefer a non-phallic dildo
  • want a vibrating dildo

The Lifelike Lover Luxe is another realistic suction cup dildo. The lifelike detailing along the shaft will provide some extra stimulation during penetration. The super pronounced head is also bound to bring you some realistic internal sensations! Also, this dildo has balls! If an attached scrotum is important for your realistic dildo pleasure, then this big guy will mimic the real thing just right.

  • Super detailed design with stimulating textures
  • Great value and quality
  • Suitable for versatile play

  • A bit heavy
  • Could be too large for some users
Lovehoney Lifelike Lover Luxe
Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
Harness SizeO-ring: 1.5 inches

This stunning wall-banger is a great quality suction cup dildo. Made of 100% body safe silicone, a super detailed and textured design for a real look and feel, and a strong suction cup base that allows you to explore all sorts of hands-free option, this is a super affordable way to enjoy some ideal suction cup dildo fun!

12 Wall Banger

3Some Wall Banger Vibrator

 3Some Wall Banger Vibrator

  • Want a vibrating dildo
  • Want versatile toys
  • Like wall banger dildos

3Some Wall Banger Vibrator

  • Want to use on multiple surfaces
  • Are on a budget

Cleverly designed and versatile, the 3Some wall banger dildo by Pipedream offers suction and vibration that help you achieve never-before-seen orgasm peaks! The 3Some comes with a removable remote control, meaning you can let your partner have a go at controlling your orgasms, while they enjoy the view. Under the remote, a cleverly-hidden safety strap will help your 3some wall banger vibrator stay in place for pinpoint pleasure, while the button on the side allows for single finger control. Aesthetically and internally pleasing, the twisty design is sure to bring you several levels of pleasure!


  • Wall banger vibrator
  • Premium vibrations
  • Splashproof silicone

  • Firm vibrator
3Some Wall Banger Vibrator
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Diameter1.6 inches
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length6.3 inches
TextureTwisty texture
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Battery Life120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The 3some deluxe wall banger dildo comes packed with vibrations and a removable suction cup for versatile pleasure. The 10-mode vibrating dildo is designed with twisted texture, which provides internal stimulation on its own or combined with powerful rumbly vibrations. While not the best choice for anal use, the wall banger vibrator is perfect for spicing up your solo masturbation sessions or indulging in power-play with your partner using the remote control. Works best with water-based lubricant. The best part about the Deluxe wall banger dildo’s design is the silicone strap at the base of the toy, which helps keep the toy in place during steamy sessions, and the one-button interface which is easy to control with only one finger. One setback though is the price, which for some users can be over budget.

13 Glass

Icicles No. 86 Glass Dildo with Removable Suction Cup

 Icicles No. 86

  • Want a glass dildo
  • Love realistic veining
  • Like temperature-play

Icicles No. 86

  • Want girthy shafts
  • Want a sturdier suction cup

Number 86 in Pipedream’s Icicles collection, this realistic glass wall banger dildo is both eye-pleasing and pleasurable. The wall banger sex toy comes with a removable suction cup that can stick to any non-porous, smooth surface, making it ideal for anyone who likes to get down on all fours during their masturbation session. Glass wall banger dildos not only offer realistic textures but also can retain temperature – opening up the way towards multi sensational orgasms. Pair with your favorite water-based lubricant for easier glide.

  • Glass wall banger
  • Realistic textures
  • Rigid shaft
  • Waterproof

  • Small diameter
  • Rigid shaft not for newbies
  • Suction not strong
Icicles No. 86
Diameter1.4 inches
Length8 inches
Insertable length6 inches
TextureRealistic veining
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The esthetically pleasing Icicle No. 86 is a high-quality wall banger dildo, you won’t want to miss out on. Providing rigidity that maximizes the thrusting sensations inside the vagina, this wall stick dildo is perfect for anyone who enjoys a rough touch when it comes to their sexual life. Perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with temperature, the glass wall banger dildo can be warmed up or cooled down, providing enticing sensations along the way. Due to the suction cup being a bit flimsy, the flared base wall banger sex toy can be detached from the cup and used by itself or combined with a strap-on harness for pegging and couple’s play. When you are considering glass dildos, keep in mind that due to its quality and long shelf life it can come with a bigger price tag.


Stud Shower Dildo Vibrator

 Stud Shower Dildo Vibrator

  • want a dildo vibrator with suction cup base for the shower
  • want a relatively cheap waterproof dildo vibrator

Stud Shower Dildo Vibrator

  • prefer smaller dildo vibrators

This waterproof, suction cup vibrator is designed to add some extra spice to your showers so you can start your day with a smile on your face and spring in your step. The 5.5 inches of insertable length is made of soft, flexible TPR and features a pronounced head, with a slight curve to reach all your hot spots. The veins also heighten the pleasure, creating just the right amount of stimulation when inside you. The vibrations can be adjusted by twisting the dial on at the base of the dildo, and with you in the driving seat, you can choose a slow and steady build or full steam ahead!


  • Curved tip for g- and p-spot stimulation
  • Changeable vibration speeds
  • Balls add external stimulation
  • Waterproof vibrator

  • Suction cup needs to be stronger
  • Volume not very discreet
  • Vibrations might not be stronger enough for some
Stud Shower Dildo Vibrator
Vibration modesMulti-speed
Length8 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
RechargeableNo, 2 AA batteries
Vibration modes

This little guy is great if you are looking to add a little fun to your shower, after all, what better way to start the day! The vibrations are good but not overwhelming, so maybe not the best option for those who like a bit more oomph. It comes in two colours, pink and white skin tone, but would be great to see more diverse skin tones. The main critiques of this hands free dildo vibrator are the suction cup which lacks a little staying power for those wilder rides. The volume is a bit louder than some other vibrators on the market. Of course, this isn’t a problem when the shower is running but might not be so discreet in other situations!

15 Dual Density

Vixen VixSkin Mustang Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

 Vixen VixSkin Mustang

  • love the look and feel of realistic dildos
  • want a flexible yet sturdy dildo
  • want something harness compatible
  • love this beautiful multicolored design

Vixen VixSkin Mustang

  • prefer slimmer and smoother dildos
  • need a super strong suction cup base
  • are on a budget

Part of the Vixskin range from Vixen Creations, these dual density dildos are made from hand-poured platinum grade silicone that gives a realistic feel. With a solid core and a softer outer layer, this dildo is both firm and flexible and quite squishy to the touch, actually. A pronounced head and a slight curve can help stimulate the g-spot during penetration. Available in this beautiful tie-dye design or some more realistic skin tones as well.

  • Realistic detailing for extra stimulation
  • Firm yet squishy and flexible
  • Also available in realistic colors

  • Suction cup base is not strong
  • Requires a lot of lube
Vixen VixSkin Mustang
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter1.6 inches
MaterialsPlatinum grade silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Sure, the Vixen VixSkin Mustang might be on the more expensive side but I assure you, it is worth it! Perfect for anyone who really longs for a realistic look and feel, wants something made from quality materials, but also needs some natural squishiness for a softer (yet filling) penetration!

Wall Banger Dildos: The Strongest suction cup base

This is a short-list of the strongest suction cup bases found on the dildos we tested. Making them so-called Wall Banger Dildos, as it it not all suction cup based dildos that are able to stick and stay on walls during use.

Lifelike Lover Luxe Suction Cup Dildo

Lifelike Lover Luxe Suction Cup Dildo - Wall Banger Dildos: The Strongest suction cup base
Make a statement in your bedroom with the bold colors of the Lifelike Lover wall banger dildo. Packed with a wide suction cup that can hold passionate thrusts, this waterproof wall banger is perfectly sized and curved for pinpoint G-spot stimulation. Pair it with your favorite lube for long masturbation sessions by yourself, or combine it with a strap-on for a spot of pegging with your s/o. The all-inclusive toy is a great addition to anyone’s toy chest, regardless of gender, and it’s pretty gentle on your coinpurse, too! While the girth is on the smaller side, the insertable length combined with the curvature of the shaft, make for unforgettable orgasms each use!

Kendall Swirly Strong Suction Cup Dildo

Kendall Swirly Strong Suction Cup Dildo - Wall Banger Dildos: The Strongest suction cup base
Blissfully ribbed for your pleasure, the Kendall Swirly wall banger dildo is made for internal orgasmic sensations. The aesthetically pleasing wall banger sex toy is made from smooth supple silicone, which enhances the textures when combined with a water-based lubricant. Great for advancing your vaginal sensations with the ribbing, it also can be used for anal stimulation – however, make sure to always be generous with the lubricant. At a great price point, you get delightfully pleasing ribbing which can be used by all genders.

Best Double Headed Suction Cup Dildo

Ever crave the satisfaction of double penetration? Well, this double-penetration dildo with a suction cup means you can satisfy that urge whenever the feeling takes you.

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Suction Cup Dildo

Lifelike Lover Ultra Realistic Double Penetrator Suction Cup Dildo -  Best Double Headed Suction Cup Dildo
This is double trouble dildo is definitely double the fun, and it’s extremely well-endowed with one larger shaft of 6 inches and a slightly smaller one of 5 inches.


This double-headed dildo lets you indulge all of your dp fantasies. Used solo, the suction cup allows you to use your hands to indulge those other erogenous zones, and used with a partner, it puts on quite the show!


There isn’t much to fault with this toy. There can be a bit of a plastic smell, as with many toys, but this can be remedied by giving it a good wash. Be sure to use plenty of lube and you are sure to have many a wild rides with these guys!

Best Suction Cup Dildo For Men

Don’t worry. Of course, we’ve got something specifically for the male audience… Dildos for men often target the prostate for some impressive p-spot stimulation! Check out our blog post on how to use dildos for men for a more detailed guide.

Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G-Spot Dildo 7 Inch

Lovehoney Silicone Suction Cup G-Spot Dildo 7 Inch - Best Suction Cup Dildo For Men
The pronounced curve seeks out your g- or p-spot to add the oh my goodness to your orgasms. The slimmer girth and curved tip makes it perfect for anal masturbation and can provide amazing prostate stimulation. While this has been awarded best for men, this dildo is great for everyone who enjoys intense stimulation to either the g-spot or p-spot.


The slimmer girth combined with the curve and smooth silicone make this the perfect dildo for anal penetration.


The reviews really speak for themselves with this crowd pleaser! With a whopping 4.9 stars there isn’t much to critique. The pronounced curve can be intense if you are new to g- and p-spot stimulation but once you find that sweet spot, you won’t look back!

Dildo Mounts for Hands-Free Humping

Maybe sticking your favorite suction cup dildo to the wall, mirror, or bathtub is simply not doing it for you – maybe you need some assitive gadgets to make your hands-free grinding more comfrotable. Take a look at these dildo mounts for some padded petting.

Liberator BonBon

Liberator BonBon - Dildo Mounts for Hands-Free Humping
Stick your favorite dildo on the top of this toy mount and go for wild ride. The shape of the hump will let you comfortably explore a few different positions and angles with your dildo. Can also be used without a toy as an assistive sex cushion for loads of different positions!

Liberator Pulse

Liberator Pulse - Dildo Mounts for Hands-Free Humping
This bad boy let’s you rock back and forth on top of your favorite dildo! With two pokets – one for a small vibrator and one for a bigger toy – you’re gonna be able to rock your own world.

Liberator Wing

Liberator Wing - Dildo Mounts for Hands-Free Humping
This one is for all the hands-free grinding queens out there! The long rounded shape is designed to help you lean forward while grinding. This is also a great shape for positioning aid for doggy-style.

Liberator Wanda

Liberator Wanda - Dildo Mounts for Hands-Free Humping
Although the Liberator Wanda is specificawlly made to fit your Magic Wand vibrator, you could still use this sex toy mount for your favorite dildo. Designed to perfectly cup your body while assisting you with all sorts of different positions.

Wall banger dildos for anal play

While most people generally consider wall banger dildos for vaginal use only, this is not the case. Generally, wall banger dildos are made with a suction cup and flared base, which means that they can be easily used for anal stimulation and deep penetration. But no worries, there are plenty of dedicated wall banger sex toys on the market such as the 3some wall banger sex toys. Regardless of your experience, always make sure to use both vaginal and anal wall banger dildos with a lot of lubrication.

3Some Wall Banger Vibrating Anal Beads

3Some Wall Banger Vibrating Anal Beads  - Wall banger dildos for anal play
Part of the wall banger dildos collection, 3some’s vibrating anal beads have a removable suction cup and remote control with 10 vibration modes, meaning you can use the wall banger sex toy for solo hands-free anal exploration or let your partner take control.
  • Magnetic Wireless Remote
  • Body-safe Silicone
  • Strong Suction Cup
  • Rechargeable
  • Splash proof

3Some Wall Banger Plug

3Some Wall Banger Plug - Wall banger dildos for anal play
While wall banger dildos feel amazing, nothing beats the feel of a butt plug. Designed to suit both eager beginners and seasoned anal pros, the 10 mode vibrating butt plug by 3some is a wall banger sex toy with a magnetic remote and removable suction cup.
  • Remote stored under the plug
  • Handsfree use
  • Silicone
  • Cleverly designed

Good Reasons to Buy a Suction Cup Dildo

Suction cup dildos are a mainstay of the sex toy world and for good reason! With all the toe-curling, spine arching pleasure they bring it’s no wonder that humans have been using dildos, in some form, for over 30,000 years. Luckily for us, we have a lot more options when it comes to materials than our stone age friends did. If you aren’t already sold, here are our top reasons to buy a suction cup dildo.

Hands-free Fun!

The suction cup feature and harness compatibility mean that your hands are completely free to tickle, tease and titillate other areas of your body. You can stimulate your nipples, clitoris or any other sensitive spot you desire. This also means you have your hands free to play with a partner.

Work Those Angles, Baby!

Work Those Angles, Baby! -  Good Reasons to Buy a Suction Cup Dildo
Another plus of the suction cup is that it can be attached to any flat, smooth surface meaning you can experience penetration from new and exciting angles to find out what works for you.

Fulfil Your Double Penetration and Threesome Fantasies

If you dream of having multiple partners but aren’t ready to do so in real life, adding suction cup dildos or double-headed dildos to your solo or partner play can simulate the real thing.

You Are Spoilt for Choice

Variety is the spice of life and that’s no different when it comes to suction cup dildos. There so many shapes, sizes, colours and textures meaning there is something for everyone and every type of penetration.

Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo

Let me take you through a list of some basic things to think of before you order a suction cup dildo. There are many different factors that contribute to the success of your new favorite dildo!

Insertable Length

Insertable Length - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Figure out if you’re a fan of really deep stimulation or if you prefer a shorter insertable length in your dildos. You can always hold back from inserting the whole length of a dildo. It’s significantly less fun to feel like you need moe length but don’t have it!


Girth - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Don’t overestimate yourself when it comes to dildos… but don’t underestimate yourself either. Actually, when it comes to girth, you want to tke the Goldilocks approach – not too big, not too small, but juuust right! Check out the measurements on whatever products you’re considering buying first.

Design & Stimulation

Design & Stimulation - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Think of what you would like in terms of the design itself. Textured, smooth, realistic details, colors, balls or no balls?


Firmness - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Want a firm and sturdy dildo or something more soft and flexible? This also depends a lot on the types of positions you’re thinking of using your dildo for.

Suction Cup Strength

Suction Cup Strength - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Whether you’re a big fan of hands-free wall-banging or more of a hand-held dildo thrusting person, it’s important to consider how important the strength of the suction cup actulaly it. If you’re only planning to use your dildo with a strap-on harness, then it might not evne matter much to you.


Materials - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
You should always aim for products made of body-safe, non-porous materials, like silicone, ABS plastic, glass, or metal. Porous materials like jelly, rubber, and PVC are difficult to keep clean and are not safe for internal use without a condom.


Realistic - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Perhaps you’re a fan of the sensation of using a dildo but you’re not sold on the look of a veiny penis. A non-phallic dildo might be a better option for you. On the other hand, a realistic dong might be crucial for your enjoyment!


Price - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Consider which type of products are available at different price ranges. Figure out what your budget is and decide which criteria you’re not willing to compromise on for your next suction cup dildo.

Extra Features

Extra Features - Thing to Consider Before Buying Your Next Suction Cup Dildo
Want to add some motorized assistance to your dildo fun? Vibrating suction cup dildos or perhaps thrusting dildos? Maybe an extra shaft for some hands-free double penetration? A vac-u-lock design for compatibility with thrusting sex machines?

Safety Tips

The flared base on all of these suction cup dildos make them safe all kinds of penetrative play. While it is difficult to go wrong with suction cup dildos. Ultimately, you should listen to your body and stop if you feel pain, but here are few safety tips for some safe suction cup dildo fun!

Choosing the Right Size

Suction cup dildos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You might be wondering, which size dildo should I buy? When choosing the size pay close attention to the girth. You have more control over how much length you insert but the girth cannot be changed. If you are new to sex toys, start with a smaller girth, maybe 1 inch in diameter. You can always work your way up to bigger sizes when you are ready.

Choosing the Right Material

Choosing the Right Material - Safety Tips
A lot of cheaper dildos out there are made from materials that are super squishy, soft, and flexible – things you would usually want in a dildo – but with some of these “cheap” products, these features come at a price! They’re often made from porous materials like TPE, jelly, or PVC (read more about why to avoid PVC sex toys in this blog post!). They are not body safe, difficult to keep clean, and should therefore always be used with a condom! We would recommend you always opt for the safer option of body-safe silicone dildos.

Always Add Lubrication

Always Add Lubrication - Safety Tips
Good lubrication doesn’t only add that delicious slip ‘n’ slide feeling, it’s essential for safe and easy insertion.  You should apply the lube to both you and the toy. This is especially true for anal insertion and it is recommended to use a specially designed anal lubrication. Don’t forget that silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys, so opt for a water-based lube.

Using Your Dildo in the Shower

One of the appeals of suction cup dildos is the endless hot and steamy sessions in the shower. While this is a great spot to use your new suction cup dildo, be careful of the slippery floor. You can add a slip-proof mat or even wall handles if you tend to get carried away.

Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos

Are you still not sure exactly how to ride a dildo? Fear not! We’ve got a few tips and tricks for you to begin with.

Bathtub Beauty

Bathtub Beauty - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
The smooth surface of the bath tub is the perfect place to mount a suction cup dildo and you can use the sides of the tub for added support.

Table Turn-Around

Table Turn-Around  - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
A narrow table leg makes a great prop for riding your suction cup dildo doggy style. Unlike when you attach your dildo to a wall, there is more space for your legs so you have more freedom to move as you please.

Slip and Slide

Slip and Slide - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
This position is great with some water in the bath so you can use your arms to slide yourslef backwards and forwards on to the dildo. Add some bubbles and a candle or two and you’ve got the perfect date for one!

Forwards Chair or Toilet Seat

Forwards Chair or Toilet Seat - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
The suction cup attached best to smooth hard sufaces, so a wooden or plastic chair or the lid of a toilet seat is perfect! It can be tiring on the legs unless the dildo is fully inserted so opt for a comfortable size, that is unless you want to combine your session with a good leg workout!

Backwards Chair or Toilet Seat

Backwards Chair or Toilet Seat - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
The same as riding a chair forwards, but when you ride backwards you get a different angle, and you can use the back of chair for support.

On Your Knees

On Your Knees  - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
With the dildo firmly stuck to the floor you can lower yourself down on top for vaginal or anal penetration. The stability of this position means you can use one of your free hands to stimulate other areas of the body. For added visual excitement, find a spot in front of a mirror.

Strap-On Joyride

Strap-On Joyride - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
Slip your suction cup dildo into a harness for partner penetration. Doggy style is a tried and true classic. The penetrating partner can also reach around to stimulate the penis or clitoris for added O power.

Everyone's a Winner

Everyone's a Winner - Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos
In this position the dildo can be used for penetration while leaving your mouth free to stimulate your partner, giving both partners what they want!

Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos

Smooth flat surfaces are your best friend when it comes to mounting your suction cup dildo. The smoother the surface, the stronger the grip and the more riotous the ride! Always make sure your surfaces are clean and dry as this will not only protect you but make sure you get the strongest grip from your suction cup. If you use bigger toys, it’s a good idea to increase the size over time and use smaller toys to warm up. Always listen to your body and stop if you feel any pain.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
Bathroom tile are the perfect spot to mount a suction cup dildo to add a little something extra to your daily shower. Try to place in the middle of the tile rather than overlapping tiles as this will give a better grip

Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
Smooth wooden floors are great for strong suction. Once firmly in place, you can lower yourself on to the dildo and ride it on your knees.

Wooden or Plastic Chairs

Wooden or Plastic Chairs -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
Although the suction cup is a great feature, these suction cup dildos can also be used held in your hand, in the same way as a regular dildo. In fact, the suction cup gives you a little more to hold on to, making it easier to get the rhythm and speed you need.

Walls and Headboards

Walls and Headboards -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
You can indulge your double penetration dreams by either using your dildo alongside your partner’s penis. No worries if you are going solo though, simply opt for a double-headed dildo.

Any Other Smooth, Flat Surface!

Any Other Smooth, Flat Surface! -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
You can really get creative with where you mount your suction cup dildo, bedside tables, washing machines, doors, wherever you like! Just make sure your surface is smooth, flat, clean and dry! If the surface is rough, you might want to consider surfaces that aren’t vertical.

Strap On Harness

Strap On Harness -  Where to Use a Suction Cup Dildo: Surfaces Suited for Suction Cup Dildos
The nice thing about a dildo with a suction cup base is, that you can use it on any strap on harness with a flat surface. Most harnesses will actually be build to be integrated with a suction dildo in this fashion. Strap it on, and be a rock hard stud.

How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo

The versatility of suction cup dildos makes them a staple in many people’s collections. This means your bound to find something that floats your boat and there’s plenty of room to experiment.

Hands Free - Suction Cup

Hands Free - Suction Cup

The suction cup can be attached to any flat surfaces and the smoother the better. Some great places to get started are tiled bathroom walls, smooth headboards, tables, chairs and floors. To get the strongest suction possible, make sure both the suction cup and surface are clean, free of any oil and dry. You can slightly moisten the rim of the suction cup with water to get a better grip.

Hands Free - In a Harness

Hands Free - In a Harness

Using a suction cup with a harness is great for partner play. Check the manufacturer’s guide to see which size ring you need, slip it into the harness you are good to go! This is great for all types of anal and vaginal penetration.

Hand Held

Hand Held

Although the suction cup is a great feature, these suction cup dildos can also be used held in your hand, in the same way as a regular dildo. In fact, the suction cup gives you a little more to hold on to, making it easier to get the rhythm and speed you need.

Double Penetration

Double Penetration

You can indulge your double penetration dreams by either using your dildo alongside your partner’s penis. No worries if you are going solo though, simply opt for a double-headed dildo.

External Stimulation

External Stimulation

As well as the hours of penetrative play, suction cup dildos can also be used to excite all those external hot spots. You can use the tip to tantalise your clitoris or perineum, which is great as a little warm-up to penetration. You can even increase the heat by using a vibrating dildo.

How to Clean a Suction Cup Dildo

It is essential to keep your toys in tip-top condition by cleaning them before and after every use. This not only makes your toys last longer but protects you from nasty infections. As with all sex toys, you should always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines as it is not the same for every toy. Here are some simple guidelines for cleaning your suction cup dildos based on their material: 1. If your toys contain electrical components, be extra careful when cleaning them and always check the instructions provided with the toy. 2. Always clean all of the nooks and crannies as these can be a great hiding spot for bacteria.


With many different sizes, suction cup dildos are perfect for both vaginal and anal sex, but that's not the limit. You can also use them to stimulate other areas of the body or simulate fellatio. The main advantage is that you can use them for hands free pleasure. Stick it on a wall, a floor or any other smooth surface, and you are good to go.

Everyone is different when it comes down what size dildo feels good. If you are new to toys start out small, around 1 inch diameter should be fine for most and only insert as deeply as is comfortable for you. If you use bigger toys, it's a good idea to increase the size slowly over time and use smaller toys to warm up. Whatever the size of you dildo, always listen to your body and stop if you start to feel pain.

Medical grade silicone is a great material for suction cup dildos as it is non-porous (that means that bacteria cannot penetrate the material), it is easy to wash and it can be boiled to be sterilised. Other materials can still be used for great sex toys but porous materials can be more difficult to keep clean.

Correct storage is an important aspect that can help maintain the quality of your sex toys. As different materials can react (e.g. silicone should never be stored with other silicone), toys should be stored in separate containers. You can store your suction cup dildo in its original packaging, a cotton drawstring bag or speciality sex toy storage solution. The main thing is to keep your toy safe, clean and ready for its next appearance!

As with all sex toys, you should be 18 or over. Aside from that, anyone can use a suction cup dildo for either vaginal or anal penetration, felatio, or external stimulation. Remember, these are designed for your pleasure, and you should only do what you feel comfortable with!

Always make sure both the suction cup and surface are clean, dry and free of any lube or oil to get the best grip. You can lightly moisten the rim of the suction cup to increase the grip.

What is a Suction Cup Dildo

A suction cup dildo is an insertable toy that can be used for anal and vaginal penetration, external simulation or to simulate oral sex. They feature with a suction cup on one end that lets you ride hands-free on any flat surface. They come in an endless array of designs from super realistic to fantastical, meaning there's a design for every taste and mood you can imagine. Easy enough to stick onto any flat surface such as the wall or floor, you can easily mount them for a great time. And because of the suction cup you can rest assured that it's not going anywhere until you release it yourself. A perfect alternative to the manual stimulation of a dildo or vibrator!

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