Fun Factory The Boss – Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
May 19, 2023

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • enjoy the sensation of a firm dildo
  • like dildos with realistic designs
  • want a dildo that's on the larger side
  • need a good suction cup dildo
  • want a dildo that is harness compatible

  • are a complete beginner when it comes to penetration
  • prefer slimmer dildos
  • prefer a dildo that is non-representational

The Fun Factory The Boss is an impressive large dildo with a realistic design and wonderfully curved body to pamper all those sweet spots. A super pronounced head for delicious g-spot or p-spot stimulation and raised veins close to the base for some extra texture. The large flared base makes this dildo ideal to use for anal play or with a harness, but also works as a powerful suction cup for some hands-free fun. It provides a firm sensation but is still super comfortable and slightly flexible. Made of 100% body-safe silicone and fully submersible for aquatic affairs!

Fun Factory The Boss -

The Boss Is a Big Boy…

It was love at first sight with Fun Factory’s The Boss dildo. As soon as I laid eyes on that delicious curved tip, the pronounced head, and the sense of density it just emanates, I was excited to get my hands on it. I’ve wanted to try out a large dildo for a while and this guy just seemed like he would get the job done, honestly. Although, I will say that I may have built the size up in my head in anticipation before the dildo arrived. When I held it for the first time, I was almost disappointed with size, as I had come to expect more of a monstrosity. I was soon deeply humbled when it was actually put to use. The sheer density and firmness of the dildo definitely creates a satisfying fullness. The subtle textures and the slight curve hits some great spots for me. The size feels impressive during both static stimulation and during any thrusting or grinding. This dildo really is large and in charge!  

I Wish I Could Give The Boss a “World’s Best Boss”-Mug

This thick dildo really did score some top points for me. I wouldn’t say that I’m a size queen, but I do know that I loved how The Boss filled me up and provided some firm internal massage. When I combined my usual clitoral stimulation with the fullness of penetration with this dildo, my orgasms definitely felt much more intense. It really did add a very satisfying element to my usual masturbation routine (that is usually mostly focused on clitoral touch). Using The Boss with a finger vibrator, like the Dame Fin, or a vibrating clit sucker, like the Satisfyer Curvy 2+, really added some intense sensations! The options for different positions for solo play are also blown wide open as The Boss is also a super powerful suction cup dildo. I’ve honestly struggled to remove this dildo from some surfaces before I learned how to break the suction seal. Also, I could stare at The Boss all day. I’ve found myself leaving it out “to dry” for much longer than needed, just to take in the view. I think it’s a stunning dildo that happens to please me both visually and physically.

Fun Factory The Boss -

I absolutely adore the design of The Boss! The subtle realistic design provides a few impressive textures, but I would say the shaft is still quite smooth, as the textures are not too detailed. This makes for a frictionless insertion as long you're all warmed up and using plenty of lube. The slight curve is quite firm and will stay in place caress your internal sweet spots. It's definitely a larger dildo, but I also think it's quite accessible to people who aren't absolute size queens! The flared base is nice and thin - effective as a stopper for anal and strap-on use - but still works as a powerful suction cup.

Fun Factory The Boss -

Despite the girth of this big boy, this is not a difficult dildo to use. Depending on your personal taste in length and girth (and if you happen to have any pelvic floor issues), insertion may take different levels of warm-up to stay comfortable. I found it helpful to create a lot of arousal in my body before any insertion was attempted. I lathered myself and The Boss with some water-based lube and took it nice and slow. If that's still difficult, it might be a good idea to warm up with some slimmer insertables and work your way up to The Boss. But once everything is comfortably inserted, it's smooth sailing from there. The base is easy to hold and the smooth shaft easily moves around.

Fun Factory The Boss -

Fun Factory is well-known for making high-quality sex toys that assist you in some luxurious-feeling orgasms. Although, I'm not necessarily a personal fan of all Fun Factory products, I will say that The Boss lives up to the standard in terms of quality. This dense silicone dildo provides a firm stimulation but still finds the perfect balance with a slightly squishy exterior with a flexible feel. It feels solid yet comfortable. The sheer power of the suction cup is also impressive. Of course, the sleek design also raises the score quite a bit.

Fun Factory The Boss - <

The Fun Factory The Boss is not a super cheap dildo, but it's not totally out of reach either. Of course, there are other similar dildos available out there at a lower price, but I think The Boss delivers the kind of quality and design that I personally would prefer to spend that extra cash on. After trying The Boss and knowing how the product works for me, my body, and my sexual routines (both partnered and solo), I would definitely recommend ging that extra mile for a dildo that really just gets the job done and is super versatile at the same time.

Fun Factory The Boss -

The firmness of The Boss ensures that that slight curve and the pronounced head will keep providing g-spot, a-spot, or p-spot stimulation even during any rigorous thrusting and pounding. The suction cup base is not going anywhere once you've stuck that bad boy onto a flat surface. You can gently lift the edge of the base to break the suction seal when you want to move the dildo. I haven't tried using The Boss for anal or with a strap-on harness yet but I'm sure the slim and flexible design of the base also renders it great dildo for both anal and strap-on play.

Fun Factory The Boss -

There isn't much to say about the packaging that The Boss comes in. It lays nicely in a cardboard box that you can gently slide open. The box itself has a few informative graphics, images and text to tell you more about your new toy, but that's about it. There's a user manual with ideas of how to use your dildo and a few fun games to try! Of course, there isn't a need for much else but it would be nice if there was a storage bag included to keep the dildo clean and safe during storage.

Fun Factory The Boss -

Silicone products from Fun Factory all seem to have this strange textured surface that super easily collects hair and lint. I've struggled a bit with that since it often makes it feel like the dildo isn't ever fully clean. But since I know that Fun Factory's products are garuanteed 100% body-safe and non-porous, I try not to worry to much about that. It simply means you'll probably just have to clean it thoroughly both before and after use (which you should be doing anyway). Wash with a mild, unscented soap and warm water between uses. To fully sterilize it, The Boss can easily be boiled!

Length7 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
TexturePronounced head and raised veins
Colors AvailableVanilla, Pink, Black

Fun Factory The Boss -

What makes The Boss special, you ask? Well, it’s right there in the name! He is large and in charge. The sheer size is quite impressive and perfect for anyone who enjoys a girthy dildo to fill them up. Fun Factory also describes the naturalistic features of this dildo as a “better-than-lifelike”-design. I mean, I almost can’t disagree. It has a shape that is designed for pleasure but within a realistic aesthetic of a pronounced head and a beautiful shaft with curves in all the right places.

  • Fulfilling girth & length
  • Powerful suction cup base
  • Suitable for anal use
  • Harness compatible
  • Realistic design

  • The silicone texture requires thorough cleaning
  • On the more expensive side

I am very impressed by the Fun Factory The Boss. I think I've found a new go-to dildo for when I'm longing for that feeling of extra fullness. It provides good satisfaction and fulfillment for a lot of different levels of experience but is also still quite accessible for dildo beginners. I wouldn't recommend it as a starter toy for anyone with pelvic floor issues or for anyone with more sensitive vaginal walls. But, even so, it could be a good toy to invest in if you know don't have that much experience with dildo but know that you like being filled up. I'm blown away by the look of it, how it performed during use, as well as the versatility available with strap-on play, anal, and hands-free suction cup fun! All in all, The Boss is a pleasure to insert, grind on, thrust into, and look at - Fun Factory The Boss gets a glowing recommendation from me! 

If you still need more information about this dildo, here’s the official user manual for the Fun Factory The Boss. It’s also full of ideas of how to use your dildo and a few fun games to try!

Yes, I promise! If you've ever used a product from Fun Factory before, you might know that the silicone can feel and look suspiciously porous. Of course, it's not ideal that dust and hair can easily stick to it, but I guarantee you that these products are very much still completely non-porous and 100% body-safe!

Since The Boss is made of 100% silicone, it is only compatible with water-based lube. Other silicone or oil-based lubes will damage the material over time, so stick with a good water-based lubricant for this bad boy!

One thing I love about The Boss is that it is super versatile. Not only can you have your partner use the dildo on you manually (or you use the dildo on them). Being able to stick the suction cup base on a flat surface to engage in some threesome-esque positioning or to be able to strap that baby on for some "bossy" thrusting and/or pegging.