Super Head Honcho Masturbator — Test & Review

   Matt Jenkins
Nov 28, 2023

Matt Jenkins
: 30
: Beginner
: Cis Male
: Heterosexual
: Einseo 6.2lb Vibrating Sex Doll

  • want a cheap masturbator with no frills
  • have no qualms about quality
  • want a super fast cleanup
  • need a travelling toy that is easy to pack away

  • like an item that feels it was made of quality materials
  • want something that will last long term
  • want a masturbator that has multiple textures during use
  • have issues with grip or want an items you don't have to hold

The Super Head Honcho is a simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-clean masturbator that is no frills and get's the job done. With three ribbed chambers, there are some minimal differences in textures while being used and if you think outside the box, it actually feels nicer using it not as intended.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

First Impressions

You ever walk up to something and from the first moment you feel like, “I’m not sure about this.” Well, that’s where I started with the Super Head Honcho male masturbator. The package itself was bright, colorful, and just like “woah”. But hey, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! So, moving past the outer layers I popped that bad boy open and… well, when you pull something out of a box and the other end instantly flops over with no rigidity, it kinda makes you hope this isn’t a precursor to how your own member is going to respond. The two of us did NOT start out on the right foot.

First Attempt

Look, if I’m being totally honest, the first attempt was mostly my fault for being a failure. To sum it up, the lube was all wrong, the positions with a partner were all wrong for this item — it just didn’t go well. At the time, this put a pretty bad taste in my mouth (metaphorically speaking). So, was there ANYTHING worthwhile about the Super Head Honcho? Yes and no, simultaneously.

What Did I Try and What Actually Worked?

The first thing that helped turn my dislike of the Super Head Honcho around was to use it in the shower. Hear me out. This thing is overly, beyond sticky. I’m talking about if you used an exacto knife you could literally cut this thing into those vending machine sticky hands that collects leaves and dust and all sorts of ew. It’s THAT sticky. So having water spray on it at least took some of that issue away, because that was a mental hindrance for me. I also decided on a non-gel lubricant with a lower viscosity which changed the friction and pleasure points. Lastly, I tried using it in a way that, well, I’m sure not it’s meant to be used. Instead of entering the flanged and obvious entrance, I inserted myself through the back and pushed it all the way down until I popped out the front. Now that? That was much better!

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

Like I mentioned above, the very first impression was it flopping over like a wet noodle. That wasn't exactly the most encouraging thing to see, and was a bit depressing. However, once the right setting and lubrication is present, the feeling makes up for most of its lack of design "WOW". In the end, sometimes it's function over fashion, and this is definitely a good example of that. The Super Head Honcho is plenty long enough for me in particular, and probably for most average guys. I would say if you have a 8"+ package, keep in mind you may pop out if going all the way through.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

Its ease of use might be one of it's best areas. It's hard not to be able to use it correctly, so long as you have lube. And, here is something cool: as there is a hole on both side, you can pour more lube in from the opposite end and just continue on your merry way. No need to pull out and get things going again. This does mean you can also leak everything out the wrong end so you have to be watching. As there are no settings, special features, or anything of the sort, it's a simple item. However, grip issues will likely be a concern, and I can't think of any practical way to keep it still if unable to grip it.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

On to quality: cheap. I'm sorry, but this thing acts, feels, and looks cheap. It tore after two medium uses. If used constantly, I'm not sure it would last a time worth investing in. The Super Head Honcho is sticky beyond any toy I have ever messed with. There are literal flashbacks of playing with those stretchy sticky hands every time I touch this thing. If you want to mitigate this, dust it with cornstarch and shake off the excess. Just remember to do this after each cleaning.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator - <

Considering the price this is definitely on the cheaper side of the toy spectrum. In my opinion, there are perhaps other items for a relative price but of higher quality or pleasure points. There was nothing else in the box to add any kind of value and the materials are lacking at best.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

In the performance arena, the Super Head Honcho was fairly quiet and mostly depended on motions and how slippery the channel was. Did it perform up to standard? Well, the Super Head Honcho got the job done, but that was about it. Even that was with a bit of extra time and patience.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

Oh boy. That packaging! Here is the thing; I wasn't sure if the company was more promoting the TV show advertised or the product itself. There was a 50/50 split on information provided about the TV show where this was discussed and information about the item. I still don't know anything about the product from the box other than it has three chambers, is longer than before, and is supposed to have suction chambers.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

The Super Head Honcho is extremely easy to clean. Rinse, add a couple sprays of toy cleaner, and rinse again out the back. The two holes REALLY make a difference here. The Head Honcho can also be turned inside out to make cleaning even faster. While the box doesn't give much help on materials, the site says it's made of soft TPR. I mean it's squishy, but soft and sticky shouldn't go together. If you need storage, better get your own because the box and bag are not meant for multiple uses. I definitely recommend fully drying inside and out before storing. As mentioned previously, it's a good idea to dust this with cornstarch or baby powder.

Length6.5 inches
Width2.75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePink

Super Head Honcho Masturbator -

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to lubricate
  • Easy to store

  • Overly sticky
  • Tore after two uses
  • Very basic textures

As with most things, everything works differently for each person so I won't say you should or should not buy the Super Head Honcho Masturbator. From my experience, it was not my favorite item and has a little about it I'm truly interested in. However, that may just be a lack of different textures, sensations, etc. For some, those missing things are just what they need, and if that's you, here is a great option. You do manage to skip over a hefty price you might find with some masturbators, so those being budget conscious will find this suitable. All in all, the Super Head Honcho is simple and extremely easy to use.

While there seems to be no user manual for the Super Head Honcho Masturbator, it’s use very simple. Check out my How to Use section for some ideas!

It's not advised, and some users have experienced the TPR breaking down over time with other lubes.

Sure! But you may have to get creative if you are using it on yourself. Otherwise asking a partner for a hand seems like a good idea.

Oh yes. It is very flexible and very stretchy.

Well, you could call it that, but I don't know of any items it could specifically fit in to hold it well. This definitely seems meant to be used on it's own.

Yes. Because it's so easy to use, easy to clean, and basic, it's an ideal first time toy.