The 7 Best Open-Tip Penis Sleeves for Full-On Sensation

   Kevin Foley
An open tip penis sleeve is the ideal sex toy for you if you’re looking for an easy way to add girth to your penis. Made from materials like silicone, TPR, and TPE, these penis sleeves are designed to provide your partner with a bit of extra stimulation. The tightness of a penis sleeve can help the wearer maintain a harder erection, the external textures can provide additional sensations to the receivers, and some sleeves even feature internal textures for added stimulation for the wearer! Want an easy, surgery-free way to take your sex life to the next level? Keep reading!
1 Test Winner

Open Ended Textured Penis Sleeve

 Open Textured Penis Sleeve

  • Have a thicker penis already
  • Want a neutral coloring
  • Need your first sleeve

Open Textured Penis Sleeve

  • Have a thinner penis
  • Prefer a smaller tip opening
  • Want to increase your length

If you’ve never owned an open tip penis sleeve (but you’re interested in the idea) then you can’t go wrong with our first pick! Designed for people with average to thicker penises, this sleeve will expand upon what you already have, giving your partner the benefit of extra girth and a semi-textured exterior. Held securely in place thanks to the large ring down below, this sleeve lets your head pop out and enjoy the fun while giving your partner the time of their life!

  • One-size-fits-most
  • Neutral coloring
  • Less than $50
  • Phthalate-Free

  • Not ideal for thinner penises
  • No storage bag provided
Open Textured Penis Sleeve
MaterialsSoft plastic
Diameter1.27 inches
Length5.5 inches

If your penis is the right size (average to more-than-average girth) then this open ended penis sleeve will work great for you. The material is extremely soft and flexible, which offers a great level of comfort during use. However, these great points are the same reasons that the sleeve is less-than-ideal for those with thinner penises. Since the material is so soft, it needs to be stretched out to keep its shape. If not, it will easily slide down the shaft of the penis, which contributes nothing to your sexual encounter beyond frustrations. We definitely recommend this sleeve—it’s our top pick for a reason!—but only if your shaft is thick enough. If not, you’ll be much better off with one of the alternative options listed below.

2 Cheapest

Stimulation Enhancer Penis Sleeve

 Stimulation Penis Sleeve

  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Have a penis over 3.75” long
  • Don’t mind the coloring

Stimulation Penis Sleeve

  • Want internal textures
  • Don’t enjoy ribs
  • Have a penis shorter than 3.5”

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to give your lover a little something extra? If so, the Stimulation Enhancer Penis Sleeve is a godsend! Offering 2.5 inches of ribbed satisfaction and complete with a stretchy ring (to keep these sleeves securely in place during use), this sleeve works on nearly any penis. Best of all, your head will still be left sticking out the front of the sleeve, allowing you to enjoy the good times while sharing the pleasure!

  • Affordable
  • Ribbed design
  • Easy to put on
  • Stretchy ring

  • No color options
  • Only 2.5” of ribbed length
Stimulation Penis Sleeve
MaterialsSoft Plastic
Diameter1.35 inches
Length4.5 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free , Phthalate-Free

This open tip penis sleeve is intended to be a budget-friendly option, which makes its short section of ribbed length excusable. Still, you should keep the 2.5” length in mind, as this might not offer a lot of benefits if your penis is particularly long. However, for average-to-small-sized men, this sleeve should be more than sufficient. The aggressive exterior ribbing will definitely give your partner a bit of extra stimulation, although this toy doesn’t feature any internal textures. Overall, we’d say this toy works. It’s not exceptional, but it easily provides more value to your sex life than the sub-$20 it costs for you to pick one up. Curious about penis sleeves but don’t want to make a big investment? This one’s for you!

3 Beginner

Real Feel Penis Enhancer XL

 Real Feel Penis Enhancer

  • Like smooth sleeves
  • Want a budget-friendly option
  • Enjoy the feel of FantaFlesh

Real Feel Penis Enhancer

  • Don’t want to cut down to length
  • Want a textured toy
  • Prefer silicone

Our next open tip penis sleeve is unique because it’s marketed as “cut to size”. What does that mean? Well, unless your penis is well over 7” long, you’ll probably have to cut this sleeve down to size (and that’s OK!). Made of FantaFlesh, this sleeve provides your partner with a lifelike feel and 33% more girth.   Meanwhile, you get to benefit from delayed ejaculation, courtesy of the ball strap. Sounds like a win-win to us!

  • Made of FantaFlesh
  • “Cut to size”
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to clean

  • No texture
  • May require modification
Real Feel Penis Enhancer
MaterialsThermoplastic Elastomer
Diameter1.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1 inches
Length7 inches

The “cut to size” is kind of a hit-or-miss with us. On one hand, this “function” means that essentially anyone can use this open ended penis sleeve. On the other hand, it also means you’ll likely need to modify your new toy before you can use it. Honestly, we think the manufacturer just advertises it this way so they can get away with offering fewer sizing options. That said, the sleeve itself is a good product, made of FantaFlesh for a realistic feeling. While the lack of exterior texture may be a turn-off for some, we’d say that—if you’re ok with “cut to size”—this is probably still a worthy contender.

4 Silicone

Admiral Silicone Wave Extension

 Silicone Wave Extension

  • Want a silicone sleeve
  • Like the blue coloring
  • Enjoy light texturing

Silicone Wave Extension

  • Don’t like blue
  • Want a non-textured sleeve
  • Prefer silicone lube

Do you want a penis sleeve that stands out from the rest? Well, it’s easy to stand out when you’re wearing the Silicone Wave Extension from Admiral! This deep blue penis sleeve is covered in light texturing, adding to your partner’s pleasure without being overwhelming. The silicone itself is highly stretchable, allowing it to sit tightly but comfortably on your shaft. Need a new penis sleeve? Pick up this high-quality silicone sleeve today!

  • Unique blue coloring
  • Textured exterior
  • Made of silicone
  • Affordable

  • No color options
  • Can’t be used with silicone lube
Silicone Wave Extension
Diameter(Sleeve) 1.5 inches, (Ring) 1 inches
Length4 inches

This open tip penis sleeve has two things going for it: it’s made from silicone and it’s blue! Unless you only use silicone lubricant (which you shouldn’t use with this sleeve), the fact it’s made from silicone is definitely a positive. Being non-porous, this is essentially the cleanest penis sleeve you can have because it can be fully sterilized. When it comes to the blue coloring, that’s really down to personal preference. While some might like the step away from realistic colors, others may not appreciate such a drastic change. Is this a positive or a negative? Only you can decide!

5 Girthy

Open Tip Dick Girth Enhancer

 Open Dick Girth Enhancer

  • Want to greatly increase girth
  • Have a penis longer than 5”
  • Have a partner who loves girth

Open Dick Girth Enhancer

  • Have a penis shorter than 5”
  • Don’t like the veiny design
  • Want coloring options

Length is one thing, but girth is another challenge entirely: are you (or rather, is your partner) up for it? The Open Tip Dick Girth Enhancer can increase the girth of your penis by a whopping 2.75”, which should be more than enough to satisfy nearly any partner. This open tip penis sleeve should come with a warning, but not for the wearer: it’s their partner who needs to be wary!

  • Five inches of insertable length
  • Up to 2.75" of girth
  • Affordable
  • Uses “body-safe PVC”

  • Made from PVC
  • Strap may break
Open Dick Girth Enhancer
MaterialsTPR, PVC
Diameter2.75 inches
Length5 inches

All of these sleeves are designed to increase your girth, but this particular open ended penis sleeve really took that to heart. With the average penis girth hovering around 1.5”, this sleeve is essentially capable of adding a penis & a half to your existing girth! Add in the realistic vein texturing on the exterior of the sleeve, and it seems like your partner surely has their work cut out for them. If you think they’re up to the task, then this toy is definitely worth considering.

6 Realistic

Elite Uncut 7" Silicone Extension

 Elite Uncut Silicone Extension

  • Love realism
  • Want additional girth
  • Have a penis length ≥ 6.5”

Elite Uncut Silicone Extension

  • Have a penis shorter than 6.5”
  • Don’t want to cut the extension
  • Want more aggressive textures

If you’re looking for a hyper-realistic open end penis sleeve then this extension from Fantasy X-tensions is the one you need! Uncut and all-natural, this silicone extension has an internal length of 6.5” with an internal width of 1.1”. Too tight of a fit? Not to worry: this bad boy will stretch to fit you inside! Easy to clean and ready to add girth, this extension is worth adding to your collection if you’re looking for a top-notch silicone sleeve!

  • Realistic detailing
  • 6.5” of internal length
  • Made of silicone
  • Stretchy

  • Only one color option
  • Mid-priced
Elite Uncut Silicone Extension
Diameter(Exterior) 2 inches, (Interior) 1.1 inches
Length(Exterior) 8 inches, (Interior) 6.5 inches

At around $50, this open tip penis sleeve is a bit more expensive than some of the alternative options. That said, it’s made of silicone and features a lot of tiny details that really add to the realism, which may make it worthwhile for some people. Like one of the previous models, this can also be “cut to size” if your penis isn’t quite long enough to fill the entire sleeve. Whether or not this is a deal-breaker is up to you. However, if you don’t want to have to cut the sleeve, you’ll need a penis length of at least 6.5”. It’s nice to see a solid option made for the guys above average size, as the options for increasing girth in that size range seem somewhat limited. Does that description sound like you? If so, this sleeve could be worth looking into!

7 Beaded

Admiral Silicone Beaded Extension

 Silicone Beaded Extension

  • Like texture variations
  • Prefer silicone sleeves
  • Enjoy the color blue

Silicone Beaded Extension

  • Want a non-textured sleeve
  • Only use silicone lube
  • Have a penis length under 4”

This open tip penis sleeve is like the previous Admiral model, except this time it features two different textures! Although the sleeve still features ribs towards the end, the main appeal is the various beads strategically arranged down the shaft for maximum stimulation. Are you looking to satisfy your lover with two types of textures? If so, this tiny toy could be worth your hard-earned cash!

  • Beaded texture
  • Ribbed at the end
  • Unique blue coloring
  • Affordable

  • Not for use with silicone lube
  • Only 4” long
Silicone Beaded Extension
Diameter(Sleeve) 1.75 inches, (Ring) 1.25 inches
Length(Sleeve) 4 inches inches

There isn’t too much to complain about with this sleeve. It’s 4” long, which is adequate for most penises. However, it would be nice if they offered different-sized sleeves. Also, this open ended penis sleeve is only available in blue; other colors would be nice too. The sleeve itself features two textures, which is sure to bring a lot of satisfaction into the bedroom. Furthermore, it’s priced to sell, making it an attractive option (whether you own a sleeve or not!). If you’ve never owned a sleeve before and want to dive into the deep end, we recommend picking this one up and giving it a try. Already own a sleeve? Try this one if you want a bit more “oomph”!

What you should consider when considering an open tip penis sleeve

When considering the purchase of an Open Tip Penis Sleeve, it’s important to take into account several key factors to ensure safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Here are some aspects to consider:
  1. Material: Look for high-quality, body-safe materials such as silicone, TPR (thermoplastic rubber), or PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Avoid materials that may cause allergic reactions or contain harmful chemicals.
  2. Size and Fit: Choose a sleeve that fits well. It should be snug but not too tight, as a very tight sleeve can restrict blood flow, while a loose one might not stay in place. Measure yourself beforehand to ensure a good fit.
  3. Texture and Thickness: The texture and thickness of the sleeve can greatly affect the experience. Some sleeves have ridges, bumps, or other textures for enhanced stimulation. Consider what kind of sensation you and your partner prefer.
  4. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Look for a sleeve that is easy to put on, take off, and clean. Hygiene is crucial, so ensure it can be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Some materials are more porous than others and might require more careful cleaning.
  5. Lubrication Compatibility: Check what type of lubricant is compatible with the material of the sleeve. For example, silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone sleeves as they can degrade the material.
  6. Open Tip Design: Consider the specific design of the open tip. This can affect sensation, ease of use, and the type of experience it provides. Think about how this design aligns with your needs and preferences.
  7. Discretion and Storage: If privacy is a concern, consider how discreet the packaging is, and think about where you will store the sleeve to keep it clean and private.
  8. Purpose and Usage: Reflect on why you want the sleeve and how you plan to use it. Whether it’s for enhancing sensation, dealing with erectile dysfunction, or other reasons, make sure the sleeve you choose suits your specific needs.
  9. Price and Quality: Finally, consider the balance between price and quality. While you don’t necessarily need the most expensive option, investing in a quality product is important for safety and satisfaction.
Remember, the most important aspect is that the product is safe and enjoyable for you and your partner. If you have any specific health concerns or questions, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional.

How to Use an Open Tip Penis Sleeve

Using an open end penis sleeve is fairly straightforward, but if you’ve never used one before, you still might not be 100% confident putting one on. Let’s solve that problem!

Lose Your Erection

Lose Your Erection

You’ll have the easiest time putting on a penis sleeve with a semi-erect penis. While you’re waiting for your erection to go down, this is a great time to apply lube to the inside of the sleeve.

Slip the Sleeve Down Your Shaft

Slip the Sleeve Down Your Shaft

Once your penis is ready and you’ve sufficiently lubed the inside of the sleeve, slide the sleeve down your penis shaft.

Secure the Sleeve

Secure the Sleeve

To keep the sleeve in place during use, a cock ring is provided. Slip this ring over and behind your testicles to secure the sleeve. From here, apply lubrication to the outside of the sleeve and enjoy!

How to Clean an Open Tip Penis Sleeve

No matter what type of material your open tip penis sleeve is made out of, it will be extremely easy to clean! Non-porous materials (like silicone) as well as porous materials (like TPE and soft plastic) can be cleaned using a washcloth and antibacterial soap. We recommend cleaning the sleeve once through with soap and water, then rinsing it off. If your sleeve is made from silicone, you can sterilize it by dropping the sleeve in a pot of boiling water for five minutes (NOTE: avoid doing this with toys that contain any electrical components). After cleaning and/or sterilizing your sleeve, pat it dry with a towel. Leave it out to completely air dry before storing it away to prevent bacterial buildup.


Many of the sleeves are advertised as “cut to fit”. As the name implies, you can simply cut the sleeve down to fit the size of your penis!

In addition to holding your open tip penis sleeve securely in place, the ball ring also has the added benefit of delaying orgasm, making you last longer in bed!

Silicone is the best material as it’s non-porous (which means it can be fully sterilized!).

Water-based lubricants can be used with any penis sleeve. We recommend consulting the manufacturer before using any alternative type of lubricant not specifically mentioned on the box.

No, an open tip penis sleeve is only designed to temporarily increase the girth of the penis. If you want to increase your length, you’ll need to look at penis tip extender toys instead.

What is an Open Tip Penis Sleeve?

An open tip penis sleeve is a type of sleeve that fits over the penis, covering everything but the tip. Unlike a penis tip extender (which is designed to increase penis length and girth), open tip penis sleeves are only designed to increase girth. They may also offer additional stimulation through the use of external texturing.

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