The 9 Best Urethral Toys for Intense Sounding Sensations

   Kevin Foley
Looking for the best urethral toys for you explore and enjoy sounding with? I have scoured the internet and found the very best penis inserts and sounding toys suitable for different experience levels. I’ve rated and reviewed each cock sounding toy individually and added some information about safety and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your new urethral toys!
1 Test Winner

Penis Plug Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator

 Penis Plug Dilator

  • Want a choice of texture
  • Enjoy weighted toys
  • Wish to stimulate your prostate

Penis Plug Dilator

  • Are a complete beginner
  • Prefer silicone toys
  • Need a toy for extended wear

This high-quality, double-ended dilator from Lovehoney is designed with variety in mind! Whether you prefer smooth inserts in the penis or ridges for added pleasure, this toy can offer you satisfaction. Measuring 6mm access with a weight of 39g, you’ll easily be able to insert this lengthy toy into your urethra for direct prostate pleasure. Offering multiple methods of internal release with just a single toy, sounding lovers are sure to fall in love with this double-ended dilator!

  • Dual-texture design
  • Extra-long dilator
  • Weighted
  • Can be autoclaved

  • Not flexible
  • Length not disclosed
Penis Plug Dilator
MaterialsStainless Steel
Diameter0.019 inches
Weight0.08 lbs

Lovehoney’s offerings can be hit or miss. Thankfully, I think this one hit right on the mark, offering users a weighted design that’s long enough to really “get in there” for direct prostate stimulation. Since this dilator is made entirely from stainless steel, the extra weight of the material helps aid the insertion process. That said, it doesn’t include any extras (like complimentary lubricant), lacks a storage case, and—due to the textured design—isn’t ideal for beginners. Still, the price is competitive and the quality is great, so we’d recommend this to intermediate-advanced urethral play enthusiasts who want a versatile new penis insert.

2 Cheapest

Rouge Stainless Steel 5mm Urethral Dilator

 Rouge Urethral Dilator

  • Have some experience with sounds
  • Want something easy to hold
  • Prefer weighty sounds
  • Want a curved sound

Rouge Urethral Dilator

  • Prefer thicker sounds
  • Want a silicone sound
  • Are new to urethral insertion toys

Enthusiasts have many options when it comes to urethral toys. However, sometimes simplicity is best, and that’s certainly the case with this affordable urethral dilator! Made from high-quality stainless steel and slightly curved to mimic the shape of the urethra, this penis insert dilator is designed with ease of use in mind. The flattened handle ensures that you’ll be able to adjust the dilator as needed, and the 6mm thickness is a bit more beginner-friendly than alternative options. If you’re looking for a cheap, effective, and high-quality dilator, then I think this is the option for you!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Slightly curved design
  • Budget-friendly

  • No sizing options
  • Not flexible
Rouge Urethral Dilator
MaterialsStainless steel
Length7.5 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter0.19 inches
Weight0.08375 lbs

I would say this dilator is pretty basic. It’s only offered in a single size (albeit at an affordable price), weighs in at around 0.38g, and is crafted with a slight curve. Unlike some alternative options, this dilator lacks any textures or fun features. If you prefer the rigidity, weight, and feel of metal urethral sounding toys, then it’s a good option. On the other hand, if you want something lightweight, soft, and flexible, then you’re better off going with a silicone insert for your penis instead.

3 Beginner

Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Set

 Silicone Sound Set

  • Haven’t tried sounding before
  • Want multiple sizes
  • Prefer silicone over metal

Silicone Sound Set

  • Love metal sounds
  • Prefer ribbed sounds
  • Only need one sound

If you’ve never used urethral sex toys before, the idea of sounding—although intriguing—can be scary. Fortunately, you don’t need to start off with intimidating metal toys. This sound set from Master Series contains only silicone urethral toys, so you’ll be able to enjoy some peace of mind as you try something new. Complete with three different sizes, constructed with high-quality silicone, and long enough for prostate stimulation, this Silicone Sound Set is the perfect way to begin your urethral sounding journey!

  • Suitable for any gender
  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Offers six sizes
  • Long enough for prostate stimulation

  • Doesn’t include a storage case
  • May not be long enough for some users
Silicone Sound Set
Length8 inches
Insertable length7 inches
Diameter0.17/0.21 inches, 0.25/0.29 inches, and 0.33/0.37 inches

When using urethral toys for the first time, most users will want to opt for something that seems easy-to-use and non-threatening. This Silicone Sound Set manages to check off both of these boxes. Each penis insert offers users two different diameters on each end of the blue, soft sounds. This allows people to go at their own pace, rather than feeling forced to jump sizes quickly. The flexible silicone works in any urethra, making them a gender-inclusive toy and doesn’t only work as an insert for a penis. It would be nice if they came with a storage case, and the sounds may not be long enough for some users to reach their prostate. Even so, we think that this kit offers a great value for the money, and provides a sufficient array of options for the average beginner.

4 Penis plug

DOMINIX Deluxe Penis Plug with Glans Ring

 Penis Plug with Glans Ring

  • Are an experienced user
  • Play on discreet use
  • Need a long-lasting toy
  • Love the look and feel of a glans ring

Penis Plug with Glans Ring

  • Have a thicker glans
  • Want prostate stimulation
  • Are new to urethral play

Many urethral toys are only designed to stimulate the urethra. However, that’s not the case with this deluxe penis plug. The plug is designed to fit securely around the head of your penis, restricting your head inside the glans ring for external stimulation. Although it’s not for beginners, advanced users who want a penis insert they can wear discreetly as they go about their day are sure to fall in love with this DOMINIX Deluxe Penis Plug!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Angle-adjustable
  • Well-made
  • Stays in place well

  • Not offered in multiple sizes
  • Small glans ring
Penis Plug with Glans Ring
MaterialsStainless steel
Length2.5 inches
Diameter0.16-0.31 inches

Proper sizing is important with any type of urethral play toy, but this is especially true when it comes to a toy that uses a glans ring. The inner width of the ring is only about an inch across, making it potentially uncomfortable for those with thicker penis heads. However, this also means you won’t need to worry about the toy accidentally falling out during use. This makes it ideal for discreet use! As the outside of your penis is being stimulated by the ring, the inside will be filled up with the 7.9mm-wide plug. I definitely wouldn’t recommend these kind of penis inserts to beginners. That said, more experienced users who are looking for a well-made penis plug should consider getting this toy!

5 Sperm stopper

The Stockroom Head Ring with Sperm Stopper

 Head Ring with Sperm Stopper

  • Have tried urethral toys before
  • Enjoy genital bondage
  • Often prematurely ejaculate

Head Ring with Sperm Stopper

  • Are new to urethral play
  • Want to be able to pass semen
  • Have a very thick penis

Sperm stoppers are unique in the world of urethral insertion toys because they do exactly what they sound like they’d do: they stop sperm from escaping! Sized to fit most penises and crafted using high-quality metal, this sperm stopper is easy to use and effective at extending pleasure. Enjoy rock-hard erections, delayed ejaculation, and style with this head ring from The Stockroom!

  • 8mm ball
  • Made from steel
  • Simple design

  • Only offered in one size
  • Not beginner-friendly
Head Ring with Sperm Stopper
Diameter1.25 inches

As far as urethral toys go, this one is fairly simple. Its primary objective is to delay/prevent ejaculation, which the 8mm ball does quite well. However, this size does prevent the toy from being practical for complete penis insert beginners. The head ring used to be offered in two sizes. These days, you can only purchase a 1.25” ring. While this size should be adequate for most users, it would still be nice to have sizing options. All in all, this toy will work well if you’re only looking for a sperm stopper, but you’ll want to look elsewhere if you’re after intense urethral and prostate stimulation.

6 Kit

Oxy-Shop Urethral Masturbation Maxi Kit

 Urethral Masturbation Kit

  • If you want to explore the full range of urethral toys
  • Already know you love sounding
  • Want a mix of silicone and metal sounds
  • Are looking to explore urethral stretching
  • Enjoy rosebud style sounds

Urethral Masturbation Kit

  • Are new to urethral sex toys
  • Prefer slim sounds
  • Want straight sounds that don't get wider

If you consider yourself a urethral sex toy connoisseur, I’ve got just the kit for you! Explore the full range of urethral play and stretching with this comprehensive kit from Oxy-Shop. With a whopping 12 pieces to play with, you certainly won’t run out of inspiration! The kit contains 7 stainless steel rosebud sounds of different widths, starting at 6mm and increasing up to 12mm; a slim, hollow penis plug, a solid penis plug, a sperm stopper, a 7.3mm silicone dilator catheter, and one 7.5mm silicone dilator. And you can rest assured that the materials are totally body safe, as they are all made using either silicone or surgical-grade 316 stainless steel! I think the icing on the cake is the fancy storage case for the rosebud sounds!  

  • A wide range of urethral toys to explore
  • High quality materials
  • Great for urethral stretching
  • Storage case for rosebud sounds

  • No storage case for other products
  • Pricey investment
Urethral Masturbation Kit
MaterialsSilicone, surgical-grade 316 steel
LengthRosebud sounds: 12 inches
Storage Bag IncludedYes

I think anyone who’s already fallen in love with the sensations of soundings and is keen to explore will love this kit! I appreciate it’s a bit of an expensive investment but you are also getting high quality materials and wide range of urethral toys! I think this is best suited to those who have some experience and want to move into intermediate or advanced level stretching. The only thing that I’m a bit disappointed with is the lack of storage bag for the toys other than the rosebud sounds.

7 Vibrating

OUCH! Silicone Vibrating Urethra Plug

 Silicone Vibrating Urethra Plug

  • Enjoy urethral play
  • Like vibrations
  • Prefer rechargeable toys

Silicone Vibrating Urethra Plug

  • Prefer metal toys
  • Intend to use the toy for 1+ hour
  • Won’t use the vibrations

Silicone urethral toys already provide a different experience than their metal counterparts, but why stop there? Take the sensations to the next level by adding vibrations into the mix with this vibrating urethra plug! Offering twenty different modes to experiment with and a battery life of up to an hour, this rechargeable urethra play toy is a force to be reckoned with. Thin enough for beginners and powerful enough for more experienced users, this OUCH! penis insert has something for everyone!


  • Made of silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • 4.1” of insertable length
  • 20 vibration modes

  • Short battery life
  • Lacks ribbed texture
  • Can’t be boiled for sterilization
Silicone Vibrating Urethra Plug
Length5.3 inches
Insertable length4.1 inches
Diameter0.2 inches
Vibration modes20
RechargeableYes (USB)

The main thing that separates this toy from other urethral toys is the addition of vibrations. Surprisingly, the penis insert isn’t that much more expensive than its non-vibrating counterparts, but you’ll still be paying a premium for the extra function. If you’re the type of person who enjoys vibrations then you’ll likely enjoy the twenty different options this toy has. However, if you’re primarily looking for a sounding toy and couldn’t care less about vibrations, then I wouldn’t recommend this toy. Although it can certainly be used manually, the experience won’t be worth the price you’re paying.

8 With anal plug

The Trailer Hitch Convoy

 Trailer Hitch Convoy

  • Want an adjustable plug
  • Like metal cock rings
  • Enjoy anal toys

Trailer Hitch Convoy

  • Don’t like metal cock rings
  • Want a budget-friendly option
  • Hate anal play

Many urethral inserts for your penis —such as penis sounds—only exist to serve one purpose. However, the Trailer Hitch Convoy is a bit different, as it aims to satisfy three separate needs at once! This toy plugs your penis (using the adjustable rod) while maintaining your erection with the metal cock ring. At the same time, the metal butt plug reaches underneath to enter you from behind. For urethral and anal enthusiasts who want the complete experience, you can’t go wrong with the Trailer Hitch Convoy!

  • Five sizing options
  • Adjustable rod
  • 3-in-1 toy
  • Plug can be removed

  • Not for beginners
  • Expensive
Trailer Hitch Convoy
MaterialsStainless steel
Length5.5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.55-1.9 inches
Insertable length2.3 inches
Diameter(ball) 1.15-2.1 inches, (ring) 2.25-3.5 inches, (sound rod) 0.3 inches

Made from stainless steel, adjustable, and offered in multiple sizes, there’s very little we can complain about when it comes to this penis insert. However, while the toy itself exceeded our expectations, the price tag is another story. You’ll need to shell out over $100 for this 3-in-1 toy. Whether or not this is worth it really depends on if you’ll use the entire toy. While having the option of removing the penis plug is great, if you’re not going to use it at all, it doesn’t make sense to pay for it. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this toy to those willing to maximize its potential. However, casual users only interested in one or two features should save their money and go with a more affordable option instead.


Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

 Urethral Sounds Kit

  • Want a complete sound kit
  • Like the weight of metal sounds
  • Don’t mind high upfront costs

Urethral Sounds Kit

  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Require thicker sounds
  • Prefer silicone sounds

When you’re just getting started with urethral toys, it can be hard to guess which size is right. Even if you choose correctly, it’s highly possible that you’ll need to size up shortly after (meaning make another purchase). You won’t run into that issue with the Rosebud Sounds Kit! Stored inside of the premium velvet-lined case sit eight sounds, ranging in size from 6mm to 13mm thick. This variety should be enough to satisfy most users, from the complete beginner to the intermediate enthusiast. Don’t waste money on urethral toys you’ll soon replace. Instead, buy something that can “grow” with you: the Rosebud Sounds Kit!

  • Includes velvet-lined case
  • Multiple sizes
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Eligible for PayPal “Pay in 4”

  • Expensive
  • Only one size range available
Urethral Sounds Kit
MaterialsStainless steel
Length12 inches
Diameter0.23-0.51 inches

This kit is expensive, but fortunately, there are ways around this. On HustlerHollywood, you can finance your purchase into four payments using either Sezzle or PayPal. This makes the $130 price tag seem much more affordable. Aside from the price, we don’t really have any complaints about this kit of inserts for your penis. It offers multiple sizes that users of all experience levels can enjoy, the sounds themselves are made from stainless steel, and it even includes a convenient storage case. If you’re not sure if sounding is right for you then this kit may not be for you. However, if you’re ready to make a commitment then we think this kit offers excellent value in the long run!

If You Crave Electro Stimulation

Urethral play is exciting by itself, but what if you want to take things to the next level? Well, with a Mystim Tension Lover E-Stim Unit, you can! Powered by the E-Stim Unit, both of these Mystim toys can help add some spark to your urethral stimulation.

Mystim Thin Finn

Mystim Thin Finn - If You Crave Electro Stimulation
With 9.5 inches of insertable pleasure, Thin Finn penis insert can provide a current right to your rod. Consider heating/cooling it before insertion for additional sensations!

Mystim Plunging Pete

Mystim Plunging Pete - If You Crave Electro Stimulation
Plunging Pete will plug your penis while wrapping around the crown, turning a simple session into a delightful mixture of internal & external stimulation!

Get the Right Lube!

Using the wrong type of lube is bad when you’re dealing with simple sex toys, but using the wrong type of lube with urethral toys can turn a fun night into an expensive trip to the hospital. Make sure you’re using sterile lube to reduce the risk of infection!


SurgiLube - Get the Right Lube!
Trusted by medical professionals in hospitals all around the nation, you’ll be able to enjoy urethral play worry-free if you’re using SurgiLube, the sterile, condom-safe lubricant!

Comparing the Best Urethral Toys

If you are still struggling to decide which urethra sex toy is the one for you, here’s how they measure up on some key metrics:


The urethral toy with the highest Bedbible rating is the Double Ended Dilator, which I picked as the test winner because you are getting two quality sounds in one! I gave this great urethral insertion toy an impressive 4.9/5 although I would say it’s better suited to those with a little more experience.


The cheapest urethral toy in the review is the Rouge Stainless Steel 5mm Urethral Dilator at around $15! And just because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean it’s bad! It’s made of stainless steel and has a 5 star user rating! If you are looking to invest a little more in your urethra toys, I would take a look at the Oxy-Shop Urethral Masturbation Maxi Kit, which has 12 different urethral insertion toys to play with!

Extra features:

If you want something more from your urethra toys, there are couple that stood out to me for their extra features:
  • DOMINIX Deluxe Penis Plug with Glans Ring also has a glans ring that holds the stopper in place and provides gentle external stimulation
  • The Stockroom Head Ring with Sperm Stopper has glans ring and ball on the end of the urethral insert for more intense stimulation
  • The Trailer Hitch Convoy is the most intense urethral toy in the review, with anal plug, cock ring and urethral insert all in one toy! It’s intensity is increased by them all being joined so you can really feel any movement!

Safe Sounding Tips

We’ll be going over the specifics of how to use urethral toys in a moment, but first, we just wanted to give you three “Safe Sounding Tips” to keep in mind. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced enthusiast, it pays to follow these three tips!
  • Stick to sterile materials. Fortunately, most sounds and penis inserts will be made from stainless steel or silicone. These are both non-porous materials that can be sterilized. However, should you encounter a sounding toy made from any other material, check to ensure that it can be properly sterilized before attempting to use it.
  • Clean before and after. Bacteria can grow seemingly instantly. As such, you’ll want to clean your sounding toys (and your body) before and after any sounding sessions to minimize your risk of unnecessary infections.
  • Use the right size. Trying to use a size that’s too big will be uncomfortable at best, and absolutely painful at worst. With continued use, you’ll eventually be able to work up to a larger toy. However, there’s no need to risk damaging your body simply because you’re impatient. Progress takes time: don’t rush it!

What to Look for in a Urethral Toy

Getting into urethral play can be extremely exciting, but given the risk involved, you want to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job! Here’s some things to consider when looking for the right urethral toys for you.

Safe materials

Safe materials - What to Look for in a Urethral Toy
You should be looking for are silicone sounds and stainless steel sounds, preferably surgical-grade. Both of these materials can be sterilized which is a crucial step in urethral play. The smoothness and rigidity of stainless steel makes it easier to insert, while the flexibility of silicone can be more comfortable to wear.


Size - What to Look for in a Urethral Toy
As you can imagine, every millimeter counts when it comes to urethral sex toys! You should start out with a slim sound that is roughly the same diameter as your urethra, which, according to Britannica, is usually between 5-8mm when open, but this will vary from person to person. This is why it’s a great idea to buy a sounding kit for beginners. You should also start with shorter toys that don’t penetrate too far into the urethra. If and when you want to size up, you should do so very gradually.


Texture - What to Look for in a Urethral Toy
If you are a beginner, you should start with a smooth urethral toy. When you are more experienced, you can move on to textured sounds and penis plugs if you want more intense sensations.


Shape - What to Look for in a Urethral Toy
If you are new to urethral toys, stick to a straight urethral insertion toy that stays the same width the whole way down. More experienced users might want to explore curved sounds or rosebud sounds, which have a bulbed tip, offering more intense sensation.

Different Types of Urethral Toys

Urethral toys is an umbrella term for all toys that are inserted into the urethra but there are a few different kinds. Here are the main ones:

Urethral sounds

Urethral sounds - Different Types of Urethral Toys
Silicone sounds tend to be longer than penis plugs and come in a range of sizes and shapes or in sets. As well as standard sounds, you can find rosebud sounds, which are bulbed at the tip, curved sounds, and longer sounds designed to reach the prostate. There are also beaded sounds that are more stimulating.

Penis plugs

Penis plugs - Different Types of Urethral Toys
Penis plugs tend to be shorter than sounds and only enter the tip of the urethra. They often have a loop handle to prevent the plug from being fully inserted and are more beginner friendly.

Urethral vibrators

Urethral vibrators - Different Types of Urethral Toys
Urethral vibrators add vibrations into the mix for some more intense, unique sensations.

Sperm Stoppers

Sperm Stoppers - Different Types of Urethral Toys
Sperm stoppers are a type of penis plug but they feature a ball on the end, which can feel particularly intense to insert. They often have a glans ring as well.

Chastity cages with urethral inserts

Chastity cages with urethral inserts - Different Types of Urethral Toys
Urethral chastity cages also have a urethral insert for added stimulation while caged.

How to Use Urethral Toys

If you’ve never used a urethra sound before, then you may be rather wary about the entire process. Fortunately, using penis sounders isn’t very complicated. Simply read the steps below, and you’ll be familiar with the entire penis inserts routine in no time!

Wash Everything

Wash Everything

Any type of urethral sounding has the potential to result in a UTI. As such, you’ll want to make sure everything is clean before you get started. Sterilize the urethra toys you intend to use, and wash your hands/penis using non-scented soap before moving on to the next step.

Apply Lubrication

Apply Lubrication

You’ll want to apply a lot of lubrication to the sounding toy and your penis. The more lube you can use, the easier it will be to insert the toy. Try not to get aroused during this time period.

Insert the Toy

Insert the Toy

Once your penis is flaccid, you can insert the toy. Hold your urethra open with one hand while the other inserts the toy. Make sure to go slow, take your time, and stop if anything hurts. Never force your sound further inside of your urethra. Although it may feel “off” at first, it should never feel painful! If needed, apply more lube.



Different people enjoy these toys in different ways. While some may like to move the sound gently up and down, others may try simply rubbing their penis or applying vibrations to the area. Experiment to see what feels best for you!

How to Clean Urethral Toys

Cleaning urethral toys is a necessity. Fortunately, it’s very easy as these toys are made from non-porous materials (which means they can be sanitized). If your toy does not contain any electrical components, simply boil some water and then leave your toy submerged in the water for at least five minutes. However, if your toy has electrical components, it may require a different sanitizing process. Refer to your user manual for these steps. As with any other type of sex toy, always ensure your toy has been completely dried off before storing it away (to prevent bacterial growth).


If done incorrectly, then yes, it can be extremely painful. However, when done correctly, sounding should never be painful (although it likely won’t be a sensation like anything you’re used to!).

Safe urethral play requires using a sterile lubricant. I recommend SurgiLube!

Yes, they can! While not all urethral toys are designed with non-penis anatomy in mind, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from.

Silicone is the best option for beginners because it is flexible. However, more experienced users may prefer the rigidity of stainless steel. Either option is fine!

People who were assigned male at birth have a urethra of 8-9 inches in length. People who were assigned female at birth have a urethra of around 1.5 inches in length.

What Are Urethral Toys?

Urethral toys are a specialized type of sex toy designed to provide internal pleasure to the users through nerve endings in the urethra. Depending on how far the toy is inserted, it may also be used to directly stimulate the prostate. They are made out of silicone or metal and must always be sterilised before use.

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