Tenga Egg Wonder Package — Test & Review

   Allen Wiltshire
Mar 7, 2024

Tenga Egg Wonder Package — Test & Review<

Allen Wiltshire
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  • You like the feel of TPE.
  • You like variety.
  • You like novel toy designs.
  • You have a thing for Dr. Eggman or eggs in general.

  • You don't want single use toys.
  • You don't like soft squishy toys.
  • You're trying to be eco-friendly.
  • You have a big penis.
  • You don't like the idea of a soft boiled egg on your penis

The Tenga Egg Wonder Package is a set of 6 single use egg shaped masturbators. Each egg comes in its own "egg shell" case, the masturbator itself is made from TPE and each one has its own unique interior pattern for different types of sensations, and comes with its own packet of lube. The eggs are marketed as a discrete single use product that is great for easy clean up and disposal.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

So Kawaii It Hurts, An Introduction.

Full disclosure, I was gifted the Tenga Egg Variety Pack-Wonder (what a mouth full) as a gift and went into it totally blind. When I first opened the shipping box and saw the egg themed carton for the Tenga Egg Variety Pack-Wonder, I was awestruck by how cute it was. It looked as if the Easter Bunny got horny and all he had to work with was brightly colored eggs. This thing was adorable as hell, it almost made me not want to even open it and just keep the carton full of brightly colored eggs on a shelf to giggle with glee at every time I looked at it.

Cracking Open The Shell And Trying It Out.

I finally got over myself and decided to open it up, and that’s where the first problem arose. On the brightly colored wrapper of each egg it explicitly states how each egg is single use and disposable.  Disposable…sex…toy? That can’t be right, who in their right mind would make a single use disposable sex toy? Tenga that’s who. I checked on their site, and yes, the eggs are designed to be single use and disposed of once finished. No mention of storage or clean up. The reviews mentioned that the eggs could be reusable, but didn’t give any specifics. The whole notion of a single use sex toy left a bad feeling in my gut, and I couldn’t really get past it. I felt like this would be something a rich villain from Squid Games or The Purge would do, jizz into a $6 single use piece of plastic and immediately throw it away. I was in a strange conundrum. Eventually I got over my moral scruples and decided to open on up and try it out. I took one out of the shell, put in the supplied lube, got it on and immediately chuckled to myself. The sight of the all white egg on top of my head made me instantly think of Spaceballs and Dark Helmet yelling, “I knew it, I’m surrounded by Assholes!” (yes I know I’m a nerd).

All The Sensation None Of The Orgasm.

I tried out all six of the eggs throughout the span of a week, and sadly each egg felt the same. There really was no difference in sensation from one egg to another, and the only part of me that got any worth while sensation was the head of my penis. Trying to stroke up and down the shaft did almost nothing due to how much the eggs had to stretch to cover all of me, What did give a good amount of sensation was doing a twisting motion to the head of my penis. This felt good, but it was never enough to make me orgasm. I tried doing it till my arm was sore and eventually I had to give up and just finish with my hand.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

I'm giving the Tenga Egg Wonder Package a score of 80 when it comes to design, but that 80 is split 60-20 for the design of the packaging and the design of the masturbator respectively, and here's why. Every aspect of the packaging design has Nintendo levels of polish to it. By that I mean even if you aren't interested in buying a masturbator, if you saw the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder, you'd stop and say to yourself, "wow, that sure looks neat and interesting", and that's because as far as the packaging goes it is. The design of the packaging is cute, it's clever in every imaginable way, six Easter egg themed sex toys that come in their own brightly colored egg carton, that's some S+ tier product design right there. Sadly, I didn't experience anywhere near that same level of creativity and polish when it came to the actual masturbators themselves. The TPE egg shaped masturbators felt bland and uninspired compared to the packaging. After opening up the shell, the masturbators have the look and feel of a soft boiled egg, white and squishy, not exactly the sexiest thing on earth. Each of the six eggs has a different interior pattern to give six different types of stimulation when used. Regrettably, each of the six eggs felt basically the same for me because the TPE was so soft, everything squished together into one mass regardless of the design. Another issue I had with the design was while the eggs are all very stretchy, they're still a tad too small. Yes the egg could stretch over 90% of my dick but, the thin nature of the egg walls along with it's stretchy nature meant that on every down thrust the top of the egg reached condom levels of thin, and this meant I was always a bit worried that I would rip a hole in it with each use. The problems I had with the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder likely stem from the fact that Tenga produces and markets their Egg line of toys as 100% single use and disposable, they're not supposed to be high end or built to last, they are quite literally the bump and dump of male masturbators.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

For all the shade I've been throwing towards the Tenga Egg Wonder Package, I will step off my soap box and admit that it is simple to use. Just open the egg, put lube in and get to wackin off. Simple, so simple I'm not quite sure why Tenga feels the need to have two sets of instructions with each egg. Even though it is simple to use, it still may not be best suited for certain people. The eggs are small and squishy and require a fair amount of twisting action to be able to experience most of the sensation, so if you are someone with large hands or have wrist or grip problems, this toy might give you some trouble.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

For what amounts to $6/single use egg, the quality of the Tenga Egg Variety Pack-Wonder is good. It's not great, but it holds up for what is a $6 sex toy.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package - <

On Tengas website the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder goes for $36 plus shipping, on LoveHoney the pack goes for $49.99. Now that may seem like a good deal, $6-$8.33 respectively per egg. That's not bad, until you factor in that Tenga manufactures their Egg toys to be single use items, and does not promote them for repeated use. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't even pay $6 for a cup of coffee, so why would I want to pay $6 just to jack off. Now I agree, if you are gentle with the eggs while you're doing the dirty and you make sure to clean and store them properly, you can extend their life span, by how much, I have no clue. None of that matters to me however, because Tenga offers multiple of their masturbators at or below the price of the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder that are reusable. So why would I pay for a toy that is single use when I could spend the same amount and buy something that is meant to last longer? The only way I could justify the price of the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder was if Tenga did something like Bad Dragon or Hankey's Toys and made the Egg Variety Pack-Wonder a sample set for a reusable toy. Test out the six eggs, find the one you like the most, then buy a reusable version of it. Now that would make sense.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

When it came to performance the Tenga Egg Variety Pack-Wonder really showed it's price point for me. It felt like a $6 masturbator. That's not to say it was bad, it didn't work for me, but if you like a lot of stimulation on your glans, then this toy will do the trick, but not much else. The main draw back I noticed from its performance was when it came to lube. The lube that comes with each egg was not cutting it for me, so I had to add more. Well the problem with that is that the interior cavity of the egg is small from the get go, that meant that once I put in more lube, and got my head back in, there wasn't really anywhere for the lube to go, so it spilled out. This happened regardless of the stretch nature of the egg. Once I got going it wouldn't take long for all the lube to either dry up or fall out, which would cause me to stop, add more lube, and repeat the process.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

I will gush over the visual aspects of the Egg Variety Pack-Wonders' packaging all day long if you let me, it's phenomenal. The physical aspects of the packaging are terrible. There is so much useless plastic the comes with each egg it's absurd. First you have the plastic carton that all six eggs come in, next you have the wrappers that go on each egg, which by the way, is the only part of the toy that tells you what the pattern is without having to flip the masturbator inside out before use. So if you do use all six eggs and manage to get a second use out of them, there is no way to tell which is which. Then, there is the egg "shell" that actually holds the masturbator. Now something Tenga could have done was just print the wrapper design on the shell and saved the need for the wrapper entirely. If Tenga was worried about people using, then repackaging the eggs, they could have just designed a pull tab to go on the egg shell where the two parts met. Next, each egg has a plastic vial inside the masturbator with another set of instructions, and a ramen flavor packet of lube. If you're like me and enjoy a good amount of lube when you're choking the chicken, then the included packet is next to nothing, making it pointless. All of this is to say that there is a lot of plastic waste in an already disposable sex toy.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

The masturbators themselves are made from body safe TPE. Since the toy is made to be single use there are no care instructions, but as a general rule, the toy can be cleaned using warm soap and water, and should be stored someplace dry out of direct sunlight. The eggshells and egg carton packaging both work as storage boxes/containers.

Length2.95 inches
Diameter1.9 inches
MaterialsMasturbator: TPE, Egg shells: Polyproplyene.
Storage Bag IncludedEach egg has its own plastic "shell", and all six come in an "egg carton".
TextureExtremely soft and squishy.

Tenga Egg Wonder Package -

  • Six different sensations to choose from.
  • Looks great.
  • Simple to use.

  • Small, won't fit all sizes.
  • Contains excess plastic waste.
  • Only good for head stimulation.
  • Made for single use.

The Tenga Egg Variety Pack-Wonder is a master class in product packaging and is the sex toy equivalent of Easter Sunday for your eyes. The Tenga Egg Wonder Package could be a great toy for beginners just starting out in the noble search for the perfect masturbator due to its six different patterns to choose from, and its reasonable price point. That being said, I could never in good conscience recommend this toy to anyone due to the fact that the toy is designed to be single use and the overwhelming amount of plastic waste that each egg has. I feel like a sea turtle is going to be choking on all this plastic each time I open an egg.

With TPE one should only use water based lube, or you could risk damaging the material.

Tenga makes it very clear that the eggs are meant to be single use and disposed of once used. That doesn't mean that they can't be washed, dried and stored someplace dry and out of direct sunlight to be used again. It does mean that after the first use the life span of each egg will be reduced drastically.

Short answer yes. The long answer is that if you have a large penis, this toy will probably not fit all of you adequately. The eggs are meant to stretch in all directions to a certain point, so the bigger you are the more the egg has to stretch.

The eggs are durable and stretchy to a point, but I wouldn't suggest going all out while using them.