Tenga Uni — Test & Review

   James Anderson
Mar 22, 2024

James Anderson
: 29
: Intermediate
: Male
: Pansexual
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  • Don't want to clean a sex toy.
  • Like unique toys to try.
  • Enjoy various types of stimulation.

  • Want a toy that lasts.
  • Want something larger.
  • Prefer vibration.

The Tenga Uni is a small toy that fits in the palm of your hand and shaped to look like a gemstone. I like the fact that it is marketed for use by all genders and on the Tenga website, various photos show suggestions on how to use it. Fingers can be inserted into the toy and you can use the texture on any part of the body. The Uni can also be turned inside out (with the texture inside) to be put around a penis. I thought it was clever having different types of Tenga Uni toys named after various gemstones: Amethyst, Topaz, Diamond, and Emerald--each one had it's own unique texture. The material itself is made of TPE and felt very nice for a disposable toy.

Tenga Uni -

Initial Impressions

I thought that the Tenga Uni was generally a great idea (besides it being a single use item) and I especially enjoyed the packaging. I received four Unis to test and each Uni was packaged in a tiny cardboard carton. It was fun to peel the plastic lid off of each carton before using a Uni and I looked forward to opening each one! Each Uni was slightly sticky to touch and could stretch a lot. Each carton also came with a packet of lube from Tenga.

Using the Tenga Uni

When trying the first Uni, I applied lube to myself and to the textured surface of the toy. The motion when using this toy with a penis was a bit different compared to something like a Fleshlight and it kind of felt like a condom (although much thicker and with textured bumps on the interior). The Tenga Uni was surprisingly stretchy and the textures on each Uni felt great. Since the toy is so small, it was a bit difficult to find grip sometimes especially with how slippery lube is.

Subsequent Uses

I tried each Tenga Uni variant: Diamond, Topaz, Amethyst, and Emerald. In general, they were all pretty much the same though I did notice the different textures and in my opinion, the Diamond and Topaz variants were the best. These had many small bumps as part of the texture while the Amethyst and Emerald both had more linear types of textures.

Tenga Uni -

The Tenga Uni felt nice and the textures along with the gemstone design were unique. I did really like also that this toy is mean to be universal for anyone to use. However, it did feel a bit basic and lacking in terms of overall feeling compared to a larger stroker style toy. I especially did not like that the Tenga Uni was designed to be disposable.

Tenga Uni -

The Tenga Uni was incredibly easy to use and would be great for a beginner. Since it is disposable, it doesn't require any knowledge on how to clean a sex toy. The only issue I encountered was that it can get kind of slippery if there is lube on your hand--since the toy is so small, it's easy to lose your grip.

Tenga Uni -

The overall quality of the Tenga Uni was very nice considering that it is a disposable toy. I've definitely used toys that seem to be of lesser quality and they were not disposable so in general, I believe the Tenga Uni to be of good quality for what it is. During use, it showed no signs of cracking or breaking and the material could handle a lot of stretch.

Tenga Uni - <

I rated this product in a moderate range for price because although it is relatively inexpensive ($7) for each Tenga Uni, that price to me is a lot for something that is disposable. If you are looking for some variety and just want to try this uniquely shaped toy, then I think it's a great price. However, if you're looking for a sex toy to add to your collection, I'd just save your money and look elsewhere.

Tenga Uni -

Tenga has some great descriptions on their website about this toy and since it's a pretty basic design, I had a good idea of what the performance might be like for the Uni. There were a couple of nice surprises though. For example, the texture on the toy was very nice and I was happy that it definitely made a difference. I was also happy with how stretchy the material was.

Tenga Uni -

The packaging was one of my favorite parts of this toy! Each Tenga Uni was packaged in a little carton with a plastic lid which sealed the Uni inside. All I needed to do when wanting to use one was to tear off the plastic lid and the Uni was ready to go along with a packet of lube from Tenga situated beneath it in the carton.

Tenga Uni -

The material used for the Tenga Uni is TPE which is body-safe. It is a single use and disposable item so the toy should not be cleaned and since each Uni is individually sealed, they do not need to be cleaned before use either. The TPE used was surprisingly great quality for a disposable item and I really appreciated how stretchy the material was when testing it.

Length2.5 inches
Width2 inches
FlexibilityYes; very stretchy
TextureVarious; bumps or lines
Colors AvailableClear, Purple, Orange, Green

Tenga Uni -

  • The Uni is designed to be used by anyone.
  • It's easy to travel with.
  • No cleaning is needed because it is disposable.
  • The textures all feel great.

  • Strokers are more pleasurable.
  • The Uni is kind of wasteful being single use.
  • The price is high for a single use item.

The Tenga Uni is an interesting toy with a nice premise; to be accessible by everyone. It's really simple to use and since it's a disposable toy, cleaning is not a concern. The Uni reminded me of the Tenga Egg which has been available previously and which is also a disposable sex toy. Overall, I think it's a great toy for beginners or for more experienced users who just want to try something quick and new. However, I find the disposable nature of the toy very unnecessary and wasteful. My experience using the Uni was nice but there are certainly other toys that feel more pleasurable and which aren't disposable.

Tenga has some great instructions as well as additional product information here on their site.  

It's very much up to your imagination! The textured surface feels great anywhere and the material is soft.

Lube is definitely recommended. The material is soft but a little sticky feeling without lube. A packet of lube is included inside each Uni container.

Although the Tenga Uni was not destroyed by any means after using it, the product is designed for single use. The material is TPE and to avoid any infection, I'd recommend following the single use guidelines.

In my opinion, the textures from the Diamond or Topaz variants were the best feeling.

Since it is single use, you do not. And, since each Uni is individually sealed, you don't need to clean them before use.