EdenFantasys Cyber BJ — Test & Review

   Dani Adams
Apr 18, 2024

Dani Adams
: 31
: Intermediate
: Trans Fem
: Bi-Sexual

  • Want an automatic masturbator
  • Like really tight suction
  • Want a heavy toy

  • Want a quiet toy
  • Don't enjoy tight suction
  • Have a tight budget
  • Are looking something portable


The EdenFantasys Cyber BJ is an automatic masturbator for the penis. It is extremely heavy at the top end from the motor and made with light fragile plastic everywhere else. The cock sleeve is made from very soft silicone that feels really good. There are 5 different suction patterns and 7 different vibration settings to help you find that perfect sweet spot for you. Easy to recharge with the built in USB charging port. This toy is perfect for nights where you want a little more excitement when masturbating instead of just using your hands.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

First Impressions

When the Edenfantasys Cyber BJ showed up, I was almost left wondering what I had ordered. The box is gray with a picture of the product on it, and that is basically all. For the price tag that this toy has on it, I would of liked to see more flare on the box. There were some care instructions on the back and inside the box was the product and an instruction manual that explains how to turn the toy on. The Cyber BJ does look very nice with its black and red but doesn’t feel very durable with the quality of plastic used.

Using The Cyber BJ

To use the Cyber BJ, take off the cap and apply some water-based lube to the sleeve or your penis and slide your penis inside. Hold down the on button to turn it on and pick your setting. Here lies my problem with the Cyber BJ — its suction is VERY STRONG! So strong it borderlines to painful to enjoy. I tried all 5 suction settings and could not find a setting that was comfortable. I found myself turning on the vibration just to help me stay hard while using it. The 7 vibration functions are the standard ones for adult toys (slow, medium, fast, pulse, and a mixture of those 4). The heavy weight of the vibrator made it uncomfortable to use while laying on my back, so my findings were that the best way to use it is to lay it on a surface and stand or set in front of it. Being my first suction masturbator, I understand my sensitivity to the suction could be high, and this toy’s suction might be okay for a more experienced user.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

The Cyber BJ looks very basic for the price tag that it has. This is not necessarily a bad thing but is not good in this situation as the toy falls short in its performance also. The plastic used to make it feels very cheap, almost like it would shatter just from a minor fall. The best design choice in this product is the silicone cock sleeve which feels really soft and nice on the penis.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

Using the Cyber BJ is fairly easy. Just apply some lube to your penis and insert it in the sleeve. You can easily turn the toy on with one had as it only has two buttons, one for the suction and one for the vibrations. With the weight of the Cyber BJ I do not recommend trying to hold it while using it. Instead lay it on the bed or another surface and stand or sit in front of it. If you have a week grip strength this is not the toy for you unfortunately. As for a learning curve I would say the only thing is getting used to the suction because if you are not used to it it can be borderline painful.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

Let me start by saying this is not the worst product I have ever used. However with a $150 price tag I expect very high quality for a masturbator and the Cyber BJ leaves me feeling a manual masturbator would be better. Lets start with the major flaw in this toy. IT IS SO LOUD! when I am relaxing want to let out a little pent up pleasure I want to do just that relax. The motor on this thing makes relaxing impossible. It almost sounds like a lawnmower running in your bedroom. Then there is the very cheap plastic they used. I feel I could crush this thing with one squeeze. I am sure most of the money is put into the motor which is why the noise is a big negative factor. Conclusion the quality is really lacking on this product.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ - <

The Cyber BJ is $150 when not on sale, making this toy not worth the price in my opinion. The loud motor, cheap plastic, and discomfort from the suction are all just very negative feelings when using this product. Spend your money on manual masturbators instead of this one or try a different flesh light all together.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

Cyber Bj's performance fell very short of promises made online. Enjoying your wildest BJ fantasy with its 5 different suction patters is very difficult when it is so loud and painful. The best promise was the battery life. I have been experimenting with it for two weeks now with just the initial charge. It took 3 hours to charge it up to full out of the box and I have yet to run out of charge. The bullet vibrator in the sleeve does a really good job of making pleasurable vibrations. Mix the vibrations with the awesome cock sleeve in the toy and it does feel really good, just don't turn the suction on which defeats the purpose of the toy itself.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

The box it comes in is very simple. The box is gray with a picture of the product on the front, and on the back is the product specs and 4 bullet points for care that are very basic instructions. Use lube, Wash after each use, Pat dry, and close case securely before use. That last one is confusing because you have to take the cap off to use the toy not close it. The box leaves a lot to be desired. if I was just browsing in store I would not be interested in this product with the limited information on the packaging.

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

The Cyber BJ's sleeve is made of TPE, which is very common for masturbators, but is not body-safe or non-porous like the product page claims. The plastic is also very cheap and fragile. This toy is not to be used around water — the plastic is not of high quality so it will not stand up to liquid. Cleaning the product is luckily very easy: just remove the sleeve, take out the bullet and wash with toy cleaner then let it dry before reinserting it into the plastic. With no storage bag, the best way to store this is to keep the box as it fits the toy perfectly to store it.

Vibration patterns7
Length10.25 inches
Insertable length6.5 inches
Diameter (internal)7.37 inches
Weight1.75 lbs
Openings1 Neutral Orifice
TextureTexturized Nubs
MaterialsSleeve: TPE
Battery Life420 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack/White

EdenFantasys Cyber BJ -

The Cyber BJ has the special feature of feeling like a real blowjob. Compared to other toys in this category it does have intense suction to feel like you are being deepthroated. Unfortunately, it fails in this category as I have never had a blowjob that was as painful as this one.

  • Really soft penis sleeve
  • Looks really nice
  • Sleeve is removable for other uses

  • Very expensive
  • Way too loud
  • Cheap plastic
  • Painful to use

The EdenFantasys Cyber BJ is one of those toys that you look at and go "this toy looks like it is really well made". Then, you look at the price of $150 when not on sale and say "wow for that price it does have to be well made". After that, you get the toy in the mail run to your room all excited, you feel the weight of the toy and exclaim "this is heavy so it has to be really well made". Just don't use it and you will keep those happy memories all for yourself. Don't get me wrong there are people who will enjoy this toy, but, for me, it was just a very sad experience.

Edenfantasys has a manual for the Cyber BJ available on their website here.

Yes! With easily more than 400 minutes of battery life the Cyber BJ battery is very reliable.

Yes! Just remove the sleeve and the vibrating bullet and you can use it with your hand.

Absolutely not! It is a very loud toy.

Not really. I found this toy best for someone who wants the longer experiance.