5 of the Best Clear Fleshlights [+ Best from the Fleshlight Ice Series]

   Cassie Mørch
Even though I don’t personally have a penis, I’ve enjoyed using a few different clear Fleshlights with my partner. Being able to see the action through the clear materials really makes these strokers stand out! As a sex toy expert, I know exactly what to look for in terms of size, texture, and design depending on your personal preferences. So, let’s have a look at some of the clear Fleshlights that our team of testers have deemed the best of the best.
1 Test Winner

Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

 Fleshlight Ice Lady

  • want a clear fleshlight to satiate your voyeuristic tendencies
  • enjoy a deeply textured and stimulating sleeve
  • want a true full-length clear pocket pussy
  • would like a solid shell for easy storage

Fleshlight Ice Lady

  • want a clear fleshlight you can travel with
  • don't like spending a lot of time cleaning toys
  • are on a low budget

  • Full-sized clear masturbator
  • Realistic vulva orifice
  • “Crystal” sleeve offers varied internal texture.

  • Insertable length of 8.5" is ideal for longer penises
  • Clear design that still offers subtle realism
  • Suction is easily adjustable

  • Quite bulky
  • Pricey
Fleshlight Ice Lady
Insertable length9 inches
Diameter (internal)0.75 inches
MaterialsSuperSkin (TPE) & ABS Plastic Case

I picked out the Fleshlight Ice Lady as the Test Winner in this review because of it’s inclusive sizing, unique external and internal design, and the realistic experience it provides. In his review, our tester, Jason, highlighted the transparent pleasure: “You wouldn’t think that being able to watch the action as its happening would be that much of a turn on, but the Fleshlight Ice material just added to my experience”.  Clear fleshlights add amazing visual stimulation. Although, they often feature more neutral openings in the name of total discretion. What makes this fleshlight stand out for me is the realistic vulva orifice. While this is super common on regular opaque fleshlights, it’s less common in clear ones. With this design you get to enjoy the pleasing visuals as well as a semi-realistic vulva that elevates the realistic feel. Not only does is have a realistic design, it’s also a full-sized masturbation cup. This means that you can enjoy full insertion even if you have a slightly longer than average penis. This, of course, makes the stroker more bulky and weighted overall. For something more compact and travel-friendly (that doesn’t compromise on realism), I recommend checking out the Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid. Lastly, another big pro in my book is the suction feature. “As you’re going, you can adjust the end cap to allow more or less pressure which increases the suction sensation due to the vacuum that’s created.”

2 Runner-Up

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

 Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

  • prioritize full length insertion over portability
  • want a great blowjob alternative
  • love the feeling of deep-throating
  • want to see your penis in action

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

  • want anatomical correctness
  • do not have space to store it
  • hate spending a long time cleaning sex toys

  • From full-sized masturbator Fleshlight’s “Blue Ice” collection
  • Non-anatomical orifice
  • Designed to replicate a the sensation of a blowjob
  • “Thrust” sleeve offers three entry points and a tight, textured canal.

  • Great suction level
  • Feels very realistic!
  • Cool pop of color
  • Doesn't require much lube

  • May not be very stimulating for those with a smaller penis
  • Gets very sticky without renewal powder
Fleshlight Turbo Thrust
Length9.75 inches
Insertable length8.75 inches
Diameter (internal)1 inches
MaterialsSuperSkin (TPE) & ABS Plastic Case

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is another full-sized clear fleshlight. I’ve picked it out as the Runner-Up to our Test Winner because it offers many of the same features in terms of size and texture but isn’t as visually realistic or neutral in color. The Turbo Thrust offers an icy blue color and a non-representational orifice. Despite the non-realistic visuals, the realism thrives in the replicated blowjob sensation. “The innovative design is a great alternative if you want a very realistic blowjob fleshlight with a deep-throating sensation. […] It’s hard to compare a toy to an authentic oral experience, but it actually gave me something very similar to a real blowjob, especially with the suction when you close the cap.” I have to agree with our tester’s boyfriend and applaud Fleshlight for creating a design that can feel significantly different from a “vaginal” fleshlight design. The elevated suction really adds to this as well! “However, the SuperSkin is made of porous material, which is impossible to fully clean. Even after a few uses, I could see tiny scratches on the surface; it didn’t affect the durability at all, but it attracts dirt very easily.” Even when using the renewal powder regularly, the surface easily gets sticky and attracts dust. Be that as it may, it’s a pretty minor con for such an amazing toy.

3 Cheapest

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

 Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

  • would like a toy that is easy to conceal
  • want a less bulky variant of the original Fleshlight
  • or your partner want to spice up your oral
  • want something that's easier to clean and maintain

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

  • would prefer a full length clear Fleshlight
  • are looking for a more realistic aesthetic

  • Open-ended clear Fleshlight with two neutral orifices
  • Half the size of an original Fleshlight
  • “Screw-like” internal canal.

  • Very easy to travel with
  • Great for couples to use together
  • Super easy storage with two caps
  • Cleaning and drying is a breeze
  • Affordable

  • Shorter sleeve = less simultaneous stimulation on the whole shaft
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
Length4.4 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.75 inches
MaterialsSuperSkin (TPE) & ABS Plastic Case

If you’re looking for an affordable clear fleshlight, I truly think the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a great option. At $35 this little device offers a lot of bang for your buck.  Other than the price, my favorite thing about the Quickshot Vantage is how compact and travel-friendly it is. As our tester, Edie, notes: The durable, clear, plastic case allows for safe storage in smaller places – think nightstand, travel bag, glove compartment” Since it’s open-ended, it’s incredibly easy to clean. While full-sized masturbators can be difficult to dry after cleaning, this one dries significantly faster because of the open design.  Another huge pro of open-ended fleshlights like this is how great they can be to use with a partner. I’ve had great experiences using this kind of stroker as part of oral sex, for example. The clear design also just adds some amazing visual stimulation to your play. To me, the texture feels much more realistic than other Fleshlights I have shoved my fingers into. Basically, it feels much more like the inside of a vagina”. Despite the lack of an adjustable suction feature, the screw-like internal canal is actually designed to create a slight suction.

4 Beginner

Clear Fleshlight Flight Commander

 Fleshlight Flight Commander

  • Prefer a discreet, travel-friendly masturbator
  • Enjoy experimenting with different sensations
  • Value a compact and easy-to-store design
  • Are looking for a beginner-friendly option
  • Want a Fleshlight that's easy to clean

Fleshlight Flight Commander

  • Need a more intense stimulation
  • Are looking for a realistic experience
  • Have a larger girth or prefer a looser fit
  • Are concerned about long-term durability

  • Clear blue fleshlight from the Fleshlight Flight collection.
  • “Turbo Tech” features two-entry points for added suction
  • “Commander” sleeve offers an intricate texture with lots of intensity nodules.

  • Super travel-friendly
  • Adjustable suction feature
  • More affordable than regular Fleshlights
  • Very tight internal canal

  • Smaller size may not accommodate larger penises
  • The vacuum created can be a bit noisy
Fleshlight Flight Commander
Length8 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter (internal)Largest point: 1.4 inches, smallest point: 0.3 inches
MaterialsSuperSkin (TPE) & ABS Plastic Case

The Fleshlight Flight Commander is my top pick for beginners. Even though it isn’t as compact as the open-ended strokers, I believe this is the best clear option that offers an all-encompassing sensation. The products from the Fleshlight Flight collection are basically slightly smaller than full-sized fleshlights. They’re designed to be more travel-friendly. They’re also ideal for average to slightly smaller than average penises.  According to Jonathan, our tester, the textured feel is evenly spread and ensures no inch of the penis is denied a pleasurable sensation. It works equally well for small and fast “just the tip” thrusts and for deeper, “all the way in” strokes.” As far as the tightness goes, the Fleshlight Flight Commander actually offers the tightest internal canal and most suction of any toy from the Fleshlight Flight collection”.  A big pro for me is that the design incorporates two entry points which doubles up on the suction intensity. Hence, you get to enjoy built-in suction along with adjustable pressure with the cap on the end at the same time! I was a bit surprised at how loud the vacuum makes it while stroking but it’s not that big of an issue for me personally.” For hands-free use, one thing to remember is that products from the Flight collection need an adaptor for the Fleshlight Shower Mount.

5 Fleshlight Girl

Transparent Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid

 Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid

  • Need a travel-friendly Fleshlight
  • Prefer an open-ended design for partner play
  • Enjoy more subtle stimulation
  • Want a Fleshlight within a budget

Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid

  • Seek full shaft stimulation
  • Desire intense stimulation
  • Like to adjust pressure or suction
  • Prioritize a realistic feeling

  • Compact, open-ended clear fleshlight with two realistic orifices
  • Molded directly after Riley Reid’s vulva and anus
  • “Utopia” texture is super varied and differs between the two orifices.

  • Open-ended design is ideal for couples' play
  • Super travel-friendly and easy to store
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Hyper-realistic details

  • More difficult to warm up (and keep warm) than full-sized Fleshlights
  • Realistic design isn't as prominent because of the clear design
  • No suction or pressure features
Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid
Length4.4 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
MaterialsSuperSkin (TPE) & ABS Plastic Case
OpeningsVulva & Anus

I wanted to include a product in this review that combined the clear design with a realistic visual aspect, but also was compact enough for pleasure on-the-go.  The Fleshlight Quickshot Riley Reid is an open-ended stroker with two different orifices to choose from. They are molded after Riley Reid’s vulva and anus. Even though this is a fun touch in my opinion, our tester, Isabelle, and her partner noted that you can’t really see them so well due to the clear design”. That said, the clear materials are amazing when using it “during partnered sex […] as a stroker and combined with oral sex” Very similar to the Quickshot Vantage but offers a lot more variation in internal and external design. The Utopia sleeve is highly textured and still aims to make each side (the vagina and the anus) as “realistic” in sensation as possible. Keep in mind that this doesn’t quite deliver the same experience as full-sized fleshlights. So, if you enjoy being able to adjust the pressure or want to be fully inserted, this isn’t the toy for you”. 

Get the Whole Set

Feel like a kid in a candy store? Thank goodness you’re a fully grown adult with access to grown-up money. Why collect one when you can collect ’em all?!

Clear as Ice Pack

Clear as Ice Pack - Get the Whole Set
The Clear as Ice collection includes some of our all-time favorite clear fleshlight options, all in one nut-busting package. The streamlined Aviator, the tight Go Torque, the handheld Quickshot, and the full-sized Ice Queen, all together at last. Who could possibly say no to such a delectable ensemble? They’ve even thrown in a bottle of cooling lubrication so you can get intimately acquainted immediately. First impressions count! This is the very best Fleshlight has to offer, in all its translucent, transcendent, transformational beauty.

More Clear Masturbators and Strokers

The crystal clear buck needn’t stop with Fleshlight. Most brands recognize the voyeuristic allure of watching pleasure unfold in the most intimate of detail.

Tracey Cox Supertight Stroker

Tracey Cox Supertight Stroker - More Clear Masturbators and Strokers
Sexpert Tracey Cox never fails to impress. This is one particularly snug fit, perfect if you like a tight grip that leaves no area unstimulated. The clear, stretchy material doesn’t block any of the action and allows you to watch as a blend of ribs and stimulating nubs titillate every inch. Just make sure to coat the toy and penis with a generous lashing of lube if you want any hope of squeezing into this tight hole.

Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

Doc Johnson Mood Exciter - More Clear Masturbators and Strokers
Simple though it may appear, the Doc Johnson Mood Exciter is sure to heighten your masturbating considerably. The double-sided stroker is lined on all sides with ribs and nodules, leaving no place untouched. The distinct Sil-A-Gel formula is satisfyingly firm to the touch – without the overt floppiness of other cheaper models – but still manages to comfortably yield under pressure for variable tightness. This is a quality, inexpensive experience.

Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Optix

Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Optix - More Clear Masturbators and Strokers
The Main Squeeze Optix features a variable-pressure hard case for the best of both worlds; protection and storage, coupled with adaptability and alterable tightness. Everything from the outer shell to the inner sleeve is crystalline clear, making for an unparalleled viewing experience. As well as tightness, suction can also be varied via the screw cap at the tip. If you’re looking for a front-row customizable experience, Doc Johnson is a star feature.

Lovehoney Hummer

Lovehoney Hummer - More Clear Masturbators and Strokers
Transform your Magic Wand vibrator into a thrumming, drumming, shaft-pumping bonanza with this ingenious attachment. Suitable for wands with a 7.5-8 inch circumference, simply slide one end over the bulb and the textured sleeve over the penis and the full earth-shattering ferocity of the wand will be transferred directly to the shaft. Watch in mesmerizing detail as the transparent nubs and ridges bring your partner to the brink of madness and (hopefully) back again.

Types of Clear Fleshlight to Choose From

Let’s discuss the different types of clear fleshlights that you can get your hands on (and your cocks in)! There are a surprising amount of them, so without further ado let’s take a sneaky peek at some of our favorites!
  • Original Ice range – Designed to be as clear as ice, the original Fleshlight Ice range allows you to see everything while masturbating. Really heightening the experience, you get to watch your cock being stimulated to ecstasy in its long and super textured inner canal.
  • Quickshot – Small and discreet, Quickshots are handheld masturbators that have an open end. This not only allows you to watch what’s going on inside the toy, but you also get to watch yourself erupt with excitement when the time comes!
  • Turbo – Colored a cool, icy blue, the Turbo is a kind of see through fleshlight that provides your cock with all kinds of stimulation. With a tight entrance and a super textured sleeve, it’s impossible not to love it!
  • Flight – If you want options when it comes to clear fleshlights then you can choose between the flight pilot, flight instructor, and flight navigator. Whichever you go for, the see-through silicone sleeve is a pleasure to use and watch yourself work your way towards that orgasm!
  • Fleshskins – With its unique design, Fleshskin fleshlights can be work around the fingers like some sort of sexy knuckle duster. You then slide your cock inside the clear sleeve and stroke yourself to pleasure town!

Clear Fleshlight vs Normal Fleshlight

What’s the difference between a clear fleshlight and a normal fleshlight? It’s a good question to ask and one that I’ll try to break down for you right now!
  • Similarities – Let’s start with similarities because there are a lot! The clear fleshlight and the normal fleshlight both contain long inner canals that are filled with all kinds of stimulating textures. They are held within a harder outer cup and have a variety of different openings. In many ways the two types of toy are identical, and have the same effects as each other.
  • Differences – The main difference between the fleshlights is how they look. With clear fleshlights you can see through them and enjoy the sight of your cock being stroked and pleasured. It’s an extra added layer of stimulation that you don’t get with your average normal opaque fleshlight!

How to use a clear Fleshlight

The beauty of a Fleshlight is that it is one of the simplest and most intuitive sex toys ever. Still, to get the most out of your new clear Fleshlight we have some helpful tips!

Warm up the fleshlight

Warm up the fleshlight

You’d be surprised how much warming up your clear Fleshlight sleeve can heighten the experience. As the real-feel material is receptive to temperature changes, simply place the Fleshlight in warm water for 10-15 minutes prior to *you know what*. Alternatively, get your hands on a dedicated Fleshlight warmer and never look back.

Lubricate generously

Lubricate generously

There’s no way to deny it, everything is better with lube. Lather yourself and the toy with a generous coating and you’re all ready for a frictionless journey to heaven. Fleshlight also offer their own heating and cooling lubricants for added temperature play.

Adjust suction

Adjust suction

Many Fleshlights feature suction capabilities which can be varied via the screw on cap at the tip. Loosening this cap will allow more air into the chamber and reduce suction. This is a matter of personal preference, whether you prefer a soul sucking grip or gently teasing pressure, adjust the cap accordingly.

Blast off!

Blast off!

We don’t need to tell you what to do next. Let your inner animal loose and go to town on your new clear Fleshlight! Of course, if you are looking for a little extra inspiration, you can read this Fleshlight tips post.

How to clean a clear Fleshlight

First, remove the sleeve from the outer case (unless you are using a Fleshskin). Next, run warm water and toy cleaner through the inside of the sleeve. Leave the sleeve to dry completely before returning to the outer case (see above for more details on how to dry). We also recommend using renewal powder once dry to maintain the quality of the material. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions to be safe.


The Quickshot range represents Fleshlight's most portable sleeves. These models are double-ended, allowing for full thrusts despite their smaller size. A Quickshot Fleshlight is ideal if you want something travel-friendly or want to incorporate it into play with a partner.

The Flight models are a redesign of the original, featuring a slimmer outer case and smaller insertable length. This is great if you want something larger than the Quickshot but less bulky and heavy when compared to the standard.

Absolutely, the clear Fleshlight is made from the exact same material as the skin-colored models.

Yes. The clear Quickshot range is compatible with all Quickshot accessories, as is the original model with original accessories. Do note, however, the Go and Flight models may require adapters for some accessories, such as the shower mount.

The most common openings are vagina, ass, and neutral. Neutral comes in a range of styles and is generally used to describe anything that is non-anatomical. The range of mouth Fleshlights is more limited. Search 'Mouth Fleshlight' on Bedbible for our roundup.

What is a clear Fleshlight?

A clear Fleshlight is a transparent variation of the standard Fleshlight ranges. These products use the same legendary real-feel material of other models, with the added bonus that you get to see everything in intimate detail. Because sometimes you want to be able to have your eyes on the action. Seeing what's going on in there can be just as stimulating as the feeling of actually using the fleshlight itself! Clear fleshlights provide you with the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy not only the feel but the looks too!

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