THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey Realistic Vagina Cup — Test & Review

   James Anderson
Jun 9, 2023

James Anderson
: 29
: Intermediate
: Male
: Pansexual
: Fleshlight Flight Pilot — Test & Review

  • Want a masturbator that has a very tight feeling
  • Like the feel of a realistic toy
  • Are on a budget

  • Are looking for a Fleshlight competitor
  • Have larger than average penis girth
  • Expect the highest quality possible

The THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey is a nice, inexpensive alternative to a Fleshlight. Make sure to buy it on sale!

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

First Impressions

When first opening the THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey, I could immediately tell that the toy was inferior to the Fleshlight collection of products. For example, my Fleshlight is heavier and the plastic exterior is of sturdier plastic. However, the THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey did not look cheaply made, had an appealing shape, and I was interested to see if it would be worth the price.


The THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey (or Zoey which I’ll use for brevity) has a nice shape and the interior canal felt realistic when I felt inside with my finger. In addition, the material was soft and not sticky even after washing the toy multiple times. During use, the Zoey felt very good—the bumps on the inside of the toy were a perfect combination of texture without being uncomfortable. Once inside, the toy’s tight feel was great along with plenty of lube.


There was only one main negative aspect to this toy which was the opening and ability to insert my penis. The entrance to the vagina was extremely small and I imagine many penis owners would agree for the most part. To insert my penis, I needed to set the toy on a surface and open the entrance of the toy with both hands. Once inside the tightness was perfect; it was the initial entrance that was the issue. This experience was interesting because the toy packaging indicated that the entrance was wider than other products. Additionally, I wish that the base of the toy was flat and not rounded off. With a flat base, cleaning sessions would be much easier.

Additional Thoughts

By itself, the Zoey is an amazing toy. The interior is perfect especially with plenty of lube. It also always feels soft and I’ve never had to use any sort of renewal powder. There is an additional feature of the Zoey which consists of a small hole in the side of the plastic housing. If pressed, the hole creates suction which I tried and the added experience was very nice. There is also an option to add a bullet vibrator to the base of the toy which I did not try. In my opinion, the area to insert a bullet vibrator seemed very small and I didn’t want to tear the material. I was happy with the functionality of the toy without any additions and felt that a vibrator was not necessary.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

The realistic vagina design of Zoey is visually appealing and the outer plastic cover has a ribbed texture which makes the toy easy to grip during use even with lube on my fingers. The interior canal has bumps and ridges that feel perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

It is simple to slide the realistic vagina into the plastic exterior and the ridges of the plastic make it easy to grip during use. The entrance to the toy is extremely small, making entering it a difficulty for many different penis sizes I would guess. I had to use two hands to spread the opening of the toy in order to use it and I would not recommend this toy for someone with a mobility issue that would inhibit them from using both hands in that manner. However, once inserted and during use, the Zoey has a perfect feel to it.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

I believe this toy to be of decent quality and does what is advertised. I’ve had mine for around six months with no sign of damage. However, the polished plastic look and weight of the Fleshlights products make me feel that they would last even longer.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey - <

I purchased the Zoey on sale for $17.99 at Lovehoney where items frequently go on sale throughout the year. At that price, I would certainly buy another Zoey. In fact, there are other realistic vagina toys by THRUST Pro Ultra which would be interesting to try. However, at the full price of $29.99, I would much rather save for a Fleshlight on sale due to their superior quality and wider entrance. I would only buy it on sale and if not, I’d spring for a Fleshlight.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

The Zoey is an extremely pleasurable and inexpensive toy. I had to use two hands to open the entrance of the toy and insert my penis as the entrance was extremely small. Inside the canal of the toy, the tightness was nice and despite the entrance issue, I still continue to use the Zoey.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

The packaging of the Zoey is minimal—just plastic wrapped over the toy. When I opened it, it also included a label that showed the product name and a few of its features. I was satisfied with the packaging and had no concerns that it was unsanitary. For the price, the minimal packaging was no problem for me.

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

The material used for this toy seemed to be smooth to the touch as well as strong enough to be of decent quality and not rip from repeated use. It is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) material which is porous and it can be submerged. Cleaning the Zoey was simple and easy. Both ends of the toy are open, letting water flow through, so after rinsing it, I used a toy cleaner (LubeLife brand worked very well). I also purchased a small mesh bag to hold the toy and I hung the bag for it to dry. Without the bag, I was worried that mold would form.

Length7 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches
TextureBumpy, realistic
Weight9.8 lbs
MaterialsTPE, Hard Plastic
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight, Medium and Dark Skin Tones

THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey -

This toy has two small special features. One is a hole in the side of the plastic housing and when covered, the vagina would creates a sucking sensation. It is a simple design and it works quite well. The other feature of Zoey is a small space to insert a bullet vibrator (not included) which I did not try.

  • The interior of the toy feels amazing
  • Using the suction feature is a nice and simple feature
  • Inexpensive and fun way to add variety to a toy collection
  • The exterior has ridges that make the toy easy to grip during use

  • The packaging indicates that the vagina opening is wider than other THRUST Pro Ultra toys. However, it is still quite small
  • The casing should have a flat base to make cleaning easier

The THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey was a great realistic vagina toy to try and despite issues with an extremely small canal opening, the toy is amazing and I continue to use it. The look and feel of the Zoey are a great alternative to a Fleshlight but I would not recommend this item as someone’s first toy as it could lead to disappointment due to the canal opening and inferiority to the Fleshlight. For a great introduction to sex toys for penis owners, I would strongly recommend any version of the Fleshlight. I enjoy variety to keep things interesting and this toy is perfect for that. It is a fun alternative to the Fleshlight and best bought on sale.

On the product page for the THRUST Pro Ultra Zoey, there is a helpful video guide under the Videos and Guides section. It is important to use lots of water based lube. After use, the toy should be cleaned using a toy cleaning solution and set out to dry. A renewal powder (purchased from THRUST Pro or using cornstarch) can be used if desired.    

Yes, though I would suggest waiting until it is on sale which happens frequently.

The Zoey is a great addition to your toy collection since I believe it adds variety and it is inexpensive. In addition, THRUST Pro makes many other similar masturbators in different skin tones and textures which may be fun to try.

Water based lube is necessary for this toy. I recommend using LubeLife brand (non flavored).

No, I would recommend spending a bit more and buying a Fleshlight. They are of higher quality and will make a good first impression.

Yes, this toy includes a plastic outer shell and a cap to protect the opening.