BlowJob Sex Doll: 13 Best Sex Doll Heads for Oral Sex

   Josh Gill
What good is a sex doll without a head, or the ability to give head?! Well, as it turns out, there are some incredibly lifelike, arousing, and affordable sex doll heads out there that can give amazing blowjobs! They really can provide some mind-blowing oral sex and uniquely arousing sensations! I’ve listed the 6 very best by reviewing them, and rating them in all kinds of areas. My goal is to help you find the best blowjob sex doll head that will make you weak at the knees and keep you coming back time, after time, after time!
1 Test winner

Human Life-like Smiling Sex Doll Head #205

 Human Life-like Head #205

  • Want a happy, smiling head
  • Enjoy receiving oral sex
  • Want a customizable toy

Human Life-like Head #205

  • Want a deeper oral cavity
  • Prefer a permanently attached head

Human Life-like Smiling Sex Doll Head #205 is a head that is happy to please you! Looking like that sexy older woman that lives next door, she knows exactly what to do to drive you wild. After all – she is more experienced than anyone else! She is made from an amazing feeling TPE, and has skin that feels just like the real thing. Want to customize that already gorgeous face? Well, it’s your lucky day – you can alter many aspects, including her eye color, hairstyle, and skin color. Mold her into the kind of sex doll head that you love to make love to!

  • Looks and feels gorgeous
  • Very customizable
  • Nice mid-range price

  • Not made of silicone
  • You need the rest of the body to go with it
Human Life-like Head #205
Insertable length5.9 inches

The Human Life-like Smiling Sex Doll Head #205is a wonderfully customizable option if you’re on the hunt for a good sex doll head. It comes with an oral cavity, so you can replicate oral sex and a cheeky and inviting smile. She has a slightly older look to her, for people that like women in their middle-ages, and you can adjust several key features about her to help suit your needs. That’s handy because no two heads will be the same. Made from TPE, she feels great and is easy enough to keep clean and maintained. The issue is that if you get this head, you’re going to need an entire sex doll body for it to go on top of. And while the head is pretty affordable, the rest of the sex doll is not!

2 Cheapest

Sex Doll Head #266

 Sex Doll Head #266

  • Are looking for an affordable sex doll head
  • Like the look of a young cute blonde woman
  • Are a massive fan of oral sex

Sex Doll Head #266

  • Are looking for an oral cavity that is deeper
  • Need something a little more premium

The Sex Doll Head #266 is essentially the bead of a beautiful young blonde woman. She comes with that long, straight blonde hair, stunning hazel eyes, and lips that are irresistibly kissable. She is of course completely customizable, and you can change her eyes, lips, mouth opening, and skin tone if you so desire. Not only that, but she is an affordable option for those looking for a heartbreakingly beautiful blonde babe for their sex dolls!

  • A sexy attachment for your sex dolls
  • Beautiful blonde looks
  • An affordable sex doll head option

  • Made of TPE- not silicone
  • Not the most premium of sex doll heads
Sex Doll Head #266
Insertable length5.1 inches

The Sex Doll Head #266 is an undeniably stunning offering. The big eyes and long blode hair look amazing, and her gentle features and totally tempting mouth make her one of the most attractive sex doll heads around. Her oral cavity isn’t the deepest, however it feels incredible when you have your cock in there. Is it the best sex doll head out there? No – it is made of a cheaper TPE, which while it feels good, is not the most premium of materials. It does the job, but if you want a better feeling skin, look for a silicone doll. Still, with that being said, the Sex Doll Head #266 is still a decent option if you’re on a budget.

3 Beginner

Callie - BJ Sex Doll Head #236


  • Like a bit of tongue action too
  • Like pretty, dark haired girls
  • Need a nicely textured oral cavity


  • Are turned off by the tongue-out look
  • Prefer a permanently attached head

The Callie BJ Sex Doll Head #236 is a doll with a trick up her sleeve! She has a realistic feeling tongue that makes those blowjobs feel extra special and give you the best oral experience of your life. This sexy and seductive Asian girl face is realistic and boasts a sensual yet slutty look, almost pleading to please you! She is made of TPE and has a textured and deep oral cavity that will milk and suck at your manhood. If you want something a little different, Callie is for you. Better call Callie!

  • Great feeling tongue
  • Customizable hair / eyes / skin tone
  • Great for beginners

  • A little on the expensive side
  • Not for those that don't like tongues
Insertable length5.9 inches

The Callie BJ Sex Doll Head #236 is a great option if you want a blowjob from a seductive Asian girl. She has customizable hair, eyes, and skin tone, yet no matter what you change, the blowjobs all feel the same; i.e., amazing! The tongue adds an extra dimension to the oral adventures, and feels great as it slides up and down the underside of your cock, even teasing your balls when you’re all the way inside. It’s a perfect option for beginners who are looking to get into the world of sex doll heads, although it’s on the slightly pricier side. It’s not expensive, but it’s definitely not the cheapest option, either.

4 Blowjob sex doll

WM Blowjob Sex Doll #162, Auburn

 WM Blowjob Sex Doll #162

  • are seeking the perfect sexual partner and companion.
  • desire a sex partner with whom you can share every kink without judgement.
  • crave the most realistic sex you can have without a human counterpart.
  • are willing to put in the work needed to care for a companion doll.
  • have always dreamed of having a sex doll.

WM Blowjob Sex Doll #162

  • cannot commit to a strict cleaning regimen.
  • have difficulty lifting weight.
  • don't have the desire to care for a life-size toy.
  • aren't prepared with storage space, a closet or bench.

Discover the enchanting allure of the WM 157 cm B-Cup Sex Doll, a masterpiece of craftsmanship sculpted to perfection. Revel in her lifelike TPE skin, captivating hazel eyes, and fiery red hair, all harmoniously blended to craft an epitome of beauty and realism. Her flexible EVO skeleton allows a realm of poses, bringing a touch of humanity to your companionship. With realistic B-cup breasts and a perfectly sculpted physique, she weighs a mere 63 pounds, ensuring effortless maneuverability. A blend of aesthetics and quality, this doll is your gateway to an unbounded realm of fantasies​.

  • Remarkable realism
  • Sturdy skeleton that moves like a human's
  • Absolutely beautiful from head to toe
  • Realistic genitals with lifelike texture
  • Usable mouth that creates suction
  • Silky, smooth, skin you'll want to caress.

  • Heavy, dead weight, so may be difficult for some to move.
  • The hair wasn't curly as in photos
  • Joints are stiff and take some getting used to
  • Caring for TPE can be tedious.
  • Skin and sex openings must be cleaned regularly.
  • Can be difficult to store.
WM Blowjob Sex Doll #162
Weight63 lbs
FlexibilityHuman-like skeleton
Height5 foot 2 inches

I find the WM 157 cm B-Cup Sex Doll to be an exquisite full-size doll that stands out in the market. The realistic features and the EVO skeleton make her not just a doll, but a companion that’s easy to interact with. I was particularly impressed with the added functionality of oral orifices, providing a more extensive array of fantasies to be explored. This feature, alongside the quality build of the doll, sets a high standard in the realm of full-sized dolls. My experience with her was beyond satisfactory, making the investment worthwhile as it caters to various desires, adding a layer of realism that is unmatched.

5 Budget option

La Bocca Della Verita Realistic Stroker

 La Bocca Della Verita Stroker

  • Want a mini blowjob sex doll
  • Don’t have a lot of storage space
  • Have a smaller budget

La Bocca Della Verita Stroker

  • Want the most realistic doll around
  • Prefer full-sized toys
  • Want something automatic

Next up is something a bit more compact, the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Stroker! Offering five inches of internal length paired with a canal diameter of 1.5 inches, this handheld blowjob sex doll makes it possible to enjoy a good BJ at home and on the go. Although the exterior of this oral sex doll isn’t the most realistic design around, it’s the internal design that’s sure to convince you this tiny sex toy is worth the money. Rather than a simple tunnel, the entrance of this toy features lips, a tongue, a rippled palate, and an uvula. This gives you the most realistic experience possible, thanks to the overall anatomical accuracy. On a budget but still want a top-tier experience? Then you simply can’t go wrong with the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Stroker!

  • Cheaper than alternative options
  • Realistic design
  • Feels accurate
  • Waterproof

  • Only 5” of internal length
  • Weird looking exterior
La Bocca Della Verita Stroker
MaterialsSoft Plastic
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter (internal)1.5 inches
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free

The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Stroker ended up earning the title of “Cheapest” on this list of real doll blowjob sex toys. Honestly, it is, especially once you consider that some of the alternatives cost in to the thousands of dollars! Still, as a stroker toy, this blowjob head doll is somewhat pricey. You can expect to pay around $80 for a Fleshlight though, so I’d say it’s still competitively priced. My favorite part about this toy is definitely the inside. The entire mouth is extremely realistic, which is great since it makes the toy feel nearly identical to a real blowjob. My least favorite part is the exterior. Not only does it look somewhat creepy (which is partly due to the lack of eyes), but it also doesn’t provide any protection to the toy itself. This, in my opinion, is a major downside. All things considered though, I’d say the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita Stroker is a great option. If you’re working with a smaller budget, want something portable, and value performance over exterior design then this is surely a toy worth adding to your toy box!

6 Automatic

Autoblow AI+ Blowjob Mouth Machine

 Autoblow AI+

  • Want an auto blowjob sex doll
  • Don’t like rechargeable toys
  • Enjoy variety

Autoblow AI+

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Don’t care about the AI feature
  • Have thin walls

Want something a bit more advanced? Well, the Autoblow AI is a unique blowjob doll toy that puts automatic blowjobs right into your hands! Powered via a wall outlet, this high-powered oral sexdoll is controlled via buttons on the device or wirelessly over wifi. The toy has a small variety of blowjob modes built into the toy, but these can be replaced by the AI mode if you want something a bit less predictable. Able to sync with interactive content, use multiple sleeves, and run for hours using wall power, the Autoblow AI is the perfect toy for those with a seemingly never-ending sex drive!

  • AI feature can be used offline
  • Relatively simple to operate
  • Removable sleeves
  • Isn’t limited by battery life

  • Interactive features require wifi
  • Somewhat bulky
  • Loud
Autoblow AI+
Thrust Modes10 patterns, can be updated
Height10 inches
Width5 inches
Weight3 lbs
AdjustableYes, the penis gripper can be adjusted with a phillips screwdriver
Materials100% silicone sleeves, Body: ABS Plastic
RechargeableNo, Mains-Powered
Remote ControlsYes, Web App

I chose the Autoblow AI as my “Auto” pick for a reason. Yes, the toy can be a bit complicated when using the more advanced features, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily control the toy using the integrated buttons, meaning even the most technologically challenged will be able to start using this toy right away with ease. More advanced features are offered for users who can take advantage of them, such as AI mode, downloadable blowjobs, and voice control. With so many options to choose from, the Autoblow AI ensures you’ll never be lacking options. Interestingly, Autoblow has chosen to go with a wall-powered design, rather than using the internal battery design often found in competing products. This, of course, somewhat limits how you can use the toy, but I think that a never-ending power supply is much better than having a toy that runs out of juice mid-session. Priced at around $200, it’s not the cheapest option around, but I think it definitely gives you great value for your money. If you’re after a blowjob sex doll that will keep you coming back for more again and again then I’d say the Autoblow AI is definitely an option you should look into!

7 Deep Throat

M12# Full Silicon F-CUP Deep Throating Sex Doll

 M12# Full Silicon

  • Want a lifelike blowjob head doll
  • Love larger breasts
  • Prefer silicone dolls

M12# Full Silicon

  • Have a smaller budget
  • Struggle to move around 90 lbs.
  • Prefer smaller breasts

Another great real doll blowjob model is the M12# Full Silicon F-CUP. If you love large breasts and cute faces, chances are, this will definitely be a doll you’ll want to check out. Unlike many alternative options, this particular doll is made of silicone. This is perfect, as it means the doll will be easier to clean and should last longer with proper care. By default, the doll comes with a cute-looking fairly realistic face. However, there are plenty of alternative options to choose from if you decide you’d like something else instead. Like most sex dolls, the M12# Full Silicon F-CUP can be heavily customized to your liking. So long as you love large breasts and don’t mind paying a bit more for a premium experience, you might want to consider the M12# Full Silicon F-CUP for your wish list!

  • Plenty of head options
  • Customization offered
  • Semi-realistic face
  • F-cup breasts

  • Expensive
  • Only two skin tone options
  • Most upgrades cost extra
M12# Full Silicon
Materials(Body) Silicone, (Skeleton) Metal
Height64.5 inches
Weight90 lbs
Insertable length(Anus) 5.9 inches, (Mouth) 5.1 inches, (Vagina) 7.1 inches
Width(Shoulders) 13 inches, (Waist) 20.9 inches, (Hips) 36.2 inches
Colors AvailableNatural, Tan

The M12# Full Silicon F-CUP ended up being my “Deep Throat” pick, and there are quite a few reasons why this blowjob doll earned that honorary title. You have three different oral features to customize: cavity, clamp sucking, and heating. The first ensures your penis will fit comfortably, while the second adds extra suction, and the third option makes the experience of using the oral sexdoll more lifelike. All of these features come together to give you my “Deep Throat” pick! Of course, that’s not the only thing this doll offers. I also liked the relatively realistic default face. Despite being F-cups, the breasts look relatively proportional, and the doll’s figure looks fairly realistic as well. Whether you want a doll you can dress up, a doll you can enjoy all different types of intercourse with, or simply want to give silicone dolls a try, the M12# Full Silicon F-CUP easily earns a recommendation from me!

8 Open Mouth Doll

Janice - Sex Doll Head Open Mouth WM #130


  • Want a mouth that's ready and open
  • Love some pig plump lips
  • Like a lifelike feeling sex doll head


  • Don't like the 'open mouth' look
  • Aren't a massive fan of oral sex

With pal skin and bright red lips, this slim and sexy stunner had a mouth that is wide open and ready to please you. There’s no messing around when it comes to the Sex Doll Head Open Mouth WM #130 (or Janice, as her friends call her) – all you need to do is whip your man meat out and slide it into her mouth. Paired with her big, plump, sexy lips, it really is an inviting opening. And of course, if you feel like you can improve her in any way, there are plenty of customizable sections.

  • Wide open mouth
  • Inviting and realistic lips
  • Looks and feels great

  • Doesn't look great
  • Not a poseable jaw
Insertable length5.9 inches

Is Janice (Sex Doll Head Open Mouth WM #130) a fun and pleasing sex doll? Yes! With her wide open mouth and big red lips, we defy anyone that owns a penis to not want to stuff it in there! Internally, she feels great, and the textures are perfectly pleasing. It’s when you don’t have your penis in there that’s the problem. She just looks a bit…gormless! With her mouth held wide open, she has the look of a surprised fish, and unfortunately, the jaw isn’t poseable, so you can’t close it. Still, these reservations are only aesthetic, and for a sex doll head, she’s pleasing and undeniably feels great!

9 Torso

Emilie Deep Throat Torso Sex Doll

 Emilie Torso Sex Doll

  • Prefer life-sized toys
  • Want to customize your doll
  • Prefer silicone heads

Emilie Torso Sex Doll

  • Want a silicone body
  • Prefer full sex dolls
  • Don’t have a lot of storage space

Sometimes you want the full-size blowjob sex doll experience but you don’t have the budget (or the space). In either case, the Emilie Deep Throat Torso Sex Doll presents a unique solution. This oral sex doll gives you a head, a torso, and arms. The only catch? She has partial legs, which helps make her a bit smaller while also reducing her overall weight. Whether or not this particular design is attractive really depends on personal preference. Still, if you’re lacking in space, it could be just what you need! Lifelike in design and able to be heavily customized to your liking, the Emilie Deep Throat Torso Sex Doll is the perfect pick for people with limited space.

  • Silicone head
  • Lightweight at 55 lbs
  • Has customization options
  • Cheaper than full-sized dolls

  • TPE body
  • Only has partial legs
  • Pricey
Emilie Torso Sex Doll
Materials(Head) Silicone, (Body) TPE, (Skeleton) Metal
Height37.2 inches
Weight55 lbs
Insertable length(Anus) 5.5 inches, (Mouth) 6.7 inches, (Vagina) 6.3 inches
Width(Shoulders) 12.6 inches, (Waist) 22 inches, (Hips) 32.7 inches
Colors AvailableNatural, White, Pink, Wheat, Tan, Bronze, Black

The Emilie Deep Throat Torso Sex Doll is my “Torso” pick, since—essentially—this real doll blowjob toy is mainly a torso. However, I really like how you also get arms with this doll, as it makes it feel much more realistic than having a doll with four stumps. Not having complete legs manages to get the total doll weight under 60 pounds, which is great for people who struggle to move heavier items. Despite not having legs, you’ll still be able to pose this blowjob head doll quite easily, giving you an experience that’s nearly identical to the full-size doll experience. You don’t have quite as many head options with this doll, but you do get seven skin tones to choose from. As usual, there are plenty of ways to customize your doll if desired. While I don’t think that the unique design of this doll will appeal to everyone, I’d still recommend the Emilie Deep Throat Torso Sex Doll overall. Whether you want to save on space, money, or both, this doll is a top-tier pick.


Sex Doll Head #56 v4

 Sex Doll Head #56

  • Enjoy a cute and innocent looking sex doll head
  • Like sex doll heads you can use for oral sex
  • Want customizable mouth opening options

Sex Doll Head #56

  • Are happy with a sex doll head with no opening
  • Aren't a fan of uncanny looking sex doll heads

If ab innocent yet sexy-looking lady is the thing that gets you going, then the Sex Doll Head #56 v4 is going to blow your mind. As well as your cock! With long dark hair and a gentle complexion, this sex doll head will melt your heart and stiffen your manhood. Made of a lifelike TPE, she has many customizable features, should you feel the need to improve her. Simply attach the head to your sex doll body, slide on in, and have fun!

  • Innocent looking
  • Great feeling TPE
  • Not overly expensive

  • No additional tongue
  • Useless if you don't have a sex doll body
Sex Doll Head #56
Insertable length5.1 inches

Like many other sex doll heads in this review, the Sex Doll Head #56 v4 has a lot going for it. Looks wise she is amazing and has a gentle yet definitely arousing look to her, and despite not being the cheapest sex doll head around, she’s sure to please. If her basic default look isn’t quite what you need, you can always alter her hair, eyes, lips, and (most importantly) her mouth to create something that you can’t resist. The oral cavity isn’t the deepest and doesn’t feature a protruding tongue, but it still feels nice enough to get the job done!


DS Doll Head Kathy

 Doll Head Kathy

  • Like a sex doll head with a mouth that's wide open
  • Want to have several customization options
  • Want a sex doll head that is a little more premium

Doll Head Kathy

  • Are on a budget and want something cheaper
  • Want to be able to close her mouth

The DS Doll Head Kathy is a sex doll head with a mouth that is wide open and begging for your loving! She looks and feels gorgeous, and as a more premium sex doll head than the others on this list, she has extra sexy features and feelings. Her inner canal is ridged and textured to ensure that you get the most out of her, and the stretchy TPE allows you to push your cock in as deep as possible. And of course, she is customizable! When you’re paying so much for a premium toy, you want to be sure that you get something that will keep you hard all night long!

  • Open and ready mouth
  • Nice customization options
  • A premium sex doll head

  • Very expensive
  • Mouth doesn't stay closed
Doll Head Kathy

The DS Doll Head Kathy is another sex doll head that has a mouth that is wide open and ready for all the naughty adventures you can throw at her. Her oral cavity is stretchy and accommodating, and the textures inside are second to none and will milk every last drop from you. Here’s the big catch, though – the DS Doll Head Kathy is very expensive! In fact, she’s over half of what it would cost to buy some full-bodied sex dolls! And to be fair, she’s good…but she’s not that good! If you can afford to buy her, then fair enough, but if you’re on a budget and are looking for a more affordable option, then you should definitely look elsewhere.


RIDMII Petra Moving Head Auto-Blowjob Sex Doll

 Petra Auto-Blowjob Sex Doll

  • Want an automatic blowjob head doll
  • Have a $1k budget
  • Prefer life-sized toys

Petra Auto-Blowjob Sex Doll

  • Want the most realistic-looking face
  • Don’t care about automatic features
  • Need something compact

The next option I have for you is the RIDMII Petra Moving Head Sex Doll. This full-sized sex doll gives you automatic blowjobs by moving its torso back and forth to get the job done. Complete with larger, oversized breasts and straight black hair, this real doll blowjob toy is great for those who want to enjoy a more interactive experience with their toys. Despite being a larger and more capable doll, the RIDMII Petra Moving Head Sex Doll is still easy to care for, requiring very little aftercare to keep it in tip-top shape. Tired of having to manually get the job done with some tiny toy? Then the answer is clear: upgrade to the RIDMII Petra Moving Head Sex Doll!

  • Auto-blow feature
  • Full-body design
  • Relatively easy to maintain

  • Face could look more realistic
Petra Auto-Blowjob Sex Doll
Thrust ModesVarious

If you’re after a blowjob sex doll that puts its entire back into it, the RIDMII Petra Moving Head Sex Doll is hard to beat. This “Auto Blowjob” toy does a great job at providing “service”, which is helped a lot by the overall exterior detailing of the doll. That said, having the entire torso of the doll might not be preferred for everyone. Whether or not you should get this doll really depends on that. If you’re after suction alone then an alternative model might suit your needs better. Still, this oral sex doll does provide an extra level of stimulation—both physically and visually—at a relatively competitive price. It’s also worth mentioning that the doll is fairly easy to take care of, which I personally appreciate a lot. Overall, if you like the full-torso approach to blowjobs then the RIDMII Petra Moving Head Sex Doll is probably worth considering.


RIDMII Miranda Plus Blowjob Sex Doll

 Miranda Blowjob Sex Doll

  • Want an auto blowjob sex doll
  • Don’t really care about customization
  • Need something that can stand

Miranda Blowjob Sex Doll

  • Don’t have a lot of space
  • Need something budget-friendly
  • Want to customize your doll

If the full-torso approach to blowjobs isn’t quite what you were looking for then the RIDMII Miranda Plus Blowjob Sex Doll might be closer to what you were looking for. Offering oral auto-sucking and oral heating, this blowjob doll offers a much more traditional experience for only a little bit more cash. Visually, the doll looks amazing, coming complete with mid-length hair, full lips, and large breasts. You can easily pose the doll, making it possible to enjoy the oral sexdoll in any position you’d like. Just want a nice-looking doll? You can save a bit of cash by opting out of the autosucking and oral heating features. Ultimately, the RIDMII Miranda Plus Blowjob Sex Doll is a great all-around doll. Whether you’re looking to automate the entire experience or just want something simple, you can’t go wrong with this pick!

  • Offers autosucking and oral heating
  • Silicone blowjob head
  • Lifelike face
  • Standing feet

  • Made of porous TPE
  • Pricey
Miranda Blowjob Sex Doll
Materials(Head) Silicone, (Body) TPE
OpeningsMouth, Anus, Vagina

Personally, I like the RIDMII Miranda Plus Blowjob Sex Doll a bit more than the previous option. Ultimately, this comes down to looks, as I feel this doll looks much more realistic (at least, in terms of the facial design). I like how you can opt in or out of the features on this blowjob doll, as some people might prefer to manually guide their doll through the experience instead. This is a great way to save money on features you won’t actually use. The head is made of silicone, which is excellent from a body-safety standpoint. The body is made from TPE, which isn’t ideal, but still maintains a high level of quality overall. Reasonably priced and highly capable, the RIDMII Miranda Plus Blowjob Sex Doll gets two thumbs up from me!

Prefer Something a Bit More Subtle?

Okay, we get it – sex doll heads aren’t the most subtle of sex toys. Especially if they’re attached to a full-sized sex doll! So what about something smaller and more subtle? Luckily for you, there are plenty of smaller hand-held masturbators out there that you can enjoy! SO let’s take a look through a few of the best!

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Stamina Training Unit - Prefer Something a Bit More Subtle?
Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Stamina Training Unit is an almost pocket-sized sex toy that has options: whether you want to slide your penis into a mouth or you’d prefer to use a butt, it has two ends to accommodate your needs. That’s right – it’s a double ended fleshlight! The internal nodes aim to give you a realistic sensation, and it is easy and simple to use if you want to enjoy a quick session!

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita - Prefer Something a Bit More Subtle?
The Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita allows you to have an incredibly realistic and oh-so-stimulating blowjob. Behind those kissable lips are naturalistic throat ridges that will squeeze at you, a flexible tongue that will flick and stroke at you, and even a set of smooth teeth that will gently grind along your shaft. With a soft nose and defined lips, the Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita truly is one of the most erotic and arousing blowjob simulators that money can buy!

Hot Chocolate Heather masturbator

Hot Chocolate Heather masturbator - Prefer Something a Bit More Subtle?
With soft and supple lips to die for, the Hot Chocolate Heather masturbator is here to blow you away. With an insertable bullet vibrator and intense internal ridges, she’s sure to please. Stretchy, and made of a fine feeling TPE, she will be able to accommodate cocks of all shapes and sizes within her lusciously lovely lips! She’s quiet, she’s inexpensive, and she’s sure to please! What more do you want?!

What Extra Features Should You Add to Your Blowjob Sex Doll?

The base model of a real doll blowjob toy will feel great, but paying for extra features can help you take things to the next level. Of course, these upgrades cost money, so you should probably look into the available options before deciding which ones to pay for. Options vary from doll to doll, but here are some of the most common options you’ll see:
  • Moveable jaw – This feature allows the doll to open/close its mouth, allowing you to enjoy different levels of friction against your shaft. You can also use the jaw to help pose your doll!
  • Textured canal – This add-on gives an extra stimulating embrace once you insert yourself inside of the doll’s mouth.
  • Extra tongue/teeth – Some dolls don’t even have a tongue (or teeth, for that matter!). Adding these things will make the entire experience seem—and feel—a lot more lifelike.
  • Warming – Normally, the doll would warm up from your body heat. However, with the warming feature, the doll will already be warmed up before you start using it!
  • Deep throat – This feature simply allows you to fit your entire shaft inside of the doll, rather than being limited by the sub-five-inch canals offered in most doll mouths.
  • Suction – As the name implies, this feature gives you more suction, making the blowjob feel like it’s coming from a real person.

Pouting Beauties

“Pouting Beauties” is a charming nickname bestowed upon blowjob sex dolls, highlighting their alluring and expressive beauty, especially their inviting pout lips tailored for an enhanced oral experience. These dolls are meticulously designed to cater to oral fantasies, offering a level of affection and realism that is sure to tantalize. The captivating pout of these dolls not only beckons for a gentle kiss but promises an enthralling journey into the realms of oral pleasure. With the option of customization and a robust collection to choose from, one can easily find the perfect pouting beauty to fulfill their desires.

Adding a tongue

Adding a tongue to your sex doll can enhance the realism and overall oral experience. The option of a sex doll tongue, priced at $29, offers a more immersive experience, especially during oral engagements. You can also find an entire oral sex doll tongue and teeth kit for around $160. However, it’s essential to note that the tongue needs to be purchased alongside the sex doll, as stock dolls shipped to overseas warehouses cannot be retrofitted with accessories post-purchase​​. This additional feature underscores the level of customization available in the modern-day sex doll market, allowing for a more personalized and satisfying user experience.

How to use sex doll heads

So you buy a sex doll head, it arrives, and…what now?!?! It’s kind of a strange thing when you think about it! Well, don’t worry – we’re here to talk you through using your sex doll heads, and we’ll explain how you can get the most out of them.

Attach the head to the body!

Attach the head to the body!

If you’ve bought a sex doll head, there’s a good chance you’ve got a sex doll too! So remove the old head (if possible) and attach the new head firmly into place. It will give your sex doll a brand-new look, and change your experience for the better!

Choose the correct type of lube!

Choose the correct type of lube!

There are many different types of lube out there, and if you want to have fun with your sex doll head, then you need to choose the best one for you! Water-based lubrication is always the lube that we recommend for a whole range of reasons, including the fact that it won’t cause any damage to you OR your sex doll head!

Make sure everything is lubricated!

Make sure everything is lubricated!

You’re going to want to make sure that everything is lubed up and slippy before you get stuck in! Properly lubricating your sex doll head ensures that there’s no unexpected and painful friction that might make things uncomfortable. Apply lube to both the mouth AND your cock to keep things sliding smoothly!

Have plenty of fun!

Have plenty of fun!

Now you’re all lubed up you can get down to the business of having fun with your sex doll head. Make sure you try all kinds of positions and speeds to find something that really rings your bell! Feel free to experiment and try new things!

How to clean sex doll heads

Having fun with your sex doll heads is all well and good, but what about when the fun's over? What next? You're going to want to clean things up! But how do you do that? Well, it's simple really, and all you need are a few easy-to-buy and inexpensive materials, warm water, and sex toy cleaner! We've even got a few handy resources to help make cleaning your sex doll heads even easier!


The best oral sex dolls in the market can vary based on individual preferences and budget. Popular brands known for quality and realism include WM Dolls, RealDoll, and LoveDoll. These brands often offer customizable features, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Well, it depends on a few different factors, including how well the doll is taken care of and how often you use it. Generally, you can expect a TPE doll to last from two to five years at a minimum. However, silicone dolls can last much longer, often with lifespans exceeding a decade.

The realism in oral sex dolls is achieved through the use of high-quality materials like silicone or TPE, which give a lifelike feel. Higher-end models may have more detailed oral cavities and customizable tongues, enhancing the realism.

Many retailers offer customization options for the mouth and tongue of oral sex dolls. This could include different tongue shapes, removable tongues, or varying depths of the oral cavity to cater to individual preferences.

Definitely silicone. TPE is great because it tends to feel more real to the touch, but it’s also porous, which means it can harbor harmful bacteria. Silicone, on the other hand, still feels realistic but won’t harbor bacteria as it’s non-porous.

Oral sex dolls are typically made from silicone or Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) which are known for their soft, stretchy, and lifelike feel. These materials are also hypoallergenic and easy to clean, promoting better hygiene.

Reputable retailers include SexyRealSexDoll, JoyLoveDolls, Siliconewives, and SexDollGenie. These sell the best sex dolls for blow job with the best feeling oral orifices.

Hygiene is crucial when using oral sex dolls. Proper cleaning before and after use with mild soap and water or specialized sex toy cleaners is necessary. It's also advisable to use protection to maintain hygiene.

Cleaning an oral sex doll requires mild soap and water or a specialized cleaner. For maintenance, renewal powders can help keep the material soft. Following the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance guidelines is crucial for longevity.

You most certainly can! In fact, many people use dolls as a way to enjoy the excitement of a “threesome” without having to deal with the real-world complications that bringing in a third partner can actually have.

Deals and discounts can be found during sales events like Black Friday or directly on the retailer’s website. Some retailers offer discounts for first-time buyers or for signing up to their newsletter.

The standard policy is that there are no returns on any sex dolls, custom solution or not. Hwoever, shipping and return policies can vary significantly among different retailers. It's essential to read through these policies on the retailer's website to understand the delivery time, shipping cost, and the return or exchange procedures.

What are sex doll heads?

Sex doll heads are just that: the heads of sex dolls! When you buy a sex doll, they often have interchangeable heads. This allows you to have different experiences, and it gives you the option of mixing things up from time to time. You can get sex doll heads in all kinds of colors and styles, with all kinds of hair, makeup, and looks, it's just a case of choosing one that's perfect for you and your naughty needs!

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