Lovense Gush – Test & Review

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
May 19, 2023


Katarzyna Halinowska
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: We-Vibe Nova 2 – Test & Review

  • are looking for a male vibrator that offers a lot of versatility
  • want a sex toy that can be used solo and by couples
  • want an app-enabled sex toy
  • are looking for a vibrating masturbation sleeve with an open tip

  • you enjoy rumbly vibrations
  • like realistic masturbation sleeves
  • are looking for a quiet toy


Lovense Gush is an app-enabled glans massager with powerful features! Its soft silicone material with extra textures on the inner sleeve nicely spreads the vibrations around the whole shaft, giving more sensual and exciting solo time. The compact size and flexible design make the toy super-comfortable to use. And the open-sleeve design with a firmer top allows for spicy couples' play, where you can explore all kinds of grinding, oral sex, and new, more buzzy handjobs!

Lovense Gush  -

Sometimes I wish I were able to test all kinds of sex toys to understand the sensations fully, but as a vulva owner, I can only experience male sex toys from the perspective of my partner. Therefore, here is our review of the Lovense Gush:

Oh My Gush:

  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that a male vibrator could bring so much fun to our bedroom! When I first opened the box, the Gush looked like a simple sleeve masturbator, but clearly, I was wrong. This toy is so versatile that even after a while of using it, I still feel like there are more ways that we can explore it. We first used it for hand stroking, which was fun and exciting! The silicone material is smooth and squishy, and the addition of elastic bands made the Gush slightly tighter, and everything was kept in one place. I wouldn’t say it made the Gush a wearable vibrator, but it stayed on the penis while my partner wanted to move around and use his hands to please me instead! The only problem I’ve encountered was the elastic bands that were sliding off the toy whenever we applied lube. I wouldn’t say it was a very big deal, but it was quite annoying. We’ve also tried it as an addition to oral sex and for grinding action, and both times, we really enjoyed the sensations it gave us! Everything about this toy was easy, from placing it around the penis to using the Lovense app; everything was intuitive and comfortable!

Nobody’s perfect

Even though I had a lot of fun using the toy, a few things were not ideal. I already mentioned the elastic bands that were not reliable and a bit annoying, but I also didn’t really enjoy the vibrations during grinding. The higher settings are quite buzzy and loud, which made me understand the mixed reviews on other websites.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I think the Lovense Gush is a really interesting toy that can excite solo sessions and a couple’s action. The design of the Gush is very comfortable to put on and wear, and the open design with flexible wings will fit the majority of penises. I wouldn’t say that the Gush is the most powerful vibrator I’ve used, but it’s definitely powerful enough to provide a strong orgasm for both users! I appreciate the Gush’s versatility and hands-free option, making the couple’s experience more natural and free. I also like its neutral, elegant design because many male sex toys look either realistic or very masculine and bulky, which doesn’t appeal to me, but the Gush fits my sex toy aesthetics!

Lovense Gush  -

The Lovense Gush is a uniquely designed male massager with many fun features! Its design offers a lot of versatility during both solo and couples' play. It can be used as a great vibrating feature during masturbation or handjobs, and the open tip makes it an exciting addition to oral sex. And the firm top is a really fun addition for grinding on your partner during foreplay! Its compact size, bracelet-like design and flexible, but firm wings will comfortably adjust to most penises. The additional ridges on the inner sleeve add extra sensations during thrusting, and the additional elastic bands can be placed over the Gush for extra tightness and hands-free fun.

Lovense Gush  -

The Lovense Gush features a simple one-button operating system that controls the speed and patterns of vibrations. The wings of the Gush are flexible and easy to adjust, and you can add extra tightness by using added elastic bands. I think the bands are a useful addition; however, I wish there was a different adjustment feature because these bands often slid off when we were using the Gush with lube. I also encountered no issues while using the Lovense app; everything worked smoothly without interruptions.

Lovense Gush  -

Lovense is known for making high-quality products, so the Gush is a really well-made sex toy! The silicone is smooth and squishy, and the added textures add nice and pleasurable sensations to the whole shaft. The vibrations are quite strong and very pleasurable; however, they are on the buzzier side. Overall, I found this massager's quality good, but I wish some things were improved.

Lovense Gush  - <

Lovense sex toys don’t belong to the cheapest on the market, but they are worth the price! The Gush is a uniquely designed penis massager that gave me and partner a lot of fun. It’s not just a regular stroker but a very versatile toy! What puts the Lovense Gush on the high-end price is the high-quality materials, powerful motor, and long-distance app control. In my opinion, if you combine all the features of the Gush, the price is fair!

Lovense Gush  -

The Lovense Gush gave us a lot of pleasure and brought a fun-explorative factor to our bedroom. The vibrations were strong - quite buzzy but still very pleasant. I wouldn’t say this is the most discreet toy because the higher vibrations setting can be quite loud, but not as loud to alert your roommates. I also enjoyed playing the Lovense app and creating my vibration patterns. This was perfect for foreplay and building up the sensations to more powerful orgasms!

Lovense Gush  -

The Lovense Gush came in typical Lovense packaging - a simple plain white box with a minimalistic design. I wouldn’t call this type of packaging luxurious, but it is simple and pretty enough to become a nice gift for your partner. The Gush came with a magnetic charger, manual guide, and a simple black satin bag for storage, which is a standard setup for many high-end sex toys.

Lovense Gush  -

This penis vibrator is made of smooth and delicate silicone that is gentle on the skin, and in combination with lube, the sensations feel amazing! The silicone is also body-safe, non-porous, and very easy to clean. Washing this toy took me only a few seconds, and it was ready to go again. Just make sure to pay extra attention to the internal textures, and don’t forget to clean the elastic bands as well.

MaterialsSilicone, ABS Plastic
Remote ControlsLovense App
Vibration modesUnlimited with the app
Battery Life115 minutes
Charging Time65 minutes
Length3.4 inches
Width2 inches
Diameter (internal)1.25 inches
FasteningElastic Bands
FlexibilityFlexible wings
Colors AvailableGreen
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Lovense Gush  -

Lovense App is known to be intuitive and unproblematic. I’ve never had any issues using this app with any other Lovense sex toys, and also, in this case, the app performed like a dream! The mobile app offers many different features, specifically for creating more customizable and exciting vibration patterns, but most importantly, you can use it for close and long-distance playtime! If you like app-enabled sex toys, the Lovense definitely deserves your attention.

  • Versatile use
  • Powerful stimulation
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used by couples
  • App-enabled

  • Buzzy vibrations
  • The elastic bands are slipping off
  • Pricey

My partner and I both really enjoyed our experience with Lovense Gush. It’s a high-quality male vibrator made to bring a lot of fun for everyone! Made from soft and squishy silicone, this vibrator feels great against the skin, and its compact size fits perfectly into the palm. The vibrations are strong, bringing deep and pleasurable stimulation to both partners. I can honestly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun addition to the bedroom because it offers a lot of versatility. However, remember that the stroker is an addition to your regular pleasure time, but not this type of toy will do all the thrusting job for you!

Lovense Gush is a glans massager designed to bring a blissful sensation to the penis. It’s basically an extension to regular jerking off, but the Lovense Gush design also welcomes couples to play. Thanks to its versatility and open-sleeve design, there are many different ways for couples to add a lot of excitement during foreplay, handjobs, and oral sex!

Cleaning the Lovense Gush is pretty simple since it’s made of silicone. You only need warm water, mild soap, or a sex toy cleaner and a few gentle rubs. Once it’s all clean, let it air dry and store it safely away from the sunlight.

The Lovense Gush is made of silicone, so I recommend using a water-based lubricant because it’s the only type that won’t damage the material.