Lovehoney Floral Fantasy — Test & Review

   Joseph Mohrmann
May 1, 2024

Joseph Mohrmann

  • enjoy clitoral stimulators
  • enjoy vibrating dildos
  • like having a versatile toy
  • like using toys in the bath

  • want a quiet toy
  • want a toy that can stimulate your clitoris and G-spot at the same time
  • if you don't want to have to spend a lot of time cleaning your toy


The Lovehoney's Floral Fantasy Rose is a combination of a clitoral sucker and a vibrating G-spot dildo. It's a very aesthetic toy, the rose-shaped head complete with "petals" surrounding the sucking head, and the "stem" coming out of the bottom. It's made of soft red silicone and is fully waterproof, so you can easily use it in the shower. Unfortunately, while the user manual may imply otherwise, you can't use the head and the G-spot vibrator at the same time.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

The Lovense Floral Fantasy is very fun to use, but is not at all a quiet toy. My first impression was me questioning if the rose design was just for aesthetic, or if it had another purpose. Some people say that the petal design is helpful for keeping your labia out of the way while you use it, but I didn’t feel like I got any kind of benefit from that when I used it. Kind of the opposite, in fact. When I tried to use it during penetrative sex with my partner, I had a hard time lining it up since I kept mistaking the petals for the suction-y center, and ended up just using the stem as vibrator instead. When used correctly, the head does do an amazing job at what it’s made for. It feels very much like a real person. The toy manual specifically says to get it lubed up before use, and once it’s wet it gets loud. I was using it solo to feel it out and wasn’t expecting the jump in volume, so I had to scramble to get my blankets and a pillow over it before I felt I could use it without alerting my entire apartment to what I was doing.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

The Lovehoney Floral Fantasy Rose does have a nice aesthetic and looks quite pleasing on display. The petals around the head are a bit cumbersome to me personally, and I don't really think they add anything functional to the toy other than for appearances, while the stem is a very simple vibrator that is a bit bigger at the bottom with very subtle ribbing. The stem also bends, so you can get it pressed right up to your G spot without any struggle. It certainly comes off as a nice toy, which is what I would expect for the price point, but with the added difficulty in cleaning I don't know if it's worth it.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

The Floral Fantasy Rose is easy to use, with two different power buttons for each end of the toy. For both of them you must hold down on it to get it started, then press it once to cycle through the different levels and patterns. You can run both ends of it at once, which I thought would make it fun to switch the ends I was using, but I noticed quickly that if the end I'm holding is vibrating it starts to make my hands go numb. I have a feeling is was aggravating my carpal tunnel. The rose head makes a nice grip if you're using the dildo end, and the dildo end makes a nice grip if you're using the sucking end, but with how slippery is quickly gets with use, I found it difficult to switch back and forth while I was using it.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

I wanted to give the Floral Fantasy Rose a higher quality rating. It's suction is amazing, the battery lasts, and it's fully waterproof, but I just couldn't get past the noise. Starting out it's not very loud, but once it gets wet and the seal around whatever it's sucking gets broken, it's almost comical how loud it becomes. And while that may not be a deal breaker for most, as someone with housemates I found it really hard to deal with. I also noticed that the charger for the toy is a magnetic type, which seems to be favored by manufacturers today, doesn't have the strongest connection when charging the toy. I had to make sure it wasn't bumped while being charged or else it disconnected.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy - <

Lovehoney's entire Rose line is pretty middle of the road cost-wise as far as sex toys go, and the Floral Fantasy Rose is no exception. While it's not a cheap toy, you do get good quality for what you pay for. Many of the suction vibrators on the market aren't much cheaper than the Floral Fantasy, and most of the dual suction-dildo vibrators up to twice as much. However, there are no extra goodies in the box. It comes with exactly what you need; the toy, the charger, and the manual. Don't expect a sticker sheet or even a bag with this one, folks.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

I can't deny how good the head of the Floral Fantasy Rose is. It lives up to the hype, and is definitely the best sucker I've tried so far. However, the G-spot vibrator is pretty lackluster. I enjoyed using all parts of it, but the "stem" is either too short or too flexible to give good G-spot contact. If you're looking for something that you can really grind down on, I'd look for something that has a more fixed curve. As for the vibrations, I can't complain. It has plenty of different patterns, 19 in total, and they can get pretty strong. And other than the connection with the charger being a little loose, it charged up fast and kept it's charge for for a good while. My biggest complaint, as I will say again, will be the noise.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

The packaging for Lovehoney's Floral Fantasy is very simplistic, and doesn't waste any time trying to hype up the product by being flashy. Just a purple paperboard box with the name and a drawn image of the toy on the front, and some product information on the sides. I feel like they should've either put an actual photo of the toy on the front or made it see-through plastic so you could actually see the toy, and the drawing is pretty flat and doesn't really do it justice.

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

The Floral Fantasy is a bit on the heavier side and made of a pretty red silicone, which makes it feel more expensive than it actually is. It's pretty easy to clean since it's fully waterproof, and the center bit on the sucker pops out to easily clean the inside, but the grooves of the petals proved to be very frustrating. I like to use warm water and a gentle castile soap to wash my toys, and after the first wash and air-dry I thought I had done it in one go. Wrong. I had to break out a cleaning brush (a retired makeup brush with soft bristles) to go back over and really scrub those rose details before it got actually clean. The toy also doesn't come with a storage bag, so I would recommend either getting one for it or storing it somewhere that the silicone won't attract endless dust and pet hair, like mine immediately did.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns6
Clitoral suction6 speeds & 4 patterns modes
Battery Life55 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableRed

Lovehoney Floral Fantasy -

  • Strong suction
  • Dual purpose
  • Aesthetic/Pretty
  • Multiple settings
  • Waterproof

  • Loud
  • The "petals" are clunky
  • G-spot vibrator doesn't really hit the G-spot
  • Difficult to clean

What can I say about the Lovehoney Floral Fantasy Rose? There is so much potential in it, and it works (mostly) as intended, but does fall short of what it wants to be. The sucking head of the rose does an amazing job, and the g-spot vibrator is a great toy on it's own. But combining them as one toy has resulted in something a bit awkward to use.

Unfortunately I cannot find a user manual online, so I will be paraphrasing the paper manual I received in the box. You will want to use plenty of water-based lube before starting. To use the air suction end of the toy you must first turn it on by holding the upper power button, then spread your labia to expose your clitoris and enclose it in the stimulating head using a light pressure to keep a light seal. You may press the power button to change the speed and pattern of the toy. The handle doubles as a posable G-spot vibrator. Turn it on by holding down the lower power button, then gently insert it into the vagina, bending it to find the perfect angle for focused massage. You may press the power button to change the speed and power of the toy.

No. Contrary to how the manual is worded and what many people expect from the toy, it is not long enough to use the vibrator and the suction ends at the same time.

Yes! While it's intended mainly for solo play, it's a great addition to fun with a partner. If both partners have vaginas, it can be flipped either way for both partners to enjoy. I don't think it has anything to offer people with penises that a normal vibrator couldn't, however.

I'd say it's a very beginner-friendly toy, with the caveat that if you have any nerve issues I wouldn't recommend it. Even with my fairly minor carpal tunnel, holding the stem/vibrator end while it was on started to make my hand numb. And if you have anything that would make constantly holding the toy to your clitoris difficult, I would not recommend.

Use warm water and a milk soap or toy cleaner. I like using an unscented castile soap. I would recommend using a soft brush or something similar for the petals (I used a retired makeup brush), since just using your hands will not clean out the crevices.