Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV — Test & Review

   Moe Lawn
Oct 27, 2023

Moe Lawn
: 40s
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Like tight, firm stimulation.
  • Are looking for a stroker that has a connected feel when used with a partner.
  • Want something to use both hands-free or manually.
  • Wanting a toy to get you done quickly.

  • Are exceptionally long or broad.
  • Don’t like vibration or it’s numbing to you.
  • Live with others and your walls are thin.
  • Want the stimulation to last long and not finish quickly.


The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV is a hard-shell stroker with powerful vibration. Its tight, textured inside create pleasure with each stroke and the vibrating motors penetrate deep into your shaft for over-the-top stimulation. Its flexible sides allow the toy to be squeezed for added intensity and a more connected feel when used with a partner.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

I’m always excited to try a new toy out with my wife, and the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV really had me intrigued. Once we got it lubed up and she slid it into place, my wife was very interested in the squishy sides that bulged out as I slid in.

Squishy Sides

She began squeezing and twisting the masturbator to great effect for me. I immediately felt the difference between the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV and other hard-shelled strokers. I could feel her hands and she could make subtle adjustments to pressure, teasing me by squeezing without stroking. When she did stroke, she could put pressure in different areas making me feel more connected to her than the toy.

Vibrations and Stroking

Just when I didn’t think the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV could get any better, she turned on the vibrations. The first setting is the low, constant vibration. Even on low, the vibes penetrated well into the shaft. When she moved to the high vibration, it felt amazing. All of the vibration patterns feel great but the random pattern coupled with her stroking and squeezing was easily the best. Usually she can just pause as I reach the edge, but with the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV she had to take the whole device off. It felt too good and leaving it on, even without vibration would have pushed me right over the edge.

Vibrations Alone

Once I settled back down, she put the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV back on me, turned on vibrations, and left it in place while I worked on her. Even without stroking the vibrations were quick to push me to the edge. We’ve since tried this a few more times without her stroking first and the result is always the same. I lasted only a few minutes and the vibrations pushed me right to the edge. Even without stroking, you won’t last long against the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV‘s vibrations.

Charging Issues

The first few times I tried to charge the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV I couldn’t get it to make a solid connection. This left me with doubts about being able to keep it charged. I looked for answers online and discovered that other people have had this issue, too. What I realized is that my device shipped upside down in the charging case. This led me to believe that that’s how it charged. Completely by accident I put the controller/battery housing on the charger in order to put the sleeve on it to dry and found it made a solid magnetic connection and charged very well. This discovery was great for two reasons: There is nothing wrong with the design and you can charge the battery while you dry the sleeve!

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV is a nice looking device that doesn’t look like a sex toy. Its sleek, clear charging case is attractive and the magnetic attachment keeps the device secure when charging. The textures and vibrations hit all the right spots making it hard to last long with this toy. I do wish the sleeve was a bit longer, though.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV is very easy to use. It’s as simple as lubing it up and sliding it on. A single button to control the vibration is located right at the top of the toy. The vibrations are strong enough that you don’t have to move the toy at all to enjoy its sensations.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV feels very solid. Its weight and feel reminds me of expensive electronic equipment. The inside seems robust and gives the impression of high quality. The motors are powerful, and the base and charging case are very nice looking, too.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV - <

It is tough to say whether the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV Is worth its $230 price tag. While the toy is high-quality and the stimulation is amazing, that is a lot to drop on a stroker. For the money, though, I would recommend this over any of the mechanical stroking machines that I have tried. The texture, tightness, and vibration of the Flip Zero Gravity EV outperforms toys like the Autoblow AI and Kiiroo Onyx+.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

Performance is where the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV blew me away. I do like strokers and have had some success with vibrating ones, but the Flip Zero Gravity EV really nails it. The vibrations penetrate deep into the tissue and feel amazing even when not stroking with the toy. The tight sleeve also feels good without the numbing effect that some looser sleeves can have.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV Comes in very attractive packaging that is made almost entirely of cardboard, making it easy to recycle. The only plastic is the outer wrap, which to me is worth the peace of mind knowing the toy was unopened. The box is sturdy enough that it could be used for long-term storage without falling apart. The artwork is elegant, informative, and anyone who didn’t know what Tenga was would simply think it’s some fancy electronic device.

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV is made of a hard ABS plastic shell with a dense thermoplastic elastomer inside. The entire device is waterproof which makes cleanup very easy with just a mild soap and water. The center battery clip can also be used as a drying stand if you dock it in the charger and place the clamshell device onto it using the indents to keep it open. As a bonus, the battery will charge as the device dries.

Vibration speeds2
Vibration patterns3
Length7 inches
Insertable length6.3 inches
Diameter3.1 inches
Diameter (internal)1.9 inches
TextureFirm textured “gear” patterns
MaterialsTPE, ABS Plastic, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Silicone
Battery Life40 minutes
Charging Time90 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo, but you can remove the battery from the motors
Storage Bag IncludedHard charging case
Colors AvailableBlack (Firm), White (Soft)

Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV -

A great added feature to the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV compared to other strokers is the ability to squeeze the flexible sides to make it tighter. This makes it awesome if someone else is doing the stroking for you as it makes you feel more connected to them as they give you pleasure. I think it makes it feel more alive than just someone using a toy on you. My wife was able to park it in place and just squeeze to tease me. This really made a huge difference for both of us using this stroker.

  • Very tight sleeve
  • Intense vibrations
  • Pleasurable texture
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Waterproof
  • Can charge while it dries

  • A little short
  • Can leak out the top seam
  • Noisy
  • Expensive

All in all, I would highly recommend the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV if you have the extra cash to burn. It is an expensive device but for the pleasure it added between my wife and I and the more connected feel of the squishy side, I would say it’s worth the price. Just keep in mind that, even if you can last a while during handjobs or with other strokers, you will truly be challenged to resist against the tightness and power of this Tenga toy

The manual for the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV can be found at this link: Flip Zero Gravity Instructions

There is a one-way valve built into the top of the sleeve that allows air out but will create vacuum as the sleeve slides up.

No, the vibrations are powerful enough that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, hands-free.

It is awesome with a partner. The squeezable sides add another dimension, giving the great sensation of a textured stroker along with the alive feel of another person using it on you.

The Tenga Flip Zero Gravity EV shipped upside down for me. When I tried to charge it this way it would make intermittent contact. If you flip it over with the button side down, it will make a solid connection.