Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso — Test & Review

   John Shepard
Apr 3, 2024

John Shepard
: 45-55
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • are looking to upgrade your self pleasure time with a great feeling sex doll.
  • are tired of trying to thorughly clean your toys and can ever get the "good stuff" out.
  • want to get some new tingly sensations for your "member."
  • have a little bit of extra money to allocate to your toy fund.
  • Don't mind a little extra cleanup from all of the lube you'll have all over you.

  • don't want to spend a bit more for a mid toros size sex doll.
  • don't have a few extra minutes to clean up when done playing.
  • can't hold or handle a solid 15lbs sex toy if not laying it down.


So it's a sex doll, a very very FUN sex doll! I've used many dolls before, some smaller and some larger (from 4lbs to 55lbs). The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso 15lb-er is just the right size to not wear out my arms while playing. The manufacturer used premium materials (TPE) in its construction of the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso to emphasize the durability and offer a lifelike feel, ensuring that users have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The attention to detail in the design, with features tailored to mimic realism, enhances the overall user engagement with the product. With capabilities such as sucking and vibrating functions, the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso targets a discerning audience looking for a more engaging and interactive encounter. It's definitely one of my new favorite toys.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

My First Impressions

When the package arrived, the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso was shipped in a discreet box from Xtorso — I couldn’t tell what it was or where it came from, which is always nice when you don’t get the look from your UPS driver. Upon opening I was thrilled to see the very nice inner box packing for the product and upon opening that box, I saw the big yellow warning label about the product cleaning procedure and honestly that threw me a bit as I didn’t know what I was in for. This might sound strange but the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso product packaging was very well put together and came with everything I need to clean and get started (sans lube). Opening the box, the toy comes in a air tight shipping bag, includes a cleaning bottle, the remote with batteries and instruction card for cleaning and usage. After seeing the big yellow warning paper for this Yeloly Doll, I was keen on reading and understanding the cleaning process before I even started, not my normal practice. I gave it a quick wash with warm soapy water ensuring I avoided getting the hoses and electronic contacts wet as best I could (per the instructions), and a through cavity cleaning (both anal and vaginal). I don’t take any chances before inserting little Johnny into any of these toys. After thoroughly drying, I plugged in my Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso to charge her up. Charging took about 45 minutes before the light went from blinking to solid (meaning it’s completely charged). I grabbed my favorite lube and was ready for business.

How Did It Feel?

The insertion hole on the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso is VERY realistic. I’m a average/medium girth guy and it was just right once I was erect and slid it in. This toy requires a lot of lube. The channel they put for the vaginal canal are exquisite, one of the best I’ve felt.  Just enough bumps and ridges. I’m a big fleshlight advocate and this felt even better as the weight of the doll sliding in added a bit more self push back on my member. I started by just using the weight of the toy and the inner textures to get a feel for it’s design. It was very nice with the light touch, almost like edging to the tip and base of my shaft. The ribs offer a nice texture but again, lots of lube is required in my mind. I found that the longer I kept using the toy with its own weight (not squeezing), the more used to the sensation I got. After a bit and ensuring I could feel things the way the toy was designed I turned on the vibrating mode.  It’s a stand multi-mode vibration system so each click changes it just a bit. The manufacturer of the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso could have it in a stronger vibrating mechanism since the doll is 100% TPE and that innately will adsorb some of the vibrations, but it was still very noticeable of a sensation. My final test was using the suction. WOW! So a note, you’ll need to turn the turn on first on the side near the left breast, then turn on the remote by holding the suction (top) button for about 3 seconds. It will also light up so y9ou know you are ready to go. The suction feeling was crazy at first.  It didn’t pull me inside but I definitely felt the sensation change of being fully inserted once the suction was enabled. The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso has a multi select option as well for the suction.  Honestly I didn’t see much difference or benefit to changing the mode and I found that when I wanted the feeling of a tighter vagina, just turn on the suction.  When I wanted loser feeling…hit the exhaust (middle) button and it releases. It is nowhere as hard of a suction as a penis pump, but it added that extra zing to my experience and I can honestly say, I didn’t last long after turning it on.

Trying a Different Way

After playing with the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso having it lay flat on it’s back, I flipped her over and tried the backdoor hole. This hole is tighter and I wasn’t as impressed as the main hole so I re-inserted and enjoyed the different angle of the internal textures. I wanted to mix things up a bit.  I’m a big proponent and lover of VR porn so I downloaded a few of my favorite movies and threw on my headset.  I’ve got a rising desk in my home office so I put the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso on the desk raised it up so the vaginal opening was mouth high and watched a “close up” VR porn video.  HOLY COW.  I played with the toys very soft molded TPE breasts and enjoyed the very detailed clit design with my mouth while watching VR. Yeah I lasted about 3 minutes. LOL . After I had some fun by myself, I asked my second half to join in the fun. She thought I was crazy as it was her first time using a sex doll with me. I had her re-lube it up so the holes of the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso were plenty wet. A few minutes of her lifting it up and down no me cowboy style I again lost it. The idea that someone else controlled the weight and speed will be enough to drive anyone over the edge and it made for a fun night as a couple.


I really enjoy the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso. I own other more expensive dolls, some heavier, some smaller, but this one is so simple in it’s design and feels just right for helping me get the job done. As I mentioned before, it was even better with a couple!

Yeloly Doll Merida -

The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso has a great design. The size and weight are just right and for me (an average size guy) the gerth was just snug enough but not too much to cause suction or skin irritation. The molded pussy lips on the front look nice and when you penis is sliding in and out, they actually do widen and contract as to give you the feeling and look of really having intercourse. It's a basic designed toy with just the right amount of added electronic features to make this one a much better sex doll in my opinion.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

The cleaning process is the only reason I'd give this a 90 instead of a 100. Wash it good before using, lube the heck out of it and slide it in! You could just let the product weight do the work and you'll be climaxing in no time anyway.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso feels amazing! It's mold is very well done. It is a bit loud when the suction is enabled so be prepared for that. I don't know how they could design around that but maybe the manufacturer will read this and consider it in their next version. The channels really are some of the most realistic I've felt. I've used this for several week and can report it looks as good as new.

Yeloly Doll Merida - <

I do think the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso is a little more expensive than other sex dolls of this style but the craftsmanship in the design and production make up for that. The few dollars more you would spend for this over a cheaper model will be worth it as I see this product lasting me a lot longer even after several weeks of use.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

Yes, yes, Yes. The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso lived up to everything the manufacturer said it would. That's rare these days. Textures, materials, design, functionality all spot on.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

I think the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso product's packaging is just fine. It's a decent weight sex doll so not much you can do to glam up the packing. I'm going to have to find a good place to store this though as it's not small. The inner box it came with is fine, but it is also just cardboard and will deteriorate with time.

Yeloly Doll Merida -

The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso is made from 100% TPE material, it's pretty easy to wash and clean. It is 15lbs though so you need a good bathroom size sink to wash it in post use. I've only used water-based lubes when playing with it as it's made from 100% TPE and oil-based lubes might damage the material. As I mentioned earlier, the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso has specific instructions for washing and cleaning to flush/washing out and dry safely. Read those instructions. They're not hard but pay attention so your investment lasts a long time.

Vibration modes5
Height16 inches
Width10 inches
Weight15 lbs
Diameter (internal).75 inches
Openings2, Vaginal and Anal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

Yeloly Doll Merida -

  • Just the right size for average or even bit larger girth man.
  • Solo or partner fun.
  • Mutiple ways to use this to create different stimulation and sensations.
  • Adds a realistic fealing to your sex doll use.

  • Cleaning is a bit more tedious as you need ot be careful of the hoses and components. (not that bad though!)
  • A bit more expensive than other similar products.
  • The 15lb weight is a great plus but also a bummer as your arms will get tired if holding this too long.

WOW! I lubed up this puppy, threw on a VR headset, fired up some of my favorite movies and forgot I was alone — the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso feels incredible. The Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso is a definitely a niche product designed to enhance your pleasure and intimacy experiences (alone or with a partner). It is crafted with a focus on realism and and tries to incorporate realistic functionality. This sex doll aims to provide an immersive and satisfying experience for users and I can attest that I am sold!

There is no user manual available online that I could find for the Yeloly Doll Merida Sucking and Vibrating Torso, but it’s quite simple to use. The included cleaning instructions as very accurate though. Check out my step-by-step how-to guide above for ideas.

Only use water-based, toy-safe lubricants.

I tired it sitting, on a desk/table, and raised up to my mouth level.

My initial charge was 45 minutes. The toy lasted me multiple days on that charge. Subsequent charges took about an hour.

I found that after 25-30 minutes the sensations seemed to fade. You will need to re-lubricate every 5-10 minutes from my experience.