Tenga Spinner Tetra — Test & Review

   Anthony Benitez
Feb 20, 2024

Anthony Benitez
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: Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip — Test & Review

  • Want a discreet and compact toy
  • Want a unique twisting sensation with decent suction
  • Want an easy to use and clean toy

  • Have grip issues and can’t hold your hand closed
  • Want a intense-feeling toy

The design of the package and the toy is sleek, unique, and modern. It’s a simple stroker that features one hole and a spiraling spine to allow for the spinning. It’s best used with more lube to keep it slick and spinning with the least friction possible. It’s made of elastomer, which is a combination of TPE and TPR.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

My First Impressions

My first use of the Tenga Spinner was nothing mind-blowing, it was fun but nothing to rave about. But, upon doing some research online, I learned a couple things about how the toy should be used. Once lubed up but before insertion, it should be squeezed to release as much air as possible, this not only helps improve the suction but the spinning as well. The moment I got this all right it turned from a good to toy to an excellent toy, it delivers in a multitude of ways for an unbeatable price.

A Great Toy

It doesn’t do a lot in terms of features, but for what it does, it does it very well. It isn’t a toy that has groundbreaking features but, to those that may not have a large budget, it provides a discreet, pleasurable, and easy to use experience that also comes with a convenient case. In my opinion, Tenga products have always been some of the most innovative out there, they are not afraid to try new things while somehow remaining very budget-friendly.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

It looks incredibly stylish, modern, and elegant. It’s very compact and discreet, the design makes it easy to use, clean, and store. The included case is beautiful and has an end cap that detaches for extra drying capabilities. It feels very futuristic and out of the box, I love how unique Tenga products can be. There are 6 Tenga Spinners in total, each one which a different color, tightness, and texture.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

The Tenga Spinner tetra is very easy to use and has little learning curve. The only thing to be aware of in terms of learning curves is that the toy will spin more if you grip it from the top quarter of the toy, for a better experience emptying the air before insertion is recommended. As long as you can close your hand for an extended amount of time comfortably this toy could be a good option for you.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

This product feels well made as are most of Tenga’s products, it does have a cheap feel but it’s not going to feel expensive for the price point, there are no signs of bad quality. It’s very quiet due to the closed end design. No signs of wear and tear, to prolong the lifespan of the product proper maintenance is recommended.

Tenga Spinner Tetra - <

Tenga products are always such a treat, they obviously have some great designers in their company. The material is soft and durable while the unique twisting sensation is very satisfying at any speed. All of this and it’s very cheap while still being made of excellent materials. The included storage/drying case is a pleasant addition especially for the price.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

The spinning is an interesting sensation that favors both quick play and slow play. The sensation isn’t intense but delivers on pleasure. It’s whisper quiet while being easy to use with a minor learning curve, I found that the more suction the better the toy will envelop.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

The packaging of the toy itself is also the case, it’s modern and sleek. It’s also incredibly discreet and could easily be mistaken for decor. I personally prefer modern and futuristic designs, it’s honestly perfect. There are no tips or examples of how to use the product on the packaging. As is the case with most Tenga products it’s fairly straightforward.

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

The toy is made of a high quality elastomer, which is a combination of TPE and TPR it is a light material. This material is porous which means it can’t be cleaned entirely, it must be cleaned and dried after each use. It is also phthalate and latex free, as well as hypoallergenic. It’s waterproof but shouldn’t be left to soak. Cleaning is easy and should be done with warm water and a mild soap, a sex toy cleaner is preferred. It comes with a convent storage container that can be converted to allow for convenient drying.

Length5.11 inches
Insertable length6.73 inches
Diameter1.77 inches
Diameter (internal)Stretches to approx. 2.15 inches
Weight0.29 lbs
FlexibilityVery flexible
MaterialsElastomer (TPE+TPR)
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors Available6 (Tetra texture is blue)

Tenga Spinner Tetra -

  • Compact and discreet
  • Affordable and high-quality
  • Unique spinning sensation
  • High suction

  • Possibly too-narrow for some
  • Not intense at all
  • Drying can be difficult

The Tenga Spinner Tetra surprised me in many ways, I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never had a toy that spins. It’s definitely a satisfying experience that favors both those who enjoy fast play as well as those who prefer slow play. The toy isn’t intense but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pleasurable — the suction is outstanding and only improves the experience that the spinning gives. The included case and drying capabilities of said case are a great addition, especially for the price.

Simple how to use instructions and general information can be found here on Tenga’s website.

Yes, the Tenga Spinner Tetra is reusable if properly maintained.

It is recommended to expel any air before insertion, also holding it from the top quarter will help induce more spinning.

It is recommended to lube the inside and insertion point adequately, lubing yourself may also help to keep things frictionless.

Start by rinsing it out with warm water, then scrub the inside gently to get rid of any leftover gunk, using a sex toy cleaner is recommended but any mild soap will do. Finish by drying with a towel and placing in the case with the drying cap removed, store in a cool dry place.