Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip — Test & Review

   Anthony Benitez
Dec 6, 2023

Anthony Benitez
: 23
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: Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip — Test & Review

  • Want to try an Onahip
  • Want something with some decent weight and size
  • Want something more realistic
  • Want something that can be used in a wide-variety of positions
  • Want a mildly tight/intense inner texture

  • Cannot comfortably move 13.4 lbs
  • Are on a budget
  • Don't have room to store an onahip toy
  • Are looking for a very discreet masturbator

The Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip from Seiraku Toys has an elegant design that oozes quality and pleasurability, the whole toy is made of TPE material that has a durable and premium feel. The shape of the butt is curvy and attractive with two entrances that are fairly tight and enveloping with a closed-end. One of its strong suits is that your imagination is the limit, it can be used in almost any position one could imagine. The weight of the toy definitely adds to the experience as well, although at 13.4 lbs it is definitely a heavy toy.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

First Impressions

My expectations were high, but the Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip knocked it out of the park! The fantastic detail on the box itself is beautiful with illustrations of what to expect, and I appreciate the love and effort put into showcasing the toy. Upon unboxing I was immediately aroused and eager to try it for myself, the design is inviting and attractive while screaming quality. Both holes are detailed, tight, and satisfying. The first hole I tried was the vagina, and it did not disappoint, you really can feel every detail of the inner texture. Compared to other sex toys I’ve tried, this is a much more realistic experience — the size and weight definitely makes for a more enjoyable experience. The butthole has a tight entrance that grips your shaft but is lacking in the tightness of the inner texture. While it’s still pleasurable, I prefer the vagina.


My preferred position is reverse cowgirl, it feels so good to hold the hips and manipulate it to my desire. Doggy is a close second that requires some extra manipulating, like a rolled-up towel to prop it up at the desired angle. The weight is great and adds to the experience, but it can get tiring depending on the position and time used. I tried to use it spooning, but it was tough to get the angle right, certainly feasible with some extra experience. Don’t be stingy with the lube, it’s important to make the internal canal and yourself as slick as possible. More suction can be achieved by pressing on the stomach before entry, sufficient to be highly pleasurable.


With the closed-end design, the cleaning is more difficult than the average toy, what I do to clean it is to either run warm water directly into the toy from my bathroom sink or even the shower while scrubbing around to get the insides and bottom clean. Furthermore, I may even use a mild soap, or even a toy cleaner if I happen to have it on hand. Drying can also be a difficult process, what I found to work best was to cut off a high-quality lint-free towel into strips, fold one, stretch the opening, and insert making sure to get to the bottom, repeating until dry. There are products you can buy that would help with the after-care such as a drying stick, but I have not had the chance to try any.


The amount of work that went into the design of the packaging is amazing, it’s always a great sign for me when the packaging obvious had some thought to it. I love the photos and overall showcase of what the toy has to offer, it’s a very bold design but suits the toy very well and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. The toy is based on a character from the game Fate, I’ve never played it but I could see how this would be even more appealing to that specific audience.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

The overall design is stylish and inviting, while the size, look, and feel of the butt only further enhance the quality design of this toy. I've even noticed that there are even little "pores" around the vagina, going that extra mile really shows that Seiraku Toys really put thought into every little detail. The hips can be comfortably gripped during use, this is my go-to, as it provides the perfect amount of maneuverability. Even the design of the box itself is great, displaying pictures and measurements as well as descriptions that unfortunately aren't in English. This toy is based off of the video game character Ereshkigal in the game Fate.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

If you've never used an onahole before you may encounter a learning curve like myself, the size and weight combined make for quite the daunting toy. Holding the hips is the best way to keep the toy in place, and the position of which all depends on what you desire, I tend to go for something simple like doggy or cowgirl. The learning curve may be steep, but it's all about experimenting and learning the ins and outs of the toy. Due to its weight and size, it may not be suitable for those with mobility or grip issues.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

The product is made of TPE, it feels wonderful, looks great, and is very durable. It definitely has that expensive well-built feeling to it that you would expect. The inner textures of both of the entries are impressively detailed and pleasurable, although the inner texture is slightly harder of a material than the outside. The weight adds a lot to the experience, it's sturdy while still being easy to maneuver. During general use, it's relatively quiet, although during positions like cowgirl, it may be loud due to the weight and impact velocity.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip - <

While expensive it's definitely worth the price, the material is incredibly soft while remaining durable as well as feeling well-made, sturdy, and alluring. The quality of the TPE material is very soft and realistic, and has that high-quality feeling. Inside the box you'll find the toy wrapped in a plastic bag, on a hard plastic mold, no extra items are provided in the box.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

It lived up to the expectations made online as well as my own, the vast amount of positions it could be used in is astonishing and certainly provides an extra bit of excitement for every use. The bumps and grooves inside are intricately detailed and very satisfying, they provide just enough to be on the more intense side. Both the vagina and butt textures are around similar tightness which is unfortunate as I was hoping the butt would be tighter and more stimulating. While still nice the feeling of the vagina texture is more satisfying than the butt's overall. The butt bouncing around during use is especially entertaining, the faster you go the more it bounces. It's relatively quiet during simple use but can be louder during certain positions or in a more aggressive/faster manner.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

The packaging went above and beyond in terms of details, it's fun and showcases everything about the toy as well as showing some photos of the character this toy is based on. The packaging is easy to open and close and can function as a convenient storage container. With it being developed in Japan I expect nothing less than a bold and artistic design. As far as I can tell there are no tips or examples on how to use the product, all of the text is in Japanese. The packaging also contains a hard plastic mold for the toy to sit in, mine arrived cracked and was not suitable for any sort of long-term storage.

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

The TPE material is body-safe but is also porous so it must be cleaned and dried well, there are no electrical components so water will not "damage" it, just don't let it soak. With it being porous it will not be safe to use forever, it can still be enjoyed for a long time if properly maintained. Using water-based lubed only is incredibly important as other types may damage the material. I find it easiest to wash it in the sink by pouring warm water directly into it and scrubbing the inside with my fingers, taking it into the shower is also a valid cleaning method. Drying it well is very important, and can be challenging, I found that cutting small strips off a lint-free rag and inserting it until dry is an adequate method. Cleaning and drying can be made easier with the purchase of some toy cleaner or drying stick as well as preserving the feeling of the material with preserving powder or corn starch.

Width11.8 inches
Length10.6 inches
Height7 inches
Weight13.4 lbs
Insertable length4.7-5.5 inches
AllergiesLatex and Phthalate-Free
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip -

  • High quality material
  • Durable
  • Almost limitless positions
  • Stunning design
  • Incredibly detailed inner textures
  • Tight and mildly intense

  • Potentially difficult maintenance
  • Anal canal is looser than desired
  • Inner material could be softer

With this being my first Onahole I had my expectations and was especially intrigued, the size and the weight was daunting for me but it's for sure been a good part of the experience, being able to hold the hips during use only elevates the experience further. if you love the fact that it can be used in a multitude of positions as much as I do I definitely recommend purchasing it. Due to the size and weight of the toy it can be challenging to find a position that suits you, simple positions like doggy and cowgirl never fail, but trying new ones is always fun. Everything from the mildly-intense/tight inner texture to the jiggling of the butt and even the box it came it all have that quality you would expect from a company like Seiraku Toys. All in all the Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip delivers on its promises and exceeded my expectations, it provides an experience a hand-held toy simply can't provide.

There is no user manual available online for the Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip, but it’s quite simple to use. I shared some helpful tips in my How To Use section, check it out!

Cleaning it can be difficult but gets easier the more you do it, with the porous material its important that you clean it and dry properly. Drying is the most difficult part but its not something that would turn me away from another purchase.

If you're interested in an Onahip or a sex doll I highly recommend the Ereshkigal Cherry as your first, it doesn't disappoint in many areas and is relatively inexpensive comparatively. If you're looking for something that gives that sex doll experience without the astronomical price of a sex doll, this could be the choice for you!

No it does not, but the box is suitable for long-term storage.

The Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip does not offer any alternative skin tones.