Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss Masturbator — Test & Review

   Taylor Capellaro
May 22, 2023

Taylor Capellaro
: 30
: Long-time Curious Adventurer
: Male
: Gay

  • Are looking for a toy that is easy to use and clean
  • Are looking for a toy that provides a wild and stimulating time
  • Want a toy that is made well.
  • Are looking for a well-designed toy.
  • Want to enjoy with yourself or others!

  • Have an allergy to the materials incorporated to make the product.
  • Want something automated, instead (without having to spend a lot for enhancements).
  • Don't want to spend too much.

Enhance your pleasure with this titillating, well-designed, HOT personal masturbator! All while fulfilling your luscious fantasies with Brent Corrigan right in the comfort of your pleasure space - or, if you’re among my exhibitionist pals - wherever your adventures may take you. This butt-style Fleshjack is molded from the real Brent Corrigan backside we know and love. Complete with a cheeky Brent Corrigan signature that seems to kiss your body between every stroke. And, with an internal ribbing design, “Bliss,” chosen by Brent himself, in combination with adjustable suction levels, your member will experience the intricacies of the carefully designed, invigorating internal texture, no matter your available inches, all the way to climax - as well as the intensity that follows - if you can handle it!

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

Initial Impressions

For me personally, this is easily one of my favorite toys I’ve gotten to play with. As a long-time admirer of Brent Corrigan, I couldn’t wait to take it for a spin! A few pumps of water based lube (important to only use a water-based lubricant) and some low lighting later – fantasy Brent and I got a lot closer. That initial experience when all of your member gets in the toy – wooot! The textures and adjustable suction pressure (using the bottom cap of the toy), definitely lets you increase or decrease the intensity of pleasure – especially if you’re wanting to edge, which lower suction pressure can help out with. But goodness me was it still a challenge not to speed to the fireworks!

Some Focus Points

What I appreciate about this toy is that it’s easy to clean, easy to store, mildly inconspicuous if someone who doesn’t know about Fleshjacks happens to see it (“oh! It’s just a flashlight”), and offers pleasure regardless of your size. So if you’re big, small, or all the other wonderful options in between, this toy offers a great time indeed! I think my favorite part is continuing the use of the toy post-climax. Spoiler alert: it’s intense! But such a delicious intensity it’s a fun challenge to see how long you can handle it!

But Wait, There’s More!

And if you want to get creative, throw it in between some couch cushions, in between the mattresses, or purchase some of the suction-cup holders to have a hands free adventure so you can put those hips to work! It can also be quite a fun time to have your partner or partners use it on you and then flip! The only bit that isn’t my favorite is the occasional, necessary task of using the Renewing Powder – yes it’s easy and necessary and makes for a long-lasting, good feel – it’s just a little bit of a process, but like I said, it’s a worthwhile and necessary investment of time.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

As it pertains to the design of this toy, I appreciate that the external shape of the tube has more than one thickness, this way, you can find the hand positioning that is cozy for you. There’s also some small ridges that help your hand from sliding if you’re getting really into it! Regarding the design of the internal elements of the toy, I think overall things are great. Given that it’s made of TPE or thermoplastic elastomer, it maintains its tightness and consistency of texture. For me personally, I wouldn’t mind the internal ribbing/texture to be more prominent so as to even more so intensify my pleasure.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

As for ease of use; if you’ve read this far, you’ll know that there are some hands on elements to using this toy (whether your own or someone else’s!). Overall, with varying size of the outer shell for hand placement variety, ridges to help with slips, general simplicity in design, and customizability of locations you can place it (in between cushions) or enhancements you can purchase (suction-cups, ), this toy is very easy and fun to use. Placement and purchasable enhancements can also ensure ease of use if you’re someone who is differently abled and wants to explore pleasure with this toy (and again, I recommend you try having someone use it on you!). Note: there is also the Fleshjack designed “Universal Launch” which is a pretty expensive device that you insert your Fleshjack into and the machine does all the work for you!

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

The quality of this product doesn’t get a 100% only because TPE naturally needs maintenance from time to time as it can break down with use, being a porous material and all. Fortunately, although a slight task it may be, Fleshjack has Renewing Powders (that are purchased separately) that can keep your toy lasting for a long life of pleasures. Additionally, there are various third-party products similar to the Fleshjack Renewing Powder, that you can also use, that help you save some money. If you’re wondering if this product produces any sounds (if you’re hoping for discretion or in general), as it is not automated or electric in any way, the only sounds that occur are those that happen due to the use of lube (you know, the squish squish), which is necessary for use.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss - <

What about cost? Well, I gave a rating of 60 because Fleshjacks in general can become pretty spendy, especially when you factor in the potential enhancements you want to purchase, good water-based lube you’d like to get, as well as the Renewing Powder for occasional maintenance. Note: mine did come with a little baby packet or lube, as well as a coupon for future discounts - which I can’t confirm is more than an exception instead of a rule. Now, my opinion/rating is partially motivated by my own personal bias that pleasure should be more accessible for all (a soap-box for another day), and if you’re a toy adventurer like myself, things can certainly add up! Be that as it may, I do think that if you have the funds to invest in a toy at this price point, it is a worthwhile investment. This is simply because it’s a great toy and an even better time when used. If this is outside of your comfortable price-point - no matter! There are many other personal masturbators at lower price points that offer a truly pleasure-filled time - keep an eye out for future reviews of those products ;)

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

We’ve talked a little bit about performance but, to clarify, the overall performance of this toy is good and what you’d expect based off of what is advertised. To reiterate, this is a more hands-on toy as it is not automated/electric and therefore doesn’t have vibrations, pulses, or auto adjusting pressure levels of suction. That being said, with purchasable enhancements, creative positioning/placements of the toy, or good old fashion partner/partners play, enhanced performance is definitely at your disposal.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

Fleshjacks in general come in a few varieties of packaging configurations. This is because they will sometimes come with additional items (lubes, Renewing Powders, dildos, etc.) as special deals or purchasable enhancement packs. If you get a Fleshjack that is a molded body part of an adult film actor or particular person, the subsequent packaging will often come with a tasty photo of the person you’re about to go on a fantasy adventure with! In general, the packages have clear details and photos to clarify what you’re getting from the outside of the product to the inside rubbing/texturing of the product - all of this to say, the packaging of the actual product is by no means discreet. That being said, the majority of places that you can purchase these products do keep in mind their customers’ desires of discretion and will ship as so - just be sure to check the sites’ details, as it pertains to shipping, so you can ensure desired discretion. Overall, the packages are easily manageable, simple and understandable, provide any needed information, while also being predominantly recyclable.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

Fleshjacks in all forms are made of a material that Fleshjack calls “SuperSkin” which aims to feel like real flesh. Put another way, the sleeve part of this toy is made from a high quality, medical grade TPE with an outer shell of plastic (body, and top/bottom lids). Regarding the Fleshjack Renewing Powder, this is made from 100% Cornstarch. And finally, you’ll want to use a water-based lubricant as others can damage the TPE while also being very difficult to clean up (it’s generally a good idea to use water-based lubes with toys, overall, especially if they’re made of TPE or silicone). This is all important to keep in mind should you have sensitivity or allergies to the mentioned materials.

Length10 inches
Insertable length7.25-9 inches
Width3.5 inches
MaterialsThermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), ABS Plastic
TextureBliss Texture
OpeningsTop lid to cover the toy entry point, bottom lid for suction adjustment.
AdjustableSuction strength utilizing the bottom twist lid.
Weight1.4 lbs

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Bliss -

I want to highlight the previously mentioned adjustable suction pressure. This is possible because of the bottom lid of the outer shell of the toy. It is simply a twist on/off cap that closes off or opens up the flow of air within the sleeve of the toy. If you tighten all the way, air is pushed out through the pleasure hole creating more suction while in use. If you open slightly or remove the bottom cap all together, this opens up the flow of air which, while still maintaining suction, allows for a less intense/more smoothly flowing ride. If you want to get adventurous and have even more control, simply remove the entire sleeve from the outer shell and lean into the pressures and intensities you can create with your own hand while using the sleeve – this can be a lot of fun!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to store
  • Feels amazing!
  • Can be enhanced with purchasable items or you can get clever with placement of the toy - or just use the buddy system!

  • Somewhat spendy.
  • Requires a powder treatment to remain feeling good (infrequently but, still a thing).

All in all, the Fleshjack; Brent Corrigan, Butt-Style “Bliss” toy is an all-around good time and excellent sex toy. With its high-quality materials, ease of use, simple maintenance, well-designed features, and enhancement customizability, this toy is a worth-while investment for those of you wanting to enhance your pleasure for both yourself or your partner/partners. Happy adventures in pleasure to you all!

This product is made from a Thermoplastic Elastomer/TPE that aims to be as real flesh-like as possible.

The Fleshjack is approximately 10 inches in length and 3.5 inches in diameter with an insertable length of 7.25-9.5 inches (depending on the variation you buy) and most textures can accommodate persons with penises of a girth up to 7 inches.

Oh yes! If you are wanting to improve your stamina, technique, etc. this toy offers great opportunities to play around and explore! NOTE: Just keep in mind, it's normal if you naturally don't last very long before climax. It's also normal if you last a very long time. And all the wonderful variations in-between!

Forget a condom? Leave a condom in your wallet/bag too long? Don't worry - you can still go to pleasure land (safely) - just use the toy on them or have them use it on you!