Lovense Solace — Test & Review

   Conner Smith
Jan 10, 2024

Conner Smith
: 23
: Intermediate
: Male
: Bisexual

  • Want remote play similar to the Lovense Max or Calor (although the Solace can't control the Nora)
  • Want very fast speeds
  • Are looking for a totally hands-free stroker
  • Like the idea of syncing up to adult movies or games

  • Always have people around, it is quite loud
  • Want a masturbator that vibrates
  • Want hands-free play without a desk mount

The Lovense Solace is a hands-free (mostly) auto stroker. When you mount it to a desk, it feels great not having to do anything with your hands! The adjustable speed and depth are very nice, even if it is only a few inches. When it's not mounted to a desk, you'll need to hands to keep the bulky toy in the right spot, although you won't have to do it for long.

Lovense Solace -

The Lovense Solace has been a ton of fun so far. When I first unboxed it I didn’t know much about it, but learned to love it pretty quick. The first time I used it, and for a few times after, I greatly underestimated how much lube it needs. The motor that makes it move is pretty weak, so it needs a lot lube to move nicely/quickly. After I figured that out, it got a lot more fun. The desk mount makes it very nice for hands-free play. When using it off the desk, I figured out I need to be holding it firmly with 2 hands to make sure it actually strokes and the whole thing doesn’t move up and down on me. Although when I did get it working nicely, it was amazing. The Solace feels great and is definitely one of my favorite toys now.

Trying Out the App

The remote play option is the same as all of Lovense’s other toys. With the Lovense Remote App, I was able to give control to other people, use pre-made patterns (which there aren’t a ton of just yet for the solace), and with Lovense’s other apps, such as VibeMate or Lovense Connect. I was able to sync it to some adult games as well as porn videos (selection for these is also super limited as not many videos support the Solace yet).

Lovense Solace -

The Solace is very sleek, all black and, quote, big. If it isn't mounted to a desk, you'll have to hold it with two hands to keep it in place. For a product that is marketed as a hands free stroker I think it would have been better if it didn't require so much force to keep it in one spot with your hands, or have a more robust desk mount. The buttons on the front are easy to use. The sleeve holder and sleeve are very easy to take out, which makes it very easy to clean. The neutral sleeve that comes with it feels good, I found it a bit loose but it still felt good.

Lovense Solace -

The Solace is very easy to use. The buttons on the front control everything if you don't have the app. If you get the app it gives a nice visual so you can see everything. You do have to hold it in place with 2 hands (or be very strong) if it's not mounted to a desk. If it is mounted to the desk, the adjustments are nice, but I wish there were some more steps for the angles. The desk mount is also very dependent on your desk or table — if it's not the right height then there isn't much you can do to adjust it, only the angle. To charge it you just plug the cable in on the top and it's just a regular USB cable.

Lovense Solace -

The Solace is pretty good quality, the toy itself is made out of plastic but is still quite heavy. The desk mount, however, is solid metal so that it has a more premium feel to it. The desk mount feels very strong, even if it lacks a bit finer adjustments for the angle. I haven't had any problem using the Solace so far, everything has worked perfectly. The main place for the sleeve to go in seems well made and I haven't had any problems with it coming out by accident so far.

Lovense Solace - <

The Lovense Solace says it's usual price is $398, but like almost all Lovense toys you can usually find it on sale for $189, so I'll be basing this off of that price. For almost $200 the Solace can stroke your dick, and that's it. It doesn't have vibration, heating, pressure, or even the ability to sync with a Lovense Nora. For some people, having your dick stroked hands-free could be worth it, but to me I'd much rather the Lovense Calor for half the price and still have to move it myself.

Lovense Solace -

The Solace is a lot of fun, although I think that the marketing does bend the truth a bit. I don't doubt that it can do 280 strokes/min (that's almost 5/sec), but I think it can only do that at a very shallow depth and not the full length. When it does the full length and is going fast, it is quite loud, and even more so when attached to a desk. When it's going full speed and depth it's able to be heard from a room over. However, the battery life is very good. After using it for quite some time, I've only had to charge it once, and it charges in a couple hours.

Lovense Solace -

The Solace comes like many of Lovense's other toys, in a nice box that says exactly what it is. Inside you'll find the Solace, and accessory box including the charger and desk mounting bits, as well as their storage bag. You also get a little user manual that explains very simply how to use it, set up Lovense remote, as well as how to desk mount it. I personally like Lovense's packaging and design, it's very straight forward and user friendly, even if it's not very discreet.

Lovense Solace -

The sleeve is made from TPE, very soft and feels great, like all Lovense's toys, although it is porous so it's non-insertable. The sleeve comes out of it's holder which makes it easier to clean. You can wash it with some soap, and when you're done, make sure you dry it well so the inside doesn't get gross. Also, be sure to not wash the whole thing as it isn't waterproof. The Solace comes with a bag to store it in, although it is quite big so finding a proper spot for it may be a bit hard.

Thrust Modes10 (Unlimited in app)
Length11.4 inches
Width6 inches
Height4 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter (internal)1 inches
Weight2.2 lbs
MaterialsCase: ABS Plastic, Sleeve: TPE
WaterproofCase: Splashproof, Sleeve: Submersible
Battery Life(12.5 hours) 750 minutes
Charging Time100 minutes
Remote ControlsYes (In app)
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack

Lovense Solace -

The Solace’s main selling point is that you can use it hands free with a desk mount. The mount it comes with is very high quality and feels sturdy. But the adjustments between angles are not very fine so you really only get 3-4 options for the mount. Another thing you can’t really change is the height. It either sits just above or just below your actual desk height, if you have it flat. If your desk isn’t the right height or near it, then there’s a chance you won’t be able to use that. You can mount it to anything that’s at max 2.5″ thick, so there is some versatility there.

  • Able to be mounted to a desk
  • Easy to use
  • Super adjustable
  • Different sleeves available (at an extra cost)
  • Long battery life

  • Expensive
  • Quite loud
  • Bulky
  • Not a lot of support for it in porn videos, games, or community patterns

The Lovense Solace is a lot of fun, for the right person. If you don't mind the noise, high price, and size, then this is the toy for you! If all you're looking for is to not have to use your hand anymore, then this is also for you! The interactive features are a ton of fun...if you can find videos or games that support it. Giving control to others is a ton of fun and never gets old. I would definitely recommend this toy if you like interactive play with other people. Overall the Lovense Solace is a lot of fun, and feels amazing, but it does come with some pitfalls that you might not think are worth it.

Lovense has a super in-depth support page for all of their toys, and their guide to the Solace can be found here. Anything that you’re still curious about can most likely be found there.  

No you don't need it to use the Solace, although it makes it a lot better. The Solace has a few built in patterns but the app offers a lot more customizability.

No. It is IPX4 water resistant, which means it can with stand small splashes of water. Do not use it in the shower or the rain (if you're into that).

Yes! Lovense currently sells a Vagina sleeve for a bit more money. The sleeve is very easy to change/clean as well.

The Solace does up to 280 strokes/min with a stroke length of 2.75". Although you will only get the 280 strokes/min with a much smaller stroke length.

When it is going full speed/depth I would say it is about as loud as a fan going at full speed. When you mount it to a desk it does get a bit louder though. Definitely too loud to use in a house at night when you're not alone.