Shibby Training Kit Chastity + ASMR Files — Test & Review

   Theo Kogod
Apr 9, 2024

Theo Kogod
: 30s
: Intermediate
: Genderfluid
: Pansexual

  • Are unsure what size chastity cage to buy
  • Are interested in solo chastity training
  • Are curious about erotic hypnosis
  • Want to deepen a male submissive mindset
  • Hope to try solo chastity or hypno training

  • Are uncomfortable being addressed male
  • Are unprepared for erotic hypnosis
  • Are experienced and looking for more hardcore chastity or erotic hypnotic play

The Shibby Training Kit Chastity + ASMR Files comes with a pair of comfortable 3D-printed cages designed with a black-and-purple hypnotic spiral design. Buyers can pick the size of the two cages when ordering, allowing them to select what they will find comfortable. Beyond the slick design, the real treat of the training set is the series of audio files for erotic hypnosis. These are designed to prompt the listener to enter a more submissive headspace and become accustomed to chastity training, using ASMR-esque guided instructions. The files are produced by Shibby, a professional femdom specializing in erotic hypnosis who pairs years of experienced technique with incredible audio production that enthrals the listener.

Shibby Training Kit -


Before the Shibby Training Kit Chastity arrived, I began doing some research to make sure I could give an informed review. I poked around Shibby’s website and read through Mark Wiseman’s book Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis to give myself more perspective. I have a little experience with erotic hypnosis but am far more familiar with chastity and wanted to know what I was getting into. In erotic hypnosis, safe sex is as much about what I put in my mind as in my body. The audio files were sent to me digitally, and when the package with the cage arrived, I began testing them right away.

What a Wonderful Whorl

The sheaths of the chastity device are 3D printed in a beautiful black-and-purple swirl, giving them a striking and unique look. Each had the words “Shibby’s Pet” printed on it. Frankly, the design would be great to wear out to a play party, and I was impressed by the aesthetic which had goth, anime, and burner vibes.

ASMR Erotic Hypnosis

There were two “ASMR audio hypno files” advertised as part of the package, respectively titled “Cage Game” and “Ode to Your Cock.” I was also sent a third file, “Caged Pleasure.” While listening to these, I tried to remain objectively distanced enough to judge the content without actually succumbing to hypnosis. This proved harder than expected. I have some experience playing with erotic hypnosis and did additional research to prepare myself (which I discuss in more detail below). The hypno-domme who recorded these, Shibby, is a true professional who knows what she’s doing, mixing dirty talk, a seductive tone, verbal instructions, and sound editing to great effect. The first recording, “Cage Game,” instructs the listener on how to put on the cage, teasing and edging them into a heightened state of arousal. I listened without following the instructions. Later on, once I was caged, I listened to the second, “Ode to Your Cock.” It opens with a seductive sucking sound, which Shibby uses throughout to accentuate her words as she guides a listener ever deeper into subspace and heightened arousal. The sound editing is top-notch. I had to pause multiple times to pull back enough to be lucid for this review. The final audio file, “Caged Pleasures,” plays around with volume and tone to induce the trance-like state, building upon things established in the previous tracts while prompting the listener to embrace hypnotic suggestions. All of the files were safe, effective, and responsibly handled. It’s worth noting that the files address the listener as male, so any transwomen or non-binary listeners might be put out.

Size and Comfort

The set offers 4 different sizes of sheath to choose from and 5 sizes of base ring, allowing you to customize two cages as part of your order. I started with the larger of the two sizes I had ordered (a 2.08-inch base ring with a 2.99-inch sheath). It was a comfortable fit and didn’t pinch. I wore it to bed and slept fine with only minor cramping from morning wood. The next day, I tried the smaller cage for a few hours (1.88-inch ring, 2.20-inch sheath). It was too tight for me to comfortably sleep without limiting circulation, so I swapped back to the larger ring while keeping the shorter sheath. The parts are completely modular. I was able to comfortably adjust to the new pairing and spent the next day and a half locked like this.

Shibby Training Kit -

The Shibby Set provides two separate cages of different sizes. There are five sizes of base rings, ranging from 2.36 inches to 1.65 inches. There are also 4 sheath lengths, the largest being a comfortable 4.09 inches and the smallest a compact 1.65. With the freedom to mix and match any set of two, I opted for middle sizes. The cages were incredibly comfortable, though the smaller base ring was too tight for long-term wear. The really impressive--and quite unique--element of this set is Shibby's collection of audio files. These are a lot like kinky guided meditations and she uses a number of sound editing techniques to enhance the effect her words have.

Shibby Training Kit -

The cages are easy to put on. They're comfortable and I found they pinched far less than most other cages. Shibby's audio is also developed to heighten arousal and prime one for deeper submission. All you have to do is listen.

Shibby Training Kit -

The audio files are incredibly well-made. For anyone (or any submissive cis male) new to erotic hypnosis who hopes to enhance their submissive experiences with chastity, these are perfect! The cages are also incredibly comfortable and visually stunning. Unfortunately, I knocked one of the chastity cages off a counter onto the floor and it broke--specifically, the part where the metal lock is housed by the cage. Obviously, dropping this is not part of the intended use. However, it raises concerns about how much strain that specific crucial part can take, especially during any scene involve CBT.

Shibby Training Kit - <

Pricewise, this is hard to assess. Plastic chastity devices tend to be the cheapest around and on the market, but this did not feel cheap at all. These 3D printed plastic chastity cages are pricier than many other plastic models, but this price is reflected in the superior quality. By contrast, there are also a lot of free audio hypno files online, but Shibby's production quality is top notch. For the price, you get a lot at a good value, but there are cheap and free knockoffs that--though far inferior--have a more attainable pricepoint.

Shibby Training Kit -

The cages were comfortable and did not pinch when putting them on. I could sleep in them and wear one up to 48 hours with ease. Morning wood can hurt when locked up, and I had to use vaseline along the base rings to minimize chafing, but these were incredibly comfortable. One of the two base rings I ordered was a bit too small for long-term use, so I tried using its shorter sheath with the wider base ring from the other cage, as the sheath and ring of each device was completely interchangeable, despite the different dimensions.

Shibby Training Kit -

The package came in a nondescript cardboard box that opens to reveal an erotic display of a woman wearing a leather corset and brandishing a crop. All of the pieces are individually wrapped in plastic bags, keeping them nice and organized, but using a bit more plastic than is environmentally friendly. A small carry bag and an instruction manual are also included.

Shibby Training Kit -

The set comes with two, each of which has a base ring and sheath. Oxy's website says these were 3D printed from “a high-quality ABS-nylon composite that is hypoallergenic and durable while being lightweight.” The set also comes with a storage bag, instruction manual, 2 metal cylinder locks (each with a pair of keys), 20 plastic locks, a metal key container. The plastic locks and metal key container go together. A keyholder can lock the cage in place and keep one key, then leave the other key with the sub in case of emergencies, securing the spare key in the container with one of the plastic locks. The plastic can easily be broken, but since each plastic lock has a unique number, it cannot be replaced. This means any sub who tries to cheat will be found out so they will need a legitimate reason to access the cage. The other care consideration is hygiene. The cages can be cleaned with antibacterial soap. Regarding personal hygiene, I found that the swirl designs allow some ventilation but not enough for showering.

LengthCage: (pick 2) 4.09, 2,99, 2.20, or 1.37 inches
WidthBase ring: (pick 2) 2.36, 2.08, 1.88, 1.81, or 1.65 inches
FasteningCylinder lock
Materials3D-printed ABS-nylon composite
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailablePurple/Black

Shibby Training Kit -

What separates this from other chastity sets is the inclusion of audio files for guided erotic hypnosis. While I’ve experienced some hypno-play with a trusted partner, I consulted Mark Wiseman’s book Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis. Wiseman identifies two roles of a hypno-scene: a hypnotist (replaced here by Shibby’s audio files) and a hypnotee. He also breaks down the stages of erotic hypnosis, beginning with negotiations and ending with aftercare (core concepts of BDSM). Between these, a hypno-scene involves Induction (when the hypnotee enters into a trance), Suggestion (here the hypnotist provides “hypnotic suggestions” that the hypnotee follows), and. Emerging (he hypnotist helps the hypnotee exit the trance state). Much of the book focuses on techniques and goals for different types of hypno-scenes. This brings me back to Shibby’s hypno files. These recordings heighten arousal, deepen submissive tendencies, and instill a desire to obey Shibby’s commands throughout them. Shibby also plants post-hypnotic triggers to heighten sensitivity and cause the sub’s body to react to certain commands (such as causing the groin to tighten with arousal when she says “Clench”). The sound editing for these is incredible! What’s more, I found no red flags in anything she said. For any male chastity subs looking to journey into erotic hypnosis, I strongly recommend these as a safe, effective starting point.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Beautiful design
  • Versatile size options
  • Incredible production on audio files
  • Friendly for beginners
  • Minimum pinching

  • The material is light
  • There are only a few audio files
  • Those experienced in erotic hypnosis may want more
  • Not as secure as steel devices

There's an old saying that men were given a brain and a penis, but not enough blood to use both at the same time. The Shibby Training Chastity takes control of both and makes you glad to surrender. Chastity play can already screw with your head in the best of ways, but this set takes that to the next level. It combines two beautiful 3D printed cages with erotic hypnosis audio files from a professional hypno-domme. I naturally have some apprehensions about anything that could toy with my thoughts so did a lot of research to prepare myself. Both the cages and the audio files genuinely surprised me with how well made they were, being beginner-friendly without sacrificing quality.

Oxy provides a booklet with instructions on how to safely put on a chastity cages. A copy of that booklet’s instructions can be found here.

As the name suggests, erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis for a number of different kinky or sexual activities. These typically involve a hypnotist and a hypnotee. The hypnotist guides the hypnotee to enter into a trance, providing hypnotic suggestions to guide the hypnotee through various erotic acts or states of mind.

Yes. Hypnosis is a well-documented practice.

Any form of play comes with risks. Before beginning a scene, it's important for all people involved to negotiate what they want to get out of that scene, as well as any concerns, limits, health issues, or other relevant information.

Short answer: no. When being hypnotized, you will not do anything you don't want to. Long answer: erotic hypnosis can potentially make someone more suggestible than usual. This is why it's crucial to have trust and clear negotiations with any play partners. However, these audio files seem safe based on everything I heard listening to them, and based on my own experiences and research.

Most people can be hypnotized, but some people have a harder time than others and different induction techniques will work better on different types of people.